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Economic Development Essay Examples and Topics

The Albertan Oilfield Importance to Canada

Economic-wise, the northern Alberta region represents a region endowed with large deposits of oil sands, a single-most important source of Canadian oil accounting for 98% of the total oil reserves.

Innovation in the Arab World

This paper analyzes the two videos with the view to discussing some of the most important trends for the UAE that may appear in the next five years and how these trends will provide opportunities [...]

Effects of Trade Liberalization in Latin America

The validity of this suggestion can be well explored within the context of how trade liberalization in Latin America had affected the economic well-being of the region's countries, and also within the context of how [...]

International Trade Impact on the Amazon Region

In addition, for the Amazon region to come full circle from the agrarian economy to the "adolescent economy," governments in the region have to participate in the improvement of trade on the international front.

Future of the Canadian Economy

In this case, the finance minister wants to increase the country's exports. In this case, economic recovery will depend on various policies that the system will come up with.

Free Trade and Economic Development in Kenya

To enhance the balance of trade, there is a need to make various changes to the trade barriers. As a fact, this will be a relief to the Kenyan economy, as the balance of trade [...]

Microfinance for Sustainability in Developing Countries

To know whether microfinance institutions contribute to the alleviation of poverty in a poor society. To find out how microfinance institutions lead to the establishment of small businesses by poor individuals in society.

Demographic Economics of China and India

The China government, therefore, instituted some improvements in the social and economic aspects of the country, which led to a reduction of mortality rate.

Economic Growth: Problems in Different Countries

The author analyzes the political and legal situation in the developing countries and devises two principles in integrating and blending informal and legal systems of property ownership.

Wellbeing and Human Development Assessment

While assessing the wellbeing of people in a country, a person should look at a series of indicators that can throw light on the degree of human development in a certain region or state.

Economic Development Activities and Policies

In summary, it involves socio-economic, religious, and political growth that enhances the quality of life of the people. Most countries do not focus on human concerns because this is not the parameter that is used [...]

Millenium Goals in Brazil, Russia, India, China

In order to assess the current levels of development and progress made by the BRIC countries, it is crucial to use indicators such as Gross Domestic Product, health expenditure, net enrollment for universal education, poverty [...]

Economies in Latin America Race Ahead

According to Romero's examination, there is a likelihood that the Latin American region is facing bright economic days ahead but there are challenges with enough potential to derail the expected economic growth in the region."Los [...]

“For Poor Countries, China Is No Model” by D. Moyo

Nevertheless, several governments have adopted the China model to control the growing discontent in the public. First, China depends on exports to drive its growth, which is mainly favored by the free market economies of [...]

Inequalities in the World Today

The other inequality is in cities around the world which are thought to be well of yet there are incidences of inequality.

“The Arab Spring at One” Article by Fouad Ajami

Providing the arguments for his point of view, Fouad Ajami focuses on the general overview of the details of the situation in all the Arab countries in which the violent rebellions became the main approach [...]

Middle Eastern Economic Underdevelopment

In his article, Timur Kuran pays attention to the fact that the modern recessing processes in the economy of the Middle Eastern countries in comparison with the economic growth of the Western countries can depend [...]

Economic Development: Prosperity and Poverty

The majority of the poor people in the slums and villages use small capital to run their businesses. Good institutions enforce the property rights of the majority in the society, create constraints for the elites, [...]

Economic Development Theories

For example, the IRD program in the Southern region of Africa encompasses the aspect of agricultural transformation relating to the restocking of animals and non-farm activities that involve brick building projects aimed at promoting social [...]

Analyzing Economy of the US

Failure to regulate the company would have led to the creation of a monopoly in the region. Therefore, a monopolist creates loss of welfare to the consumers.

Dubai Expo 2020 and Economic Development

Regardless of the fact that that are still no published economic evaluations about Dubai 2020 because of the lack of relevant data, it is expected that from the economic perspective, all costs devoted to the [...]

African Governance and Entry of Multinationals

The research idea for this study is premised on understanding whether there has been a general improvement in political and economic governance structures in Africa to support the current wave of MNC entry on the [...]

Determinants of Profitability of UK Companies

The selected independent variables of each of the models were the liquidity ratio, the gearing ratio, the asset turnover, the inventory turnover, the collection period, the credit period, the interest coverage, the market capitalization, and [...]

Green Economy Transition for Developing Countries

It emphasizes the fact that such an alteration is advantageous for them because it allows for the enhancement of the living conditions of the population when other practices turn out to be ineffective.

Mexico: Country and Supplier Research

It neighbors the United States on the Northern side, the Pacific Ocean to the south and west, Guatemala and Belize to the East, and the Gulf of Mexico to the Southeast.

Peru Economy and Business Risk Assessment

To create suitable conditions and effective management strategies for the long-term success of the organization, the risk committee must focus its efforts on identifying and analyzing the scope of possible risks as well as the [...]

Sustainable Development and Industrialization

As a result, sustainability can be discussed in terms of the modern economy, the globalizing trading relationships, the rapidly developing field of technology that tends to produce adverse effects on the environments, the global society's [...]

Chinese Economy and Export-Based Growth

The author further analyzed that the 'new normal growth' is expected to be truly fast, and it is likely that the country will see a rapid expansion of this fresh economic sector within the next [...]

Post-War Global Cultural Economics and Development

Mostly, the recession affected the German economy because of the conditions of the Treaty of Versailles. Both democracy and capitalism are based on the freedom of choice, in contradiction to socialism as an authoritarian political [...]

Saudi Arabian Human Capital and Economic Growth

The current situation poses a significant risk for the future, as it is unclear whether or not the country will be able to take its place on the global oil market again nor what the [...]

Economics and Technology in Europe

The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Europe were marked by a rapid expansion of agricultural productivity that necessitated a growth in the production of manufactured goods.

The UAE Ministry of Economy

The UAE Ministry of Economy views the management of key economic processes and transactions in the environment of the state, as well as the active promotion of economic growth, as its key mission.

Dubai Government Excellence Program

Dubai Government Excellence Program can be regarded as one of the factors contributing to the economic growth of the UAE. Nonetheless, it is important to take into account such factors as the fear of failure, [...]

Nigeria’s Economic Potential and Development

If the value of the country's informal sector is factored in, the 2012 GDP figure ascends to about $630 billion. The government of Nigeria is seeking to privatize the NRC to restore the infrastructural and [...]

Do Central Asian States Suffer from the Resource Curse?

Kazakhstan is the most interesting country when it comes to analysis of the paradox of plenty because the discrepancy between the resource potential and the development of the business sector is the biggest among the [...]

International Monetary Fund’s Forecasts and Concerns

The glowing prediction indicates an occurrence of a change in circumstances for the fund as it has been subdued in the recent past concerning the ability of the international economy to ensure continued growth.

India’s Regional Development and Globalization Benefits

In their peer-reviewed article "Investigating the Linkage Between Infrastructure and Regional Development in India: Era of Planning to Globalisation", Ghosh and De discuss the impact of economic and social infrastructure on the development of Indian [...]

Mongolia’s Economic Development in 1999-2014

The first factor and, arguably, the most significant contribution to the development of the local economy was the transition to a market economy in the first half of the 1990s.

Naked Economics: Understanding the Dismissal Science

Thus, the chapter tackles the topic of the value of money, which is confusing and often misinterpreted by the public. While the topic of international trade seems to be interesting only to the specialists in [...]

Education, Human Capital, and Economic Growth

In the broad sense, it is an intensive productive factor of economic development, including the educated part of the labor resources, knowledge, tools of intellectual and managerial work, and the environment of living and working.

Vietnamese Poverty and Productivity Increase

There was also a change in the percentage of the population that lived on or below the poverty line. In1993, 60% of the population was living on or below the poverty line through this reduced [...]

Ethiopia’s Development, Healthcare, Human Capital

However, even though health service delivery is not decently managed, there is a lack of health and workforce financing, and health technologies, the country receives help from the outside that improves the current condition. It [...]

China’s Current Development Strategy

Over the last three decades, China has experienced consistent economic development in unprecedented levels, which resulted in taking the country to the second biggest economy in the world.

Recovery in “The Affluent Society” by Galbraith

Therefore, he wants the audience to be open to his ideas and accept them, since he has enlightened them on the flaws of conventional wisdom. Thus, wealth and affluence are detrimental to economic improvement, since [...]

Poor Economics and Global Poverty

In the given paper, we will discuss and analyze the factors contributing to the increase in poverty rates, review the consequences and effects of poverty on individuals and the society as a whole, and outline [...]

“Do Poverty Traps Exist?” by Kraay & McKenzie

They believe unless there is a proper policy in place that can change the fundamentals of the economy, simple investment with the assistance of foreign aid will not help the country to come out of [...]

Japanese Economy After the Second World War

The magical development of the Japanese economy after the Second World War cannot be described fully without a reference to the role of the United States in the internal industrial affairs of the country.

The Economic Situation in Kuwait

The local currency, the Kuwaiti Dinar, enjoys the highest value on the global currency market, and the country itself is the fourth richest country per capita according to the World Bank, and the fifth according [...]

Brazilian, Russian, Indian, Chinese Economic Transformation

This work explores the dynamics of the economic situations in the BRIC countries and their evolution to their current economic index From 2000 to 2008, economic researchers have concluded that the total economic output from [...]

Human Development Index in Economic Measuring

The study had several objectives, including classifying the scientific approaches to the formation and development of human potential, determining the core of the HDI in a system of quantitative and qualitative economic parameters, and determining [...]

China’s National New-Style Urbanization Plan

The problems related to the rapid growth of the city population have accumulated at a certain point and started to prevent the further improvement of the quality of life of the population.

Ibn Khaldun’s Umran Theory and Economic Growth

Although the subject matter is typically viewed as the means of explaining the development of the contemporary society from the perspective of the cause-and-effect concept; however, the specified approach is a common misconception and a [...]

Overcapacity as a Chinese Economy’s Challenge

One group of people is of the view that the fast economic development will stop soon, while another group believes that China has the ability to be one of the biggest economies in the world.

Parity Conditions and Country’s Evolution

For instance, parity conditions are most noticeable when "economic conditions and changes in economic conditions in different countries take effect on the value of goods measured in different currencies and the relative values and opportunity [...]

The Role of Innovation in the Development

Innovation is one of the causal factors of fundamental changes in the livelihood of people in the society. The role of innovation in the development of military, economic, and cultural superiority was the facilitation of [...]

China and India: Opportunities and Challenges

The countries of the West are likely to get dissatisfied with the China and India's opportunity to excel them. The economic growth of China and India shows that soon their power is likely to excel [...]

Asian Business Environments: the Dynastic Cycles

Therefore, understanding the history of dynastic cycle of China, which became responsible of centralized power, military and economic expansion and subsequently decline in chaos, this research paper will explore to what extend does recent understanding [...]

The World Bank’s Structure, History, Activities

In this work, the organizational structure and mission of the Bank are explained, a brief history of the Bank is given, various aspects of the activity of the World Bank are studied, their effectiveness assessed, [...]

Bahrain Economic Development

Furthermore, the government of Bahrain pays attention to the diversification of the economy because this task is critical for the long-term development of the country.

Microfinance Institutions: Economic Services

MFIs also play a significant role in spurring the economic development of a developing country as they often contribute to the formalization of the informal sector by ensuring that small enterprises are able to access [...]

Micro Financial Institutions: Functions and Significance

Because of the opportunities, which MFIs provide to the people coming from poor economic and financial background, the role of the MFI sector in the economy of developing countries can be considered beyond impressive.

China’s Economic Development and Social Problems

Despite the profitableness caused by the development, the wealth is still available only for a small number of people, and the majority of the Chinese population cannot afford such ordinary things as education and medical [...]

The Economic Impact of SMEs in the Economy

The size of SMEs usually depends on the number of employees and the worth or value of assets owned by the SMEs, hence, there are both minimum and maximum sizes of SMEs.

Multinational Firms Impacts on the Economic Growth

Although Byres affirms that MNCs may have a positive economic impact on their host countries, he says the economic sectors that align with their operations benefit from the companies, at the expense of other economic [...]

Human Development: Democratization and Economy’ Relations

Economic development refers to the increase in the wellbeing of a society both qualitatively and quantitatively. In a nutshell, democratization and economic development are complementary issues in the process of human development.

Economic History of the United States

In this paper, the author will discuss the role played by economic and political institutions in the growth of the economy of the United States.

The Dominant Groups and India’s Development

The decline was attributed in part to the government's effort to pacify the contending dominant groups in the country. The main interest of the industrialists was to lead the industrialization process in India.

The Global IT Industry

Most of the service providers indicated that the growth levels in their pipelines for service deals cited a 15% drop in growth over the past quarter of 2011, with only 45% of the providers projecting [...]

Ease of Doing Business in Qatar

In analyzing how entrepreneurial opportunities have changed in Qatar since 2004 to date, the report compares the aforementioned economic sub-indices as per the 2004 World Bank report on Ease Of Doing Business and the 2010, [...]

Innovation Pessimism: Has the Ideas Machine Broken Down?

In summary, the article suggests that stagnation may have arisen due to lack of intensive growth that is fuelled by the discovery of ever better ways to utilize workers and resources to allow continuous improvement [...]

The Relationship Between Economic Growth and Development

To this end, the author is going to discuss the relationship between economic development and economic growth Economic Development Overview Economic development is characterised by the initiatives put in place to spearhead improvement of the [...]

The Rise and Fall of the Islamic Spain

This paper intends to explain the rise and fall of the Islamic Spain with a particular emphasis on the importance of Spain to the world civilisation.

Developing Industrial Policy

One of the elements of economic development that the author has cited to be enhanced by market forces relates to the existence of entrepreneurship.

The Rise of China

The Rise of China and the Future of the West The article above talks about China's economic and political rise as well as its effects on western powers.

South Korea’s Economic

Though the country's economic growth slowed in the late 1990s, it has continued on the path of recovery and economic success to date. The country's rate of unemployment is one of the lowest in the [...]


The developed private sector has been largely involved in the initiative to integrate the developing countries in the global economy. The developing infrastructure and improvements in the telecommunication which are impacts of globalization have enabled [...]

Economic Growth and Development

Differences between economic growth and economic development When compared to economic development as we are to witness shortly, economic growth is a simpler and narrower subject.

China’s Economic Development

Several international economic factors that contributed greatly to the rapid economic growth include foreign investors, foreign loans, international economy trade opportunities, foreign advice, available export market, investment, support to investors by Chinese government, and encouragement [...]

Tourism Role in Economic Development

According to Aliqah, who undertook a study about tourism in Jordan, considering the ratio of costs for job creation in the tourism sector to other economic activities, there is no comprehensive data that is available [...]

China’s Path to Economic Dominance

Since its acceptance into the World Trade Organization, the China's economy became market oriented and the country has become the major manufacture of most of the world's products.

China’s Rapid Economic Development

The rise of the Communists into the realms of power after the Chinese Civil War in 1949 was to usher China into a new form of political economy.

Canadian industrialization

Most studies on the development of the Canadian economy suggest that the industrialization of Canada did not take place until the twentieth century.

Too Big to Fail

The fall in the mortgage market in the US quickly spread like a wild fire to the whole financial sector in the Country and to all other sectors of the economies.

The Economic Development of Indonesia

In the 1960s, the country suffered an economic crisis which was believed to have been caused by corruption and inflation in the country.

Economic development of Thailand

The heath infrastructures of the country are not adequate to meet the demand of the facilities in the economy; there is a deficit of trained personnel and physical infrastructures.

China’s Investment Environment

This is mostly because of the technological transfer that the local suppliers gain is adopted which in turn improves productivity and quality all the while increasing the GDP of the host country and their ability [...]

Documentary Film “Roger and Me”

In the documentary, the GM's board of directors decides to close the plants even though the company is making a substantial profit.

China’s Economic Development

Another factor that led to the success of TVEs is that they shared in the monopoly profits of the SOEs. Success of the TVEs led to changes in their ownership.

Economic development in Africa

The fact that the Western aid has been doing what the African governments ought to do is a great push back to the economic development in Africa.
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