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Marketing Plan Timeline: Press Waffles Essay

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Updated: Jul 21st, 2022

The marketing plan discussed in this work requires a detailed timeline in order to achieve the goals established. Given that Press Waffles can be regarded as a part of the specialty eatery industry which is focused primarily on customer intimacy, these notions will have to be reflected as soon as possible. Thus, the first major objective to be achieved is securing the attention of the target audience and conveying the mission statement developed by enforcing specific promotion techniques. This aim can be accomplished within the first month of the marketing campaign, during which the notions of enhanced customer experience and the uniqueness of the product will be translated. Moreover, the alterations to the standard menu will be addressed as an element of the advertisement, certifying that the target group is aware of the ongoing developments.

Simultaneously with the first stage, the product changes will be launched as part of the marketing plan. This includes adjusting the current menu of Press Waffles and adhering to larger groups of clientele. Launching the original vegan waffle and vegan toppings will be an important element of the timeline. It is suggested that the promotion and distribution of the new product will be completed within the first month of the campaign.

After that, the next step of the approach implemented encompasses utilizing additional pricing options, which are imperative for the company’s future development. The initial change to the current system consists of offering a Press app, which provides the customers with supplementary mechanisms for purchasing our products and receiving extra benefits from maintaining continued loyalty. If the number of new clientele increases, it will be more effective to propose the use of the application. Finally, as the steps discussed have been fulfilled, another location in Mequon will be opened, presenting the clientele with a new café and securing further profits. A substantial level of interest and sustainable customer flow is of exceptional need for the conclusion of the last activity.

According to the timeline examined, there are several goals to be accomplished during the marketing campaign. These objectives include receiving successful customer feedback after the launch of the promotion plan, as well as securing stable levels of clients’ interest in the new product. Furthermore, it is crucial to accomplish credible statistics regarding the number of vegan waffles sold, which should corroborate the proposed figures. Another aim will be the popularity of the Press app, which should rise steadily after its launch. Lastly, a specific number of customers should continue using the suggested benefits, as well as visit the newly opened location. Hopefully, these statistics will increase continuously, enhancing the distribution of the novel product.

In order to control the achievement of the goals and assess the overall flow of the marketing campaign’s success, particular metrics will be used to determine these characteristics. A significant measure will be the number of customers served at the distribution points after the vegan waffle introduction, as well as the statistics regarding the product sold. The clients’ interest in the newly included menu option will be evaluated by comparing the amounts of current and novel waffles dispensed. After that, the percentage of clientele utilizing the Press app will be ascertained, including the number of loyal clients and the frequency of additional benefits used. Finally, the customer flow at the Mequon café will serve as another indicator of the campaign’s affluence.

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