Investment Essay Examples and Topics

Investment Appeal of the UAE

Introduction The United Arab Emirates is a state of the Persian Gulf. The political structure of the state is the Federation of the Emirates. The UAE is considered to be one of the most developed countries in the region. The rapid economic growth is one of the criteria making the country attractive for investing. There […]

Evaluation of Philippines and Germany

Philippines In recent years, the economy in the Philippines has shown macroeconomic constancy and pliability to external shocks like change in crude oil price or economic recession. The global financial crisis and the havoc natural disasters like the El Niño could not affect the proper functioning of the economy. Political The country was a Spanish […]

“Africa Open for Business” by Carol Pineau

“Africa Open for Business” is a fascinating documentary by Carol Pineau that attempts to dispel the myth that Africa is a risky continent for investment. The documentary reveals that, despite the many challenges Africa is facing, Africa remains a strong investment destination. The documentary does this by narrating success stories of ten different African entrepreneurs […]

Owner’s Equity

Preferred and common stockholders have some interests in organizations which are referred to as owner’s equity. Investors contribute to the capital of a corporation through the purchase of stocks sold by the corporation without the use of a secondary market (Pratt, 2010). This type of capital is referred to as paid-in capital. The total paid-in […]

Overall Attractiveness of China as Potential Markets and Investment Sites

Introduction The People’s Republic of China initiated far reaching reforms in its external sector in 1978. The country instituted broad based macroeconomic reforms and restricting programs. This has contributed to the rise of its GDP, global share of trade, and investment in the last two decades (Kraay, 2000, pp.545). There has been rise in productivity […]

Benefits and Pitfalls of Investing in a Unique Supplier of Vendor-Managed Inventory

Contemporary information and communication technologies (ICTs) are today, more than ever before, connecting organizations in new and novel ways and, as a direct consequence, allowing them to develop new and time-tested competencies for competing successfully in the ever turbulent business environment. ICTs make it possible for organizations to corroborate not only on designing and improving […]

Qatar Airways Ltd. Plans to Invest in California’s Byogy Renewables Inc.

Introduction Stringent competition in numerous industries forces most organizations to create new business plans in order to enhance their competitiveness. This helps them to stay afloat in the market while attaining considerable market presence. Evidently, this is an important phenomenon as shown by the Qatar Airways Ltd.’s intent to invest in Byogy Renewables Inc. The […]

Greenfield foreign investment

Introduction A large Australian manufacturing firm is keen to internationalise by a Greenfield foreign direct investment via sole ownership in Sri Lanka as a developing country and Taiwan as a developed nation. The essay focuses on advantages and disadvantages of investing in each country, legal systems, and political, cultural, and economic risks. It concludes by […]

Theoretical Stock Prices

CAPM model The required rate of return will be computed using the capital asset pricing model (CAPM). The model is an identity that calculates the required rate of rate by adding a risk premium to the risk free rate of return. The model takes into account risks arising from the market in which the asset […]

Stock Market Investments

Introduction The stock market is one in which shares are traded. This trading may either be through exchanges or sometimes it might be carried out through over-the-counter markets. The stock market is also referred to as the equity market and it serves as one of the most important areas of a country’s economy (Bogle, 2010). […]

Return on Investment

Return on Investment (ROI) refers to a well-known financial metric commonly used to analyze the financial results which arise from personal investments as well as deeds. A number of varying metrics are basically known by the same definition. However, the most popular refers to a metric that I seek to discuss in this paper known […]

Problems of Insider Trading

Insider trading takes place when a few individuals make investment decisions based on exclusive information that is not in the public domain. Depending on the prevailing market conditions, the information can either lead to profits or prevent individuals from incurring losses. Insider trading was not initially considered morally wrong, until the excesses of 1920 happened. […]

Hellenic Community Trust: Investment Proposal

Context Hellenic Community Trust was incorporated in 1991. It is a charitable company whose main activity is providing a community center with recreational and leisure facilities. In addition, the company also provides public education on the traditions, culture, religion and history of the Hellenic community. The company is also involved in numerous activities to generate […]

Investment Appraising Methods

Introduction The business environment is dramatically changing; investors are more concise and critically evaluate the trends in the market before channeling their cash into any business projects. Seitz and Ellison (1995) explains that, before venturing into business projects, investors need to understand investment appraisal methods or capital budgeting techniques; these are regarded as the standard […]

The Trends in Foreign Direct Investment since 1990

Introduction Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a broadly used term. The essential element in the definition of FDI is the movement of capital whether public or private, from one country to another. This can happen through several channels. The concept of FDI is not a new phenomenon. It dates back to early civilizations where conquering […]

Investing in Indonesia

The general climate of investment in Indonesia is attractive for both international and local investment. Fiscal incentives have contributed to increased number of foreign investors. The country has simplified the process of approving those who want to invest in the country and there are no limitations to the investment value. Investors can wholly own their […]

Project Investments in Unilever Company

The choice of a product or service that an entrepreneur wishes to invest in is an important factor to consider before bringing it to the market. Any investment project chosen should produce returns to benefit all stakeholders and other interested parties that the project affects directly or indirectly. The paper utilizes axe anarchy fragrance for […]

Foreign Direct Investment in Poland and Czech Republic

This paper evaluates the competitiveness of Poland and Czech Republic as potential hosts of a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) project involving automotive assembly. The potential investors are from the US. FDI contributes to the globalization of businesses. In addition, it acts as a channel for the transfer of certain technologies and capital. Besides, FDI allows […]

Divestment Strategy

Introduction In the modern world, so many organizations are using several strategies to enhance their performance and improve their competitive advantages. Some of the mostly relied on strategies are divestitures or mergers & acquisitions. The two though somehow different have some similarities. Mergers and Acquisitions refers to two companies combining together to form a single […]

Special Purpose Vehicle Project Financing

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine the requirements for special purpose vehicle (SPV) project financing for a large infrastructure project. The project to be financed is a 200-mile underground railroad that will be used by electric trains in the UK. The project will cost approximately 12 billion pounds. Thus, a special purpose […]

Strategic Investment in Information System

Introduction In the current business world that is typified by relatively high levels of competition, firms are investing in various information systems (Stair & Reynolds 2013; Hodge, Kennedy & Maines 2004). An information system is a collection of people and digital processes, which are important in handling information of consumers (Laudon & Laudon 2011). Strategic […]

Long Term Investment Decisions

Outline of plan The plan for the company, which faces increases in costs of the major ingredients, is to lobby government for recognition of its products as important for consumers and intervene through fiscal policies like taxation to reduce the cost of ingredients. Meanwhile, the firm will concentrate on product differentiation, which should allow it […]

Day-Pro Investment Options

Introduction The net present value is a more accurate method than the payback period and the accounting rate of return when choosing between two mutually exclusive projects. The main weakness of the payback period and the accounting rate of return is that they do not consider the time value of money. The two methods may […]

Impact of Foreign Direct Investment

Introduction There is a widespread belief among policymakers and analysts that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) provides host countries with opportunities for growth. A host country increases its capital formation when it encourages foreign investors to undertake business ventures in the region. In this case, a host country increases its savings significantly. Some researchers stipulate that […]

Pay-offs and Risks of Capital Investments

Introduction Capital budgeting is that aspect of planning that involves the decision to invest in capital expenditure. Capital budgeting is an important aspect of financial planning to any organisation. It has been employed by both the corporate and the public entities. One of the advantages of capital budgeting is that the budgeting entity is able […]

Cash Management Practices & Short-Term Investment Strategies

Abstract This paper explores the various cash management practices and short-term investment strategies undertaken by public organisations. It will discuss first cash management practices and then various short term investment strategies. I chose to base my study on Microsoft Corporation. Practices & Short-Term Investment Strategies According to Gibbons (1998), cash management refers to the techniques […]

Long-Term Investment Decisions

Every company strives to establish, ratify, and attain its long-term investment decisions. These types of decisions need patience and first-rate business strategies. Additionally, such decisions are compelling because they allow room for consultation. In a large or well-established business corporation, there are various departments that monitor or take care of other activities in the company […]

Investing in the UAE

Introduction The United Arab Emirates has caused a stir in the Middle Eastern region due to increased attention from foreign investors based on its investment potential. It is critical to look at the reasons behind this tendency through theoretical lenses as well as specific case studies. Economic environment for FDI in UAE Growth and direction […]

Investment Management in Modern Business

Introduction Investors are always very cautious with their money as they always want to invest in the company that has the least number of risks as well as the highest profits. Investors are interested in the company that is well managed as can enable them recover continuous income on their invested capital. As noted by […]

A Dissertation Proposal on the Impacts of the FDI on the Reduction of Exploitation to Chinese Workers

Abstract The purpose of this dissertation shall be to evaluate the impacts that the Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) have towards the reduction of exploitation of the workers in China. The undertaking shall focus on both domestic and foreign entities which have invested in the various regions across the country and analyze the extent to which […]

Madoff Investment Security LLC Company

Fraud in the financial sector has been evidenced for a long time. Many companies have either suffered bankruptcy, or some have spent a lot of resources trying to fix a fraud case. Such is the case of Madoff Investment because in 2008, it was reported that, the company was running the largest investor fraud scheme […]

Foreign Direct Investment Advantages and Disadvantages

Executive summary Foreign Direct investment has both positive and negative effects on the economy of a country. The effects, however, differ from one country to another. When a country embraces FDI, it has an opportunity to gain a significant foothold in the world’s economy since it is accessible to a wider global market. It also […]

An analysis of the best investment decision by Jim-care medical venter

Introduction This paper, as indicated in the abstract discusses the financial viability appraisal methods that were used to advice the management of Jim-care medical centre on which of the two capital investment options to make. The hospital is a medium, but growing health centre that has a strategic plan to expand to attain a level […]

The overall attractiveness of China as investment sites

Summary The London Company’s China investment can significant increase the global demand for the company’s cloth products. The PEST analysis proves China is a profitable global investment choice. Transferring the cloth company’s production facility to China’s Export Processing Zone will increase the company’s global market share. The low salaries and other production material costs will […]

Financial Direct Investment

Executive Summary A country’s attractiveness to financial direct investment reflects the confidence international financial institutions have in its governance. A nation that has implemented a sound political, economic and social policies all anchored to the rule of law attracts FDI more than the one with weak governance structures. External investors cannot entrust their resources to […]

South Africa Investments

The corresponding principles of the utilitarian benefits of Caltex plant creation was reckoned to be a violation of rights of some particular layers of the society of the past century. Racial prejudices became the greatest obstacle not only in interpersonal relations but also in the rapid developments of the building of the plant. The management […]

Evaluating Investment Proposals

The dream of every business man or organization is to see their business sustain itself and expand their operations in order to realize higher profits. Investors need to carry out periodic assessments to evaluate the rate of returns on their investments. There is the need to evaluate business performance whether the business is on track […]

Property Investments and Risks

Introduction Property investing is quite popular. Banks enjoy giving credit to investors who wish to take their money in that sector. The most popular and renowned rich people deal in real estate. Is this the allure or is there another hidden factor? My thinking is that what makes people feel attracted to real estate or […]

Investing in India

Introduction India has experienced a GDP growth that has been nothing but impressive, to the point that many specialists predict that it will become one of the leading economies of the world in the near future (Abramyan, 2009). The country is the second largest democracy, making its market rich enough to handle all sorts of […]

Potential Investment in Georgia

Abstract Georgia’s economy is emerging from the 2008 internal displacements and is currently being supported by the international community to improve its economy, thus, providing potential investment opportunities to investors. This document discusses investment opportunities in the tourism and agricultural sector in Georgia. Introduction Agriculture plays a significant role in Georgia’s economy, and according to […]

Capital Asset Pricing Model

Role of Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) in modern portfolio management In modern industrial economies, business owners aim to maximize on their returns while the managers want to minimize risk on their hands. This provides a typically very different opinion between the management and ownership about risk and returns. With this issue, most of the […]

Islamic Indexing and index related investments

Islamic indexing was first introduced by Dow Jones in Bahrain in 1999. It was meant for investors looking for investment opportunities which comply with the Muslim sharia ethics principles. The Dow Jones Islamic Market Index (DJIM) regulations have been approved by Standard 21 of the Auditing & Accounting Organisation of Islamic Financial Institution (AAOIFI). The […]

Justification for Investing In Wellness Programs

Introduction Financial investment plays a significant role in determining the success of every organization. Investment decisions can either lead an organisation to success or dip it into losses. In order to achieve positive results from financial investment, an organization must consider the implication of such decisions on its financial status. Some investment may even lead […]

Private Equity Firms

What is the private equity firm? A Private equity firm can be defined as a company that invest huge amounts of capital known as the private equity fund in the stakes of a private firms. In other words, private equity firms invest in classified equities of working companies through application of various investment strategies. From […]

To what extent do FDI reduce exploitation of china’s workers?

Introduction Background of the Study In recent time there has been an increase in the number and frequency of complaints concerning the poor treatment of workers in most industries in China over the past few decades as compared to other nations (Aitken, 1996). The issues that have been raised include poor working conditions, meagre pay, […]

How Multinational corporations would respond to risk involved when investing in Sri Lanka?

Introduction It is known that economic and technological forces greatly impact global production. Global economic growth is now positively impacted by liberalization of trade policies and the introduction of Foreign Direct Investment in several developing countries. In this regard, the ongoing process of globalization provides immense growth opportunities for developing countries and enables faster growth […]

Foreign Direct Investment Forms

Introduction Globalization and technology have increased the pace of foreign direct investment (FDI) across the world. This paper will discuss FDI. Specifically, the paper will discuss the various forms of FDI and it will compare FDI and other forms of penetrating foreign markets such as exporting and licensing. Definition FDI is a scenario where a […]

Foreign Direct Investment in Internet Service Provision

Executive summary Kamuga Internet Providers is an internet service provider that seeks to begin its operations in partnership with Jamii Telecom in Kenya. A team comprising of a regional director, marketing manager, operations manager, and human resource manager will oversee the management of the company. The objective of the venture is to exploit the vast […]

Real Estate Investment Trusts: KIMCO

Introduction KIMCO Reality is a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) company that is mainly based in the United States, Canada, and South America (Deloitte 4). As a REIT company, KIMCO Reality owns and runs multiple real estate properties that mainly include shopping centres. The backbone of KIMCO operations is in the US where the company […]

Investing in Turkey

Business project development in new destinations is an exercise that involves a substantial number of considerations. Turkey is one of the countries in which Cirque du Soleil has never staged its shows before. Therefore, this presents new business opportunities for the company. At the same time, the country presents challenges for the company. The challenges […]

Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme

Individuals and organizations look for areas where they may invest their money to get good returns. However, all investments carry some degree of risk. The level of risk is the major factor that determines the investment decision. High-risk investments usually have high returns. On the other hand, low risk investments have low returns. The profit […]

Neo-Liberalism in Theory and Practice

Introduction The need to develop economic systems that reflect the needs of every community has pushed people to initiate strategies to effect necessary changes. Trading activities have become a backbone for the development of countries’ economies. Nations and their leaders are advocating for economic integrations expansions and innovations to develop their countries. It is imperative […]

Bailouts as a Financial Aid from the US Government

The interference by the US government in order to help large firms or states facing financial crisis is a crucial undertaking because the failure in this regard affects the economy adversely. In this regard, the government promotes measures that channel financial aid to firms or states in need of help. History demonstrates that the US […]

Investment Opportunity in American Fried Chicken Restaurant

Introduction The company will focus on determining the profitability of investing $500,000 in the fried chicken restaurant business. The purpose of the research is to persuade the investors to infuse funds into the proposed fried chicken restaurant business for five years. The New York entity name is “American Fried Chicken”. The researcher authorizes the administration […]

Foreign Direct Investment and Balance of Payments

Foreign Direct Investment is defined as an investment of a resident in a foreign company. The resident should however have a lasting and considerable interest in the management of the foreign company. In most cases, an investor should have more than 10% of the stock value or voting shares. Flows relating to Foreign Direct Investment […]

Foreign Direct Investment in Morocco

Introduction Abbreviated as FDI, Foreign Direct Investment has been defined by several business experts, researchers and scholars throughout history. According to the International Monetary Fund, FDI revolves around foreign trade in which a nation may opt to invest in another, based on a mutual agreement. IMF further notes that the driving power behind FDI is […]

Rationale Investment Portfolio

The investment objective of this portfolio is to selectively invest in well established companies that show signs of growth within the next few years. Not only that, this investment portfolio will also invest in companies that have experienced slumps as of late due to their current market environment but do show significant potential in growing […]

Foreign Direct Investment in Argentina, Brazil and Chile

Foreign direct investment is an establishment of a long-lasting relationship by an investor of one economy in an enterprise owned by another economy. For the relationship to exist both parties must agree on certain terms of operations and the relationship starts with an initial transaction between investors and the enterprise of interest and among affiliated […]

Angel Investing

Introduction Entrepreneurship is all about setting up and successfully running a business venture for growth and prosperity. This noble undertaking involves a host of decisions that the entrepreneur has to make. After conceiving a business idea, necessary steps are taken to ensure that the business idea is fully implemented. Business planning plays a major role […]

Corporate venture and its impact on organizational effectiveness

Introduction Venturing in every company is an important tool for the growth of a company to be on the lead. Venturing in corporate companies is one way of the innovations where the company gets ideas from another company and incorporates them in its ideas so that there is a mutual benefit. The benefits of the […]

Foreign Direct Investment and Global Competition

Foreign direct investment (FDI) refers to efforts made by an enterprise to acquire an investment in another economy other than the economy the enterprise is operating in. There are two types of foreign direct investments. The first is called inward direct investment and the other is known as outward foreign direct investment (Siddaiah, 2009). Foreign […]

Foreign Direct Investment in Saudi Arabia

Introduction Foreign direct investment refers to the net flow of investment to a foreign country with the aim of acquiring a long term interest in the management and operation of a business entity in that country. It therefore by definition involves the transfer of investments by an individual from his or her native country into […]

Investigation of UK Supermarkets

Introduction A supermarket is a large self service retail outlet that deals with the sale of groceries. However, this definition is just a general overview. This is for the reason that modern supermarkets include a huge ultramodern building that provides packaging services to their shoppers. Currently, supermarkets are not only restricted to selling groceries. Many […]

Investment in South Africa

Introduction Corporate investments should not only present economic gains to the investor and other stakeholders but also promote good corporate citizenship. First and foremost, it is important for the management of any business organization to take into consideration various factors before the establishment of the venture. These factors surpass the rate of returns for the […]

Motives for Firms Engagement in Foreign Direct Investment

Overview Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a popular investment option adopted by firms in the contemporary business environment. This form of investment stream occurs when a firm decides to assume partial ownership of either a company stock or physical assets in a foreign country. Besides, this business manoeuvre enables a firm undertaking FDI to gain […]

UK Investment in Properties

Introduction The term investment has been the topic of discussion among most ‘enlightened’ people throughout the globe. As a result the current globalization rate has made people to venture into various business and finance options in a bid to earn more income. People as well as business enterprises have opted to embark on investment as […]

Investing in Real Estate in Germany: Financial and Labour Forces to Consider

It is fundamentally important to make considerations on the financial and labour forces directing business operations in a country before making investment decisions. These forces are at the core of business operations and must therefore receive adequate consideration when investing at an international level. The financial forces are critically important since they directly influence the […]

Analyzing International Marketing Environment and Foreign Direct Investment

Introduction Marketing entails making products that are desired by a certain section of the target population or consumer. Marketing in special fields include the marketing of services, agricultural marketing and international marketing. International marketing which entails marketing across political boundaries, as well as the marketing activities of an enterprise that sells and/or manufactures goods and […]

Holden Ltd Automaker Company International Business

Introduction Holden Ltd is an automaker company that engineers, designs and manufactures engines and vehicles (Grant 2004, P. 6). These products are produced for Australian domestic sales and other export markets. Holden Ltd is a subsidiary company of General Motors (a US based company). As a matter of fact, the company is in charge of […]

Investing – why it is important

Making money from a business of one’s own is exhilarating and a bit heady sometimes. While getting a paycheck from an employer is sometimes exciting but always gratifying, the income that one earns from a freelance enterprise somehow seems different. It almost seems like free money. It can be very tempting to turn around and […]

Starbucks Corporation Foreign Direct Investment in Japan

Introduction Starbucks Corporation is a leading coffee company in North America. The company‘s history dates back to 1971 when it started as a tiny sole coffee house with Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Zev Siegl as the pioneers. Within the first twenty five years of its operation, the company had only managed to expand internationally. […]

Irrational Optimism

People who have invested in shares thought the proceeds could be earned overnight which is very wrong. Shares are a long term investment and the probability of getting proceeds is not guaranteed because it solely depends on the performance of the shares in the market. Many people are not properly advised when they buy shares […]

Investing In Eastern Europe

Introduction The population rate in Eastern Europe has been on the rise in the last few years, with the economy recovering at a rapid pace from the collapse of communist Soviet Union and the former Yugoslavia. The East-West divide has seen the Western Europe attain a higher standard of living with a high GPD compared […]

Mergers and Acquisitions

Introduction In today’s competitive world, when globalization has taken the front seat in almost all parts of the world, the companies have to face enormous amount of competition. It helps organizations to avoid investing considerable amount of money in combating the competition. For avoiding unnecessary blockage of money into things, which do not lay any […]

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (hereafter SOX) is basically an act passed in 2002 by the United States Congress to safeguard local and international investors from the likelihood of fraudulent activities perpetuated by persons either working for corporations or contracted to undertake specific accounting duties for these entities. SOX, along with subsequent regulations designed and implemented in […]

Foreign Direct Investment Impacts on the Economic Development

Introduction According to the definition presented by Borensztein and Gregorio (1997), foreign direct investment (FDI) is the process through which a corporation directly invests in a nation other than its parent country. On the other hand, Graham (1991) defined foreign direct investment as the process through which a company purchases or constructs tangible assets in […]

The Content Cow Dairy Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign direct Investment (FDI) is the investment the company makes to acquire long term interest in a foreign country. If the US company builds a new plant in Egypt at a cost of $50 million, this would represent the US foreign direct investment to Egypt. Foreign direct investment would include acquisition in full or in […]

Saudi Arabia market’ attractiveness

Saudi Arabia is well placed in the Middle East region. The region has experienced an economic boom over the last decade. This has been due to the discovery of high levels of oil and natural gas in the country (Euromoney 1). These discoveries, coupled by a high population make the market attractive for business investment. […]

The Role of the International Investment in Global Trade

Abstract Trade is a crucial aspect of globalization given that international trade continues to furnish consumers all over the world, with commodities that are not produced in their countries. It is in this regard that this piece of academic literature seeks to demystify some of the myths of international trade. On the same note, the […]

Global Trend: Brazil

The growth of global economy has facilitated the improved business across borders. When operating in Brazil as a multinational or simply having an external branch, there are some challenges that the investors need to deal with political, social, economical, technological, and international trade. The challenges emanate from the social-economic standing of the country as well […]

Consumer confidence index

The consumer confidence index has fluctuated in the past months. It increased sharply in the month of February to an index of 71.6.The index then fell moderately in the month of March to an index of 70.2 due to consumer been less optimistic about the short-term outlook that did not appear favourable to them. The […]

Insurance Benefits in Bahrain

Introduction Bahrain is known to be an insurance hub in the Middle East region due to its successful and effective monetary policies. This has resulted in the emergence of the best insurance firms that offer several services to the employees and those in the private sector. The kingdom of Bahrain is endowed with the local […]

Foreign investments regulations

Introduction Over the past few decades, developed countries have strived to put in place a multilateral investment agreement to prevent countries from controlling transnational corporations’ investment activities with special regard to portfolio investors. The first notable attempt towards attaining this was the proposal to put in place a Multilateral Investment Agreement. This initiative however failed […]


Executive Summary The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) are the two largest exchanges in North America. These two attract not only the most prominent exchange traders in the United States of American but also have the most number of equities in the country. It is […]

Investment in Education

Scholars have often used the term ‘capital’ in different contexts and fields to imply a number of related meanings that may not necessarily agree in both scope and depth. In finance, accounting and management, for instance, the term is used to make reference to financial wealth, particularly the wealth used to start or sustain a […]

Investing in China vs India

Introduction The concept of foreign direct investment has been avoided by many for the claim that it is more often than not expensive and risky if weighed against the alternative of export and licensing. The introduction of a new plant or branch whichever the case it may be causes serious cost concerns since the company […]

Lessons in investing business by Mark Skousen

Investing In One Lesson by Mark Skousen reveals the main principle of the investing business and can be called a guideline for those who want to succeed in this business. The main values of this book include Skousen’s great experience in this area and the simplicity of his explanations and examples. To my mind the […]

The Legal Background of Watered Stock

Introduction Watered stock gets the assumption of stock with completely paid-up status. The stock remains fictitiously remunerated but centrally, the real status indicates per value as unpaid. Such stock is meant to represent the company’s worth because stating of the company’s shares indicates existence of utmost good faith from the investor as he/she issues resources […]

Brokerage firms in Saudi

Jadwa Investment The financial market of Saudi Arabia is characterized by countless brokerage firms, which significantly influence a wide range of activities in the market. The firms have been noted for their continued contribution in redefining the financial market and in promoting economic development. Importantly, these firms register varying performance trends due to government regulations […]

Brokerage Firms in Saudi Arabia

Introduction Saudi Arabia’s financial market is characterized by an endless list of brokerage firms, which actively participate in financial activities in the country. These firms have played a key role in not only shaping the Saudi Arabian Financial market, but also contributed to the growth of the country’s economy. Importantly, brokerage firms in Saudi Arabia […]

Foreign Equity Restriction

Foreign Equity Restriction are constrains on the degree of ownership and control, referred to as equity in company law and finance, which foreigners of a country are permitted to control (Emery et al, 2007). Such restrictions are strictly adhered to and are imposed in two different ways. The first way is through legislation. Restrictions through […]