Regulation of Finance Essay Examples and Topics

Direct and Indirect Costs

Costs are incurred in the process of producing goods and services. The costs incurred can be classified into direct and indirect costs. This essay briefly discusses direct and indirect costs in regard to the process of production. Direct costs are the expenses which can be attributed directly to a specific project. For instance, the cost […]

International Business Transactions of United States and Saudi Arabia

International business is a type of trade that involves commercial transactions between two or more countries operating beyond their national boundaries. In other terms, these are business transactions involving several nations, which are carried out at the international level. As it would be observed, international business transactions are of great importance to participating countries in […]

Balance Score Card

Introduction Over the past years, a rapid increase in global competition brought about by technological change and product variety has created the need for continuous performance improvement as a strategic and competitive requirement in many organizations world wide. In order for organizations to maintain and improve their competitive advantages, performance measures are widely used to […]

Option Theory in Finance

Introduction Opportunities are options. No one is obliged to take an opportunity. Every endeavor in life and business is deciding to take or leave an opportunity. Thinking of investment decisions as options ultimately changes the hypothesis and norms (of decision-making). The customary methods of management advise that the investment decision made cannot be reversed if […]

Activity Based Costing in California Pizza Kitchen

Costing Activity based costing is a superior cost estimation and allocation method since it allocates specific costs to a certain product not only in batch numbers but also in units form; in the case of California Pizza Kitchen, every department has an allocated cost. For example the restaurants foods and drinks costs are gauged according […]

Time Value of Money

Introduction According to Kuhlemeyer (2004), time value of money means that money at hand today is worth more than the same amount at a future date. It is the amount by which money will grow to in the future. In simpler terms, it is the net increase or decrease in the amount of money. He […]

Financial Performance of Covidien PLC

Introduction This report presents the financial performance analysis of Covidien PLC (COV) for Financial Years (FY) 2008-09. The analysis is carried out by employing top-down approach which presents economy and industry analysis before evaluating the financial ratios performance of the company. The economy and industry analysis helps indentify external factors which are beyond the influence […]

Planning Financial Strategies

Executive Summary of the Solutions Identified In order to prevent the defined problems, the major focus should be made on increasing profits through considering high medical services utilization, introducing innovative technology, and spreading out the cost for implementing health care reforms. All these actions should be fulfilled immediately in order to prevent the recession of […]

Financial Management: Johns Hopkins Hospital

Back ground Back ground Johns Hopkins Hospital was established in 1889 it’s a facility of John Hoskins School of medicine. It offers out and in-service medical services. The hospital has an effective finance management. (The Johns Hopkins Hospital official website, 2010). This paper analysis the financial management of the hospital The goals of the financial […]

Financial Markets After Terrorist Assault and The Enron Financial Outrage

Introduction This paper highlights the purpose of capital market and the difference between capital money securities and money market securities in terms of characteristics. Furthermore, the paper will discuss how supply charges went down because of the 2001 terrorist assault and the Enron financial outrage. Purpose of Capital Market By definition, capital market may be […]

Concept of Bond Duration

Question: Explain the concept of duration and then comment on the statement, “it is possible that a bond with a shorter maturity than another bond may actually have a longer duration and be more price sensitive to interest rate changes. Explain why a bond with a shorter maturity than another bond could have a longer […]

Social Capital and the Economy

There is a connection between economics and society, but neither sociologists nor economists give this connection much attention. Economic transaction influence society just as society determines economic exchange. One of the obvious connections that have been identified between society and economy is social capital. Money is not the only form of capital, although economists ignore […]

Financial Service in the United Kingdom

Introduction The financial services industry in the UK offers three basic services. This includes paying an intermediate role between borrowers and savers. They also provide payment services. Lastly, they offer insurance against risks. The financial service industry in the UK has a number of players including banks, insurance companies, saving firms, and stock exchange markets. […]

Financing Small Businesses

Introduction Entrepreneurship has gained great significance over the past few decades in both developed and developing economies. Its significance is evidenced by the numerous small and medium sized enterprises [SMEs] being established. Keasey and Storey (2003) assert that the definition of SMEs differs from one country to another. For example, Dalberg (2011, p.6) holds that […]

Public Debt in Managing Macroeconomics

Public debt is beneficial when maintained at low levels against the GDP. When the public debt goes beyond 85% of the GDP, it starts to become a burden. Public debt is useful in managing macroeconomics through fiscal policy. It allows governments to form stable tax rates without the influence of market fluctuations. It reduces present […]

Non-Profit Religious Music Promotion Business Plan

Sources of Financing Business financing has become a challenge for those aspiring to expand an existing business or start a business. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts to explicitly review the sources of funding options available for the nonprofit Texas Religious Music Promotion Company. Besides, the treatise explores cost aspects of each source of business financing […]

The Role of Zoning in Urban Development

Introduction Zoning, as used in land utilization planning, involves designating permitted utilization of land depending on demarcated zones that distinguish one set of land utilization from another. The fundamental aim of zoning is to separate functions that cannot be harmonious and protect residential properties, as well as enterprises from developmental interference. It also protects the […]

Financial Management

The finance manager has the main goal of increasing the value of the stock of the company. This is what the stakeholders of the company consider to be sound financial management. The investors are concerned about the returns on their investment. When the value of the stock increases, the market share price also increases. However, […]

Life-Cycle Costing

Abstract The built environment is an all-encompassing industry. The stakeholders have all reasons to focus on achieving the lowest cost of both initial and investment cost, and the Life-cycle cost has gained increased significance in the construction industry in the past few years. However, the UAE built environment industry is marked with limited adoption of […]

Corporate Financing: Long Term and Short Term

Corporate finance is an important area in financing that deals with the sources of funding and appropriate capital structures that are adopted by business corporations. Increasing the value of a corporation requires managers and business stakeholders to perform an in-depth analysis of the business financial resources, to ensure maximization of financial activities for the achievement […]

Channel and Pricing Strategies

Coffee among the chief produce traded on the global market. Germany and the United States are the major buyers. The trading in coffee and its products are regulated by various bodies. The principal legal entity in Germany that control the channels and pricing in coffee is the government. It decides the income duty on the […]

Financial Risk Management

Introduction A risk refers to the probability that a certain action would cause an undesirable outcome. The undesirable outcome is commonly regarded as a loss. A number of scholars have defined risk as a potential loss. Although it is believed that every action is associated with risk, it has been confirmed that certain activities are […]

Financial Management in Criminal Justice Systems

Abstract Criminal justice departments are touted to be one of the most inefficient and morally impaired sectors of the government. Among other reasons, financial problems have been the cause of disparities within the criminal justice system. Misappropriation of resources and poor financial planning has been the major cause. For a properly functioning criminal justice system, […]

Risk assessment for commercial loans

Introduction The twelve member- countries that make up the European Union (EU) formed in the year 2002 have for a long time now been using the euro as their common currency. The use of this currency was implemented at Maastricht with an aim of strengthening the European Union as a key player in the world […]

Economic analysis of the cell phone oligopoly

Abstract An oligopoly is a market type in which an industry is controlled by a small number of sellers / firms and their products are either homogeneous or are differentiated (Riley, 2006). Market participants usually predict the actions of the competitor. Cell phone industry is a good example of an oligopolistic market structures since the […]

Cost-effectiveness of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy in South Africa

Introduction Recently the basis of utilizing antiretroviral treatment for South African citizens suffering from AIDS has been use of highly active antiretroviral treatment (HAART), which consists of two nucleoside formulations along with either a non nucleoside formulation or a protease inhibitor provided concurrently to persons suffering from Aids on a continuing mainstay. HAART is considered […]

National spending for long-term care

The number of the Americans who need long-term care is nearly 10 million. Long-term care refers to the aids given to those people incapacitated by poor health, disability, or old-age among other provisions. Such people demand special assistance for them to perform basic and routine activities in their daily lives. These incorporate bathing, movements, preparation […]

A current trend on future global finance

Bailouts are a pressing problem for the entire financial world today, and will continue to affect financial sectors adversely. However, it is crucial to analyze what would happen if current European bailouts were completely removed from the equation. Many Euro zone leaders have asserted that in order to give Greece a second bailout, the country […]

Market Based Approaches for Controlling Space Mission Costs

Introduction There are several approaches that have been used from time to time in planetary missions. These approaches have either been market based or non-market based approaches. Market based approach is what we seek to address and discuss in our paper. This paper seeks to discuss different projects that have been carried out, identify problems […]

Volcker Rule in Trade

Introduction The Volcker Rule is a part of the planned laws of the United States that originated from the Federal Reserve former chairman and economist Paul Volcker. Volcker’s move was to create restrictions to banks from selfish investing mode that were not beneficial to their clients. According to Volcker, the speculative trade system by the […]

Carbon-pricing scheme

Introduction In Australia, a carbon-pricing scheme is usually known as the Carbon Tax Scheme (CTS). The scheme was unveiled in July 2012. This scheme calls for businesses producing more than twenty-five thousand tones of carbon dioxide corresponding emissions per annum to acquire emissions permits. The aim of this report is to discourage emissions of greenhouse […]

How to Finance a Small Business

Background According to Stanworth (1991), a small business enterprise is a small business entity of the market operated by the owner or young small firms that are free from outside influence in decision-making. The European Commission defines micro-enterprises as firms that have less than 10 employees. Financing is important in the establishment or expansion of […]

Money Mechanics in Banks System

The major business that is done by banks is the buying and selling of cash. This is how they make profits hence they are always willing to buy and sell cash to the customers. Banks ensure that they transact well so that they can realize profits in the business transactions that they make. Banks always […]

Cost of Capital

The cost of capital refers to the cost incurred by a company to acquire finance, i.e. both debt and equity. From an investor’s perspective, it is the required return on all the company’s assets (Sharpe 367). The cost of capital is used to assess the acceptability of projects since it is the least return that […]

A New Approach to Financial Regulation

Statement of Purpose The purpose of the report is to define the changes occurred to the financial regulation system in the UK and to inform about the reasons why the reform has been issued (HM Treasury n. d). Background problems and future recommendations will also be outlined to embrace the seriousness of the proposal. Background […]

AMSC Case Study

The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) CAPM is a financial formula used to compute the anticipated return on an investment. The formula considers three variables. These are the Risk Free Rate, Expected Market Return and the Asset Beta. The Asset Beta is a proxy for the variability in the investment’s returns. The CAPM formula is: […]

Bunzl Cash Flow Statement

The analysis of Consolidated Cash Flow Statement of Bunzl indicates that the company’s overall net cash position has increased by £31.9mn in 2010 as compared to a decline of £14.5mn in 2009. This has resulted in a cash and cash equivalent figures for 2010 and 2009 as £74.9mn and £43mn respectively (Bunzl). These figures are […]

Implications of Credit Crisis to Financial Risk Managers

Introduction Credit crisis refers to a general decline in the availability of loans in banking institutions (Hull, 2010). This situation often manifests itself in the tightening of conditions needed in order to obtain credit in the form of loans from banks. It is also evident in the escalating interest rates charged, which are often detrimental […]

Personal Financial Planning

Resources are limited; thus, they require proper planning to enable a person meet his current needs, grow his wealth and mitigate any future financial risk. Managing ones finances takes three levels, they are managing day-to-day income and expenditure, planning for medium, and long-term financial needs and developing measure to fulfil the needs when they fall […]

Dividend Policy Formulation in the Company

Introduction In every financial year of any given corporation either profits or losses are incurred. When profits are made the company, according to prevalence, can decide to re-invest back into the business for various expansions or new ventures or can decide to pay back to the investing shareholders which is in terms of dividends (Ross […]

Funds Lease and Its Categorization

Lease has been categorized into capital (financial) and operation lease. Funds lease or rent bears an asset and a matching burden at the current value. The value is at the minimum lease payments. Minimum lease payment refer to the rental payment made during the period of the lease in addition to bargain value or any […]

International Exchange Rates

International exchange rates are the ones used to exchange a country’s currency with another country’s currency in a particular period of time. Exchange rates influence various monetary systems in different parts of the world. Exchange rates change depending on factors related to demand and supply (Gaspar, 2011, p. 67). For instance, an increase in the […]

Exchange rates on international scale

International exchange rates are globally accepted charges per unit for exchanging dissimilar currencies. These rates are prone to change after every second. Several factors trigger alterations in the rates at which currencies are converted. These include inflation, deficits that a country has in its current accounts, the interest rates, debts that the country owe the […]

Micro financing your content strategy

Blogs are proliferating at the astounding rate of over 100,000 per day. They reflect both the both urge to communicate and the changing face of marketing. Funding a blog can be challenging, especially when you are starting out. However, micro-financing web content promotion is possible – so micro that it could be free! You may […]

Fiscal analysis

Abstract The project looks at the fiscal health of the city of Chicago. The 2007-2008 financial crisis is known to have hit various cities in the US hard. However, without a credible fiscal health analysis, it is hard to know what the impact of this crisis on these cities. While there have been different financial […]

How true is it that stocks are a good investment?

Introduction Economists view stock as the original or initial capital of goods, equipment or money that investors bring into the business when it is being founded. Stock is however different from the assets of a business because the assets depreciate in value while stock doesn’t. Stock also acts as security to the lenders of the […]

Review of Revenue Estimates in Federal, State, Agency and Local Budgets

Introduction Public budgeting can be defined as “the critical exercise of allocating revenues and borrowed funds so as to attain the economic and social goals of a given country” such as the United States (Chantrill, 2011). It also includes the management of public expenditures in a way that the most effective economic impact will be […]

Financial Market Assignment

There are various threats to the financial system that policy-makers and business executives should be aware of. This paper is aimed at discussing some of the most essential risks. First of all, one should speak about insider trading or the use of non-public information while purchasing or the stocks of a company. This activity can […]

Functions of financial markets

The financial market provides investors with money that is earned through borrowing from financial institutions. The market provides them with access to foreign exchange in the foreign markets where they are able to exchange different currencies. Finally, it provides a means for the acquisition of desired commodities through the normal buying and selling which is […]

International financial management

Concepts of Exposure Currency Exposure Risk The exposures caused by the unanticipated fluctuations in foreign currency rates and consequently, changes in the value of booked flow of finances are referred to as currency exposure risk. To overcome the currency exposure risks, businesses may use hedging technique or achieving efficiency in operational capacity of their businesses. […]

Entrepreneurship Discussion

The firm needs to improve on its debt to net worth ratio because this has made its value to stay low in real market terms. It is necessary for the firm to look at how it can boost its profile in the market by identifying new revenue streams to help it grow its income. The […]

GDP Economic Indicator

Figure 1 The Federal fund rate has demonstrated a declining trend and since 2008 has stabilized close to zero. The 30-year AAA bond rate shows a cyclical movement with the rates moving upward in the beginning and end of each year. Figure 2 Figure 2 demonstrates the prices from 2008 through 2012. This shows that […]

Financial Implications of UK Leaving the EU

The EU is an amalgamation of 27 countries in Europe that came together for economic and political purposes. One of the EU members is the UK, which has several businesses that operates across the EU. On the economic front, there is provision for a large market base for businesses in the region and they even […]

Mobile Banking Innovation

Introduction Various innovations are being attained in different fields. Innovation refers to the process of coming up with new ideas or changes that are able to shift or alter the way things are done. In business terms, it is the process of “developing a new customer value by coming up with amicable solutions that are […]

NJ – International Finance Management Mid-Term Assignment

Introduction Bahrain, just like any other financial center, provides an environment where domestic and international trade is conducted on large scale. The Bankers’ Society of Bahrain (BSB) (n.d.) states that Bahrain has been known to be a strategic trading point between the East and the West. Additionally, Bahrain trading history dates back to the Dilmun […]

The Role of the Deep Financial Centres in Economy

Deep financial centres exhibit high liquidity of capital. All types of currencies are usually available in such markets. The variety of currencies enables investors to obtain capital easily. Financial centres such as New York have a widely used currency, which is the American dollar. Other currencies, however, are also available. On the other hand, emerging […]

The Annuitie’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction Annuity is a contract offered by an insurer that is to pay investor money during or after the retirement age. The contract is concluded between an insurance company and the beneficiary. An individual contributes lump sum or periodic payments to the insurance company, which later pays the beneficiary the sum invested including the interests […]

Managing Change, Balanced Scorecard

What Is Bsc? The balance scorecard which is also known as (BSC) is a tool that is used by organizations to measure the numerous outcomes that may result from the activities they carry out. It helps in evaluating the financial performance of an organization, the level of customer satisfaction, the excellence with which the internal […]

Financials of the Organization

Abstract The paper discusses the conflicting or unusual principles that have influenced the organization under consideration and the evaluation of the organization’s financial statements within the last 2 financial years. The presented research also analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of each department of Bellway, on of the UK leading companies specializing in land acquisition, finance, […]

Financing of Education

Microfinance programs have been established in many parts of the world with a target of reducing poverty. To achieve this goal, most micro finance institutions decided to shift their focus from capital provision to education financing on the realization that there was a common knowledge deficit especially in the business sector. Most people running business were school dropouts and lack of the relevant information led to poorly […]

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Services Business Risks

Introduction This paper discusses good financial practice with reference to Greater Manchester Fire and rescue Services as well as the cuts and risks faced by the organization in their daily business activities. It focusses on the risks that are directly linked to the accounting and fianncial records. First, the paper frames in general what financial […]

Sources of Capital

The entrepreneur’s likely sources of venture capital are banks, private capital investments, and customer contributions. With sufficient capital investments, the entrepreneur can easily secure loans to aggressively pursue his business goals and objectives. Featured as a risk taker, innovative, and visionary coupled with initiative and true business abilities, these qualities make him worth of external […]

Financial Plan: Healthcare Organization

A financial plan details how an organization will source for funds and how these funds will be used. In this healthcare organization, it is crucial to have a stable financial plan. The plan incorporates different stakeholders to ensure smooth running of the organization. Additionally, a financial plan details assumptions in budget making, elements of the […]

Taste, Work Ethic, and Compensation Expectations in the South

Piece Rate System/ Payment byResults System This is the easiest system of payment. A worker receives payment depending on the amount of items he produces. Management does not have a problem determining the items of production and the number each worker produces. Workers determination and hard work are the determinants of the amount they receive […]

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance Coverage varies widely depending on the provider and the needs of the customer. In addition, different states have different home care and assisted living facilities and these vary the cost of the long-term care insurance. These include home care, living assistance, and daycare for adults. The long term insurance packages also contain […]

Feasibility study for a new business

Introduction A good business strategy begins with a capital base whose source must be clearly defined so as not to cause financial problems to the future of the business. There are many ways through which capital is sourced. Notable among them is getting money from relatives and getting bank loans. It is important for a […]

Financial Ratio Analysis

Calculations on financial ratios are basically derived from information obtained from the accounting records. The ratios provide the required guidelines of measuring the progress of the business and at the same time alert the management on the problems that might occur within the Company businesses. The profitability ratios indicate the level of efficiency on how […]

Web Quest of Employee Business

Each person searches for self-realization and strives for self-development and a dream job is all about it. Every day you should feel happy when getting up and going to work because your profession is a significant and inherent part of your life. In this our group seeks any possibilities to fulfill our potential in the […]

Lighting System: Incandescent or Fluorescent Lamps

Incandescent bulbs are filament lamps whose principle f operation is based on light production when the tungsten is heated. Compact fluorescent lamps are discharge lamps that operate on the principle of discharge between the cathode and anode of the lamp. They are efficient, long lasting and have a large lumen output for a small rating […]

Leasing Buildings Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction The purpose of this business report is to analyze and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of leasing buildings, medical equipment and office furniture and equipment. This analysis should explain how the company will benefit (or lose) from selling its headquarters and leasing them back from the buyer. It is essential to understand the pros […]