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Regulation of Finance Essay Examples and Topics

Comparison on the Cost of Gasoline

The graphs show the trend of the cost of gasoline over the past year for both Georgia and Hawaii States. In Georgia, the highest price of $ 2.
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Singapore Government Expenditure on Education

Gopinathan observes that these policies limited the growth of racial integration and the sharing of the common destiny and identity by the people of Singapore, for example, the government did not attempt to regulate and [...]
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Income Distribution and Redistribution

A regressive taxation system on the other hand, is the reverse of progressive taxation, in which higher rate of tax is levied on the people with lesser income and people with higher income are taxed [...]
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Corporate Financial Management Issues

A significant component of the environmental study is the question of political risk. The majority of studies of dealing with political risk focus on determining the variables composing that specific risk, or aim to find [...]
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Maritime Economics

Even though effective ports are significant to the financial growth of their neighboring regions, the associated ship traffic, the management of merchandise in the harbors, and the inland supply can result in various undesirable ecological [...]
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Global Banks’ Future and Regulatory Environment

The following are some of the policies and regulations likely to affect the future of global banks. In Hong Kong, it is the responsibility of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority to ensure that such operations, [...]
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Monetary and Fiscal Policy of the US Government

Discussing the importance of federal funds rates for the economic development of the United States, it is necessary to mention that changes related to this factor have a significant influence on the situation in different [...]
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Real Estate Investment and Financial Stock

Consequently, it is critical to discuss the role of Real Estate Investment Trusts in the economic stability and their separation from the financial market at the end of this week with the help of the [...]
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How Can Kuwait Adapt to the Reality of Low Oil Prices?

Among the short and long term strategies that the government of Kuwait should adopt to enable it to adapt to the reality of low oil prices includes creating an entrepreneurial environment or ecosystem that provides [...]
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Financial Crisis of 2007-2008: Laws and Policies

Nevertheless, one should not assume that the absence of legal safeguards is the only factor that led to this crisis since it is necessary to consider the development of the economy and lack of internal [...]
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The Eurotunnel Project Financing

The project planning encouraged the private sector to own the entire work on the rail system. The two governments worked together to get a report for the sanctioning of the project.
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Direct and Indirect Costs

In getting the cost of a project or a product, the direct costs are fully added to the costs of production.
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Balance Score Card

Figure 1: Balanced Scorecard with Four related Perspectives According to Pearlson and Saunders, the application of the different categories of the balanced scorecard to information systems requires a much broader interpretation.
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Option Theory in Finance

The option theory in its own way tries to bridge the shortcomings of the conventional methods of investment decision making. It enables managers to distinguish and communicate the strategic value of investment in a project.
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Activity Based Costing in California Pizza Kitchen

The following are the fixed costs that are incurred when making the phone; they are incurred by the entire department that is producing the type of phones and cannot be attributed to a single commodity.
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Time Value of Money

Compounding was done on the amount that I had lent out using the market rate over the duration of time the person held my money.
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Financial Performance of Covidien PLC

The increase is attributable to 15% increase in current assets which is more than the 4. The decrease is attributable to 19% increase in total equity which is more than the 3.
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Planning Financial Strategies

In this regard, the presented solutions, particularly their focus on spreading the markets with low utilization of medical services and increasing the number of plan participants, will lead to the increase of the premiums.
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Concept of Bond Duration

Explain why a bond with a shorter maturity than another bond could have a longer duration; use examples When investing in bonds, the measure of risk that is commonly used is the bond duration.
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Social Capital and the Economy

Social capital is gained through education and personal connection with the elite or influential members of the society. The function of money is to give a value to all forms of capital.
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Financial Service in the United Kingdom

Banking Sector structure The structure of the United Kingdom's banking sector is highly determined by the changing role of banks in the financial system and services industry over the years.
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Financing Small Businesses

Considering the importance of finance in the success of a business entity and the significance of SMEs in the UAE's economic growth, it is fundamental to understand the issues and challenges faced by SMEs.
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Public Debt in Managing Macroeconomics

The rates compound, and finally the government's ability to repay the debt is doubted. The solution to the US' debt crisis is to reduce government spending.
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Non-Profit Religious Music Promotion Business Plan

Among the most viable external funding sources available for the Texas Religious Music Promotion Company include loan capital in the form of bank overdraft or bank loan, engaging external investors and convincing business angels to [...]
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The Role of Zoning in Urban Development

The next step is where the proponent submits two filled application forms, availing all the supplemental information, a comprehensive site plan, and the necessary processing that is required."Upon receipt of the application, the planning and [...]
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Financial Management

The finance manager has the main goal of increasing the value of the stock of the company. The manager wants to strategize on the long-term assets that the company should invest in in order for [...]
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Life-Cycle Costing

In this regard, the perception of ineffectiveness of the LCC tool in the UAE can be attributed to lack of knowledge of the existence of the LCC model and its potential usefulness.
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Corporate Financing: Long Term and Short Term

Increasing the value of a corporation requires managers and business stakeholders to perform an in-depth analysis of the business financial resources, to ensure maximization of financial activities for the achievement of business goals and objectives.
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Channel and Pricing Strategies

The principal legal entity in Germany that control the channels and pricing in coffee is the government. The Federal preserve committee is another group charged with the management of the government money.
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Financial Risk Management

The main goal of managing risks is to administer and control the exposure in terms of market risks in the suitable parameters while at the same time maximize the returns.
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Financial Management in Criminal Justice Systems

Criminal justice departments are touted to be one of the most inefficient and morally impaired sectors of the government. Therefore, discipline in law enforcement officers and other members of the criminal justice system is essential [...]
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Risk assessment for commercial loans

One function of the commission is reporting of the excessive budgets to the members as a criterion of early warning and facilitation of strictness, timeliness and effectiveness in the functioning of the pact.
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National spending for long-term care

The number of the Americans who need long-term care is nearly 10 million. Medicaid is one of the prominent financiers of the long-term care.
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Volcker Rule in Trade

The Volcker Rule is a part of the planned laws of the United States that originated from the Federal Reserve former chairman and economist Paul Volcker.
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Carbon-pricing scheme

The difficulty that policy makers are facing is the determination of the marginal abatement cost, which theoretically ought to be placed at the marginal harm charge of a single unit of emissions; to be precise, [...]
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How to Finance a Small Business

The research objective is to understand the accessibility of financial resources to small businesses and issues related to borrowing from family, private partners and friends and how it affects the growth of the business.
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Money Mechanics in Banks System

This legislation demands the banks to have required reserves in order to avoid utilizing the money belonging to their customers in business.
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Cost of Capital

The overall Cost of Capital The total cost of capital is the weighted average of the cost of debt and the cost of equity.
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A New Approach to Financial Regulation

The purpose of the report is to define the changes occurred to the financial regulation system in the UK and to inform about the reasons why the reform has been issued.
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The CAPM formula is: Ra= rf + a The return on the asset is obtained by adding the risk premium to the risk free rate.
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Bunzl Cash Flow Statement

The company's net cash outflow from investing activities has increased by almost 387% in the year 2010. The company has purchased nine other companies in the year 2010.
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Personal Financial Planning

When determining the amount of premiums to be paying for a certain period, the insurer considers the age of the insured, the amount of guarantee sum that he want to take and the risk factor.
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Funds Lease and Its Categorization

Minimum lease payment refer to the rental payment made during the period of the lease in addition to bargain value or any penalties as a result of non renewal of the lease by the end [...]
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International Exchange Rates

The current exchange rate of the US dollar equivalent to the euro is pegged at 1 dollar to 0. The current exchange rate of the dollar equivalent to the British pound is pegged at 1 [...]
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Exchange rates on international scale

This is because the dollar remains weaker compared to the two currencies, which will make the products sell at cheaper prices in Germany and England.
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Fiscal analysis

The burden of measuring the fiscal health and ensuring economic stability in the state of Illinois rests with the state government.
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Financial Market Assignment

The existence of such market can cause panic in the market, and it can lead to the poor performance of financial system. In the long term, this activity can lead to the stagnation of the [...]
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Functions of financial markets

The buyers are the traders and investors while the sellers are represented by financial institutions and systems such as banks, foreign market and the stock market taking part in the financial market.
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International financial management

Currency Exposure Risk The exposures caused by the unanticipated fluctuations in foreign currency rates and consequently, changes in the value of booked flow of finances are referred to as currency exposure risk.
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Entrepreneurship Discussion

It is necessary for the firm to look at how it can boost its profile in the market by identifying new revenue streams to help it grow its income. This has made it possible for [...]
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GDP Economic Indicator

From the figure it can clearly be concluded that since 2008 to 2009, there was a fall in inflation due to the marginal fall in CPI however, since 2009, the CPI index has gradually climbed [...]
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Mobile Banking Innovation

In the mobile industry, mobile banking is one of the recent innovations that have influenced the operations of the telephone/mobile phone industry positively.
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  • Words: 1967

The Role of the Deep Financial Centres in Economy

On the other hand, emerging financial centres may have plenty of one currency, but other types of currency may be scarce. This may prevent investors who require the scarce type of skilled labour from operating [...]
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The Annuitie’s Advantages and Disadvantages

The savings thereafter is 'annuitized' meaning that an investor will withdraw the saving over a long period Immediate Annuities This is the type of annuity according to which an investor invests a lump amount of [...]
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Managing Change, Balanced Scorecard

The outcomes from the organization can then be connected to the vision of the organization and also their strategies Financial perspective The outcome of a particular organization can be considered from the point of view [...]
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  • Words: 1943

Financials of the Organization

The paper discusses the conflicting or unusual principles that have influenced the organization under consideration and the evaluation of the organization's financial statements within the last 2 financial years.
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Financing of Education

The outcome of this will be a higher education's loans board that is able to sustain itself and be in a position to support student from poor families who have the capacity to perform well [...]
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Sources of Capital

The bank may foreclose to recover its loan if the entrepreneur defaults to repay the principal and the accruing interest. The amount loaned out may be limited depending on the financial status and willingness of [...]
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Financial Plan: Healthcare Organization

The healthcare organization's budget will have the typical elements of a normal budget and other additional specifications as per the operations of the organization.
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Long-Term Care Insurance

In addition, different states have different home care and assisted living facilities and these vary the cost of the long-term care insurance.
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Feasibility study for a new business

The obvious advantage that the money from my uncle has is the low interest rate. This is mainly because there is more financial freedom of the capital from my uncle than a bank loan.
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Financial Ratio Analysis

The ratios provide the required guidelines of measuring the progress of the business and at the same time alert the management on the problems that might occur within the Company businesses.
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Web Quest of Employee Business

We believe that a profession of financial analyst is quite responsible and privilege and we plan to browse the Internet to select the best job where all our skills and abilities could be fulfilled.
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