Overpopulation Essay Examples and Topics

Problems of Population Growth in China

China is the world’s most densely populated country and makes up one-fifth of today’s world’s total population. The country’s large population, rapidly changing demographic patterns and future uncertainties has caught the attention of policy makers worldwide (Riley 3). The country’s rapidly growing economy and its demographics are a proof that China will be in the […]

Birth Control

Introduction Birth control or control of population growth has been a raging debate for centuries because it is a sexual issue that religion, traditions, politics, and the entire society has silenced and laden it with lots of taboos. During the ancient times, sex and sexuality had been under immense silence as no one was supposed […]

Population and Sustainability

The growing population of the world is cause for concern since the food and energy resources are not expanding fast enough to keep up with population growth. Strategies that reduce population growth are therefore welcome by the international community. The United Nations has established a link between population and development with modest and sustainable population […]

The Policy of One Child Per Couple in China: Death and Birth Rate

Abstract This paper examines the policy of one child per couple in china. This is in regard to the composition of the population of this country. A number of statistics are going to be illustrated and analyzed at length. An important data to be analyzed is the population growth rate data for both males and […]

Pakistan Fertility Profile

There is still some substantial controversy over the practice of contraception in Pakistan. Although Pakistan’s total fertility rate, 5 births per woman or more in 2000, has declined in this decade, Pakistan still remains among the most fertile countries in the world (Sathar 1). National programs designed to reduce fertility levels have seen minimal success […]

Current and future population problems in Pakistan

Introduction Economic analysts and their political counterparts are yet to concur on the truth of the allegations by the Population Association of Pakistan that effective population control measures have been put in place to reduce the population problems in Pakistan. Despite the slight decline in the total fertility of Pakistan since the start of this […]

Exponential Population Growth: It Is a Small World, After All

Human population growth problem is a double-sided sword. On the one hand, a state needs competent employees, efficient workers, confident leaders and fearless warriors to sustain its standards of living and be highly valued among the rest of the countries of the world. On the other hand, exponential population growth leads to poverty and unemployment, […]

The Chinese One Child Policy, Its Origin and Effects

Introduction One child policy is a measure that was adopted by the Chinese government in order to control the country’s population growth. As a family planning method, the one child policy was adopted by the highly populated country to limit the number of children that married couples are allowed to have. This paper seeks to […]

High Population Growth

Introduction High population growth is a problem than has affected the economies of a myriad of developing countries all over the world. Poverty, insecurity, unemployment, lack of sanitation, poor health facilities, lack of adequate education facilities are all aspects of countries that face the problem of high population growth. This paper investigates the causes of […]

Proposal Modeled on Swift’s Modest

China has been the most highly populated country in the world for innumerable years. Its population on December 1st 2010 was approximately 1,355,033,812 (Population of China 2010 n. p.). From a head count of almost 660 million in 1961, the figure rose rapidly and crossed the one billion mark between 1981 and ’82 (Population of […]

Overpopulation Benefits

Introduction The growth and development of the human race has over the centuries grown exponentially. This can be attributed to the various social, cultural, economic, political and anthropological factors that influence man’s perception and course of action. Additionally, in a bid to ensure the survival of the race and also satisfy their need to procreate, […]

Effects of Population Density

Population density is defined as the number of people living in a specific geographical area (Rylander, 2006). The higher the population density there is, the higher human activity that geographical activity will have. This explains why densely populated areas exert more pressure on the immediate environment, which includes the natural resources and the infrastructural resources. […]