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Investment Essay Examples and Topics

International Business in Norway: PEST Analysis

In Norway, the four factors influence the flourishing of the international trade. The political school of thought of the regime running a government also influences the delivery of certain goods like merits goods, the education [...]

Project Investment Analysis and Its Role

In the case of new ventures, project investment analysis provides the basis for the profitability of a project by reviewing the financial implications of a proposed project against expected returns over a specific period of [...]

Morgan Stanley Company Investment Objectives

The other intention was to meet and exceed the diverse needs of the company's clients. In the case of Morgan Stanley, the company provides more that 2500 investment alternatives to clients in over 150 organizations [...]

Foreign Direct Investment Reasons

They are engaged in distributing capital all over the world since they are able to determine which country to invest in after assessing the cost of doing business in order to realize maximum profits for [...]

Equity Investment Strategy

In the case of the Berkshire Hathaway, the use of equity investment strategy in the UK market will be very successful since the company has been very consistent in the business of buying stocks and [...]

Investing in the Stock Market

As compared to other investment opportunities, although investing in the stock market can be a risky undertaking, the stock market offers a dependable performance of a diversified portfolio of stocks.

Investment of Risk Management Firms

The main strength in its strategy is that the treasury bonds and municipal bonds are not exposed to market risk. The firm's research team tries to reduce risk by evaluating the underlying asset value, the [...]

Investment Appeal of the UAE

The political structure of the state is the Federation of the Emirates. The legislative authority of the country is composed of the president, vice-president, the Federal Supreme Council, and the Council of Ministers headed by [...]

Evaluation of Philippines and Germany

Economic CNBC has labeled the economy of the Philippines as the wouldark horse of the region'. The stock market in the Philippine has registered an increase of 30% in 2012 and has increased by 17.

Owner’s Equity

The total paid-in capital is a combination of share capital and additional paid-in capital that is normally added to the nominal value of a stock.

Greenfield foreign investment

Although the government control has declined, corruption has continued to hinder economic growth in the country. The country made the progress in "fiscal freedom, investment freedom, and the control of government spending".

Theoretical Stock Prices

The model is an identity that calculates the required rate of rate by adding a risk premium to the risk free rate of return. The risk premium is the product of price of risk and [...]

Stock Market Investments

These factors include management of the company, the products offered by the company, the competitive position of the market, the asset base, the company's liquidity, the volatility of the stock, and the strength of the [...]

Return on Investment

Normally used as a cash flow metric, the Return on Investment particularly makes a comparison of the scale as well as scheduling of investment gains which are matched directly to the scale and scheduling of [...]

Problems of Insider Trading

The second moral problem associated with insider trading is that it causes harm to people. The implication is that a decrease in insider trading improves social welfare.

Investment Appraising Methods

Payback Period This is the period required for the return on investment to repay the sum of the initial investment. The shorter the payback is, the better it is as an investment for the company.

Investing in Indonesia

The country has simplified the process of approving those who want to invest in the country and there are no limitations to the investment value.

Project Investments in Unilever Company

The paper utilizes axe anarchy fragrance for women, a new product that Unilever Company has launched on the market, as a case product in a bid to show the financial implication or consideration that the [...]

Divestment Strategy

The divestitures take place for the betterment of the two companies involved and that is why there are associated advantages to the both the divesting parent companies and the buying companies as provided in the [...]

Long Term Investment Decisions

In this regard, the effect of the government policy to lower costs of production would be an increase in the demand for the products, which would allow the company to increase its production capacity and [...]

Pay-offs and Risks of Capital Investments

One of the advantages of capital budgeting is that the budgeting entity is able to plan the on the risk and return of investing in a capital projects while assessing the cash flow, both outlay [...]

Long-Term Investment Decisions

They will be able to calculate the amount of capital needed to establish the investment plans. The organization's stakeholders and managers share numerous interests so as to propel the growth of the company.

Investing in the UAE

Theoretical implications and government policy towards FDI in UAE The government of the UAE is firmly committed to the development of infrastructure because it is aware that the backbone to investment.

Madoff Investment Security LLC Company

One such strategy was the future adoptions strategy which the firm used to cushion its investors' money against predictable events in the stock exchange; although almost concurrently, the firm was using Madoff's sales pitch strategy [...]

Financial Direct Investment

All these factors have led to a rise in the number of foreign investors pitching tent in the country, and consequently leading to a rise in the growth of the real estate sector.

South Africa Investments

The management of these companies was not ignorant to the fact that some of the principles would go against the law of segregation in the country.

Evaluating Investment Proposals

Marginal cost of capital refers to the expense incurred while adding an extra dollar to the capital of the business. Historic cost of capital refers to the initial cost of assets at the time of [...]

Investing in India

In 1948, the enactment of the Industrial Policy gave the government even more strength, since it now had the power to monopolize the energy industry, the transport industry, the mining of iron and steel, telecommunication [...]

Potential Investment in Georgia

This document discusses investment opportunities in the tourism and agricultural sector in Georgia. The agricultural and tourism sector in Georgia provides numerous potential investment opportunities.

Capital Asset Pricing Model

According to CAPM, the cost of capital is a perfect linear equation of the rate of return on a risk free financial security and the beta of the project being assessed.

Justification for Investing In Wellness Programs

Increase in the employees' productivity is one of the advantages associated with wellness programs within an organization. In addition, an organization can increase the overall productivity of employees through wellness programs.

Private Equity Firms

The growth and development of private equity firms from 1946-1980 The growth and development of private equity firms were at a slow progress in the first 36 years since the establishment of private equity firms.

Foreign Direct Investment Forms

Specifically, the paper will discuss the various forms of FDI and it will compare FDI and other forms of penetrating foreign markets such as exporting and licensing. In summary, FDI is superior to other methods [...]

Investing in Turkey

The challenges resonate from the fact that the company is likely to be exposed to constraint and costs of conducting activities in a new environment. Another benefit that accrues from the entry in Turkey by [...]

Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme

The profit from the investment enables an operator to pay returns to the investors. However, instead of investing the funds the operator pays returns to the investors using the funds from new investors.

Rationale Investment Portfolio

65 $15,000 Rationale behind Investment For the uninitiated Activision Blizzard is considered to be one of the best companies within the gaming industry to date with games such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2 and [...]

Angel Investing

Implementation of a viable business idea will normally require a great deal of capital and the ability of the entrepreneur to raise the necessary capital, the higher the chances of business success.

Foreign Direct Investment in Saudi Arabia

Foreign direct investment refers to the net flow of investment to a foreign country with the aim of acquiring a long term interest in the management and operation of a business entity in that country.

Investigation of UK Supermarkets

The economic implications of the co-operative retailing modelling were that it led to the growth of the business thereby causing its expansion in the retail landscape.

Investment in South Africa

At the outset, any business venture should not only focus on the internal constituencies of the firm including welfare of the shareholders, management and employees but also enhance the corporate citizenship and value-driven management concerning [...]

UK Investment in Properties

In the context of the booms and crashes of the UK investment property market, it does not fully represent the efficient market hypothesis.

Irrational Optimism

Shares are a long term investment and the probability of getting proceeds is not guaranteed because it solely depends on the performance of the shares in the market.

Investing In Eastern Europe

The population rate in Eastern Europe has been on the rise in the last few years, with the economy recovering at a rapid pace from the collapse of communist Soviet Union and the former Yugoslavia.

Mergers and Acquisitions

By using share values for the merged companies before and after the mergers, the researchers report that most of such mergers result in increased share value, implying that the wealth of the shareholder and the [...]

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

It has been demonstrated in the literature that SOX is a fundamental component in the accounting profession as it directly influences the responsibilities of accountants and auditors not only in regards to financial reporting, but [...]