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Big Economic Issues Essay Examples and Topics

Economic Shocks and Financial Crisis in Kuwait

At the year 2008, the intensity of the crisis was at the peak, causing oil prices which led to a decrease in production and drop in GDP of Kuwait.

The European Crisis Problem

The assumption that those countries that are independent of the monetary union are in a beneficial position is supported by the fact that financial markets have more influential power over the union members they can [...]

Economic Sectors: Challenges and Positive Tendencies

The modern world still suffers from the aftermath of 2008 financial crisis that triggered recession of the economy and conditioned the appearance of a number of problems in the sphere of finances.

South Sudan Famine Crisis: National Perspective

The latter should not be limited to humanitarian aid: the primary causes of the issue, which include the ongoing conflict in the region, need to be investigated and addressed before more than a half of [...]

The Impacts of Energy Crisis on Businesses in Egypt

A business stakeholder in the cement sector who understands the loss of production and unreliable operational situations attributed to the country's energy crisis addresses this project to the government of Egypt.

Shanghai Composite Index: Market Crash

On the face of it, the most evident part that is likely to experience the major harm from the China stock market crash is the global companies that owned the relevant stocks.

Unemployment in the United States

It could be assumed that unemployment is a critical issue in the United States of America, as it has a strong impact on the society and other spheres of everyday life.

China’s Biggest Economy Threats

Air and water pollution that happened due to the rapid industrialization in the country created massive fogs and haze phenomena in the North of China.

The Libor Scandal

Since the occurrence of the fraud, there has been a change in the perception of the public about the rate. This shows the importance of the 'Libor' rate in the financial system.

Management in Organisation

However, when the performance is dwindling as witnessed in the Coca-Cola Company, the stakeholders might be forced to terminate the contracts of the top management team of the corporation, if assumed that their roles would [...]

Chinese Economy: Issues and Policies

This paper intends to analyse the extent to which China has become an attractive market for foreign investment coupled with conducting an evaluation of the extent to which the current rapid growth in the Chinese [...]

Report Critique of Business

The authors have done well to bring into the limelight the strategies that were being used by small businesses in Canada to deal with the recession; however, they fail to account for the impact of [...]

How Canadian SMEs Survived the Economic Recession-A Critical Review

In addition, the article is credible in making it clear that even the business owners who saw opportunities to improve their growth were also affected by the same problems affecting their colleagues, including the rate [...]

Consumer Behavior in South Korea and Australia

The two countries to be analysed are South Korea and Australia. South Korea consumers are known to be homogeneous in character, and in the way they purchase products.

Theory of Effective Demand

However, Keynesianism has had shortfalls in a number of times in the history of the evolution of the world economy. This had seen the return of Keynesianism to ply in the world economic affairs.

Slowdown in the UK Economy

The measures taken by the British government and the Bank of England in the last two years to enhance the rebound of the economy will be compared with those taken by other governments and central [...]

Do something or nothing

On the contrary, according to Singer, the developed countries have the obligation to assist in alleviating poverty from the developed countries.

How to Live with 15300$

Having the information about the annual income of the family and the list of the obligatory costs, it is possible to calculate the expenses of the family, the cloths they can buy and the number [...]

Causes of Great Depression: Canada Great Depression

Causes of great depression The fundamental causes of great depression in Canada were the decline in the spending. Crash in the stock market in the United State and Canada contributed to the great depression.

Small Medium Enterprise

Some of the variables used in defining SMEs in most regions include things such as whether the enterprise is a service-based or goods-producing business, its size, and probably the number of workers they employ.

Reasons for Increasing Unemployment in U.S

The credit crunch that was experienced between from 2007 to 2009 greatly battered the private sector labor market and resulted in a decline in the number of people who are gainfully employed in the US.

Why do Successful Companies Fail

In the world today, there are very many companies that have become obsolete and they have shrunk their market share because many other companies have emerged thereby taking the market share that was previously occupied [...]

Long Term Unemployed

From the article, Seib identifies a number of issues that contribute to the problem of the long-term unemployed. This has adverse effects on the ability of such children to get employed in future.

Definition of Unemployment and Its Types

The major limitation of the insurance programs policy is that the employees have to make regular contributions of some amount to the program.

Economic of Immigration and Economics of Mexico

Positive Impacts One of the issues that has been brought about in regards to the immigrants who come to America is the fact that compared to the citizens of this country; they tend to pay [...]

Repercussion of Great Depression

The US mortgage crisis that was the genesis of the financial crisis is blamed on the laxity of law enforcers or failure of the laws that have governed the financial market in the US.

Unemployment in UK

To analyze why unemployment is set to rise in the UK To illustrate the true level of unemployment in UK To evaluate how technology affects unemployment in UK To analyze how inflation affects UK unemployment [...]

Description of NGO evaluation

However, a common feature of all the main objectives of different NGOs is the fact that they tend to empower people in the areas in which they operate and improve the quality of life of [...]

Risk assessment for commercial loans

The preliminary categorization of the small and medium enterprises was based on: Location of the enterprise The category of industry that the enterprise participates in The size of the enterprise The age of the enterprise [...]

Poverty in India and China

India's slow rate of poverty reduction compared to China is due to the differences in their approach to the economy. Improving the living conditions and general well being of the people is not only the [...]

The S.E.C. and the Freedom of Information Act

This report highlights three different business statutes that currently function in the business communications environment of the United States: the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and the Freedom of [...]

Labour market issues

This problem coupled with the issue of seasonality that is experienced in the tourism sector, limits the ability of many tourism operators to give good quality services that the market demands.

Red Book: Real Estate Valuation

In the UK this control is limited to the provisions of the Estate Agents Act of 1979 and the Property Misdescriptions Act of 1991.

Concept of Flooding as a Economic Disaster

In this case, the floods affect the demand and supply of agricultural produce to the agricultural markets. As the law of demand and supply asserts, the decline in commodity supply will lead to increase in [...]

Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet

In addition, one of the most important problems outlined by Sachs is proper organization of the world economy and international policy, as far s that the gap between the developed countries and the countries of [...]

Global economics “too big to fail” issue

Financial institutions have acquired the "too big to fail' status with the full knowledge that with size comes some safety from the government and by the extension the taxpayer, because in the event of financial [...]

A global issue: Recession

The effect of the global economic recession started to be experienced in New Zealand in 2008 when the economy started to perform poorly.

Unemployment in New Jersey

There has been a rise in the number of those employed from 143,328 in October 2012 to 143,568 in October 2013.

Different Perspectives of Gentrification

In order to understand the concept of gentrification in a better manner, it is good to look at the various perspectives or approaches that, in one way or the other, tend to bring about the [...]

America’s Economy for 2009 and 2010

The rate of unemployment was on the rise in 2009 as the economy still bowed to the difficult conditions that prevailed then.

Effects of a Natural Disaster on a Country

Various factors influence the effects that a disaster on a country among them the magnitude of the disaster, the geography of the area affected and recovery efforts directed towards reducing the immediate effects of a [...]

The Unemployment Reasons in the UAE

In conclusion, the high unemployment rate in the UAE is a result of poor training, the influx of foreign expatriates and government failure to create more jobs for the locals.

The recession of 2007-2009

It gives a background of the "boom and bust" of the housing bubble which was the major cause of the financial crisis as the house prices fell leading to loss of the security value.

The Causes of Poverty Concentration in the Modern World

Even though the average income of people living in developed countries is above the poverty line, the nations still experience concentrations of poverty especially when it comes to income inequality.

Economic Issues Simulation Paper

Physical wellness is the most challenging to achieve since it relates to the health of the employee. The challenge is attributed to the costs involved in treating the sick employee or preventing the occurrence of [...]