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Bling H2O: Brand Of Mineral Water

Besides, it has a median age of 35 and is the economic hub of Australia, for example, out of the 54 banks operating in the continent, 44 have their headquarters in Sydney.
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Human Population Growth and Limiting Factors

Predation is also another major factor since the carrying capacity changes with a change in the number of predators and thus the growth of the population is affected according to Campbell and Reece.
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Benefits of Urbanization

Urbanization is in most cases associated with the human movement from the rural to the urban areas. This is as a result of increased population in the rural areas in relation to the lands and [...]
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Root Causes of the Current Environmental Crisis

With scientists pointing at over-consumption of natural resources, coupled with overpopulation amongst nations, still, there is a school of thought who holds the idea that modern capitalism happens to be the root cause of the [...]
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Rapid Urbanization and Underdevelopment

The essay through examples of the developing world and the developed world establishes the linkage between rapid urbanization and underdevelopment in both; the cities as well as the outlying peripheral areas.
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English Economist Thomas Malthus

His theory provided that ultimately the size of the population would reach a level whereby there would be a limit to the available resources and any subsequent increase in the number of people would cause [...]
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Abortions and Birth Control

As a result the overall mortality of women increases in the countries where legal abortions take place. The general point of view in decreasing the number of abortions is the use of contraceptives as a [...]
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Population Grows And Environment

The changes involve all the aspects of the population such as population growth and movement into a country or from one country to another.
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Urban Anthropology: City Life Analysis

We are going to explore the reasons and the ways the urbanization process develops and try to see the whole picture of the problem we are dealing with in the current research paper.
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Areas of High Population Growth

Child mortality rates are distributed unevenly among the population, with six out of seven million child deaths occurring in families with low income.
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Birth Control Against Overpopulation

Based on the information presented, it can be seen that the current growth of the human population is unsustainable in the long run due to the finite resources on the planet.
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Human Population Growth and Carrying Capacity

There are several factors that contribute to this process; for instance, one can speak about the improvement of healthcare, increasing life expectancy, and the growing availability of food in various developing countries.
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The Impact of Overpopulation on the Global Environment

In support of the motion that the global population is too large and that the United States and other industrialized countries should support active measures to control population growth in the developing world, it is [...]
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Overpopulation: Causes, Effects and Consequences

The primary objective is to highlight the deplorable consequences of overpopulation and thereby persuade people not to overpopulate. In the past, poor people gave birth to a lot of children to make up for high [...]
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Overpopulation Combating Analysis

Advances in industry and production provide clothes and items for the growing population to use, thus creating and maintaining a higher standard of living.
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Australian Population Growth and Forecast for 2020

Australia is one of the countries experiencing rapid population growth that tends to be a threat to the economy. The commonwealth seemed to have released their estimation of the 2020 population including that of Australia [...]
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Population Dynamics and Increase Reasons

However, if the death rate is minimal, meaning that the life expectancy of a particular population is high then, the population will increase. The first way of slowing population growth is by controlling the rate [...]
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Malthus’s Demographic Disaster and Its Prevention

The implication is that Malthus did not mean to claim that the humankind was doomed to a speedy apocalypse at the time of his writing; rather, he was saying that the resources available to people [...]
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Population Growth Control and Malthus’ View on It

Nevertheless, most of the population trends that have transpired in the course of history have caught the world by surprise. One of the factors that have facilitated the fast population growth is the reversal in [...]
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Urbanization in Hong Kong and Effects on Citizens

However, "while the proportion of people living in small cities is expected to decline, the million-plus cities accounting for about 40% of the total urban population in 2011 is expected to increase to 47% percent [...]
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Global Population Increasing and Control

Survival for the fittest hypothesis: If the population is not controlled, the natural selection aspect will work efficiently to ensure that the best species of the human race survive.
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Population Growth and the Associated Concerns

This was a huge increase, especially in the light of the fact that the replenishment of natural resources consumed by the population takes ages, not to mention the fact that some resources, such as crude [...]
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Overpopulation Challenges in China

The population crisis in China has become a global issue, owing to the numerous contributions that the country makes towards the activities of the international community.
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Birth Control

From a perspective of political economy, control of the population is a matter that is in the sphere of women, and thus they deserve to have right to their sexuality and reproduction.
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Population and Sustainability

In the UN 1994 strategy, the role of women in developing nations was to be changed. If the current rate of population growth in developing nations continues uninterrupted, the food produced will not be enough [...]
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Pakistan Fertility Profile

Pakistan is expected to have more population than Brazil by the year 2025 based on the trends in its population and fertility in the past.
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Current and future population problems in Pakistan

This paper investigates the population problem in Pakistan by suggesting the possible reasons for the current population trends, the effects they have on the country, possible solutions to the prevailing population problems and future predictions [...]
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Exponential Population Growth: It Is a Small World, After All

Since religious controversies often stand in the way of adopting birth-controlling strategies, which results in a number of people living beyond the poverty line, a reasonable compromise between the state policy on birth control and [...]
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High Population Growth

This paper investigates the causes of high population growth, determines the consequences of high population growth, suggests policy approaches that can be used to contain high population growth and examines the effectiveness of policies employed [...]
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Proposal Modeled on Swift’s Modest

Interestingly, the increase in population in the two decades within a 1961-1981period is more or less equal to the increase in the subsequent three decades between 1981-'82 and 2010.
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Overpopulation Benefits

With this in mind, this paper shall set out to evaluate the impacts of overpopulation to the political, cultural, anthropological and economical perspectives to various economies and societies.
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Effects of Population Density

Engineering controls are practices and methods put in place in order to reduce the amount of noise released to the people working or living in a specific environment.
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