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Sheikh Zayed Housing Program Analysis Case Study


Introduction to the Company

Sheikh Zayed Housing Program is a government-owned program that was established to offer United Arab Emirates’ families suitable housing facilities (Farazmand 67). The aim of the national government in coming up with this program was to find a way of ensuring that all citizens of this country have decent housing, especially those who have lower earnings and are therefore, unable to afford building their own homes. It would be important to understand the vision, mission, strategy, goals, and objectives of this organization. According to Meier (78), the vision statement of this firm states, “Achieve stable housing for UAE national families through exceptional and pioneering community partnerships.”

As shown in this vision statement, the focus of this organization is to offer families in United Arab Emirates housing units by facilitating community partnership. The mission statement emphasizes on the focus of this organization to offer proper housing to deserving citizens of this country by enhancing partnership with financial partners. The strategy that this organization uses is to create an environment where financial bodies would find it easy funding families to build suitable housing with coordination from the government. Given that the government is involved, financial partners would not fear funding individual families. The goal of this organization is to ensure that citizens of this country have decent housing facilities. By partnering with financial institutions, it becomes possible to get the needed resources in construction of the housing units. This would make it easy to achieve the objective of eliminating poor housing facilities, especially in major cities.

Types of Projects in the Company

In order to achieve the objectives stated above, the organization has been involved in a number of projects since its inception. In the past, this organization was engaged in a number of projects that were focused on improving the housing systems of poor families in the country in major cities. The organization was determined to ensure that every citizen of this country has access to decent housing. The project has been successful in the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Presently, the firm is focused on spreading this program to all other emirates. According to their announcement which was made at the beginning of the year, the organization is determined to ensure that all citizens of this country, especially the poor, are helped to get decent housing in the country. The organization has future plans of helping any citizen of this country access quality housing without just focusing on the poor.

How the Projects Fit Into the Company’s Mission and Strategy

According to Lam (90), when designing projects, research should always be taken to ensure that the projects are in line with the mission and strategy of the company. This scholar says that success of such projects should be a step towards achieving the mission of the organization. As stated above, the mission of this organization is to offer housing facilities to deserving citizens of this country by developing a community partnership with financial institutions. The strategy of doing this has been to identify these deserving families, introduce the initiative to them, and then find financial partners who can help them in developing these housing units. The projects that this organization has been implementing are in line with this mission statement and the strategy the firm employs. The projects have formed the foundation upon which this organization has been able to achieve its vision and mission. The implementing partners have also been keen on ensuring that the projects are in line with the mission of the firm as was defined during its inception.

The Company’s Enterprise Management

The world is changing due to changes brought about by environmental factors such as technology and environmental concerns. The need for efficiency when managing a project has been on the rise, and firms are forced to manage portfolio of projects concurrently instead of managing single projects. Enterprise management has therefore, been seen as an appropriate way of coordinating various projects in a firm to achieve the expected results. This organization has developed a clear program to manage, monitor, and assess the status of different projects. The projects are managed at the portfolio level by top leadership of the firm. Individual projects form the larger project portfolio. The individual project has a team of project members headed by projects manager. The projects manager is responsible for the normal running of the individual projects. The managers report to projects coordinator who manages a portfolio of projects. The projects coordinator would monitor and assess status of different projects in order to determine how effective the projects are running. The project coordinators report to the firm’s top management unit.

The Company’s Enterprise Management System

Sheikh Zayed Housing Program has an enterprise management system that facilitates proper coordination of projects. When this program was started, it lacked a clear system that coordinates different projects within the portfolio of projects. However, this changed when the firm developed an enterprise management system. Through this system, the organization is able to monitor development of different projects in different locations. The firm is also able to ensure that the success achieved in the projects is in line with the overall mission and vision of the firm as stated during its inception. This has improved the performance of the organization to a great extent because all members understand the common goal that should be achieved, and how their individual efforts would facilitate this success.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Current System

According to Farazmand (67), in order to give an appropriate recommendation on the best way through which this organization can achieve its pending goals, it would be necessary to understand some of its strengths and weaknesses. One of the main strength of this organization is that it is sponsored by the government. This means that the financial partners would not feel insecure when giving out loans or grants to the families yearning to own homes but are financially challenged. This availability of finance makes it possible to accomplish activities that are planned for in this project.

The government support also means that these projects would not be subjected to lengthy process of approval that is always needed in other projects. The community partnership approach taken by this program also helps in ensuring that labor is easily available when undertaking various activities. It makes the realization of the project objectives easy. However, there are some weaknesses that should be addressed. One such weakness is lack of clear program on how those given the grant shall pay back this money. If these beneficiaries fail to pay, the government may be overburdened to an extent that it might not be able to continue with this program.

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