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Globalization and Digitalization Essay

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Updated: Mar 24th, 2019

The article by Adrian Miles addresses various issues related to digitization and globalization of the world. Technology has largely transformed the daily operations in the film industry. Digitization has revolutionalized the means and production processes keeping the media, television and cinema intact.

The development of modern software i.e. the audiovisual software has fostered the digital transformation. In addition, digitization has led to development of a number of video tools. The tools that are necessary in the technological exodus from the traditional mode to higher fashions have posed a challenge in the labor force in relation to the level of expertise.

However, despite the incorporation of multiple tracks in images the result is still the image and sound track. This implies that improvements are being advanced to build on the already existing principle (Miles 15).

There is a new wave sweeping the industry in relation to the interactive video and the hypertext. Individuals at this state are keen to develop a product without making interest in relation to consumer at heart; the process will then proceed to a state where advanced developers critique their product. The third and final state is composed of mature developers who will buy the initial idea of interactive video development and transform it to a mega issue in the digital industry.

Video development takes two kinds, softcopy and hard video. Hardcopy entails the conversion of a soft copy script into paper; the presentation of this content is traditional. In addition, the copy has several constraints i.e. improvement of the material is limited. On the other hand, a softcopy is a material that the computer can easily understand.

Establishment of software to enable the communication of a computer screen with the hardcopy is paramount. Video and audio editors are advantageous as they enable the conversion of a hardcopy into tape while maintaining a softcopy of the same. However, as far as hardcopy and soft video provide a paradigm shift, networking provides a massive change (Miles 15).

A network is the modern way of transforming a traditional form for future benefits. Networking provides an interface between the computer desktop video and the hybrid production that will necessitate only future inventions. The combination of computer screen results to a more advanced development referred to as softvideo.

The softvideo has amazing characteristics i.e. of transforming to a written from a publication environment. The traditional mindset of the video author that the end user is keen on following a script to the end has largely changed, courtesy of hypertext use. Quick time is the latest architecture that allows numerous track types.

For example, an individual is able to play a movie with all the sound tracks playing at the background. Moreover QuickTime structural architecture has removed the traditional barriers i.e. montage which are now unfixed and mutable. The ability to transmit a movie track with several encryptions is a massive benefit to the digital world. Quick time java is used in the encryption and development of QuickTime software which s largely transforming the video and largely the movie world.

In accordance with the aforementioned developments in the digital world, it is apparent that customers will enjoy the fruits of young professional developers sooner than later. However, the sector is in dire need of expertise to enable the designation of products that will positively transform the global village.

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