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Economic Theories Essay Examples and Topics

Economic Crisis and Theories of Its Causes

As a result of this, Marx developed different and generally contradicting theories economic crisis namely; underconsumptionist approach, the theory of capital over accumulation and approach of tendentially falling profit rate.

Knowledge-Based Economy

Active discussion of the importance of the knowledge-based model of economic development is related to the emergence of influential results in certain successful economies, among which the UAE is one of the best examples.

Behavioral Economics in China

Behavioral economics can be defined as the study of the effects of psychological, cultural, emotional, and cognitive factors in the process of making economic decisions involving individuals and organizations.

Carl Menger’s Economics Theory

The massive numbers of the latter kind render the loss of a thousand uninteresting to the man, but the loss of even one of the ten fruit trees leads him to starve, and he is [...]

Optimum Currency Area Theory and Its Evidence

The theory of optimum currency area is difficult to maintain at a large scale based on the original theoretical framework since it leads to the creation of severe destabilizing effects on the economic region but [...]

David Ricardo’s Liberal Economic Theories

However, it is still worth noting that, at a comparatively young age, he experienced a change in environment as his family moved to Amsterdam, which was swarming with financial and economic opportunities, Credited as the [...]

Locke’s Work on Interest and Value of Money

Locke's "Some Considerations of the Consequences of the Lowering of Interest and the Raising the Value of Money" is one of his principal papers devoted to the analysis of the most actual economic issues of [...]

Commodity as Social Relations Between Producers

Thus, the commodity itself is more than just the outcome of labor; it is the embodiment of relations between members of society and, therefore, commodities are often identified with values and meanings, which are referred [...]

Goods and Services Differences

In the chapter of 'The nature of services" Van, the authors stated that differences between services and goods lay in the intangible property.

Individualism and Economic Order

Nevertheless, starting the analysis of the main ideas of these authors, it is vital to outline the background and the main processes in society that triggered the growth of the interest towards these issues.

What Are the Limitations of the Lewis Model?

The main limitation of the Lewis model is that there were two models: that of Lewis's original ideas and advocacy for the economic development of the tropical countries, and the Lewis model advocated by Fei [...]

The Coase Theorem: Key Economic Components

The essence of the Coase Theorem is rather hard to nail down; according to the existing definition, the Coase Theorem is traditionally referred to as the concept of economic efficiency achieved through the decrease of [...]

Common Property Resources’ Management

Similarly, using the findings of Cinner, through his investigations into the socioeconomic factors that influence customary marine tenure in the Indo-Pacific region, this paper shows that only a few socioeconomic changes support the common resource [...]

Economic Inequality and Colonialism

The participation of the European settlers in the development of these institutions played a significant role in the provocation of the economic weakness of the colonized countries.

Adam Smith’s Economic Relations

Smith looks into the development of sufficient products in the country, and the human factors that are integrated to meet the demands of every individual in the nation.

Theories of Rent and Urban Economics

According to the early theories of economics established by Adam Smith that also relate to the concept of the World of Nations, the value of land and the actual rent charged for an office space [...]

XYZ Company

For instance, the marginal cost of the brand and association of the brand with the sports celebrities will double the effect of the appeal of the product to the customers.

Theory of Individual Labor Supply

In other words, the marginal rate of substitution of leisure for income refers to the level of income an individual is willing to surrender to acquire an extra unit of leisure time.

Adam Smith Economic Theory

However, the interests of the agents involved in the process are not similar and therefore not coordinated by the outcome of the process, which the exchange of goods and services.

Development Theories after Second World War

Consequently, the rate of growth and development could be measured by the level of savings and investment in physical capital in the country. This theory has included changes in technology into the model of growth [...]

Newspaper Article Review and Economic Theories

The article, "The State of Economics", is an article that discusses the turmoil between economists of the current age in trying to reconcile economic principles with both the classical and Keynesian economic theories of the [...]

Convergence Theory

During the Cold War period, the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic had different economic systems of capitalism and communism respectively, but with time, the two economic systems have been merging.

Publishers are Shapers of History

They have a staff that includes editors and others who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the publishing house.[1] This means that publishing is not only about books but also about the business of [...]

Theory of Second Best

This theory will be useful in analyzing Turkey's integration into the EU because over the past few years, there have been increased concerns by some EU members of the country's ability to smoothly integrate with [...]

Adam Smith And The Invisible Hand

Smith summarizes benefits of markets by saying that a market society leads to improved productivity through division of labor and specialization, it is affluent to all people and it leads to ultimate reduction of difference [...]

Marxist Theory and Social Classes

According to the Marxist theory, the current structure of the factors of production is in direct relation to the structure of social classes in the society.

Advanced Theories of Urban and Regional Planning

The procedural category encompasses the theories of planning, whereas the substantive consists of the theories in planning. In the substantive context, planning theory refers to the descriptive and predictive body of knowledge about the morphology [...]

Theories of Economic Growth

Too, despite highlighting the plight of the global poor, most of these activities are executed with the aim of increasing the foreign aid to the poor.

Adam Smith’s Ideas

These actions contribute to the existence of the world and can be used to develop a better understanding of the world.

The End of the Free Market by Ian Bremmer

In reference to the emergence of the recent patterns in the global economy, Brimmer, the author of the case study book reveals that the expansion of non-western states and the overall expansion of the global [...]