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Sociological Issues Essay Examples and Topics

Challenges Experienced by Syrian Refugees

Even though the right to seek asylum and find the protection in different countries is granted to Syrian refugees according to the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, the problem is in [...]

Social Work and Cultural Beliefs

In addition to that, churches can be considered as providers of assistance on physical and spiritual levels, which is similar to the job social workers do.

Teenage Pregnancy and Abortion: Articles Evaluation

The article highlights the importance of coming up with sexual health services and contraception methods, which are community-based for the benefit of the young people in a bid to counter the seemingly never-ending menace of [...]

Death with Dignity as a Social Concept

At the same time, there is no such thing as death with dignity because it relies on a social construct of perceiving the human body and, as a result, the concept of the dignified and [...]

Investigating the Value of Children

The research shows that intergenerational relationships, the presence or lack of the intergenerational support and reciprocity are one of the most powerful impacts on the fertility patterns and the value of children.

The Principle of Bills Paying in Restaurant

Specifically, they are oriented on the influence of dressing on the general impression about the couple, the strategic behavior of a waiter, who considers the gender-related orientation of two people, the style of communication between [...]

UAE’s Demographic Imbalance

There is no doubt that the UAE's suffers from an acute demographic imbalance given the evidence that statistics indicates that the locals have been outnumbered by foreigners.

Australian Urban Consolidation and Its Impacts

The committee was charged with the responsibility of examining the state of the cities, favorable trends in development, density of housing, the urgency of action, and the challenges of urban consolidation.

Social Structural Changes: Living Standards

The beliefs and ideas about moral and social constructs were the prototype of the ancient Australian society, and were stipulated in the decorum of the unwritten laws of the day, analysed and inferred upon the [...]

Giving Birth to New Users by Trevor Pinch

The expansion of Minimoog quickly penetrated the sphere of rock music and then the design of the synthesizer was constantly improved and changed because of the requests of the customers. The public quickly realised the [...]

Marriage Decline as a Social Problem in the US

To discuss the social illness of declining marriages in the US, the incorporated is the social constructionist perspective. The origins of the constructionism can be traced back to the attempts to establish the nature of [...]

Social Inequality in the Titanic Movie

Even when she rejects the privileges that her class offers in order to be with the one she loves, she is eventually separated from him because of the consequences of social inequality.

National Identity Cards in Developing Countries

The proposed research study will seek to assess the loopholes that exist in the system for registered citizens in developing countries, particularly, in relation to financial infusion, insecurity, and terrorism, with a view of categorizing [...]

Stigma Management in Society

Homeless people are considered unproductive and harmful to the rest of society, while overweight persons are perceived as individuals who consume large quantities of food substances. Some members of the society also think these people [...]

Sustainable Communities: Strengths and Weaknesses

If a community suffers from any health problem that comes about because of pollution, chances are high that many resources will be wasted in securing the wellbeing of the community instead of channeling the funds [...]

Gambling and Its Effect on Families

The second notable effect of gambling on families is that it results in the increased cases of domestic violence. The third notable effect of gambling on the family is that it increases child abuse and [...]

The Tenements and Class Issues Solutions

This viewpoint made by a member of the upper class fails to take into consideration the migration patterns of people from the countryside to the city during the latter half of the 1800s to the [...]

Issue of Homelessness in America

Currently the numbers of homeless families have significantly increased compared with the number in 1980s and earlier. However, the numbers of homeless individuals and families have considerably augmented by over thirty percent in the last [...]

How the Internet Has Changed World Culture?

The world has embarked on massive scientific and technological developments and inventions; the innovation of computers, particularly the Internet, has influenced people's culture in a number of ways.

Social Issue: Bullying

The lack of the parental support is the main cause of students' deviant behaviors at school, including the cases of bullying, and those parents who pay much attention to developing their career cannot provide the [...]

The Gypsies Community Profile

In the olden days, Gypsies lived and travelled in wagons drawn by horses, but modern day Gypsies live and wander through the world in caravans. Gypsies treasure children, and it is the responsibility of a [...]

Elderly’s Challenges in Society

Statistics indicates that the elderly persons in the world represent 11% of the population and that the figure is expected to double in the next 3 decades.

Smoking Cessation Methods

These methods are a part of NRT or nicotine replacement therapy, they work according to the principle of providing the smoker with small portions of nicotine to minimize the addiction gradually and at the same [...]

Chinese American Community Philanthropy Activities

Among numerous organizations aimed at organizing different kind of activities for the members of Chinese American community, Chinese American Community Foundation is the one that stands out of the rest. Analysis of the events organized [...]

Georgia Social Work Practice Challenges

Both the system theory and coalition theory of change are applicable in the amalgamation of organizational structures of National Association of Social Workers Georgia, Georgia Society for Clinical Social Workers and other social welfare professional [...]

Postwar Change in American Society

The expansion of the oldest manufacturing companies and the emergence of new ones, especially computer firms, were other factors that contributed to the boom as they directly created job opportunities or indirectly through the service [...]

Does Family Promote or Limit Mobility?

The issue of social mobility arises in this respect: while the protective function of a family is obvious and necessary, the oppressive one is likely to restrict the opportunities of a person.

Social Equity and Equality Concept Comparison

In his view, American society has never been equal; hence application of equality in the distribution of important resources is impossible, meaning public administrators must undertake the role of studying the society to comprehend the [...]

Teenagers Suicide in New Jersey

Factors that are attributed to the causes of teenage suicide have always drawn mixed reactions from policymakers, parents, and organizations that work to prevent the issue in America, specifically in the state of New Jersey, [...]

Community Services for Mentally Disabled People

The report discusses the basics of community service diplomacy through the review of the case study. In this interpretation, the factor implies the service's obligations to plan and organize the activities of the community.

Equality’ and Diversity Sociological Issues

This plan ensures equity and equality in terms of access to healthcare for the American citizenry. Indeed, Daley and Feit confirm that healthcare professionals have the duty to offer services of equal quality to people, [...]

Socio Cultural Nature and Implications

According to the latter, gender identification is not innate the process of a child identifying themselves with a specific gender occurs in the course of participating in social activities and, therefore, learning the specifics of [...]

How Rising Inequality Harm Middle Class?

The author values the social status of individuals through the quality of education the families give to their children. The author sends a warning sign to the middle-class people that a positional want of the [...]

Suffolk County Massachusetts Census

Thus, it can be asserted that most people in the families do not consider being in marriages, which could be a worrying trend due to the fact that only a few of the married-couples have [...]

Demoralizing Tobacco

This is not the first attempt that the federal government of Canada intends to make in reducing the prevalence of smoking in the country.

Social Analysis of Magda

Before the beginning of the therapy, a social worker must operate within the law of the UK with regard to anti-discriminatory, anti-oppressive practices, and observe the HCPC standards on performance, conduct, and ethics and best [...]

Social Work Practice

In some communities especially in the African continent, girls are denied the opportunity to gain education with the belief that women's role in the society is to give birth to as many children as possible [...]

Affirmative Psychotherapy for American Jews

The article helps the reader to understand the Jewish culture and the American Jews, including effective ways that help to ensure that the Jewish community gets access to culturally harmonious and positive psychotherapy services.

Forms of propaganda

They both target the anti-government group that is most likely to criticize and question the actions of the government. The policies of the government have been hijacked and are now in favor of the ruling [...]

Propaganda Model Research

The media is expected to expose any practices of the government and corporate bodies that may cause any harm to the public in one way or the other.

Amusing Ourselves to Death Thesis

The author observes that the electronic media, such as the internet, cell phones, and DVDs, determine the type of information that people listen to in the modern society.

Does Violence in Video Games Affect Youth?

Our concern in this paper is to concentrate on the violent video games, the effects to the youths through participation in the violent video games, the counter arguments and finally the remarks or conclusion.

“Pity The Children” by Taylor Phil

The author presents his views about the arrest of Jerry Sandusky, the former football coach of Pennsylvania State University, on child sex abuse as well as the arrest of Gary Schultz and Tim Curley on [...]

Value of School Task Achievement

The remedy to this problem would better be understood from the psychological effect that the grandfather's sicknesses, and his overstaying at the hospital, have on Austin.