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Essential Points to Keep in Mind when Writing Essays on Bankruptcy

Essays on Bankruptcy are prevalent in law courses, and writing them requires a good grasp of the subject. However, there are specifics to bankruptcy topics that you should keep in mind, even if you already have your outline ready. For example:

  • Understand the different types of bankruptcy and closely monitor your wording;
  • Always ask if you are using the correct terminology in your essay;
  • Treat it like any other law paper, be respectful and concise;
  • Use credible book titles and journals as a demonstration of your work’s integrity;
  • Do not plagiarize and always reference others’ ideas;
  • In your introduction, give your readers a brief overview of the problem you are tackling;
  • Make sure that your subtopics do not overlap between paragraphs;
  • Write your bankruptcy essay conclusion as a comprehensive summary of the presented ideas.

Remember that bankruptcy is a serious topic, and you should treat it as such. Nonetheless, keep in mind that there may be different opinions on your subject.

Your goal as an essay writer is to present various approaches to the topic of financial distress involving as wide a variety of sources as you deem necessary.

Every point included in your bibliography should help you build up the argument of your thesis statement. Avoid using sources that seem undependable and always remember that academic honesty is the best policy.

Your chosen paper structure should also help you further your argument. Give your subheadings names that reflect their content, and do the same with your essay’s title.

Your audience should be aware of your approach, methods, and academic viewpoint as soon as they start reading your work.

Get more advice from a bankruptcy essay samples below!

Gatekeepers and Takeover Regulations

In fact, many gatekeepers distorted data which led to a lot of confusion and, eventually, to the global crisis. More so, it is possible to claim that gatekeepers can be considered to be responsible for [...]

Venture Corporation: Financial Statements

The strong financial credentials of the company were the main reason for more than 88% increase in its stock price. The company's USP is "it is technical expertise in process re-engineering and materials sourcing".

KitKat Product: Price Elasticity

Price elasticity is the category that characterizes the reaction of consumer demand to changes in pricing, i.e, it defines consumer behavior when the price is altered.

The Financial Regulation Shortcomings

Existing laws and guidelines in different regions require that such organizations adhere to strict requirements and procedures in an attempt to maintain the integrity of the existing economic structure.

Behavioural Finance Theories Evaluation

Specifically, the study will cover the problems of the capital asset pricing model in pricing stock returns or portfolio returns, whether the size effect is against the EMH, the main differences between behavioural finance and [...]

Financial Stability and Central Banks

It is known that assets that banks can use are not the same in terms of their liquidity, and the significant imbalance between different types of assets that are available to banks in different countries [...]

Canada’s Money Market

The money market is one of the fundamental elements in the functioning of any state. Under these conditions, the gradual rise of technologies and their implementation in the sphere of financial operations alter the money [...]

Public Finance and Its Role

The primary objectives of public finance are to control essential sectors of the economy, for example, agriculture, foreign trade, and industries, and to provide basic services to citizens of a nation.

Stocks and Bonds Comparison

Being types of investments, stocks and bonds exist for the purpose of raising money and generating profit that is further going to be used in order to fund the expansion of an investor's opportunities and [...]

Financial Activities and Management

Priority tasks of any financial manager are the competent allocation of resources, the assessment of risks and opportunities for a particular company, as well as the planning and control of costs. Finally, management companies monitor [...]

Financial Forecasting in Social Networks

Earlier, the major sources of information for financial forecasting used to come from specialized publications, financial periodicals, and companies' reports; however, with the development of technology and popularization of the Internet, specialized financial information became [...]

Islamic Finance and Maqasid Al-Shariah Nowadays

Riba al-Nasi a is one of the strictly forbidden forms of Islamic finance as underpinned in the Quran. Financial institutions in the Islamic world observe the provisions of sharia such as Maqasid Al-Shariah and riba, [...]

New Business Venture in Israeli Environment

Organization of a new business venture is a risky affair that should be preconditioned by the detailed analysis of the environment and the most important factors that impact the functioning and evolution of a company, [...]

Canada’s Municipal Spending Watch in 2014

The author's decision to include the information concerning the correlation between the overall spending trends in Canada and the increase in the number of the Canadian citizens seems a very legitimate step to make, as [...]

Credit Cards: Supporting Arguments

In order to reap the many benefits of credit cards and avoid the devastating implications of credit mismanagement, it is necessary for one to be ready to exercise some of the basic values such as [...]

Bond Innovation and Its Rationale

Overall, a plethora of opportunities for the bonds' optimization and innovation of the financial markets increases the interest in this theme among the financial practitioners and the executives of the firm.

What Loan Really Costs to Customers?

One of the obvious factors to be considered is the interest rate to be paid by a customer. ARM is known to feature a lower rate of interest during the early days of a loan [...]

The Cost Structure of Large Companies

The major reason why the cost structure of various types of information goods and services imply a market supplied by a few large firms is that the industry is associated with high fixed costs and [...]

Islamic Bonds “Sukuk”

The rising demand for investment options in the form of bonds and securities has led to the use of Sukuk or Islamic securities which have become progressively more acceptable to the Islamic community in some [...]

Community Development Block Grant Funds

The primary goal of the paper is to understand how the benefits of the Community Development Block Grant funds can help the federal authorities improve the situation in long and short-terms.

Finance: Sequestration Concept

In the US for example, people agreed that the sequester was bad for a long period of time since they were in fear of the country hitting another recession due to all the major cut-backs [...]

Financial Planning and Control in Business

The other function of financial planning and control is to offer external guidance on corporate affairs to stakeholders, in order to enable them to have full access of appropriate economic and financial performance of a [...]

Grant Funding Definition

The second problematic aspect of grant funding, in the context of human service programs, is the inherent challenges that were the end result of poor economic conditions. The first step is to determine the type [...]

Fiscal Policy

On the other hand, the federal expenditure on Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP amounted to $599 billions in 2008 which translates to 20% of the total government budget.

Banks Improvement Concepts

However, banks need to meet a number of requirements so as to qualify in their mission and objectives to the countries where they belong and also to the customers.

Money’s and Banking’ Concepts

The rates of return in this case are majorly the rates of interest in the monetary and the securities market. Being a borrower in this case would lead to payment of the loan at very [...]

Reserve Currency

Nevertheless, the attainment of a commercial and economic imbalance between the competing countries led to the shift of the reserve currency from sterling to dollar.

Credit Cards Usage in America

The issuer of the card also commits to pay merchants if the credit card holder extends to pay the credit and then follows up the cardholder to ensure that he/she pays the credit.

Audience Diversity of Financial Advice

As a financial expert, one of the topics to discuss with these children would be the identification of job opportunities in their community, recognition, and appreciation of how people work and live.

Finance: the History of Money

The document explains that the value of money is somehow related to the amount that is in circulation. The idea is founded on the fact that debt is the basis of the moneymaking process.