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Sociological Issues Essay Examples and Topics

Belief Systems in Generation X and Millennials

As the purpose of the project consists in analyzing various belief systems pursued by Generation X and Millennials, it is purposeful to represent photos, statistics, and graphs uncovering the percentage characteristics in terms of the [...]

Helping the Homeless in the Community

The main task during the two hours is preparing cutlery and to serving the food to the homeless people. We particularly have to focus on the living conditions of the homeless people to highlight the [...]

Deviance’ Definition and Aspects

On the other hand, the crying of men in public places amounts to deviance in some societies, as it is against the norm for men to cry.

The Power of Peer Pressure

In this essay, I have used the concepts of the Asch's experiment to explain how the power of peer pressure has influenced my life.

Anthropological Perspectives on Children’s Lives

The meeting premeditated on the aided conception and the restrictions of preference as well as the expectant woman's independence in an epoch of escalating existence observation and understanding to fetal damage.

Dress Practices of Saudi Adult Men and Women

On the other hand, literature mapping is the first step in literature review and it entails a set of maps that represent different ideas, concepts, definitions, and methodologies used in relevant research materials.

Spies Like Us: Studies Analysis

The guinea was engaged largely in fishing activities leading to Ellis giving them the nickname 'Fishnecks' to conceal their identity in her study report. The study helped to show the poor living conditions and quality [...]

Personal Perspectives on Difference and Diversity

Robinson and Jones-Diaz state that the word "values" refers to beliefs, philosophies, and missions held deeply by an individual, a group of people, society, organization, or country, and they guide the decisions and behavior of [...]

Media Blackout Experience

The story of the internet has eventually culminated in the creation of a culture that I found very difficult to live without during the blackout.

Perceptions of Diversity

Lastly, the same term has the interpretation as being the code of ethics that fight for the existence of the minority groups within the society.

Teenagers Motivated to Smoking

While the rest of the factors also matter much in the process of shaping the habit of smoking, it is the necessity to mimic the company members, the leader, or any other authority that defines [...]

Analysis “The History of Sexuality” by Foucault

Foucault asserts in his seminal text The History of Sexuality the evolution of sexuality and how carnal pleasures gradually became something to look down upon by the society on grounds of impropriety and being against [...]

Why Is Sociology a Useful Subject?

Sociology as a systematic method of studying the society offers individuals a chance of understanding the significance of different institutions that are the primary building blocks of a society.

Why Do Stereotypes Exist in Our Society?

Rika believes that Latino's presentation in the media is full of stereotypes due to the lack of their inclusion and representation in writing and in Hollywood.

Theorists Views on Sociological Issues

The latter impacts negatively on the state of sovereignty needed in society and leads to a lack of unity. The use of quantitative data in this social science has largely contributed to the discipline of [...]

Women in Human Services Management

Moreover, the study shows that although women seeking managerial roles have increased in numbers of late, the laws developed to champion for workplace equality and ensure visibility in managerial positions has not been beneficial to [...]

Penn State Scandal Analysis: Sandusky Case

Thus it becomes apparent that the reason why the deception was allowed to continue as it did was due to the ethical negligence of not only the university president but also that of Curley, Schultz, [...]

Body as a Social Construction of Difference

In the same manner, the appearance of the body is a clear indication of how society has influenced the individual. The problem with the media as an information source on obesity is that rarely does [...]

Social Distance in Organizations

The relational distance at work may be of different types: structural, social, and psychological depending on the characteristics that have to be considered.

The Rwandan Conflict and Social Network Approaches

The structures and/or rules that the parties involved use to assemble and make interpretations of the conflicts provide a way in which people use the messages to achieve their goals concerning the issue of conflicts.

Role of Social Work Supervision

I would have to be enthusiastic about social work to enable interns to develop a positive attitude towards the profession. I would supervise interns to improve my supervisory skills and knowledge in social work.

Parent-Child Perceptions: Sexual Discussions

The issue of unsafe sex affects all the teenagers despite their race thus the failure by Latino parents to mention the issue of unsafe sex openly with their children has a long-term negative impact on [...]

Dress Code and Social Norm Violations

In my opinion, this norm is not appropriate in the modern world due to several reasons: first, people are free to make decisions and consider their interests; second, fashion is a current issue that cannot [...]

Common Small-Group Networks Effectiveness

The wheel network is characterized by the presence of the leader, and the member of the network communicate with the leader without contacting each other.

Urban Social Problems: Slums and Segregation

The 19th century was the period of the industrial revolution in Britain. According to Engel's work, slum dwelling in Britain was because of the huge numbers of people who moved from rural areas to the [...]

Karl Marx on Social Classes in a Letter to John Mayer

I share your sentiments on alienation and pain in lower-class imprisonment by the ruling class who have the resources to manipulate and twist social, religious, development, and political aspects of the society as opined by [...]

Demographic Reports, Variables and Categories

In four demographic reports for zip code 60614, race, gender, age, and class will be the most appropriate way to collapse the data. The household population information can then be added to the main categories [...]

Students’ Charitable Initiatives and Warm-Glow Theory

The research question will be 'Interrogating the place that the warm glow theory has in the charitable initiatives of university students?' The understanding of some social acts has been whopping trepidation to a number of [...]

Alcohol Abuse, Depression and Human Trafficking

Patterson and Jeste point out that the high prevalence of alcohol abuse will increase in the future. Besides, Hanna indicates that domestic trafficking of girls in the US is a complex phenomenon to understand because [...]

“Sub-Prime as a Black Catastrophe” by Melvin Oliver

By introducing the challenges of the financial crisis, Oliver makes use of the mortgage breakdown as an indicator of racial inequality in the United States, which has increased significantly within the last two decades.

“Unmarried With Children”: Article Summary

The underlying thesis of the article is that economic challenges, shifts in marital roles, and the setting of a high financial bar for marriage have led to a situation whereby most poor women continue to [...]

“Flat Broke With Children” by Sharon Hays

In the work, Hays refers to the Personal Responsibility Act or the welfare reform along with discussing the real-life cases to analyze the role of the reform for changing the situation within the society.

The Politics of Theorizing African American Families

The main questions asked by the author in the work are the role of slavery and racial oppression to influence the aspects of the African American family's progress in the sociological perspective; the effects of [...]

Re-Assessing Family Valuables

According to Cherlin, the change in the social functions that a family has, and, weirdly enough, baby boomers, as well as a shift toward individualism and the lack of family support are most likely to [...]

“Body Art and Social Status” by Sheila Jeffreys

The author believes that this behavior can be the result of continuous abuse or marginalization of "a hetero-patriarchal culture". Furthermore, the author mentions that many of the people, who undergo body modification procedures, were the [...]

Social Factors in the Families

Cherlin also says the three-status groups of people in the society comprise of college-educated, high school educated, and no high school-educated groups. The poverty limit is a measure of income that represents the product of [...]

Memories as a Time Traps

One of the most peculiar things about my experience was that the tenser and the more uncomfortable the environment which I lived in became for me, the more alluring and exciting the world of memories, [...]

Sociological Significance of Family

On one hand, it shows the socialization of children along with the class cohort and on the other hand, it shows the influence of social conformity for parents and children alike.

Personal Values and Its Contributions on Life Mission

As it would be observed, the list of personal values is endless, and this means that different people in the world have different types of personal values that they tend to implement into their lives.

Housing as a Social Asset in the Real Estate Market

The financial situation in a household directly reflects the well-being and social interaction of individuals. Housing physically provides a space for social interaction and the building of social support mechanisms in a community.

Unemployment and Its Social Consequences

One of the impacts of unemployment that connects the unemployed individual with the social fraternity is the lost self-esteem that an individual suffers.

Affirmative Action, Social Movements and Urbanization

Affirmative action, according to Messerli, can be conceptualized as the preferential treatment of minorities in various aspects in the society. The following are some of the arguments supporting and opposing affirmative action in employment and [...]

Social Issues in McMinden, Fictional Town

The concepts of social stratification, division of labor, and social distance discussed in the essay appear to be connected by cause-and-effect relation.

French Revolution, Its Social Causes and Legacies

The French revolution owes its occurrence, foremost, to the significant increase of the French population throughout the eighteenth century. The implication of this stratification was the lumping of a majority of the population into the [...]

Request for Humanitarian Assistance

Moreover, the majority of politicians in these starving countries are corrupt and do not deliver all the medical supplies received to people in hospitals.

Leadership Qualities and Women’s Soft Skills

Because of the growing interest in social behavior and the social roles the specific disguise which people put on one of the most important issues in social psychology is forming the students' personalities.

Beneficiaries of Humanitarian Action

He proves that it is important to engage the beneficiaries of humanitarian action because people are the main agents of change, and change is something that can improve the quality of human life.

Social Work: Human Trafficking and Trauma Theory

One of the theoretical frameworks is trauma theory that focuses on the traumatic experiences victims are exposed to as well as the influence of these traumas on their further life.

Saving Beauty: Stereotypes that Have to Be Subverted

The need to view beauty as a synonym to the uniqueness and, thus, to diverge from the existing standards of an appealing look is rooted in the necessity to address the current problem associated with [...]

Social Cognition and Perception

Therefore, I had broken down the two interactions into the basics of understanding what a person would require of me in the presented circumstances by using my understanding and attribution to the American cultural context.

Societal Challenges and Community Development

Droughts have been the order of the day in many areas of the world and especially in Africa, because of climate change, heightened water scarcity, and inadequate farming methods.

Do Protests Even Work?

Even though protests seem to be an ineffective means of expressing public opinion, their main strength and influence can be gradually manifested.

Antwone Fisher in Social Work Assessment

The client is a young black male, an orphan who was mentally and physically abused in childhood and has to face the temper problems resulting from the abuse. His speech is eloquent, and he has [...]

Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

The author acknowledges that the government and the people of Canada have done very little to support the welfare of different indigenous cultures.

Child Neglect Index for a Boy and His Family

This paper is aimed at providing a rating for a child and his family using the case of Aaron. What is more, when the Child Protective Investigator received a call from the school, he went [...]

Vulnerable Population in Biopsychosocial Assessment

Indeed, the patient's inability to speak to others, listen to herself, and, therefore, isolate the factors that contribute to the enhancement of her stress levels and develop the strategies that will help eradicate the identified [...]

Libyan Civil Society Before/After the Arab Spring

One of the major challenges within the context of researching the conditional state of civil society in a particular country is the fact that there is no universally accepted definition as to what the term [...]

Disability in Medieval and Modern Societies

The category of the body as an outer shell of the human soul becomes a central element in the established medieval cultural norm because, while the spirit is unseen, the body parameters can be semiotized [...]

Happiness Without Money in Sociology and Psychology

The tendency's mechanics are simple - being in the possession of any substantial sum of money increases a person's chance to secure a dominant status within the society, which in turn will result in strengthening [...]

Stereotypes from Popular Culture and Their Effects

The following paper explores the mechanisms behind stereotyping in an attempt to determine whether it is possible to minimize its adverse effect and which approach is the most viable for the purpose.

Canada’s Aging and Demographic Dynamics

That is, the issue of 'Canada's aging' is closely interconnected with other qualitative aspects of contemporary Canadian living, concerned with the government's continual endorsement of the policy of multiculturalism and affected by the overall socio-economic [...]

Social Problems

The second step within the model is associated with the political stream, in which the previously identified problem is reviewed between communities of policy experts who possess knowledge of the problem.

Crowdfunding Project to Help Homeless People

To assess the marketability of the proposed project, it is important to answer the question, "Why is the project important?" Providing free haircuts and showers to homeless people proved to be a beneficial activity.

Information Sharing Habits

Such an approach allows me to make several preliminary conclusions on the social tendencies which define the said behaviors and point to the direction for a further inquiry which may increase understanding of the undergoing [...]

Family Versus Societal Needs Priority

The debate on the responsibilities of an individual to the family and society will never end due to the complexities involved in defining the roles of the society in developing personality.

Sociological Concepts in “We the People”

The song comes in the backdrop of the 2016 election campaigns in the United States and increasing incidences of terrorist attacks in Europe. The title of the song is also repeated in the first stanza [...]

Southern Brooklyn’s Demographics and Health Rates

The portion of the township to the south of Atlantic Street was initially annexed as the southern area of the Town in the middle nineteenth century, and is actually northwest of the middle of the [...]

Body in Sociology, Psychology, Medicine, Religion

Thus, many tried to honor their status and made it so that refusing to conform to one's class distinction was seen as a sign of rebellion. Emotions and passions in the minds of medieval physicians [...]

Sociological Concepts in the “Inside Out” Film

Suddenly, Sadness and Joy turn out to be in the storage of memory, and the girl falls into depression. Understanding the urgency of the situation, he tries to help and lead them on the way [...]

“Black Panther” from the Sociological Perspective

Practically, using the fictional land of Wakanda and its culture as an example of a wise structure of the society and the established social equality, creators of this movie attempted to point out the contrast [...]

Societal Pressures Shape Health and Body Perception

Continuing the topic of teenagers' intentions to become skinnier, it would be proper to mention that many of them disregard their health and the concept of being fit in general. It is a popular fact [...]

Skin Tones and Beauty Perception Among College Students

At the same time, due to the existing "European standard of beauty", which dictates that the closer a face is to having European features, the more attractive it seems, some individuals tend to find representatives [...]

Volunteering Effects on Happiness

Taking that into consideration, it is necessary to pay an increased attention to the effect that volunteering and all the people connected to it produce on representatives of one of the social groups whose opportunities [...]

Child Marriage in Egypt as a Social Problem

The proposed study will also be limited to the period in which it will be conducted because the legal, social, and cultural dynamics of Egypt are volatile and any of the variables that will be [...]

“Unconscious Bias” by Sarah E. Fiarman

Thus, it is possible to argue that the issue of unconscious bias in education is critical to diverse education and highlighted by the current literature and media.
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