Financial Reporting Essay Examples and Topics

Real Estate Sector in Dubai

Real estate in Dubai is supported by both the government and private sector. The government, through various programmes, organises affordable and suitable housing for its citizens. The Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme, established in 1999, provides interest free loans and non-refundable grants for constructing and buying homes (Dubai Land Department 2013). The recipients have to apply […]

China-Certain Measures Affecting Electronic Payment Services

Introduction The UnionPay systems requirements granted the service suppliers to offer payment services using electronic cards to carry out transactions in foreign currencies. Under this system, the Chinese authority categorically stated that the devices used in payment card processes must conform to the entity systems requirements. In addition, it was required that all the cards […]

The CPI. Financial Analysis

The CPI should utilize the techniques of financial analysis to determine if their efforts can generate a considerate amount of revenue. It should engage into prospects of growth that can maximize the value of the firm and increase the amount of wealth by the shareholders (Cho, 1987). The future earnings of the firm can be […]

Fiscal Policies

About fiscal policies Fiscal policies are tools used by the state to stimulate the economy. The government can implement fiscal policies that can lead to growth or shrinkage of the economy. Contractionary fiscal policies are often instituted by the government when the amount of spending is greater than the amount of tax revenue earned by […]

Determinants of Local and State spending

Introduction Governments are expanding each day because of the increasing number of functions that they have to carry out. Population growth rate of every country remains relatively high while mortality rates have reduced. As a result, services that people expect from governments are becoming more expensive each day. The numbers of people who depend on […]

Minimum Wage Rates

Introduction A minimum wage rate is the lowest price at which labor can be bought and sold in the labor market. It is usually set by the government to protect the suppliers of labor. For a minimum wage rate to be effective, it must be more than the market clearing price at which labor is […]

Effects of Fuel Prices

Introduction Fuel is pivotal in the successful running of any business and especially in the transport industry like the airline industry, which is involved in massive transporting activities. There is no reasonable doubt therefore that high fuel costs have an adverse impact on the running of any organisation. Fuel prices have become a challenge in […]

Influence of Economy Concepts

Introduction (Summary) Economy plays a major role of coordinating the amount and type of goods and services to produce in line with the needs of buyers. Besides, it involves ensuring that there is an efficient money supply to allow the production and purchase of goods and services. Different societies organize their economies in different ways. […]

Demand Forecasting

Demand and supply Demand and supply are the foundations of any economic analysis as the interaction of the two forms a market. The law of demand and supply works in the divergent ways in the sense that, when the prices of commodities changes, demand and supply will change in opposite direction holding other factors constant. […]

Causes and Consequences Of the “Too Big To Fail” Policy

Introduction The Lehman Brothers and Enron are names that are still very memorable in the minds of many Americans. The Lehman Brothers was a company that was one of the biggest employers in the United States. It had about 27,000 employees who directly depended on it for survival. The country also benefited from the revenues […]

Multiple Regression Model

Interpretation of the Findings Regressions analysis focuses on the use of models to analyze whether one or more independent variables will affect the dependent variable. Typically, regressions analysis focuses on determining whether typical quantitative data of the dependent variable will change in response to the independent variables or factors. Multiple regressions analysis is undertaken to […]

Complementary and Substitute Products, and Effects on Demand and Quantity Demanded

The knowledge about demand is very vital for the success of any business. This is because a proper understanding about it can help the investor to determine the business strategies and tactics to adapt. This is because its understanding ensures that business men/women are able to calculate their sales in advance since they already know […]

Economic Deflation in the Euro Zone

Introduction Between 2009 and 2011, the entire world experienced a global recession that decreased the purchasing power of most people. The trend mostly affected the US; an idea borrowed from the initial crisis experienced in Europe. Notably, the number of people who spent on luxurious goods and services was minimal. Most statisticians establish that the […]

Business Partners, LLC

Introduction Strategic management comprises a critical component in an organization’s quest to achieve business excellence. Thus, it is imperative for organizational managers to consider the environment in their strategic management context. According to Faulkner and Campbell, the strategic environment comprises diverse environments, viz. the firm, the competitive environment, business unit environment, and the industry environment […]

Privatization of Education

Introduction In some countries, education is not privatized, that is; all parents take their children to public schools irrespective of the parents’ social and economic status. There has therefore been a debate regarding whether public schools should be dismantled and replaced with a system in which parents are able to choose where to send their […]

Balanced Scorecard Principle

Although the concept of a balanced scorecard has been known for a comparatively short time period, it has already proven to be one of the most groundbreaking concepts of the century. Because of the opportunity for embracing the key elements contributing to the organisation’s sustainability and the tools for evaluating it, which a balanced scorecard […]

Competition and Oligopolistic Behaviors in the Airlines Industry

In a non-collusive oligopoly, firms often try their best to avoid price-based competition. An increase in the prices by one of the firms may not be followed by a similar reaction from competitors, although a decrease in prices would lead to price reductions by other firms. This is explained by the kinked demand curve model […]

Factors and Mechanisms behind the Collusive Behaviours of Firms in an Oligopolistic Market Structure

One of the major factors behind the collusive behaviour of firms in an oligopolistic market structure, according to the case study on the car industry in the UK, is price leadership. In July 1999, for instance, Volvo admitted to entering secret agreements to keep British car prices high, with available evidence demonstrating that firms in […]

The Process of Converting or Transferring Properties

The process of converting or transferring properties with full knowledge that the property is obtained from severe crime, with the intention of covering up the prohibited origin of the material or helping an individual who has committed such offence to elude the legal consequences of his actions constitutes money laundering. It is also the covering […]

Jiangsu Province Environmental Analysis

Introduction Recently, China has experienced rapid industrialization, and its GDP has increased considerably. However, the industrialization phase materializes at the expense of the environment. There is insufficient consideration of the environmental resources, the overall environmental quality, and the health considerations in China1. This paper will take a stringent environmental analysis of Jiangsu province, China. Essentially, […]

Distinction between spontaneous and designed order

There are two worldviews dated back to the eighteenth century in institutional economics. These are ‘topdown’ and ‘bottomup’ views (Easterly, 2008: 95). The topdown view sees institutions as dependent on laws designed by political leaders; thus the name, ‘designed order’. Institutions refer to “informal constraints and formal rules” (North, 1991: 97). The bottomup view sees […]

Capacity and Accessibility of Melbourne and Sydney Ports

The successful functioning of Melbourne and Sydney ports is important Australia’s trade with other countries and timely distribution of goods to the customers. There are two challenges that each of these ports faces currently, namely the necessity to increase capacity and improve accessibility. This paper will provide recommendations for addressing these problems. In 2009, the […]

Winning the Race for Talent in Emerging Markets

Identifying the Problem of Talents in Emerging Markets Leaders of many companies are convinced that a famous name and relatively big starting salaries are everything that talented people are looking for in the organizations. In reality, that is not right. Surely, there are still many people who do not need more. However, growing talents of […]

Pegging The Saudi Riyal To The Us Dollar

Abstract Scholars have argued about currency pegging policy, and whether it is suitable for an economy or not. Based on Saudi Arabia riyal and the US dollar pegging, this essay critically evaluates theories and policy implications behind the two decades pegging of the riyal against the dollar. It also presents the argument of SAMA as […]

Financial Planning and Management for Domestic Violence Victims

Abstract It is undisputable that crime within the contemporary society is of a major concern. Consequently, governments, individuals, agencies, and other private sectors engage so much energy in developing effective responses for the same. Following this concept, criminal justice department has significantly expanded going past the traditional functions of various organizations and bodies such as […]

States regulatory response to the current financial crisis

Introduction The current economic crisis, commonly referred to as the Global Financial Crisis, continues to affect billions of people in the world. With various leaders engaging all their efforts to salvage the situation, it is doubtless that the crisis has significantly impacted the world economy negatively. It has arguably been considered by analysts as the […]

Price discrimination

Price discrimination occurs when goods or services of identical nature retail at different prices from the same provider (Philips, 1983, p. 5). It can also be referred to as price differentiation. Price discrimination is characteristic of oligopolistic and monopolistic markets and it mainly makes use of market power. Success of price discrimination depends on the […]

Externality and Socially optimal price

Human beings have tendency to be driven by self motivated interests although do not want to be perceived as servers of their own interests (Lipsey & Chrystal, 2007). However, existence of moral ethics that ought to be followed has obliged mankind to act differently especially when in groups (Keat & Abercrombie, 1991). As such, individuals […]

Pricing Factor in Decision-Making

Introduction Pricing is part of the overall marketing strategy that plays tremendously vital role in the company’s success. Good price decision-making helps in boosting up the profitability and or market share of a product. Pricing factors in decision-making can be discussed as either external or internal factors. Pricing Factors in Decision Making Customer Value, Relative […]

Economic analysis of Lord Brownie’s Proposed Review

Introduction Higher learning institutions in United Kingdom (UK) are not exempted from restrictive government policies. Therefore, it is vital to note that statutory decisions that have been integrated in public policies have several impacts in higher learning institutions owing to the fact that they act as important determinants in shaping systems and structures in these […]

Economic Priorities

Every country has its own order of economic priorities. The ranking may appear similar to some extent especially in the top most priority. There are many objectives of an economic policy, but price stability is considered an essential part of the basic framework within which the social and economic policy is conducted (Horst U., Jouko […]

Creating New Employment and Business Opportunities

Introduction Job creation remains one of the most important economic engagements for any business or organization. This process is normally coupled with economic development. Therefore, creating new employment and business opportunities is a contributor to economic development. Currently, world economies are struggling with a slow economy characterized by job cuts, layoffs and organizational restructuring. Due […]

The London Olympic Games

Introduction On 27th July, 2012, the London Olympic Games will kick off (London & Partners, n.d., pp.1). The event will bring together athletes from all around the world to compete in a total of 26 sport events (London & Partners, n.d., pp.2.) Indeed, the London Olympic Games is attracting a lot of international and local […]

Business Cost production and how it affects its various operations-General Motors (GM)

This paper discusses General Motors (GM) Company in the context of how the costs of its production systems affect its various operations. This is a critical provision since the company operates in a competitive industry where operational and production costs are soaring, overwhelming, and critical. There are numerous costs of production that the company faces […]

Research project on cost reduction practices

Cost reduction practices Cost reduction is the process of increasing revenue of a business while maintaining the volume of production or sales. It also means evaluating a framework to ensure there are no unnecessary expenses or gateways of unnecessary costs. Firms are now adapting various cost reduction practices to increase their profits or redirect the […]

Stock Market Prices

The prices of stocks which are purchased and sold in the secondary market are mostly influenced by demand and supply. Typically, the price of stocks depends on the number of shares that are offered in relation to the demand of the stocks. The price of the shares are often high when there are few shares […]

Greek Bailout Issue

The ongoing financial meltdown in Europe has influenced negatively the lives of Greeks. Many people have closed business due to inability to sustain them financially. The government on its part is facing many challenges ranging from internal economic instability to sustaining inter-governmental projects within Europe and in other parts of the world. Above all, pressure […]

Understanding of the Economics and Politics of Latin America

Summary Economics encompasses the study of the allocation of scarce resources, whose underpinnings accords a comprehensible understanding of the political game applied by a certain region (Vanden and Gary 151). In this case, a susceptible understanding of the economics and politics of Latin America accords with a patent understanding of the allocation of scarce resources […]

Colombia’s Demo and Eco Transitions

An overview of Colombia Colombia is a constitutional country found in the northwestern part of South America. The country is bordered by Brazil and Venezuela to the east, Peru and Ecuador to the south and the Caribbean Sea to the north. The Muisca and the Quimbaya were the original inhabitants of Colombia. In 1499, the […]

Eurozone Economic Stability

Executive Summary This report is aimed at analyzing the effects of the Euro zone economic crisis on international business. The report also gives an account on the actual and potential business risks that are likely to be experienced in the Euro zone by prospective businesspersons. The results of this report assert that the crisis in […]

Review of revenue estimates in Federal, State and Local Budgets

Introduction Public budgeting primarily involves the allocation of resources, with the main objective of achieving the government’s goals and objectivities within a particular period of time. It serves to reflect the financial plan of the revenues and expenditures of the various levels of government, which are federal, state and local governments (Bovaird & Loffler, 2000). […]

State of Georgia Financial Aid

Higher education has many functions in the society among them developing human capital, developing knowledge bases and maintaining them. Higher education nurtures the skills required for research and innovation (Johnson, Oliff and Williams, 2011). For this and other reasons, higher education institutions in Georgia receive financial support from the state. State support for higher education […]

Bretton Woods Agreement

Introduction Any country in the world cannot achieve economic growth and stability if it does not have an economic system which can provide the necessary liquidity to the economy and surveillance and control in the various indicators that reflect economic performance. As well at the international level, there cannot be any booming trade and commercial […]

How Firms Extract Consumer Surplus Using Two-Part Tariffs

Introduction In an effort to attain their profit maximization objective, firms in different economic sectors charge different price to different customers for the same product or service. This concept is referred to as price discrimination (Fisher, Waschik & Prentice, 2010, p.44). According to Fisher, Waschik and Prentice (2010, p.45), price discrimination is practiced by all […]

Future of Islamic Finance

The concept of Islamic financing came to being in the late in the last century. It developed out of concerns by the Islamic communities over the extensive emphasis of interest rates in the inevitable and constantly widening financial sector. Across the world it was almost impossible to conduct business without engaging financial institutions. The Islamic […]

Value Added

Introduction Conventional financial reporting shows the firm’s disclose of the financial position of a firm (balance sheet), the financial performance of the firm (income statement), and the movement of cash flow (cash flow statement) (Riahi-Belkaoui, 2004). Although these statements are very useful over time, they fail to give important information about the total productivity of […]

The Fiscal and Monetary Policy and Economic Fluctuations

The American economy has undergone dynamic changes over the last five years. Clearly, the economic recession experienced between 2008 and 2010 is one of the most important effects on the economy. Besides the impact of the economic recession, the efforts of the American government to deal with the problem have produced significant changes. Due to […]

Escalation of real estate prices

Real estate prices have been steadily going up for the last five years. Additionally, analysts prospect that the prices will continue to escalate if the issue is not addressed on time. There are a number of factors that have contributed to the gradual escalation of real estate prices. Strict inventory rules are one of the […]

Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Meeting

Introduction Members of the FOMC believe that the growth of the world trade and the US economy is generally affected by the changes in fiscal situation of the US. Among the significant factors they deliberate on include the fiscal policy, employment, and general growth of the economy. This reflective treatise attempts to explicitly review the […]

Price discrimination and monopolistic competition

Introduction Consumers engage in a comprehensive decision making process in their consumption processes. Some of the elements that consumers are concerned with relate to product quality and price. Consumers have limited income, and thus they select what to purchase and at what price. Boyes (2011) posits, “Consumers are heterogeneous in their preferences between price and […]

Multiple Regression and Correlation Analysis Project

Introduction In the paper, a regression model will be developed to give a linear relationship between gross domestic product (GDP) and foreign direct investment, budget deficit, and money supply for Qatar. Further, correlation matrix will be developed for the variables. Finally, a comprehensive analysis will be carried out on the regression model developed. The data […]

Elasticity coefficients

Definitions Elasticity of demand is the responsiveness of a quantity of product in relation to a price change. Unit elastic on the other hand is the relative response of one variable like commodity’s price to changes in another variable (usually the quantity). In this case any slight or significant change in prices results to a […]

Financial Regulation in Australian Government in 2002

The article written by Kath Walters and John Stensholt (2002) is aimed at describes the auditing reform undertaken by the Australian government in 2002. This reform was supposed to ease the regulation of auditing firms as well as businesses (Walters & Stensholt 2002). It is possible to argue that the Economic Interest Group Theory of […]

Clear Hear Manufacturing

Introduction Clear Hear Manufacturing seems to be a company that has been in the business of manufacturing for few years given that it is still yet to obtain a stable market share of it clients. This is evidence from the fact that the company has an excess of 70,000 cell phones that are yet to […]

Money Laundering In Saudi Arabia

Introduction “Drug trafficking, blackmail, fraud, counterfeiting, forgery, illegal arms sales, embezzlement, bribery, theft, smuggling, prostitution, graft, illegal insider trading, computer fraud, and tax evasion” (Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency 6) are just a few of the crimes that are supported by money laundering activities. Money laundering is a carefully orchestrated attempt by criminals to hide the […]

If the Fed Had Bailed out Lehman Brothers, Would We Have Avoided the Great Recession?

There is no doubt that the crisis of 2008 has shaped the existing economical landscape a lot. Leading to the bankruptcy of a number of companies, it made the U. S. entrepreneurships reconsider their policies and established only-the-strong-survive principle as the key strategy for the America companies in 2008. Although the U. S. Fed could […]

The Labor Accord and High Employment during the Golden Age

During the period of the Golden Age in the USA, several social structures of accumulation (SSA) were used to improve the economic situation within the country and contribute to the stable economic growth during 1945-1973. The capital-labor accord is one of the main structures which were used to regulate the relations between employers and employees […]

Japanese expansionary fiscal policy

Introduction Since the fall of the Soviet Union, capitalism has been the most dominant form of economy in the world. With the exception of China and Cuba, few socialist economies survive in the world today. Japan, along with the United States, has some of the oldest capitalist economies in the world. One of the most […]

Economic Statistics of Peru

Introduction The geographical location of Peru is the South American continent. The country borders the South Pacific Ocean, the Republic of Chile and Ecuador. Peru has a population of approximately 20 million. According to the World Bank, about 12 million citizens are poor, while about three million people live in absolute poverty (The World Factbook, […]

Operations Decisions in Dairy Commercial Holdings

About the company Dairy Commercial Holdings is based in North America. The gap in the provision of a wide range pasteurized dairy products created the need to form a dairy company in the area hence the formation of Dairy Commercial Holding. The primary line of business of the company is the production and sale of […]

Management of Donor Funded Projects in Least Developed Countries

Introduction Least Developed Countries (LDCs) is a special category of countries characterized by extreme poverty, weak economies, and scanty institutional and human resources. Despite the fact that millions of dollars have been spent over the years to address the problems and needs in the least developed countries, the level of poverty there remains high and […]

Effects of Monetary and Fiscal Policies

Introduction Most countries in the world have united due to modernization of various technologies that have promoted human interactions. The use of digital communication tools has enabled people to exchange messages faster and this has given rise to transfer of political, social and economic artifacts. The business world has benefited significantly as a result of […]

Cash Hoarding by U.S Firms

According to data provided by the United States’ Federal Reserve, companies continue to hold massive amounts of cash. Although it is possible to invest this cash, most companies still avoid doing this. This data also shows an increase in corporate debt in spite of the fact that most companies have adequate cash reserves. Most of […]

Bankruptcy and Ethics

According to Sandage (2006), bankruptcy can be described as the inability of an individual or business entity to pay debts owed to them. When an individual or entity files for bankruptcy and they are declared so, they can be exonerated from major debts that they owe. There are times in history when cases for bankruptcy […]