Economic Development Essay Examples and Topics

The Dominant Groups and India’s Development

India experienced a significant decline in economic development in the 1970s and 1980s. The decline was attributed in part to the government’s effort to pacify the contending dominant groups in the country. In this paper, the dominant groups and their interests will be discussed. The Contending Dominant Groups The dominant groups were the three proprietary […]

Impacts of Rapid Economic Development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The rapid rates of economic development and urbanization in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have attracted international attention in the last two decades. The two cities have attained recognition as major hubs for tourism, investment and market for various goods and services. Their growth in industry and real estate sectors has attracted foreign populations from various […]

The Global IT Industry

The global IT industry continues to show growth year after year, with the software market expanding at a whopping 8% per annum. The convergence of hardware, software and services is creating new markets, and we are witnessing a global paradigm shift from hardware to software. It is anticipated that the IT services industry will expand […]

Ease of Doing Business in Qatar

The World Bank created an index that determines the ease of investing in different countries across the globe. In ranking countries, the ease of doing business index considers numerous factors, such as starting a business, dealing with construction permits, registering properties, enforcing contracts, getting credit, paying taxes, trading across borders, and resolving insolvency. Countries having […]

Innovation Pessimism: Has the Ideas Machine Broken Down?

Background Appearing in the world’s renowned newspaper “The Economist”, the article “Innovation Pessimism: Has the Ideas Machine Broken Down?” sheds light on the factors that may have contributed to the stagnation of the global technological advancements and subsequent economic growth in recent decades. This paper summarizes and analyzes the article using the framework of supply […]

Development of Economy in Developed Countries and its Benefits

Effects of Globalization to the Economy of Developing Countries Globalization is the interaction of different nations allover the world with the aim of marketing their products as well as services. According to economics, it refers to transportation of goods as well as services to areas where potential customers can reach them easily all the time, […]

The Politics of Equitable Development in Malaysia

This paper was initially meant to be a presentation in an event hosted by the American Political Science Association. The association commissioned the study and it owns the copyright to this research. The paper is a study focusing on the impressive growth of the Malaysian economy and its origin. The presentation is titled “The Politics […]

The Relationship Between Economic Growth and Development

Introduction Several scholars define economic development variously depending on their academic and professional orientation. But most agree that the phenomenon can be described as any change (quantitative or qualitative, positive or negative) in the economy of a country. The changes are usually as a result of deliberate and strategic plans made by policy makers and […]

The Rise and Fall of the Islamic Spain

Introduction Re-enacted in a 2007 movie, Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain, the documentary explains how the Islamic Spain has a rich history while focusing on its impact on the world civilisation (The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain Full documentary PBS). Since the antiquity, religion was an element of information […]

Developing Industrial Policy

Introduction According to Dani Rodrick, the author of the article, “Industrial Policy for the Twenty-First Century”, conventional economists held the view that developing economies are characterized by numerous market failures. Additionally, economists were of the view that it was only through government interventions that poverty level in such societies could be reduced1. Some of the […]

The Rise of China

Abstract China’s swift rise in economic and political supremacy is considered among the most significant changes of the past three decades. The paper examines three research papers on China’s rise to political and economic dominance. The paper also scrutinizes research questions in each of the articles and establishes their validity. The paper also explores role, […]

South Korea’s Economic

Introduction South Korea is one of the Asian economic giants. The country’s economy is structured around a market economy. Currently, the country is ranked 15th in the world by its nominal GDP and occupies a slot among the G-20 major world economies. By many standards, South Korea qualifies as a high-income economy. The country’s journey […]


Introduction Economic growth is the goal of many organizations. Companies work hard to remain afloat in the competition and to expand. The opportunities are rare to come by in a competitive market hence people may seek opportunities across borders. The world is vast and both similar and diverse in different aspects. Though different, the world […]

Economic growth and development

Differences between economic growth and economic development When compared to economic development as we are to witness shortly, economic growth is a simpler and narrower subject (Acemoglu, 2009). According to the presented definitions, economic growth is a constant and sustained increase in a countries output graded as national. The increase is depicted on the growth […]

Sustainable Development’ and Economic Growth’ Relationship

Introduction The level of economic growth differs from country to country depending on the desired needs of the population. The various growth recipes involved include; growth by brute force and smart growth. The former involves quantitative growth based on the high level of input, such as labour and capital. On the other hand, the latter […]

China’s Economic Development

Introduction China’s economic development has been recognised or accredited by most studies and economists across the world. In a short period of time, it has improved to become among the biggest economies across the globe and it is expected that by 2030, the Chinese economy may rise above that of the United States (Kambara & […]

The Relationship between the Economic Growth and Environment

Economic Growth and Access to Safe Drinking Water/ Access to Sanitation The access to safe drinking water and sanitation is the indicator to discuss the economic situation in the country. The correlation between the economic growth, population, and environmental impact is rather obvious. The link between factors can be examined with references to the United […]

Tourism Role in Economic Development

In this paper, there is going to be a discussion about tourism and economic development. Different sources of information are going to be considered. Several examples from different parts of the world about tourism and economic development are going to be presented. The last paragraph of the paper will give a conclusion of the paper […]

China’s Path to Economic Dominance

China’s economy has enjoyed one of the fastest growths over the last few decades. This growth was initiated by changes in governance and economic policies. China opened up to foreign investments, and implemented free market reforms in the year1979 making it a major global economic and trade power on par with other leading economies of […]

China’s Rapid Economic Development

Introduction The rise of the Communists into the realms of power after the Chinese Civil War in 1949 was to usher China into a new form of political economy (Chow 2007: 13). The Communists set about to implement their economic policies which were to the most part based on a government planned economy. Such governmental […]

Canadian industrialization

How industrialized was the Canadian economy towards the end of the nineteenth century? Most studies on the development of the Canadian economy suggest that the industrialization of Canada did not take place until the twentieth century. McInnis, on the contrary, argues that Canada was among the world’s most industrialized nations by 1890. His deductions are […]

Too Big to Fail

Introduction The recent global financial crisis that started in the United States of America caught many individuals, businesses and governments by surprise. The fall in the mortgage market in the US quickly spread like a wild fire to the whole financial sector in the Country and to all other sectors of the economies. Many financial […]

The Economic Development of Indonesia

Executive Summary In the recent past, Indonesia has been experiencing an improving gross domestic growth rate and purchasing parity despite the global financial crisis of 2007. However, the economic growth rate is hampered by unfavorable economic, political and social parameters like inflation, corruption, nepotism, and racism. In the 1960s, the country suffered an economic crisis […]

Economic development of Thailand

Thailand is a Southeastern Asian state that endured sixty years of military political governance from 1932 until 1973 when a democratically elected-government assumed office. After the change of governance, the country has been experiencing growing economic growth rate; however the country heavily suffers from unstable balance of payment (BPO). The economic situation of the country […]

China’s Investment Environment

Introduction Over the past century, the human race has dedicated a vast proportion of the available resources to the efforts of self-actualization in terms of development politically, socially, economically and technologically. To provide a means for measuring the progress made, means have been developed through which progress in these sectors can be analyzed and monitored […]

Malaysia’s Strategic improvement plan (SIP) 2011

Introduction Malaysia is a great country located to the south of Asia. It is separated by south Asia into two regions; the West and East Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo respectively). It borders countries like Indonesia, Brunei, and Thailand, has a population of about 28 million people, and has a landmass totaling to 329,847 […]

Documentary Film “Roger and Me”

“Roger and Me” is a documentary film that focuses on the events that followed the closure of General Motor’s processing plants in Flint, Michigan. This was in 1989 when Roger Smith the leader of General Motors (GM) made the decision to move these manufacturing plants to Mexico. The documentary was made by Michael Moore a […]

China’s Economic Development

Abstract China is currently the second largest economy in the world. Sound economic policies had facilitated the China’s rapid rise as an economic powerhouse. The growth of Township and Village Enterprises (TVEs) is synonymous with China’s economic growth. The growth of TVEs is due to several structural changes. This paper will discuss China’s growth and […]

Economic development in Africa

This talk basically is about the paradox of financial aid given to Africa. Much of the talk is centered on showing that this aid is ‘dead aid’. This is done by giving illustrations that show why this is the case. The central argument is that many of the African countries are not used to a […]

Urbanisation Provides Potential Socio-Economic Benefits for Developing Countries

Urbanisation can be discussed as one of the main characteristics of the modern world influenced by the global forces and by the governments’ policies. If the role of urbanisation for developed countries is rather obvious, the effect of urbanisation on developing countries is the controversial question that needs to be discussed in detail. Thus, the […]

Review of the Asian Tiger’s Economy

The Asian tigers also referred to as the Asian Dragons refers to four countries namely, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan that developed economically through rapid industrialization in the early 1960s up to the early 1990s. This essay will focus on the economic growth of the Asian Tigers between the years 1960s to 1990s […]

Development and Challenge in Greater China

Introduction In the last three decades, China has undergone profound transformation both population wise and economically. The decline in the mortality rates in China caused a rapid population growth which, attracted the intervention of policy makers to put in place restrictive population policies based on the view that population growth has adverse effects on per […]

Approaches India and China took to achieve the fast development in economies

Introduction China has amazed the whole world at large because of the tremendous growth in its economy (Chow 45). Although China has a very large population, the Chinese people have proved to the entire world that they can be very hard working. Recent research shows that it comes second after the super powers United States […]

Concepts of The Role of Technology in Economic Development and the Process in Japan

Introduction Perhaps the key prerequisite of economic development of a country is the hopefulness of a country to access to the technological advancement and innovations that seek to adapt this technological knowledge to the needs of marketplace for economic gains. Most of the economically developed economies mostly are technology influenced; thus, the role of technology […]