Big Economic Issues Essay Examples and Topics

China’s Biggest Economy Threats

Abstract Global warming and climate fluctuations that occur due to air and water pollution are well known and frequently discussed issues. Their consequences are followed and studied all around the world. One of the countries that took its time to start paying attention to the ecological problems is China. Yet, in 2013 the Chinese government […]

The Libor Scandal

Abstract London Interbank Offered rate (‘Libor’) scandal occurred when banks were fraudulently increasing or lowering the interest rates so that they gain from trade or give an impression that their entities are performing better and are credit worthy (Miller-Jones, 2012). ‘Libor’ is calculated on a daily basis by the British Bankers’ Association. ‘Libor’ was introduced […]

Management in Organisation

Introduction Though managing an organisation involves long-term thinking and careful consideration of the organisational dynamics, many corporations cannot handle untimely alterations of the business environment. This is because the global monetary crisis comes at an unprecedented time, thus not easy for some organisations to put their operations in order for them to cope with such […]

Chinese Economy: Issues and Policies

Introduction A country can stimulate its economic growth through different avenues. Some of these avenues include increasing government expenditure, stimulating the level of consumption, and managing its net exports. International trade plays an important role in the growth of a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for example, by increasing the volume of foreign currency (Wilson […]

Report Critique of Business

The recent economic downtown, which had its epicenter in the United States and spilled to other countries across the world, saw an unprecedented deterioration in the way organizations conducted business and sustained their competitive efficiencies. Many companies in the United States, including the Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns, were forced to file for bankruptcy due […]

How Canadian SMEs Survived the Economic Recession-A Critical Review

Introduction The article ‘SMEs Tell Us How They Survived the Recession’ was published by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (2012) on its website. The publisher attempts to present how SMEs can use certain strategies to survive harsh economic periods. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is an independent organization driven by entrepreneurs, and […]

Consumer Behavior in South Korea and Australia

Consumer behavior varies according to countries and markets. This paper will analyse the consumer behavior of two countries, and where they differ. The two countries to be analysed are South Korea and Australia. Culture influences the behavior of a given market. There is a need to analyse a market before doing business in that market. […]

Summary and Reflective Response to “Path Dependence, Lock-In, and History”

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to provide a written summary as well as a reflective response to the article ‘Path Dependence, Lock-in and History’ by S. J. Liebowitz. In order to do this, the paper will address several areas which will include; the topic being addressed; how the problem addressed is approached; the […]

Theory of Effective Demand

Keynesianism and the global recession In the recent studies by economic researchers on economic equilibriums, it has been revealed that effective demands play a crucial role on global economics. The needs and desires of traders to engage in trade in specific markets considering that some of their trading activities in other markets are constrained is […]

Economics: What Is The Current Outlook For Development in Africa?

Economy of Africa is facing challenges in overcoming the contractions of economy resulting from global recession. Africa is a continent that strives to achieve economic stability. The continent is on the road to recovery with the help of controlled prices of commodities and a strengthening global trade. There is a high risk that the growth […]

Slowdown in the UK Economy

Introduction This report is an assessment of the extent to which external macroeconomic factors have contributed to the slowdown of UK’s economic growth as compared to domestic factors. The measures taken by the British government and the Bank of England in the last two years to enhance the rebound of the economy will be compared […]

An evaluation of the Economic Issues Identified in the ICB Report on Banking

Introduction In 2007, the United States of America woke up to a financial crisis that resulted from a continuum of malpractices among the financial institutions in the country. The crisis spread to the other countries in the world and this caused a major panic among many world economies; both developing and developed. The worst was […]

Do something or nothing

Resource wise, the developed countries (first world countries) boast of a vast well-managed rich economy. Therefore, the poor countries have to rely constantly on the rich countries for their survival. However, according to Garrett Hardin, each country should learn to manage their population, resources and other vital points in the economy rather than depending on […]

How to Live with 15300$

Introduction Family income is a particular sum of money the whole family gets annually. The salaries, income from deposits and other stable and regular incomes are really important for the family as depending on this information many families plan their costs. Having the information about the annual income of the family and the list of […]

Causes Of Great Depression: Canada Great Depression

Introduction History of great depression began in 1929 and lasted up to 1939. It was the longest and most severe depression experience in the industrialized western country. It originated from U.S and had grave impacts on the level of output, led to unemployment, and acute inflation spreading across countries on the globe (Christina, 2003). However, […]

Small Medium Enterprise

The definition of ‘Small Medium Enterprise’ is a complex issue and in most cases, it would vary from country to country, depending on certain variables. In most cases, it would depend on who is giving the definition and what they regard to be SME in their economical background. Generally, SME or Small Medium Enterprise refers […]

Reasons for Increasing Unemployment in U.S

Introduction Governments all over the world strive to ensure that their citizens are meaningfully employed and therefore able to afford a decent standard of living. As such, one of the most significant problems that a government faces is the issue of unemployment among its citizens. The US which is the world’s largest economy is not […]

Why do Successful Companies Fail

Introduction In the world today, there are very many companies that have become obsolete and they have shrunk their market share because many other companies have emerged thereby taking the market share that was previously occupied by the fallen companies. For example, the world’s leading carmakers such as Ford and General Motors lost their market […]

Long Term Unemployed

Size of the problem The Great Recession of 2007-2009 affected many countries in the world. From an article written by Wall Street Journal columnist Gerald F. Seib, dated April 2, 2010, USA was one of the countries which were adversely affected. The biggest challenge associated with The Great Recession of 2007-2009 was unemployment (Seib, 2010). […]

Ecological economics in “The Origin of Species” by Sir. Charles Darwin

Introduction The study of human behaviour with respect to how human beings produce, distribute, and consume goods and services, commonly known as economics, is a wide and an engrossing field of study. Economics inquires about how economies work and how economic units interact. From Marx, through Smith to Schumpeter, the discipline has developed significantly in […]

Annual Data for Per Capita Consumption of Beer

Multiple regression model of the demand for beer in Australia The descriptive statistics of the regression model provide that the average per capita consumption of beer is 115 liters and the per capita income is $5691.61. The average prices of beer, wine and spirits is $1.52, $3.34 and $17.41 respectively (Table 1). The standard deviations […]

Definition of Unemployment and Its Types

The high level of employment in any nation promotes the sound of the economy. When youths and women are in full employment, the country social, political, and economic aspects are in a better position. Through a high level of employment, the government gets wide ways of obtaining taxes, as the product output is increased. Through […]

Economic of Immigration and Economics of Mexico

Abstract Immigration refers to the movement of people from one area to another mainly in search of greener pastures such as employment and investment opportunities. America as is known is a country that is made up of different communities and cultures. More than 80 percent of America’s population comprises of immigrants from different parts of […]

Repercussion of Great Depression

Introduction The recent recession triggered by the housing market, bubble bust in the United States cases a negative ripple effect in the world’s financial markets. It triggered a recession that led to loss of millions of jobs in the world. Many governments had to institute bail out to save companies from collapsing. The governments also […]

Unemployment in UK

Introduction Background Unemployment is an economic indicator which depicts the ratio of individuals in an economy who have the will and capability of working but cannot secure a job (Trading Economics, 2010, para. 4). In determining the rate of unemployment, individuals who do not have the will or capability of working are not considered. According […]

The Economic Impact of the Icelandic Volcano Eruptions on the International Economy

Introduction It is impossible to imagine a natural catastrophe which does not influence the international economy. Paying attention to the Icelandic volcano eruptions and especially the most recent one which took place on April 14, 2010, it is possible to say that Eyjafjallajokull volcano has affected the international economy greatly. Therefore, it is impossible to […]

Description of NGO evaluation

Introduction Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are very important organizations in every society, as they perform various functions that are generally for the benefit of the society. The NGOs mainly deal with work, which is related to poverty and social justice in a community, although they also deal with work supposed to be done by the government. […]

Risk assessment for commercial loans

Objectives The purpose of this study is to find out how risk assessment can be used to minimize the losses that are occasioned by the risk and insecurity which are inherent of bad commercial loans that are extended to small and medium enterprises. This paper will discuss points that outline the good practices that risk […]

Poverty in India and China

Abstract India’s slow rate of poverty reduction compared to China is due to the differences in their approach to the economy. Contrary to China’s, India’s economy is mixed which deprives the state of significant control in planning and execution of its policies. The differences in literacy levels and uneven distribution of per capita income also […]

The S.E.C. and the Freedom of Information Act

Abstract This report highlights three different business statutes that currently function in the business communications environment of the United States: the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), and the Freedom of Information Act. This report analyzes the impact of a recent interpretation of a provision of the Freedom of […]

Labour market issues

Introduction Tourism is a major economic activity of many countries in the world. It is a sector that has experienced a rapid rate of growth for the last fifty years. Countries have gone to war and after that they are forced to live in economic hardships, however, tourism has emerged as one of the vital […]

Red Book: Real Estate Valuation

Introduction The regulation of the services of valuer’s and appraisers in the real estate market is a matter of international concern. In most countries there is some degree of control with the main variation being in relation to the level and nature of this control. In the UK this control is limited to the provisions […]

Concept of Flooding as a Economic Disaster

Disasters like flooding affect the economy of a place in many ways. Floods destroy infrastructure that people have built and the products they have already harvested. They also interrupt normal production as well as commercial activities (Mattoon, Para. 2). Flooded roads restrict movement and therefore affect market accessibility. The June 2008 flooding in the United […]

Current issues in global business: effects of population trends and the over aging of many western countries

Abstract The global population trend is notably aging. A study of the population trend together with its possible impacts indicates a looming crisis that could have global negative effects on both economic and social factors. In this paper, research is done from secondary sources of information to give a detailed overview of the population trend […]

Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet

The book “Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet” is written by Jeffrey Sachs, a famous economist from the Columbia University. His work is devoted to the economic problems of our planet and to the global issues in general. The author focuses on the existing threats for the global population in different spheres of life […]

Global economics “too big to fail” issue

Introduction Writing for the American Prospect Magazine, Fernholz calls the “too big to fail” concept as the “most hated and least understood Orwellian phrase that usually arise during financial crises” (Fernholz 8). According to (Stern & Feldman 9) too big to fail is the believe that large financial corporations can not fail as the governments […]

Current political and economic issues in france

France’s current issues The economic recession which has swept the entire world has not spared France. Having started in the US, the crisis was evident in France within the last few months of the year 2008 and early 2009. The financial crisis had much less impact on the French banking system as compared to most […]

A global issue: Recession

Introduction Recession is defined as a decline in economic performance over a given period of time. Generally, recession is a decline in economic performance for a period of more than two financial quarters (BBC News, 2008). There are different measures of economic recession such as decline in GDP, unemployment rate, business confidence among others. With […]

Horizontal Inequalities, Political Environment and Civil Conflict: Evidence from 55 Developing Countries

The article, “Horizontal Inequalities, Political Environment and Civil Conflict: Evidence from 55 Developing Countries”, analyzes the relationship between socioeconomic and political factors in the context of civil unrest and segregation of minority groups. The author evaluates the tendency of conflicts at ethnic, religious and regional levels due to the effect of factors such as the […]

Unemployment in New Jersey

Introduction New Jersey is a state in America that boarders New York and Philadelphia. Economic situation of New Jersey is essential to world’s economy. Labor force is integral to economic situation of New Jersey. In this regard, employment and levels of unemployment should be monitored so as to ensure that economy is stable. The essay […]

Different Perspectives of Gentrification

Introduction Gentrification is not a new process. Very much have been said in regard to gentrification but still, there exist some variations in its discussions. For this reason, it is a concept that has drawn a lot of attention from different directions, each party having the need to have a deeper understanding about it. Gentrification […]

America’s Economy for 2009 and 2010

Introduction The world’s economy, and indeed that of United States of America, underwent one of its worst performances in recent times. This recession period started in December 2007. Economists christened it as the great economic downturn or simply the Great Recession (National Bureau of Economic Research). America, being the biggest economy in the world, felt […]

Effects of a Natural Disaster on a Country

Introduction Natural disasters range from climatic disasters such as droughts, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes to geological disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. The effects of natural disasters are both short-term and long-term and lead to either negative or positive consequences on the economy of a country. Natural disasters generally affect the physical infrastructural facilities, agricultural […]

The Unemployment Reasons in the UAE

The unemployment rate has been on the rise in the United Arabs Emirates for the last five decades. According to recent statistics, the current rate of unemployment stands at 13.5 % and the figure is expected to continue rising if appropriate measures are not taken to deal with the situation (Katzman 35). It is estimated […]

“Freakonomics: A rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything” by S.Levitt and S.Dubner

Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner stirred controversy when they published the book Freakonomics: A rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything. This book takes a very unconventional view on matters of economics. The topics discussed in the book touch on issues that most people would prefer not to discuss; for instance, issues comprising of […]

The recession of 2007-2009

Abstract The 21st Century experienced a financial crisis which followed the recession that began in December 2007 lasting up to June 2009. The objective of this paper is to explain the main cause of this crisis and its effect on the international financial system as well as the economies of the affected counties. It gives […]

The Causes of Poverty Concentration in the Modern World

Introduction In wealthy nations, concentrations of poverty always exist and persist. The major reason for poverty concentration is income inequality. The causes can best be understood using three theoretical perspectives: labor market dynamics, institutional view, and socioeconomic environment view. This paper therefore explores the causes of such concentrations and localities of poverty using the three […]

Economic Issues Simulation Paper

Introduction Employees are the most valuable asset of each and every organization. The wellbeing of the employees has a direct relationship with their level of productivity. Employees who have managed to achieve all the elements of wellness are more productive (Wilkinson, 2005). There are five elements of wellness namely, physical wellness, career wellness, social wellness, […]