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Inflation Essay Examples and Topics

Maintenance of Stable Pricing

Getting used to moderate rates of inflation that were the major feature of the American economy, citizens of the United States are likely to criticize the Fed in case of failing to guarantee price stability.

Inflation Targeting in Emerging Economies

Debates supporting the concept of inflation targeting are premised on the idea that recession remains as a greater challenge relative to the state of high inflation. The basis of inflation targeting is always to monitor [...]

Inflation in the 1970s

In such a case, the reduced injections into the circular flow of the economy trim down the demand, which reduces inflation, and the general growth of the economy reduces significantly.

Fall in Oil Prices in the mid 2014

On the contrary, a fall in world oil prices has resulted in increased revenue and tax collection by the government of the UK. A decline in the world oil prices will result in increased tax [...]

Causes of inflation

One of the features of this kind of inflation is a rapid rise in the price level with the currency loosing its value.

The Effects of Inflation Targeting

In theory inflation targeting is straightforward: the impending rate of inflation is predicted by the central bank, later on it is juxtaposed with the target rates which the government considers as appropriate for the economy [...]

Level of employment

The European Member States should recommend the use of economic stimulus package in order to spur economic activity in the region.

Exchange Rate Market

A high inflation rate in the commodity currency host country would lead to a fall for demand for the products produced in the host country leading to the lesser demand of the currency and the [...]

Consumer Price Index

In this case, the volumes of money being circulated exceeds the supply of goods and services in the same market thus leading to an upward adjustment of prices in order to absorb the extra monies [...]

The Cause of China’s Inflation

The supply is affected by the increase of prices of food in the global market, whereby, the Chinese government finds it difficult to satisfy the food demand of the increasing population of the Chinese population.

China’s Economics Inflation

On the road to becoming the second largest economy, China has experienced growth rates of about 10% in the last 30 years making it to top the list of the fastest growing economies.

Deficit Spending

However, the fears created by the deficit spending is also advantageous to the future of the U.S.economy since it encourages the American citizens to work harder to save more to overcome the bad economic situation [...]

Okun’s Law Associations

The figure of Okun's coefficient indicated that every percentage point above 4%, of real output growth, became related with a decrease in the rate of unemployment of 0.

Pricing Goods Internationally

The theory states that if there is no arbitrage, then the difference in interest rates of two currencies will be depicted on the premium or discount for forward exchange rate of the foreign currency.

Cause of the Financial Crisis

The reason for this is quite apparent it was namely the Democrats' preoccupation with 'combating poverty' that resulted in passing of the infamous Community Reinvestment Act and in reinforcing its provisions through the course of [...]

Problem of China’s Inflation

With the increase in oil prices, energy costs have increased, and this has resulted into an increase in the prices of products manufactured in the industries. In 2009 the government made a policy to increase [...]

Inflation in Saudi Arabia

This paper, using the quarterly data from 1980 to 2010, examines the causes behind the inflation in Saudi, its effects, and the effectiveness of the counter-strategies and policies the Saudi government has put in place [...]

Current Unemployment

The aim of the paper is to summarize the article on unemployment and establish a connection between the article and the economic theories unemployment.

Unemployment Rate

Bureau of Labor Statistics The rise in the unemployment rate in 2008 can be termed as cyclical unemployment rate, i.e.the unemployment that occurs due to changes in business cycle.

The Empirical Project: Turkey

The general situation in the political and economical life of the country is the best way to see the situation in the country and to analyze the general development and the opportunities the country has.

Inflation in Sweden

The recession of the early 1990s was largely responsible for the drop in inflation rates. As per the theoretical model of money supply and inflation, increases in money supply will lead to inflationary pressures.

Role of the Federal Reserve in the US Economy

The Great depression is one of the occurrences that have led to the changes in the system; however the system maintains its main goals, which are; Enacting monetary guiding principles and ensuring that the policies [...]

Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy

This means that the expenditure of that government is sustained by the revenues collected by the government. These options are the backbone of monetary policy, in which the government tries to control the supply of [...]

Scarcity and Choice

It is undeniable that Bangladesh has a great growth potential that needs to be capitalized on for the well being of its people.

The Faults of the Consumer Price Index

In case of an increase in the consumer price index in the short run this depicts instances of inflation while a decrease of the consumer price index in the short run denotes instances of deflation.