Identity Essay Examples and Topics

The Story of Viet Nam: From Prehistory to the Present written by Shelton Woods

The history of Vietnam is one of the most controversial subjects for historians and researchers interested in the Asian Studies because of a lot of associated political and social events, religious and cultural aspects which are interdependent. The historians’ task is to provide a comprehensive narrative about the history of the country in order to […]

Indian Identity in UK

The terms Indian Britons, Indian British, or British Indian are used in reference to people residing in the United Kingdom but whose ancestral origin is India. This comprises of people who were born in the United Kingdom but whose descendants are Indian and all Indian- born individuals who migrated to the United Kingdom. Presently, there […]

Culture and Identity

Culture is a term that refers to the set of social beliefs and customs that govern a particular group of people. In every group of people whether religious, social or racial there exists an underlying culture that defines them. In simple terms, culture refers to a people’s way of life. The cultural heritage of a […]

Jewish Identity in America

In his article “Identity and Jewish Education”, Cohen (2008) postulates that sociologists determine Jewish identity according to the three B’s components: “Belief, Behavior, and Belonging” (p.75). I was born in a secular family of four children. However, my father used to attend synagogue only on major holidays, to be part of our Jewish community or […]

Canadian Identity

Introduction The identity of Canadians relies on certain features and codes established, ratified, and embraced for years (Morton, 1972). The major influences on the identity of Canadians started in the early 1800s. At that time, the French immigrants arrived at Acadia and the River valleys of St. Lawrence. Also, the English began colonizing Newfoundland. These […]

Social Psy of Social Categorization

Through the work of Waillet & Roskam (2012), it was noted that social categorization can be interpreted as a manifestation of the human drive to “belong” in that humans have a tendency to seek for social interactions and be part of a group which results in creation of group specific labeling and identification. Catrina (2012) […]

Social Identity in Social Psychology

Introduction Social identity within the discipline of social psychology provides a fundamental way of defining individuals when it is necessary to do. We use this criterion to distinguish between a personal identity and an individual’s different group identities. In this regard, social psychologists have come with several models of social identity theories in their attempts […]

Influence of the Fashion Attributes on the Social Status and Personal Identity

Introduction The fashion industry is always under high attention and the vehement discussion due to its changing and unpredictable nature and sometimes-scandalous outfits. Moreover, fashion has a high influence on the various aspects of everyday life such as the cities’ development (Pandolfi 2015). Furthermore, fashion is often associated with luxury, underlines one’s social status, and […]

Postcolonialism in the Works of Basquiat and Gordon Bennett

As humans, we are able to identify ourselves as persons. However, there is also the language, the culture, the mentality embedded in our consciousness, and thus we perceive the concept of “I” within the framework of a much more extensive and complicated concept, which is the “nation.” Postcolonial studies, which are the matter of our […]

Hall, Stuart. “Introduction: Who Needs ‘Identity’?” Questions of Cultural Identity.

Stuart Hall focuses on a very important issue concerning identity. The issue has been considered by many thinkers and there is no single answer to the question raised by Hall: who does need ‘Identity’? Hall claims that to answer this question it is necessary to analyze such notion as “identification” (2). Hall states that identification […]

Subjectivity and Aspects of Contemporary Identity

According to Tracy Marafiote, the phrase individual is associated with three terms- self identity, subjectivity and agency- which are expressed as salient aspects of human being (2004, p.2). The degree to which different scholars stress or ignore subjectivity reveals perceptions of the person as an individual and vice versa. Self or subjectivity focuses on the […]

Identity of an international student

Introduction From the view point of a student, identity can be said to be that behavior that an individual or a group of persons symbolizes by showing how they interact with each other as well as how they represent their culture of origin (Baumeister, 2004, p. 252). Definition of Identity According to Baumeister (2004, p. […]

Identity Development Process

Introduction The process of identity development among individuals is rooted at infant stage, and develops significantly until it clearly emerges out at adolescence stage. It has been revealed that, the major goal of many adolescents is to achieve a specific identity in order to avoid any form of confusion in their future lives. According to […]

Identity and Diaspora

Introduction Identity is marked out by differences in the surrounding or context within which an individual or thing is found. Differences are what make an individual or a group of people identifiable or definable. The identity of a person and what he uses, his culture and language are closely connected. Language and culture act as […]

Why We Are Responsible For Being Born

In our societies, persons identify themselves with individual and group identities. Every person is considered to be related to a certain race, religion, and other social aspects of life (Appiah, 2005). Identity refers to the unique characteristics that an individual or a group possesses. The characteristics of a certain group influence whether an individual will […]

African identity

American scholars studying the topic of slavery and in particular African slavery have engaged each other on the issue of African identity. Many of these debates have focused on the ethnological labeling of Africans based on their ethnic identities. One such ethnic grouping that has managed to draw a lot of attention is the Igbo […]

Disruption of Identity

American identity is an issue that has attracted serious debates in social, economic and political spheres. In the USA, naturalization is one of the mechanisms of acquiring citizenship. In this case, a person born in another territory that is not part of the U.S is granted citizenship through successful application. One of the challenges that […]

Importance and Challenges of Hyphenated Identity

Cultural identity is among the most important factors identifying personal affiliation. It also characterizes individuals’ attitude to various social and ethnical issues. Moreover, culture identifies our feelings, as well as how it influences our vision of the world. According to Bautista, “our cultural identity is weighted against the other as our feelings of acceptance change […]

Language and Political Theory in Construction of Japanese Identity

In part, the idea of Japanese identity was shaped by two important forces, namely language and political theory or ideology. In particular, these factors influenced many philosophers, political scientists, and linguists who attempted to single out the main distinctions of Japanese people and their society. This paper is aimed showing how language and political theory […]

Transitions, Repetitions, Comparisons and Contrasts as Robidoux’s Basic Strategies

The introduction Some basic issues While analyzing the article written by Michael A. Robidoux, it is necessary to highlight the basic strategies the author uses in his work. It must be pointed out that Robidoux relies on specific rhetorical strategies, in order to assure readers that his arguments are reliable. The author investigates the genesis […]

Du Bois Concept Of “Double Consciousness”

It is one thing to be fully accepted in the society and another to struggle hard in order to gain cognizance due to one’s racial background. It is this feeling of alienation that prompted Du Bois, a sociologist to come up with the concept of ‘double consciousness’. Being a Black-American himself, Du Bois attempted to […]

The Native Americans: Origin, Society and Culture

Several works has been done with regard to the Native Americans concerning their origin, sufferings, war, society, language and culture. This paper attempts to explore awareness of, concern for, and identity for the coming generation. Besides aspects of significant identity with local geographical region of the Native Americans is applauded. Finally, the paper looks at […]

Developing Person’s Identity

Gender, religious, economic or social class aspects in the development of a specific character’s identity Each person is unique, that’s why we should respect other person’s world-views and opinions and take them into account. Such attitude will help both to broaden our personal horizon and develop some person’s identity. According to Gines (2003), one’s family […]

Environment and Identity

An environment refers to the surroundings of an object. An environment can be categorized into two broad categories: Cultural environment; which explains the culture that an individual lives in as well as the people and institutions that they interact with, and the biophysical environment; which examines the physical and biological factors along with their chemical […]

The Issue of Person’s Identity

What makes someone who he/she is lies in that person’s identity. One’s identity is usually shaped by various things or experiences. A person’s identity is very important. Everyone’s identity is usually influenced by the many thing, or even the events in one’s life. A person’s country of origin, his/her family and friends or one’s possessions […]

Self and Social Construction

This essay summarizes an article by Landolt and Haller and an extract from Mansfield’s book ‘Theories of the Self from Freud to Harraway’. From the two works, it is deciphered that although self identity is complicated and non reducible, social learning plays a critical role in Identity formation. Immigrants often choose to settle in states […]

Formation of Raced Identities in Young Children

Formation of Raced Identities in Young Children This section answers the question of formation of raced identities in young children, the way they learn it and its implications. At the outset of this paper, it is critical to note that this ideology of race was strongly rooted in Social Darwinism, and its core elements, which […]

GCC Nationalism

Even though a nation has been viewed for a long time through the prism of its heritage, as well as its contribution to the rest of the world, it seems that a new approach of evaluating a nation is soon coming into full force – a country and a nation is soon going to be […]

Asian Americans Hispanics

Although most Asian Americans are culturally assimilated (Americanized), they often encounter racism as people of foreign-origin, because of their distinctive Asian racial appearance. The Asian Americans have to face racism because they are assumed to have close ties with their Asian ethnic culture. The Americans always feel that Asian Americans do not belong to their […]

The multiple levels of negotiations and resistance to hybrid identity put in place by South Asians living in the West

Introduction South Asians were the first Asian immigrants to arrive in the United States of America in the 19th century after the discovery of gold in California. The term ‘South Asians’ is a hybrid identity of the current Asian immigrants from the seven Asian countries that include Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri […]

Gender and National Identity in the UAE

Introduction Different societies and countries have had unique gender relations, gender rights and national identity characteristics during different eras of their history. This uniqueness and diversity is a function of various factors including religion, history of a society, socio-political fundamentals, as well as unique societal cultural factors. It is needless to mention that most societies […]

Where Do I Belong? What Makes Identity

One of the most complicated notions in the modern world, identity is the most crucial aspect of a human’s existence. Once losing his/her identity, a human being cannot live the full life and practically becomes deprived of an essence of life. Because of its versatility and the number of issues it touches on, identity must […]

Australian Identities: Indigenous and Multicultural

Introduction Equality is one of the issues that people in various societies have continued to fight for since time immemorial. Nobody would like to treated in a lesser manner than other people when in a similar situation. It is for this reason that there have been campaigns for gender equality and other forms of standardization […]

Perception of Others and Ourselves

Introduction Human beings are social creatures who perceive others and themselves through their social environment. Social environment is an immediate environment that acts as a mirror for the people to perceive themselves relative to others. The dominant factor in the social environment that significantly affects our perception is the social class that has set virtual […]

Fashion helps us to define and show who we are and what we do

Introduction Fashion is like a kind of visual arts: people come to Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion show and express their excitement the same way they do at the Louvre when looking at da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Fashion is like sports: everybody wants to outstrip competitors and be the best. Fashion is like a magic wand: it […]

Shaping Your Identity

Thesis There can be very little doubt as to the fact that experiences do play rather important role in defying the essence of one’s identity and also in how a particular individual perceives such an identity. Nevertheless, the application of strictly environmentalist approach to dealing with identity-related discourses cannot be considered fully appropriate. In this […]

Art and Identity

Introduction Art depicts people’s identity in all its dimensions. In this essay, through explaining notions of identity in relation to art, it will become clear enough that art depicts the fullness of individuals’ identity. When it comes to identity, two distinct categories emerge i.e. personal identity and collective identity. Considering how art is used and […]