Housing Essay Examples and Topics

Housing: Renting and Owning a House

Introduction A person can either purchase or rent a house. However, these options will present numerous cons and pros. People should consider these issues before making their final decisions. To begin with, renting a house can be a major financial commitment. The expenses of renting a house can be extremely shocking. On the other hand, […]

American Housing Market Crisis before 1990’s and After 2000

Housing crisis before 1990s and after 2000 The oil crisis The United States economy was hit hard by the oil crisis which occurred in 1973 as a result of Middle East countries curtailing their oil supply to the US. This led to oil shortages culminating into price hikes. The ultimate result was accelerated economic downturn. […]

Government Housing Programs to Assist Low-income renters

Introduction History materializes to be probably extreme in the implemented programs that involve costly and lumpy investments bearing long useful life and particularly where political consensus is difficult to realize. The significance of history as well as the reliance conduit of a policy is more outward in the federal housing policy. In the fiscal 1980, […]

Slowdown in U.S housing market

Slowdown in U.S housing market During the period between 1998 and 2008, the prices of housing in the United States rose dramatically. In some part of the country, the prices increased by more than fifty percent (Roberts 25). This process can be explained by different factors such as deregulation, tax policies, low interest rates, and […]

House Price Analysis

Median sale price for houses The graph below will show the trend of median sale prices for the houses for from 1993 to 2012. The data is presented in quarters. From the graph above, it is evident that there is an upward trend of median sale prices in all the cities. The trend is upward […]

Barriers of Affordable Housing for people on low incomes

The affordability of housing especially by low income people is an issue that has received great attention in the recent past. High housing prices may at times expose an individual or a family to a chance of homelessness especially when their earnings are not enough to cater for both housing and other basic requirements. In […]

History of Housing Policies in the UK and Netherlands

Introduction Over the past recent years, there have been tremendous changes in the UK and Netherlands in an effort to improve the housing situation in the country. A visit to the Netherlands cities of Breda and Jordan, Nieumarkt, and Bijlmermeer has served as an eye opener to the housing policies in the country as well […]

Tenant Focused Housing Services

Introduction to Tenant Focused Housing Services Tenant Focused Housing Services involves tenants’ participation and as such, it is a situation where tenants are engaged by the landlords in order to help in the process of making decisions concerning housing services as well as the way their homes are managed by the landlords. This process, according […]

Housing Problem in Canada

Introduction The idea of public housing in Canada can be traced as far back as 1938 when the national housing Act was passed. Public housing is a government subsidized program for the low income and the un-housed individuals and their families. A total of 5% of the Canadian households live on the social housing program, […]

Housing Market in Sydney

The structure of the housing market in Sydney The demand for housing in Sidney greatly outweighs the supply as Johnston, (2003) says. This trend is attributed to increased international immigration and reduced interstate movement of people and is expected to adopt this trend in the future. The population is growing steadily in New South Wales […]

Housing finance management and organizations

Introduction Housing is one of the most important items amongst the basic needs for human beings. Most of the important things a man would like to achieve in life would be difficult without quality housing. For instance, to find and keep a job, to learn and to maintain our health would require us to have […]

The housing crisis

The housing crisis is an economic bubble affecting many areas in the United States. House prices were high and peaked in 2006. Gradually, the prices began to decline in 2006 and 2007. They’re still lowering to date. As this picture unfolds, it emerges that any form of the housing bubble of the United States leaves […]

Dealing with Private Housing: Landlord Acceleration Scheme in Motion

Introduction: Welcome the Project People have always worshipped the place where they belong. As the proverb says, “home is where the hearth is.” Considering the problems of housing that people are most likely to encounter nowadays, one will contribute to the well-being of the country. According to the existing evidence, the role of the effective […]

Cleveland’s Poor Economy and Deplorable Housing Conditions

Introduction Plans to attain a stable regional future for Cleveland are surrounded by so many challenges. Policies that are exclusionary and discriminatory, complex urban disinvestment as well as the divided and inconsistent suburban growth that gives rise to segregation are part of these challenges. These challenges and associated complexities of Cleveland city have left the […]

The Housing Crisis Of 2007

Executive Summary The housing crisis of 2007 was the main cause of the 2007/2008 economic recession. It resulted from rise in subprime lending, ineffective government policies, and high-risk mortgages. Effects of the crisis included decline of the economy of the United States, Europe, and the world, and negative influence on financial markets. It affected every […]

Housing problems in Saudi Arabia: Challenges facing sustainable housing in the region

Introduction Several sectors such as the government, public, and the housing industry may offer strong support to enable Saudi Arabia achieve sustainable housing and elevate itself into the next generation of living in terms of housing. However, currently public support is not strong enough, which may be caused by factors like poor understanding of the […]

Housing Market Overheat in Canada

According to Bill Downe, President and CEO of the Bank of Montreal, the current pace of construction as well as the level of price differences between owning and renting houses in cities such as Toronto or Vancouver, has achieved historic shifts. To owe a house is 20 percent more expensive than renting it (BNN, 2012). […]

Decision making: Purchasing a House

Shelter is one of the basic human needs; international and national human rights provide the right to have adequate, quality and good shelter. Different economies provide for different ways to have shelter; these ways include renting, purchasing, leasing or use of government houses. The method of having shelter that one adopts is dependent on an […]