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XYZ Company Business Ethics Management Essay


A company’s name is crucial to the success of a business. XYZ will be the name of this company. It will manifest the culture of openness, trust and integrity as prescribed in the manifesto of the company.

XYZ will be the brand that the public will assign to the organization. It creates the first impression to the customer and gives a hint to them as regards to what the business will be doing. It will create a good reputation, which will help harness the trust gradually from the customers. XYZ is an easy name, which does not confuse the customers and will be even easier to brand the company using the name.

XYZ will also design its logo to ensure that its philosophy and mission can be visualized from it. A logo will create a distinctive visual company with another company. It will symbolize a pictorial representation of some of the products the company will be producing. Having the logo contain some of the products the company produces, will create a desire from the customers to inquire more about the products and this may convince potential buyers to buy the products.

Having the logo contain some of the products the company will be selling will ensure that advertising is done efficiently and that customers have a distinctive feature that they identify the company with over their competitors. The logo will also ensure that high quality products such as those contained in it are offered to the customers since they already have a visual image of how the products will look like.

XYZ mission declaration will act as an invariable reminder to its workers of why the corporation exists and what the organizers envisioned when they put up the idea of establishing the organization and decided to put in their money. XYZ mission declaration will be offering high quality merchandise to make sure customer’s contentment is realized. This will motivate every employee of XYZ to work towards achieving this goal of producing high quality products.

Once this is achieved, it will create trust from the customers hence ensuring a good reputation of the company is created. This statement gives the customers assurance that the products they purchase from the company are of high quality and definitely, they will meet their expectations. XYZ will be obligated to ensure that the promise of producing high quality products is met and hence every worker will be working towards making this a reality.

XYZ will provide total solutions by offering a wide range of customized technical, application and after sales services support which include consultation, development, implementation, knowledge transfer, installation, commissioning and after-sales support (Treviño, & Nelson, 2011). Our services will include installation of wireless network, repair and maintenance of computers while our products will include laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Our products will are made to meet the expectation of the customer and hence they are of high quality and meet the standards set by the technology board. Our products will have a one-year warrant hence ensuring that the customer’s welfare is maintained. XYZ will accommodate any complains from customers resulting from bought items and act conveniently. The products are made in line with our mission statement and hence they are of high quality.

The code of ethics will prescribe the code of behaviour that is expected to be observed in XYZ. The code of ethics in XYZ will include the following:

Contribute to society and human well-being.

This standard will make sure that the value of life of all persons affirms a commitment to care for vital human rights and revere the multiplicity of all cultures. Acknowledging different cultures and respecting their diversity will that a peaceful coexistence be maintained. The main aim of XYZ will be minimizing negative consequences of computing systems, including threats and safety. It would be moral to make others identify any possible harm to the local or global milieu.

Be acquainted with and revere existing laws as regards to professionalism.

Every employee of XYZ must obey existing local, state, province, national, and international laws. This ensures that no conflicts that exist between the company and the affected members. Honour material goods rights including copyrights and government grant.

Infringement of copyrights, exclusive rights, trade furtive and the terms of license accords are unlawful according to the bylaw. Even though software is not very confined, copying should always be made after appropriate approval is made. Unauthorized copying of materials must not be allowed and hence appropriate action must be taken to prevent this.

Revere the confidentiality of others.

Computing knowledge allows the compilation and swapping of private information without the familiarity of the fretful party. Thus, there is augmented likelihood of breaching the confidentiality of such persons and groups. XYZ employees are supposed to take precautions to ensure the accuracy of data as well as protecting it from unauthorized individuals. This ethics ensures that every employee’s information is safe and well protected from unworthy people.

Be reasonable and take action never to show favouritism.

The principles of parity, open-mindedness, respect for others, and the component of fairness is what preside over this policy. Inequity based on race, gender, faith, age, disability, state origin, or other features is forbidden in the XYZ corporation. In this company, all employees have equal opportunity to engage in, or benefit from, the use of the company’s resources regardless of race, sex, religion, age, disability national origin or other such related factors.

In addition to this, employees are entitled to frequent trainings and conferences to help them gain experience and new skills. This will increase specialisation and ensure that employees are exposed to the emerging trend in the technology world. This is also in line with ensuring that the employees’ welfare is observed.

This training will involve exposing junior employees to new skills, motivation of employees and engaging every employee to decision making regarding the company. Resulting from these trainings, employees will gain experience, new skills hence they have chances of being promoted, and their productivity will definitely increase. The output per worker is going to increase hence increasing the total production of the company.

Unethical Behaviour

-XYZ will keep away from the intention and manifestation of unprincipled or give and take tradition in relations and exchanges.

– illegal use of corporate trade furtive and advertising, functioning, workers, financial, source code, and technological information essential to the success of our corporation will not be accepted.

-XYZ workers will not make use of company chattels or company relations for private use or gain.

-XYZ would not sanction immodesty at any time and would operate with high moral standards and dependably in accord to the laws.


  • Any infractions of these policy and principles will not be endured and XYZ will act rapidly in spotting the problem if the moral code is kaput.
  • Any member of staff found to have besmirched this guiding standard may be subjected to counteractive action, up to, as well as termination of service.

In addition to this, XYZ will have policy of solving conflicts between employees. There will be no discrimination when determining such cases and the right action will be taken according to the law of the company and the extent of the conflict. The disciplinary committee will exercise justice and hence fairness will determine the solution to the conflict.

According to the code of ethics 1.4, (respects for the privacy of others), it would be wrong to access the information of other employees without their permission. The high-level technical employee is hence subject to being persecuted due to this violation.

According to the principled policy of the corporation, unlawful use of the company’s trade furtive and marketing, private, monetary source policy and technological information is against the law. This technical employee will expose this information to the competitor firm and hence XYZ will sue this former employee due to this. XYZ has the right of suing this employee because he was aware of the prescribed code of conduct regarding the violation that he did.

This will enable XYZ retrieve the important information that could be used by its competitor negatively to challenge it and which may have had negative consequences to the company. The company has to be watchful because competitors will always try as much as possible to bring it down.


Treviño, L. K., & Nelson, K. A. (2011). Managing business ethics: Straight talk about how to do it right. New York: John Wiley.

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