Globalization and Gay Tourism: Learning to Be Tolerant Exploratory Essay

According to the existing evidence, globalization has triggered a number of changes in the modern world, convincing people to be tolerant towards the representatives of the other nations, races, political ideas, religious beliefs and sexual orientation.

Comprising the experience of different nations and creating a peculiar fusion of traditions and customs, globalization has touched upon one of the most controversial issues of the XX and XXI century, namely, the question of whether homo- and bisexual people have the right to enjoy the same freedoms as the heterosexual ones.

It is assumed that with the help of the LGBT tourism, homo- and bisexual people will eventually obtain their right to enjoy tourism without being humiliated or looked down at by heterosexual tourists; however, by means of isolating themselves from heterosexuals, homo- and bisexual people are unlikely to ever adapt to the modern society, which poses certain problem and questions the reasonability of LGBT tourism (Benkendorf, Moscardo, and Pendergast).

Weirdly enough, LGBT tourism is quite popular nowadays with the advent of globalization. Casting a glance at what the Bath Spa University offers to its visitors is enough to understand that the LGBT tourism has become a part and parcel of the modern world and has settled quite comfortably in the modern world.

As Bath Spa University claims, among the services which they offer, there are soon going to be the facilities for the homosexual: “BSU is actively looking to set up an LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Employee Network Group. Employee Network Groups can provide support, opportunities to socialize and input into the development of the University” (Bath Spa University para.1).

It is quite remarkable that at present it is namely the spa industry that is experiencing the advent of what most people call gay tourism. Moreover, one can observe numerous companies emerging to provide gay and lesbian people with the safe and sound tourism services.

According to the evidence that Community Marketing Incorporated offers, “Community Marketing, Inc. has earned its position as the global leader in gay tourism marketing” (43). Therefore, the world is currently experiencing a surge of LGBT tourism in the course of globalization.

In addition, the attitude towards the threats that are posed to the tourists in the course of LGBT tourism has changed considerably, which is also worth appreciation.

According to what Luck says, the threat of being infected with HIV, as well as the culture of sexual behavior, and a number of other related issues, has finally been addressed (482). Hence, the efforts put into the development of the LGBT tourism industry are worth appreciation.

Nevertheless, even though the idea behind the LGBT tourism is quite noble, humane and reasonable, there is still something that one can hardly put his finger on. Concerning the most delicate issues, it touches upon not only the homo- and bisexual people, but also the heterosexual ones.

Considering the issue from the viewpoint of a heterosexual, one should admit that splitting the former and the latter into separate groups is unreasonable and even harmful. Hence, there is no obvious necessity to differentiate between the “gay,” “queer,” “homosexual,” etc. types of tourism (Luck 482).

Even though the difference between the orientations is quite tangible, at certain moments, it is necessary to help the people considered “different” integrate into the world of the ordinary.

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