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Economic Development Essay Examples and Topics

Parity Conditions and Country’s Evolution

For instance, parity conditions are most noticeable when "economic conditions and changes in economic conditions in different countries take effect on the value of goods measured in different currencies and the relative values and opportunity [...]

The Role of Innovation in the Development

Innovation is one of the causal factors of fundamental changes in the livelihood of people in the society. The role of innovation in the development of military, economic, and cultural superiority was the facilitation of [...]

China and India: Opportunities and Challenges

The countries of the West are likely to get dissatisfied with the China and India's opportunity to excel them. The economic growth of China and India shows that soon their power is likely to excel [...]

Asian Business Environments: the Dynastic Cycles

Therefore, understanding the history of dynastic cycle of China, which became responsible of centralized power, military and economic expansion and subsequently decline in chaos, this research paper will explore to what extend does recent understanding [...]

The World Bank’s Structure, History, Activities

In this work, the organizational structure and mission of the Bank are explained, a brief history of the Bank is given, various aspects of the activity of the World Bank are studied, their effectiveness assessed, [...]

Bahrain Economic Development

Furthermore, the government of Bahrain pays attention to the diversification of the economy because this task is critical for the long-term development of the country.

Microfinance Institutions: Economic Services

MFIs also play a significant role in spurring the economic development of a developing country as they often contribute to the formalization of the informal sector by ensuring that small enterprises are able to access [...]

China’s Economic Development and Social Problems

Despite the profitableness caused by the development, the wealth is still available only for a small number of people, and the majority of the Chinese population cannot afford such ordinary things as education and medical [...]

Multinational Firms Impacts on the Economic Growth

Although Byres affirms that MNCs may have a positive economic impact on their host countries, he says the economic sectors that align with their operations benefit from the companies, at the expense of other economic [...]

The Dominant Groups and India’s Development

The decline was attributed in part to the government's effort to pacify the contending dominant groups in the country. The main interest of the industrialists was to lead the industrialization process in India.

The Global IT Industry

Most of the service providers indicated that the growth levels in their pipelines for service deals cited a 15% drop in growth over the past quarter of 2011, with only 45% of the providers projecting [...]

Ease of Doing Business in Qatar

In analyzing how entrepreneurial opportunities have changed in Qatar since 2004 to date, the report compares the aforementioned economic sub-indices as per the 2004 World Bank report on Ease Of Doing Business and the 2010, [...]

The Relationship Between Economic Growth and Development

To this end, the author is going to discuss the relationship between economic development and economic growth Economic Development Overview Economic development is characterised by the initiatives put in place to spearhead improvement of the [...]

Developing Industrial Policy

One of the elements of economic development that the author has cited to be enhanced by market forces relates to the existence of entrepreneurship.

The Rise of China

The Rise of China and the Future of the West The article above talks about China's economic and political rise as well as its effects on western powers.

South Korea’s Economic

Though the country's economic growth slowed in the late 1990s, it has continued on the path of recovery and economic success to date. The country's rate of unemployment is one of the lowest in the [...]


The developed private sector has been largely involved in the initiative to integrate the developing countries in the global economy. The developing infrastructure and improvements in the telecommunication which are impacts of globalization have enabled [...]

Economic growth and development

Differences between economic growth and economic development When compared to economic development as we are to witness shortly, economic growth is a simpler and narrower subject.

China’s Economic Development

Several international economic factors that contributed greatly to the rapid economic growth include foreign investors, foreign loans, international economy trade opportunities, foreign advice, available export market, investment, support to investors by Chinese government, and encouragement [...]

Tourism Role in Economic Development

According to Aliqah, who undertook a study about tourism in Jordan, considering the ratio of costs for job creation in the tourism sector to other economic activities, there is no comprehensive data that is available [...]

China’s Path to Economic Dominance

Since its acceptance into the World Trade Organization, the China's economy became market oriented and the country has become the major manufacture of most of the world's products.

Canadian industrialization

Most studies on the development of the Canadian economy suggest that the industrialization of Canada did not take place until the twentieth century.

Too Big to Fail

The fall in the mortgage market in the US quickly spread like a wild fire to the whole financial sector in the Country and to all other sectors of the economies.

Economic development of Thailand

The heath infrastructures of the country are not adequate to meet the demand of the facilities in the economy; there is a deficit of trained personnel and physical infrastructures.

China’s Investment Environment

This is mostly because of the technological transfer that the local suppliers gain is adopted which in turn improves productivity and quality all the while increasing the GDP of the host country and their ability [...]

China’s Economic Development

Another factor that led to the success of TVEs is that they shared in the monopoly profits of the SOEs. Success of the TVEs led to changes in their ownership.

Economic development in Africa

The fact that the Western aid has been doing what the African governments ought to do is a great push back to the economic development in Africa.

Review of the Asian Tiger’s Economy

To understand the economic growth of the Asian tigers, this essay will raise and answer some accounting theories which include the three theories which contribute to the production of goods and services.

Development and Challenge in Greater China

The decline in the mortality rates in China caused a rapid population growth which, attracted the intervention of policy makers to put in place restrictive population policies based on the view that population growth has [...]