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Housing Essay Examples and Topics

Social Cohesion in Hong Kong Transitional Housing

The government has invested heavily in providing public housing to families, but a lengthy period of planning and construction has led to the necessity of semi-permanent transitional housing that can be utilized on a rotational [...]

San Francisco Social Housing

The technology boom of the 21st century, which saw many large corporations expand their presence in the San Francisco metropolitan area, led to an influx of a well-paid workforce to the area.

Social Housing in China

The Chinese economic boom in the last 30 years has contributed to the increased urbanization of the country, while a growing population and the influx of migrants to cities has led to a severe shortage [...]

The Small Lot Ordinance Policy

This paper aims to analyze the background, the content, and the successfulness of the policy. The affordable housing crisis began in the 1990s, and was the cause of shortfall of 300.

Housing Trust Funds

According to statistics of National Coalition for the Homeless organization, 672000 homes were built in 2010 but the number was still below the required rates to cater for the population.

London Housing Market and Prices Increase

In the majority of cases, they say that house prices are too high for the ordinary population to afford them, which has an enormous influence on clients and the economy, leading to the increased rates [...]

Buying a House: Ethical and Legal Issues

As to the positive outcomes of the decision to tell the property owners that the seller is planning to build a new house, there can be a strengthening of the relationship between the two parties, [...]

Real Estate Market in India

The primary aim of the paper is to analyze the real estate industry in India through the example of the Urban Plus Company using Porter's Five Forces and the PESTEL framework.

House Prices in the Real Estate Market

Increase income leads to high demand for houses; hence, leading to increase in house prices. For instance, house prices plummeted considerably between 1990 and 1992 in the UK because high interest rates made mortgages expensive.

The House Restriction in China

The house restriction, also called home purchase restriction, seeks to ensure that there is equitable distribution of housing demand in the market and is a form of government policy regulation of the growth of the [...]

Sheikh Zayed Housing Program Analysis

According to their announcement which was made at the beginning of the year, the organization is determined to ensure that all citizens of this country, especially the poor, are helped to get decent housing in [...]

Houses Market and Ownership Transactions

From the statistics reviewed here, it was observed that distance or locality from the city center and also to a large extent size of the facility acquired largely explained the difference in pricing or the [...]

Household Spending Survey in Oman 2004-2014

During the period in question, Oman has experienced a significant growth of the average household income, which allowed the population to increase their spending, in particular, on cars, restaurants and hotels.

Slowdown in U.S housing market

Despite the efforts of the government, the situation has not changed much, and the real estate market of the country remains stagnant even at the beginning of 2013.

Housing Problem in Canada

A total of 5% of the Canadian households live on the social housing program, representing the smallest social housing sector in any developed country with the exception of the United States of America.

Housing Market in Sydney

The auction process of property in Australia is an important tool in stabilizing supply and demand in order to establish prices for property as Boyd, says.

The housing crisis

As this picture unfolds, it emerges that any form of the housing bubble of the United States leaves a ripple effect which directly hits not only the valuation of homes, but also the states home [...]

The Housing Crisis Of 2007

Effects of the crisis included decline of the economy of the United States, Europe, and the world, and negative influence on financial markets.

Housing Market Overheat in Canada

The inherent problem with this assumption, as Downe is apt to point out, is that the sheer scale of housing projects that are currently created, starts to mirror the problems that occurred in the U.S.from [...]

Decision making: Purchasing a House

A mortgage is important in that it offers the contractor a chance to own a house and pay in instalment depending with the cost of the facility and the income of the contractor.