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Financial Reporting Essay Examples and Topics

NIKE Inc.: Supply and Demand

The supply of the company is estimated to be sufficient for the existing level of demand. Due to the specific area of operation of NIKE Inc, which is the narrow sportswear market, the demand for [...]

Internet and Fraudulent Financial Reporting

This question, as well as its answers, is important in the field of business and economics because it helps to enumerate the benefits and shortages of financial reporting and identify the conditions under which the [...]

Tesla Motors Company: Financial Research Report

Established in the year 2003 and went public in the year 2010, Tesla designs develops, manufactures, and sells its high-end electric cars and solar energy storage products in the US, Europe, China, and other global [...]

WG & YW Consulting Firm Financial Plan

Consequently, the revenue plan for year 2 is as provided below: The income for year 2 also shows that the company is on a profitable trend. In addition, the total income for year 3 will [...]

American Financial Crisis and Its Prevention

The interviewee brings about the idea of bureaucracy and political aspects that contributed to the problem, highlighting the corruption and ineffectiveness in the government when bailing out the institutions.

Foodco Company Performance: Financial Analysis

In the case of Foodco, the number of foodstuff suppliers in Dubai is relatively large due to the presence of local, regional, and international competitors. In the UAE foodstuff industry, the number of suppliers is [...]

Hilton Worldwide Company: Financial Ratios

In order to analyze Hilton Worldwide's performance within the industry, it is important to compare financial ratios against the company's past performance for the year of 2012, competitors' performance, and the industry's averages.

Walmart Company’s Financial Reporting

The Audit Committee Charter has the mandate to assist the board of Walmart in monitoring the integrity of the firm's financial reporting procedures, and the controls used for the implementation of ethics and compliance.

Financial Statements: Role and Types

Fixed liabilities are the debts that a firm is supposed to pay within a long period of time. An income statement is used to show the quantity of money received and money spent by a [...]

Manchester United Club: Big Debt Problem

The acquisition of the English soccer club Manchester United by the American investor Malcolm Glazier in 2005 triggered a controversial argument in regard to the ability of the investor to handle the club's financial matters.

The Far East Trading Company Financial Reporting

The advantage of maintaining the Swedish organizational culture in the company's top management is that it facilitates the continuity of effective financial strategies in each department, thus fostering the financial foundations of the company over [...]

CanGo Limited Company Financial Analysis

The results of the financial analysis will be compared with the performance of the competitors in the industry. The profitability level of the company is higher than that of the competitors in the same industry.

Real Estate Sector in Dubai

The major private developers in Dubai include the Dubai Properties Group, DAMAC Properties, Emaar Properties, and Nakheel Properties. Despite the global economy experiencing a slump the real estate market in Dubai is still attractive to [...]

The CPI. Financial Analysis

The future earnings of the firm can be determined by the ratio of price to earnings; which compares the selling price of the stocks earning per share.

Fiscal Policies

On the other hand, the government uses expansionary fiscal policies to stimulate the level of economic activity in the country. The government of Australia came up with fiscal policies that comprised of reduction of taxes [...]

Determinants of Local and State spending

It is important to note that determinants of public expenditure are vital for any country for they influence the day-to-day activities of the government. State and local expenditure are very crucial in running of day-to-day [...]

Minimum Wage Rates

The paper will also determine the reasons why the minimum wage is important to a nation and the reasons why minimum wage rate should not be constituted in a country.

Effects of Fuel Prices

It is very enthralling to investigate the effects of the high fuel prices on this company that has continued to survive in the past.

Demand Forecasting

This paper carries out the calculation of price elasticity of demand and income elasticity of a commodity. 3945 The arc income elasticity of demand for the commodity is -6.3945.

Multiple Regression Model

79 percent of the variance in determining the effect of the independent variables on the sole dependent variable, general government net borrowing or net lending. 000172167 The above data clear shows the effect of changes [...]

Economic Deflation in the Euro Zone

Through bureaucratic principles, the euro zone survives the bouts of the deflation even though fears continue to increase over the economic stability of the region in the next few decades.

Business Partners, LLC

Faulkner and Campbell further corroborate, "the industry structure is characterized by factors such as the numbers of buyers and sellers, the concentration of the industry, level of product differentiation, cost structures, and the degree of [...]

Privatization of Education

According to the pro-school choice point of view, the disadvantage of allowing public schools to exercise monopoly in the education sector is that it leads to deterioration of the quality of education offered in many [...]

Balanced Scorecard Principle

The modernisation of the BSC principle has led to the discovery of one of the key details that made the existence of the BSC approach possible in the 21st century.

The Process of Converting or Transferring Properties

The process of converting or transferring properties with full knowledge that the property is obtained from severe crime, with the intention of covering up the prohibited origin of the material or helping an individual who [...]

Price discrimination

Success of price discrimination depends on the separation of the markets, in this case, men and women and also young and senior citizens.

Pricing Factor in Decision-Making

In setting prices as a Bubba's House of Pork Rinds proprietor, it is important to calculate all the differentiating features and benefits of its product or service as a summation package.

Economic Priorities

The business activity decreases in the economy and therefore reduces the Gross Domestic Product of the economy. Price control refers to the government setting of the highest price or the lowest price that a given [...]

Creating New Employment and Business Opportunities

The intention of this study is to highlight and assess the challenges facing ODA in ensuring the delivery of its employment and business objective which is to create new employment and business opportunities locally, regionally [...]

The London Olympic Games

Thus the supply and demand concept is destined to have a very handsome effect on the economy of London, the strategic environment of the 2012 Olympics.

Research project on cost reduction practices

Cost reduction is the process of increasing revenue of a business while maintaining the volume of production or sales. In the event of surplus production, a company may be forced to sell their products at [...]

Stock Market Prices

The price of the shares are often high when there are few shares in the market and if the demand of these shares is high.

Greek Bailout Issue

The government is really struggling to get into the matter; this is evidenced by its move to invite EU officials to assess the extent of the disaster.

Colombia’s Demo and Eco Transitions

The country is bordered by Brazil and Venezuela to the east, Peru and Ecuador to the south and the Caribbean Sea to the north. During this time, the government had the control of most of [...]

Eurozone Economic Stability

Furthermore, the report posits that the adverse effects of the crisis in the Eurozone will reverberate to other parts of the world.

State of Georgia Financial Aid

Indicators of higher education in Georgia include the number of higher education institutions, the amount of funding available each year to support students and the average annual charges that undergraduate students pay for education.

Bretton Woods Agreement

The aim of the development of the international monetary system is to be the source of the international monetary stability. An international monetary system must have three elements: the availability of the pay method, which [...]

Future of Islamic Finance

However in the Islamic model, the relationship established between the client and the institutions enables the bank to engage in trade in conjunction with the client.

Value Added

Conventional financial reporting shows the firm's disclose of the financial position of a firm, the financial performance of the firm, and the movement of cash flow.

Escalation of real estate prices

Increase in price of the existing homes also leads to the rise in the real estate prices. Increase in value of properties in certain areas is another factor that has significantly contributed to the increase [...]

Price discrimination and monopolistic competition

According to Varian, the competitive market is characterised by a large number of firms that deal identical products and this aspect limits a firm's ability to exploit the consumers by selling the product at a [...]

Elasticity coefficients

Income elasticity is the change in the demand of a good to the change of disposable income of the consumers. If price elasticity of demand is positive, the demand of the good increases with price [...]

Clear Hear Manufacturing

It is the point where minimum efficient scale of a plant is attained since the least production of units at the lowest opportunity cost is attained, below this point a plant is not able to [...]

Money Laundering In Saudi Arabia

In respect to the attempt to combat money laundering, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency revised its anti-money laundering rules to prevent, detect, and control money-laundering activities within the kingdom.

Japanese expansionary fiscal policy

There has been an argument by Burkett and Hart-Landsberg that, since the end of the occupation in 1952, Japan, under the guidance of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, practiced a strategy of 'scrap [...]

Economic Statistics of Peru

The country borders the South Pacific Ocean, the Republic of Chile and Ecuador. The economy of Peru has been influenced by some policies introduced by the government.

Effects of Monetary and Fiscal Policies

However, imposing a 95% tax cut on household goods will mean that manufacturers and producers of such goods will make losses due to the high costs of production that are not reflected by the prices [...]

Cash Hoarding by U.S Firms

Most of the cash held by these companies is in overseas accounts. One advantage of hoarding cash is that it makes it possible for companies to grow wealth.

Bankruptcy and Ethics

In the United States of America, bankruptcies are named according to the chapter of the bankruptcy law that they fall under.