Sociological Issues Essay Examples and Topics

Globalization and Gay Tourism: Learning to Be Tolerant

According to the existing evidence, globalization has triggered a number of changes in the modern world, convincing people to be tolerant towards the representatives of the other nations, races, political ideas, religious beliefs and sexual orientation. Comprising the experience of different nations and creating a peculiar fusion of traditions and customs, globalization has touched upon […]

Marriage as Depicted in Soloveitchik’s Typology of Human Nature

Introduction In the lonely man of faith article, Soloveitchik tries to find a way in which he could understand frustrations and conflicts that occurred in his path while pursuing faith in the current world (Soloveitchik, 1992). The main conflict Soloveitchik tries to put across concerns the loneliness that people of faith experience in the modern […]

The Influence of Consumerism on 7-11 Years Children

The contemporary business environment is becoming very competitive, thanks to globalization and technological advancement. The increased competition is now forcing organizations to adopt powerful strategies in order to gain competitive advantage. It is for this reason that consumerism has gained popularity, with business enterprises investing heavily in promotion of their products in order to influence […]

The lived experiences of Native American Indian women parenting off the reservation

Problem Statement From the information gathered from literature review, it is evident that many studies have been conducted on individuals who live in reservations. Some of these studies have laid particular interest on women. However, it is crucial to state here that the studies have been limited to studying a specific character trait within the […]

Demoralizing Tobacco

Introduction The federal government of Canada has been very aggressive in dealing with the challenge of tobacco smoking in the country. Tobacco use and nicotine addiction have been a major challenge in healthcare management and public administration in Canada. A section of Canadian citizens are opposed to smoking and feel that the government needs to […]

Social Analysis of Magda

Introduction This social work paper focuses on Magda. Magda is a Polish woman who has been married to Sean for the past ten years. Sean had an accident, and he experiences bouts of depression following the death of her first wife. Sean is also worried about his current disability. She left an abusive relationship in […]

Social Work Practice

Introduction Social work is a professional area of practice which applies knowledge, skills, research techniques and social theory to improve the lives of individuals, communities and groups. Social work is considered as a helping profession because it is majorly concerned with the plight of people who are in difficult situations with an aim of helping […]

“The Counseling Profession’s Relationship to Jews and the Issues that Concern Them: More than A Case of Selective Awareness”

The insightful article by Weinrach (2002), titled The Counseling Profession’s Relationship to Jews and the Issues that Concern Them: More than a Case of Selective Awareness, sets out to not only illuminate the anti-Semitic issue among the Jews living in the United States and abroad, but also to demonstrate how the counseling profession continues to […]

Affirmative Psychotherapy for American Jews

Affirmative Psychotherapy for American Jews by Schlosser (2006) is an enlightening article that aims to address the issue of oppression among Jewish Americans. According to the author, psychotherapists have failed to address matters relating to ethnicity, race and culture affecting the Jewish community in America. As a result, Jewish Americans have received inadequate consideration in […]

The High Line Park Transformation into a Public Park

Introduction The High Line Park was conceived in 1999 within the New York City and currently run by the Friends of the High Lane. Currently, the park is a conservancy and a public space for the residents and visitors within New York City. The park has experienced transformation between the West 34th Street and West […]

Forms of propaganda

‘Confessions of an Economic hit man’ and ‘The American War Machine’ are forms of propaganda that use several similar techniques to advance their agenda. One of the most obvious techniques of propaganda that they both have used throughout is emotional appeal. As noted by Shabo, emotional appeal is a very compelling method as the audience […]

India’s Caste System: The Laws of Manu. Primary Source Analysis

Perhaps, one of the weirdest and by far the most mysterious society structures in the East for an average European or American citizen to encounter, the Indian cast system has a pretty long history and allows take a closer look at the specifics of the relationships among the members of the Indian society. Despite the […]

Sociology In-class Essays: Dude You’re a Fag

Thesis and support to the argument Penetrated men represent masculinity that lacks power. Contrary to expectations, this is a threat to the social and psychic chaos. As far as gender among the adolescent boys in America is concerned, penetrated masculinity acts as the regulatory mechanism. The repeated denial of the fag identity among the American […]

Propaganda Model Research

Introduction Media play a very important role in the modern society. According to Mullen (2010, p. 56), the role of media has become more relevant in the current democratic and capitalistic society. This scholar says that information is power, and depending on how it is coined and used, it can bring development or destruction in […]

Impact of Mass Media on Socialization

Socialization is one of the most important factors that define a human being. The need to socialize has seen people invent various channels of socialization. Technological advancement has reduced the world into a small village. Some areas, such as the mass media coverage, have attracted the attention of many individuals globally. With the current mass […]

Amusing Ourselves to Death Thesis

The author talks about the effects of the media on the population, particularly political and economic life. People are fed with varying information regarding what happens in government. Before the advent of the television, people relied on the newspapers and articles for information, but this changed with time when people were forced to depend on […]

Civil Movements: Discrimination and Its Consequences

Introduction Since time in memorial, different groups of people in human history have received varied treatment based on their gender, race and ethnicity. This means that some injustices and inequalities exist in various parts of the world. In this regard, human rights groups and civil movements have emerged to challenge the existing social structure and […]

Does Violence in Video Games Affect Youth?

Abstract In the recent days, the use of technology has made the youths to have more exposure to various media information and sources. They watch various programs on the televisions, over the internet and through the mobile phones. Further, they have exposure to the video shows and video games. Some of these programs, movies and […]

Analysis of the article “Pity The Children” by Taylor Phil

Taylor Phil is the author of the article Pity The Children. The author presents his views about the arrest of Jerry Sandusky, the former football coach of Pennsylvania State University, on child sex abuse as well as the arrest of Gary Schultz and Tim Curley (university officials) on charges of lying under oath. The author […]

Disadvantaging Families: Diversity, Inequality and Globalization

Through the article and class notes for this course, I leaned how change has brought people from the developed nations into the neighborhoods of the less developed world with dire consequences. I gained an insight into how a disadvantaged family structure increased inequality and discrimination. Those from the less developed countries in trying to survive […]

Value of School Task Achievement

Client Description and the problem being worked on I am a worker in a given school. While here, I am charged with the responsibility of dealing with a client to ensure that everything around him is in order. The client I work with is a student named Austin. He belongs to a family and my […]

Cultural Immersion of Homeless Veterans

Soldiers adopt a new culture the moment they get out of the country for war. It is believed that soldiers develop a new set of beliefs and values while they are away and therefore completely depart from their original cultural orientation (Rubin, 2012). War veterans completely feel out of place when they return from combat […]

Revisiting the Minority Issue Viewed from a Statistical Standpoint: The Discovery of the Century

Being a minority in a foreign country is not easy; the issue concerning the rights of minorities and the unequal forces of minorities and the majority have been discussed long enough. However, due to the influx of immigrants into the U.S., as well as the development of the minority infrastructure and the increase in the […]

Justice and Social Equity

Introduction By virtue of the Stanford Encyclopedia of philosophy entries, both justice and social equity can be explained in relation to distributive justice and justice as a virtue. Justice can be defined as the concept of the rightness of morals. These morals are based on inter alia law, equity, ethics or natural law backed by […]

Value of Commercial Multiculturalism

People are able to move from one place and settle in other areas of the world. People from different backgrounds are found living together in different places especially urban areas. The immigrants exercise their cultural traits in their new area of settlement. However, in the areas where immigrants settle, the natives always have their culture […]

Glass Ceiling for Minorities and Women

The idea of diversity is applicable to various aspects of social relations, including workplace. Modern communities strive to develop rules and regulations that guarantee the equality of opportunities to people. However, many organizations fail to promote diversity, and in some cases, many groups of the population can be discriminated on the basis of their gender, […]

Modern Problems and Opportunities in our Society

Introduction In modern society, people are facing serious problems that have impacted negatively on their lives. These problems are social, economic or political problems (Davis, 2004). These problems have led to the deteriorating development in many countries of the world. The situation is severe in third world countries. The problems have caused immense suffering to […]

An Electrocution by Metal Kite Line

Description of the Case The case describes a death that occurred from electrocution while attempting to catch a cut down kite using a Laggi. The electrocution occurred while the 25-year-old male was taking part in a kite flying competition. This game is popular in many areas of the world. In India, the kites are made […]

Health Issues: Designing Senior Environments

The needs of seniors are critical as provided by Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA). This is because environment affects people’s behaviours, health, feelings and productivity. Designing senior environments process should consider human-environmental interactions. As such, it involves maintenance, protection and restoration of environments to promote proper behaviours and good health. In addition, the environment should […]

How do Migration and Urbanization Bring About Urban Poverty in Developing Countries?

Introduction Urbanization is the increase in the urban share of the total population. A report given by The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) states that urbanization has rapidly increased in Africa and Asia since the year 2000 (UNFPA, 2007). The report says this population will duplicate by the year 2030 and many of the new […]

Multiculturalism in Norway

Introduction Multiculturalism ideology is usually used as a way of enhancing integration of all ethnic groups within the society. It is an imperative concept that is quite controversial. Scholars continue to debate on this issue. Professionals and individuals are mostly interested in analysing the pros and cons of multiculturalism. It can be defined as a […]

Gramscianism Approach to Media

Introduction Media can be analysed using various approaches, including the Gramscianism approach. This method creates a link between the media and society by examining the factors that make the media what people know it. In discussing the Gramscianism approach, the keywords are race, media and culture. This paper looks at the Gramscianism approach to media. […]

Cultural Hybridization

Introduction Culture involves the beliefs, language, and social habits that define a group. According to Chen (2010), culture influences the way people communicate, and perceive each other. Cross-cultural communication entails the exchange of ideas between people of different origin (Zhang & Xu, 2007). Jandt (2001) noted that cross-cultural communication plays a very critical role in […]

Culture, Society, and Globalisation

Introduction International and rural-urban migrations are actively discussed by scientists because some aspects of these processes are still not thoroughly researched. It needs to be said that there are both benefits and adverse factors that are associated with immigration. It is paramount to note that international and rural-urban migrants have a mostly negative impact on […]

Effects of Ageing Population as Driving Force

Introduction One of the great accomplishments of the 20th century is improvement in life expectancy. For instance, demographic figures indicate that life expectancy in America has increased from 45 years in the early 1900s to 75.6 in the year 2004 (Feldstein 23). Nevertheless, improved life expectancy joint with decreasing birth rates is becoming a major […]

Multicultural and Diversity Issues

Interviewing culturally diverse candidates for a position can be challenging to the interviewing panel. In the case of Universities, students from different backgrounds are likely to apply for work-study positions due to the nature of the population in such an institution. The behavior portrayed by Sharon Eagle Feather during the interview is related to cultural […]

Measuring Poverty and Social Exclusion in Australia

Introduction Social exclusion has become a critical theme in social policy research, discourses, formulation and implementation. The concept has gained a significant role globally, specifically in Europe and Australia where various governments have adopted it in their social policy agendas. The paper highlights social exclusion and poverty in Australia and offers insights and challenges for […]

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Introduction It is without doubt that The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting will go down in history as the deadliest school shooting incident involving minors in America (Blad, 2013), and one which attracted a high number of calls to implement a multiplicity of school safety legislations aimed at protecting schools from gun-related violence (“School safety […]

Discrimination and Affirmative Action

Primary Moral Wrong Committed by Discrimination Discrimination is a social malpractice characterized by hatred, prejudice, and injustice. This malpractice is morally wrong. According to Arnold, Beauchamp, and Bowie (2012, p. 58), “the practice promotes inappropriate treatments on morally irrelevant grounds”. The practice also wrongs different individuals in the society. Moral philosophy (also called ethics) examines […]

Perception of Intelligence by Zullu and Kpelle

Abstract Perception of intelligence among different communities varies to a great deal depending on the socio-economic and political factors. The Kpelle people of Liberia had a different perception of intelligence from the Zulus of South Africa. The best way of measuring intelligence in such unique communities is to base the measurements on the local parameters. […]

Multiculturalism in America

Immigrants from all around the world have been coming to America ever since the continent was discovered. The reasons that made people travel across the ocean were different, but all of them pursued the same desire for better life and happiness. Someone escaped the oppression in their motherland, someone ran from poverty and starvation, someone […]

How We Can Attract Higher Quality Volunteers

Introduction For organisations like EW (Event Workforce), being able to attract volunteers is an integral aspect of the company’s success. The reason behind this is connected to the concept of “quality staffing” which is defined by having volunteers that have the capacity to take the initiative to resolve issues, are able to follow instructions promptly, […]

White Privilege in Contemporary society

The modern globalizing world is going through multiple changes. Diversity brought by merge and migration processes making the boundaries between nations, countries, cultures fade away is getting more and more intense every year. Public awareness of social diversity is also a developing phenomenon. It is demonstrated though the reflection of social and cultural diversity and […]

Social Divisions in Past and Modern World

Divisions based on various traits and characteristics of individuals are deeply rooted in our society. For a long time discrimination by gender or race has not even been identified as an issue. The problems of equality and equity started to be looked into and researched several decades ago when the world’s society started to base […]

Child Abuse Problems and Its Effects on a Future Child’s Life

Several Challenges in Writing the Literature Review Writing a literature review is not an easy task for many students; still, in case certain instructions are given and taken into consideration, the task can be properly completed in time. There are the three steps that should be followed while writing a review: to conduct research, create […]

Social Networks and Economic Applications

Social interactions are responsible for the influences in peoples’ beliefs, behaviors, and decisions. There are several examples of how social networks influence general economics and the modes of passing information. Social networks are also responsible for arbitrary decisions regarding hobbies, education, criminal activities, and careers. Several scholars have examined how social networks influence and shape […]

Application of Social and Cultural Capital

Introduction Humans are social beings, and thus everything that contributes to the development and environment of humanity revolves around social relations. Psychologists argue that a human’s life is shortened considerably when one is alienated from society. Human development is eternal as it takes place in the brain, but the quality of that growth is largely […]

Diversity Rates in Mercer County, West Virginia

Diversity rates are an essential indicator of the relationships between the members of the society, as well as the existence of ethnicity or race related stereotypes. It is crucial that the voice of every single member of the society should be heard, which is hardly possible once certain community is underrepresented in the society, be […]

Intervention, Training and Rehabilitation Programs at UCI

Introduction Gang brutality is a problem in every town in the world. According to the department of justice, there are more than 700000 gang members in the United States alone. In addition, there are more than 20000 gangs in the United States. This paper will explore gang violence, intervention, training and rehabilitation programs at UCI. […]

The Political Views of Muslim Americans

The political views of Muslim Americans compare to the rest of the American religious public The largest number of Americans believe that Muslims pose a threat to the American society. Many Americans remain skeptical of the Islamic anti-democratic tendencies a factor that has triggered fear among them (Ghazal 40). The Muslim religion has a bad […]

Feasting and Power in Southeast Asia

Introduction Feasting is a common practice in most societies in the world. The practice has persisted over time and space. It is common in contemporary society as it was common in traditional societies. The practice serves various purposes. For example, people feast to celebrate weddings, initiation, and such other events. The practice brings people together. […]

How Sociologists Understood Social/ Cultural Change

Introduction Social change is a noteworthy modification in behavior patterns and cultural beliefs and practices. Noteworthy modification in behavior patterns and practices refers to changes that yield profound social results. Social change is a process in which beliefs, attitudes and institutions of a society become altered. Numerous theories have been developed to explain the causes, […]

Community of Practice

Introduction Man is a social being thriving from human interaction. Human beings come together for the purpose of achieving common goals and practices. These common interests may include passion, experience, dreams and desires. A group of singers and instrumentalists come together because of their interest to form a band. Business persons may come together to […]

Corporal Punishment in America

Studies have indicated that over ninety percent of parents in America spank their children. This implies that almost every child in America is spanked by his/her parents at some point. Spanking has been defined as the utilization of physical force with the aim of making a child experience pain, but not injury (Henslin, 2007). Spanking […]

Social Networking as Participatory Surveillance

Violent Juveniles Incidents of juvenile crimes in the country have risen significantly over the past few decades. These crimes have escalated to include murder as in the case under discussion. This has led members of the society to call for juvenile offenders who perpetrate heinous crimes such as murder to be tried as adults. This […]

History of Vietnamese Diaspora

Memory is another Country: Women of the Vietnamese Diaspora The author of the book is Nathalie Huynh Chau Nguyen and the Praeger publishers printed it in 2009. The author is a renowned scholar in matters affecting women in society, particularly those living in foreign countries. Currently, she is an ARC Australian Research Fellow serving at […]

Exploring Representations of Difference and Disability. Building Blocks or Barriers?

Introduction: Children with Disabilities and the Modern World There are a lot of ways with the help of which children with disabilities can integrate into the modern world and become an integral part of it. However, researchers believe that among the most efficient interventions of all, children’s books with characters who are disabled as well […]

Education Society and the Curriculum

Beveridge’s Five Giant Social Evils According to Beveridge Report, also known as the Report of the Inter-Departmental Committee on Social Insurance and Allied Services of 1942, there were five giant social evils that were affecting the British society and which needed to be addressed urgently. This report identified these giant social evils as squalor, ignorance, […]

Suburbanization and Asian-White Segregation in U.S. Metropolitan Areas

Introduction The most significant twentieth-century trend is that suburbs became the dominant life style for Americans (Teaford, 2008). Whites experienced overwhelming suburbanization. In 1920, Whites and Blacks lived in suburbs almost equally: about one-third of each group’s residents. However, there was a dramatic increase in suburbanization after WWII. By that time, the Whites suburbanization rate […]

Native Americans: Social Issue

The native populations The estimates are that the current people who report to belong to the American Indians are 2.5 million. Compared to the whole of the American population, the number is significantly small. Moreover, this is just an estimate. The predictions are that the number might even be smaller. Given the small number, the […]

Participation by Voluntary Sector Organisations in Public Service Delivery presents Major Challenges to the Organisations

Introduction Voluntary organisations engage in the delivery of public services for various reasons in different nations across the globe. One such reason is to ensure that services are brought closer to the communities. Communities and voluntary sector organisations are critical since they help in “reforming public services and reinvigorating civic life” (Ponikiewski 2002, p.91). This […]

Isolated Families – Australia

While researchers consider poverty to be a primary reason for isolation, all individuals who are unable to participate socially or integrate themselves into the social realm, or without the necessary tools of power could be at a risk for isolation (Hayes, Gray& Edwards, 2008). Members of some community could face isolation as a result of […]

Reinventing Suicide Policy in Aboriginal Communities in Northern Ontario

Abstract Recent researches show that the rate of suicide among the First Nations young people is increasingly frightening, more so among Aboriginal people of North Ontario region of Canada. Estimates show that the rate of suicide among Aboriginal is 2-3 times higher as compared to that of non-Aboriginals of Canada (Health Canada, 2003) and when […]

Alcohol Abuse Among Elderly

Abstract Recently, there have been statistics showing a steady growing trend among the senior citizens. Most of these statistics are based on different research programs that have taken place especially in rehabilitation facility. This is because misuse of alcohol has been rising and the elderly have not been left behind. Generally speaking, alcohol is increasingly […]

Youth Culture: Youth Arts and the Regulation of Subjectivity

Introduction The youth culture is often viewed in a negative light. The term youth culture often evokes images of drugs addicts, sexually irresponsive people and criminals. Many programs have been started to help youths avoid engaging in such risky behaviours or help them stop participating in such activities for those who are already in it. […]

How customers behave when they are in a Hotel Reception

Introduction New customers are often disoriented when they are in a new hotel and therefore need assistance to find their ways around the hotel or have their needs met. They usually do not know whom ask for a help or advise or where to begin from. Taking an example of foreign tourists who often visit […]

Media’s Relationship to Anti-social Behavior

People in the world today engage in all kinds of anti-social behaviors. There is violence in almost every aspect of life. The abuse of drugs in the streets has become rampant because governments are not applying enough efforts to regulate such behavior. Gangs have increased significantly thereby declaring certain areas in big towns as hotspots. […]

Identity in Pop Culture Paper

Introduction Cultural diversity and female representation have become something more than some issues to discuss by scholars. The contemporary globalized world requires development of proper communicative strategies which could fit numerous situations. Gender roles have changed significantly during the past decades. It is important to note that popular culture (TV, films, music, etc.) and media […]

Perceptions of the Elderly toward the New Generation

Introduction The past couple of decades have seen the world’s population adopt various aspects of changes in terms of the food people eat, the entertainment activities they engage in, the modes of communication they use, their interests and other lifestyle changes. The main architects and pursuers of these transformative endeavors are the youths and the […]

Childhood Assumptions in Conflict Resolution

Childhood is an important developmental stage in the life of human beings. Of the different ways through which people enjoy their lives, the ones that took place during childhood are usually remembered with great fondness. This is because during this period, children are considered innocent. These formative years are considered by most people as the […]

Organizational analysis with reference to Social work

Introduction Organizations employ a vast range of social workers. These social workers are engaged in myriads of work within any organization. This work indeed varies from working in a large organization charged with production of goods to organizations that are predominantly engaged in designing and production of services aimed at satisfying communal and even individual […]

Classism as a Society Phenomenon

People in any given society usually form opinions about each. In most cases, these opinions are prejudiced and discriminative. The forming of opinion and categorization of people based on their social and economic status is termed as classism (Kadi 9). Like any other prejudiced and discriminative categorization, the economic and social status is used to […]

The verisimilitude or Reality of Social Mobility

Social development is the catchphrase of the American dream. It is the warrant to all punctilious society members in a nation that, despite its social-economic background, chances open up for all citizens to climb the social ladder. The only way an individual has a guarantee to climb up the social ladder is having appropriate education. […]

Child Behavior Is Worse Today Than It Was Ten Years Ago

Introduction Child behavior has been a common topic in most sociology and psychology debates. The main concern among practitioners in these fields has been the evolving characteristics of child behaviors over the past decades (Dukarm, 2011). For instance, the nature of child behavior in the fifties and sixties has significantly changed over the decades and […]

Youth Antisocial Behaviour: Britain

The problem of the youth antisocial behaviour in the British society is discussed at several levels. Today definite Antisocial Behaviour Orders are developed by the government as one of the main measures in order to control and correct the facts of antisocial behaviours in community. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of this practice is argued by the […]

Exploring the relationship between education and money

Socio-economic status (SES) is a combination of one’s occupation, income, and education. In America, there is a correlation between Socio-economic status (SES) and quality of life. In places (or communities) where there is higher Socio-economic status (SES), majority of people in those places have better opportunities such as jobs. As evident in US Census report […]

Bringing Our City Back: Changing the Cycle

Abstract The primary goal of the paper is to evaluate the significance of the students’ migration after the graduation and determine the reasons for the lack of desire to return to their hometowns. It was revealed that the university and college education is a necessity and beneficial for the society. Nonetheless, the issue related to […]

The Social Psychology of Health

Introduction From the olden days of human evolution, people have faced different challenges in the society. Nations encounter various challenges that directly or indirectly affect the economic standards of a country. These challenges vary from one individual to another and from one country to another. Vandiver (62) argues that some challenges faced by societies are […]

Child Soldiers in the Republic of Congo

The deadly conflicts experienced by the Democratic Republic of Congo at the end of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty-first centuries caused numerous negative consequences resulting in the severe social crisis in the country. The Second Congo War that started in 1998 has become one of the most dreadful armed conflicts of the […]

Self-help Groups and Treatment Groups Comparison

Self-Help Group A self-help group consists of people with similar problems, who wish to provide mutual support for each other. Self-help groups share a common problem in the sense that they suffer from a psychological or physical condition. The condition might be a result of a disease or a human condition. The main aim of […]

Youth Issues: The State Of Children’s Rights In UAE

The United Nations came into being on 24 October 1945 after the UN charter was ratified by most of the original 51 Members states. The main objective of the UN is to provide a platform for nations to come together and work for the well-being of the human race. It is premised on the principles […]

Assets and Social Development

Social development theory is aimed at exploring the changes in structure and way of society’s functioning to enable it to define its goals and objectives. According to this theory, development of the society is the result of its capacity to manage the resources to overcome challenges and use opportunities. Asset-based social development is related to […]

Technology and Children’s Social Skills

Introduction Technology has become a necessity in everyday life and children are so much affected by it. In schools we see desktops, laptops, notebooks, and cell phones used as learning tools, enhancements to teaching methods and, therefore, as catalysts of student learning in general. Some studies found that technology is effective in stimulating the developing […]

Social Work Practice with Mexican Americans

Abstract People coexist in different environments based on the theory of the general system and the ecology. The environment is meant for survival of all living things when all conditions are met. However, the scarcity of resources forces living things to adapt to environmental and ecological changes in order to survive. For economic success of […]

Bisman’s Social Work Values: The Moral core of Profession

Hypothesis In these modern days, acquired knowledge for professional purposes has replaced the core values and mission of social work in industrialized countries. The belief that the society has a moral obligation to cater for social needs of poor people has reduced considerably. Goal To establish the reasons behind shifting priorities from social objectives to […]

Is Britain a Meritocratic Society?

It was determined by history that people need a belief based upon which they would build their present and future. Here is where the need for formulating various concepts of society derives from. One of the popular approaches to defining society is that of the meritocratic society. First coined by Michael Young in his 1958 […]

Human Growth Discussions

Attachment and Culture Socio-cultural factors have a strong influence on attachment at various stages. One of the socio-cultural beliefs among many people around the world is that a fatherly figure is a sign of security (Dasgupta and Hauspie 45). This creates a unique bond between a father and other members of his family. The secure […]

‘The Effect of Enforcement on Merchant Compliance with the Minimum Legal Drinking Age Law’ by Richard Scribner and ‘Button Down Terror-A Metamorphosis of Hate Movement’ by Barbra Perry

Introduction In the world that we are living in, there are a lot of issues that affect the manner in which individuals of different age groups, gender, culture and backgrounds interact with each other. It is due to this fact that laws have been designed to ensure that the rights of every individual within the […]

Music and the Construction of Personal/Social Identities

Introduction Music is seen an essential communication channel. It offers a means through which individuals and groups can share their aims, values and emotions even though the spoken languages might be mutually incomprehensible. Music further provides dynamic links for human interactions, particularly individuals whose distinctive wants make other communication means rather difficult or demanding. Nowadays, […]

American and European Social Broad Mindedness

Culture can be regarded as a factor that influences thinking (Harms n. p). Culture comprises of attitudes, belief patterns, as well as, interactions that a group share, for instance, language, values, practices, and ways of communication. Americans, due to their culture, can be said to be lacking social broadmindedness, unlike the Europeans. This may be […]

Smart Watches

Introduction There is need for radical transformation on how ageism has been perceived and handled over the years. Old age and the associated impacts of aging have led to myriads of health complications, loss of memory, high dependency level, and loss of social touch with events taking place in the immediate world. This essay briefly […]

Generation Gap: Childhood, Adulthood, Old Age

The relations between the generations were always complicated. The older people always indicate that it their time the situation was different and people behaved in the different way. At the same period, the younger generation says about the impact of the modern tendencies, changes of the way of life that give an opportunity to claim […]

Prostitution in Bangkok

As far as prostitution in Bangkok is concerned, it has been estimated that here are about 200 European women and 500 Chinese women in the sex industry (Clark, 2005, p. 23). This has come to be referred to as the dark side of Thailand that people don’t know which portrays a narrow segment of life […]

Social Worker Working With Individuals of Minority Status

The Main Issues and Findings Reported in the Reading In this article, the main issue that arises is on how a social worker can help a minority group that is suspicious of his or her activities. It is the responsibility of the social worker to help, but the people to be helped do not trust […]

Critical Review: The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Social Change

The topic of social development and change has gained prominence during the past decade. Much has been written and said about the political, economic, cultural, psychological, and social factors of change. The modern study of social change marks a new stage in the development of social sciences. Here, fiction is believed to be an essential […]

Organisational Analysis With Reference To Social Work

Organizational analysis refers to evaluation of an organization’s systems, functions and capacity in order to enhance productivity and performance through increasing efficiency of the workers. It does so through study of the behaviors of people in order to create efficient relationships. It involves creation of work models based on theories that depict the way an […]

Addressing the Impacts of Undergraduates’ Engagement in Community Service on Stakeholders

Introduction Background Information Community service as a concept has gained popularity throughout the world for various reasons. Perold & Rahmat (1997:14) are of the view that this concept is gaining popularity in discourses taking place throughout the world. This is especially the case in community development discussions. Bryant & West (2011) views community service as […]

Globalization as a change process

Globalization has been considered as a significant source of both economic and social change. It has been achieved through development of sophisticated systems of communication and technology. Today, the ability to understand, incorporate and ultimately embrace globalization towards stabilization of the global economy remains the central facet in leveraging social-economic development, political stability and fostering […]

Effects of Incest: are children of incest prone to sexual exploitation and antisocial behavior?

Introduction The subject of incest has in the past two decades received a lot of attention and representation in the literature. This attention has risen from the recognition that incest is the most prevalent form of child sexual abuse (Hendricks-Matthews, 1991). This abuse is a violation of the child’s physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing and […]

Effects and causes of cell phone Usage Among male

Abstract This Study will be carried out to establish the causes and effects of cell phone use among male students at Al Ittihad National School. It will specifically determine the various factors that may cause the use of cell phones among the male students, and how the use can affect the students in the several […]