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Kalimah Brand’s Facebook Networking Group Report

The quality of products and services discussed

The quality of Kalimah Brand products is very high. The designs are eye-catching with Arabic calligraphy and well-blended colors that appeals to all generations. Since the brand was launched back in the year 2008, its designs have never failed to turn heads. The designs are characterized by Arabian coffee dallahs that have been infused with pink shades to make exotic and stylish combinations. The Arabic sayings embedded on most of the polo shirts and the colorful Najdi flats beat many other brands in both quality and artistry. Kalimah Brands are unique because they also use traditional shimagh in the design of their pieces. This adds a Saudi and Khaleeji flare to the outfits. Even the garments and other materials used in the making of the products are chosen very selectively. The garments are modified with embroidery and print to add the value and quality of all the company’s merchandise.

How it Affected our Team

Marketing an international clothing brand like Kalimah Brand had a lot of significance to our group. The company itself has set high standards in the way it produces and designs its products so we had to be extra careful not to undersell the company. The company has designed products that have been bought all over the world. For this reason, my group had to come up with a very strong marketing campaign. Brainstorming and effecting the marketing idea forced us to engage in a lot of dialogue, coming up with a lot of trial options and active participation of everyone.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Groups as Networking Avenues

Facebook use is so popular worldwide, which makes it a very brilliant avenue for getting your brand known out there. By using the site it is easy to know the number of people liking your product and also the number that is talking about it. Facebook also snowballs, in that when a user likes your group, it shows on their profile and Facebook news feeds so all their friends can also see it. Using Facebook also gave us the advantage of using images.

The disadvantage of using Facebook is that being a social networking site, users are more focused on chatting with their friends. Therefore many Ads go unnoticed.

Explanation of the Kalimah Brand for Creating Group

Being the most widely used social site, we decided that creating a Facebook group would allow for an integration between the company’s e-store, our Facebook page and the customers. The group we created for marketing the brand was the most optimal way of creating a forum for discussion that would involve the target market. It provided the customers with an avenue for airing their contentment, suggestions and complaints. Through Facebook customers can also know of other sales outlets such as the e-store.

Potential of Such a Networking Group

Advertising through Facebook groups has so many benefits that have the potential of putting the Kalimah Brand on the international map. Since it is a social network, its adverts seem more relevant than those done on other sites such as email because they come from friends. A message from a friend is more relevant than that from a stranger that comes in the form of spam, newsletter or junk mail. Using Facebook to market is like giving people the power to market to their friends without knowing. Since the message remains on someones wall, it can reach so many people over a long period.

My Reflective Report

The practical experience we gained while working on the Kalimah Brand complemented the marketing skills we had learnt in theory in a big way. It gave us the opportunity to reflect and learn. We are now able to make sense of our learning experience and also create better projects in the future. Each one of us is a better team player and we all have the ability to impart other teams with the required practical skills in our future endeavors. We are also more knowledgeable than before especially about the Saudi fashion trends and business habits. For instance, now we know that Most Arabians use Facebook as their means of networking with friends and business.

The process was so much engaging and inspiring. Since Kalimah Brand has already branded itself as a fashionable quality company, we had to use knowledge and skill so as to get more people to talk about it, try its products and trust it. This required us to be more dedicated as we progressed through the phases. We all had to sacrifice many personal interests and hobbies. Depending on the individual, we spent less time with friends, watched less movies, spent less time doing sports, among other sacrifices. The reaction of Facebook users after we had completed designing and creating the Facebook group was however overwhelming. We were all proud of our respective sacrifices as they made us realize that in order to make impact on any area, we had to dedicate our strength, time and resources.

Working with the group also created a few conflicts based on opinion. People have different opinions and sometimes I was forced to disregard mine to accommodate others’.

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