Fair Trade Essay Examples and Topics

The history of labor unions in U.S.

The labor relations system that exists in the U.S today has a historical background dating back from early 1800s. After an in-depth look of the labor history I noted that most events which unfolded over the years altered the course of labor relations in America. Many labor unions were formed in a successive sequence to […]

Ethical and Legal Implications of Insider Trading

Ethics Ethics can be applied in any profession. Basically, ethics denote set of laws or moral systems that provide a basis for discerning whether an action is correct or erroneous. Therefore, members of a profession can come up with ethical principles that guide them when carrying out their duties. The five common ethical principles are […]

Tariffs and Subsidies

A tariff is a duty enforced by the state on imports or exports. It increases the cost of imported products thus making them expensive compared to local products. They are imposed to protect domestic industries from external competition; protect local consumers from harmful products, promote employment creation activities, enhance national security and for retaliation purposes. […]

Insider Trading Law

Introduction Insider trading has rocked newsrooms lately. Some of the most famous incidences that had serious consequences on the companies that were involved include Martha Stewart, WorldCom and Enron scenarios. The illegal form of insider trading is the trading that takes place in a security market, following exchange of material information, which is not offered […]

Effects of Recession on London Stock Exchange

Introduction Stock exchange is the standard model aimed at providing amenities to the stock brokers and any other interested party in any trade. It provides them with information concerning the emancipation of securities, and any other pertinent business need like income rose from payments and dividends. Recession, on the other hand, is the reduction in […]

What is Aristotle’s view on trade?

Aristotle argues that the art of exchanging goods or services in the pretext of trade is not good. According to the author, there are several ways through which individuals can acquire wealth. For example, exchanging goods can take place between two people if they agree to do so even without participating in actual trade. As […]

Fair Trade as an Alternative to Free Trade

Introduction A major characteristic of the 21st has been the expansion in global trade. This trade has been catalyzed by the advances in communication and transportation technologies that have led to an exponential increase in the interactions between countries and people in a process known as globalization. International trade has had positive results on participating […]

Trade Reform, Adjustment, and Growth

The Focus of the Article Economic analysts compare and contrast the economic growth of one nation with another one with the objective of deriving plausible explanation of their contrasting growth performance and apply the robust findings as recommendations to the developing countries. The contrasting variable that the analysts have identified is the “openness to the […]

Sweatshops and Third World Poverty

Introduction The economic, political, and social situation of countries varies with geographical locations and rate of development in an economy; with the differences, countries have been classified as developing and developed countries. Further division of countries according to their economic well being have resulted to three main classifications as first, second, and third world countries; […]

Concepts of free and fair trade and the existing differences between the two

Free trade is considered part of globalization since it ensures existence of fairness in international trade. The concept basically involves removal of most trade barriers for the benefit of all consumers within the society. Fair prices are provided for the purposes of enabling consumers gain access to sensitive and important commodities. Free trade agreements are […]

Trade union membership

Introduction Trade union membership has declined drastically in various nations in the recent past. This has attracted economists, especially those in the industrial relations, into conducting studies that would investigate the cause of the slowed growth in trade unions. The understanding of such factors is essential in determining the strengths and weaknesses of unions. Various […]

The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy

The Travels of a T-shirt in the Global Economy focuses on the impact of globalization and free trade. Pietra Rivoli recounts her fascinating adventure around the world in order to find out the origin of her T-shirt. She travels from a cotton field in Texas to a Chinese factory and from there goes to a […]

Trade Off In Business Life

Trade off is a practice of lessening or forgoing one or more important things in order to get or increase other desirable items so as the total reward or effectiveness is optimal. In other words, a trade off can be said to be a sacrifice of one item in place of another. The trade off […]

Imports and Exports

Introduction Import is a business term, which means purchase of both raw materials and finished products from another country. On the other hand, exports denotes sell of domestically produced goods and services to other countries. These two aspects, Imports and exports, are vital factors in any country’s economy. As for the imports it helps a […]

Example of Fair Trade – Essay on Trade System

Introduction: Fair Trade In business, fair trade is a structured social movement and market-based system whose fundamentals lie in exchange of ideas, transparency, and respect aimed at promoting equity in international trade. Fairtrade plays an important role in the social and economic lives of people. For example, fair trade promotes sustainable development through enhanced trading […]