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Identity Performance in Virtual Communication Essay

Throughout history, humans employ various tools and devices that can enhance their physical self. Nowadays, technology and virtual space serve to empower our mental self that does not only modify our behavior but also changes the way people perceive the surrounding world. The tight relationship between humans and technology is evident because more and more people are united through social networks and internet websites. Technology takes the leading role in shaping people’s identity by presenting various performances online and developing new selves. A shift from face-to-face interaction to online communication also alters the techniques by which individuals control the impression they have on other people. Particular attention should be given to the purpose we have while communicating through such famous networks as FaceBook and Twitter because there are several digital devices, including an avatar, gaming, and instant messaging that characterize people’s actual intentions and promote their second identity.

While interacting online, people strive to create new, idealized versions of themselves, which is impossible to restore in reality. They can change their avatars, exchange ideas, and express their opinions about specific statements. While acting in a virtual space, there is an opportunity to conceal the side of the character that you want to keep a secret and, vice versa, it is a good chance to demonstrate the strong qualities of your personality. Hence, technology can be compared with a kind of accessories using which individuals complement their images. Interacting in a virtual space allows me to be in close touch with my friends, relatives, and colleagues, which is impossible to control while communicating in a real life. Therefore, social networks provide me with a sense of connection with the community. What is more important, it allows me to create the image that I would like other people to perceive, but not the one that is controlled by a social medium. It amplifies the strongest attributes of my personality and shapes the best features of my identity.

While communicating online, I prefer using the username YLKZ on a second life as a symbol of my girlfriend and me being together. Hence, when I am not with my girlfriend, the Internet creates the feeling of being always together with her. My avatar on Facebook also represents our profile to let everybody know that I am not alone and that I am happy. At the same time, my second life profile depicts an ugly robot, which is completely different from my actual representation. I believe that choosing this profile is just for entertainment. Besides, it makes me different from other avatars and profiles posted online. Hence, it can be concluded that close interaction with online technology makes people believe more in the fact that the Internet is the reality itself. Such a statement can be considered true but to an extent. The point is that online identity can be so well performed that some people can lose their genuine selves. As a result, the distinctions between real and virtual worlds can be blurred, which can have serious consequences for the community in general, and individuals in particular. In particular, creating an improved self online leads to the development of ambivalence in human behavior and performance, as well as to distortion of the actual reality.

Creating multiple personas online is a marvelous opportunity for me to take different roles that are impossible to take during face-to-face communication. I cannot express my mood and attitude to the world while interacting with people in the real world because it is impossible to put on a virtual mask. The World Wide Web provides no restrictions, should it be geographical or geographical. Therefore, in case I feel frustrated, I can change my profile to show everyone my attitude and mood. This action can be performed much quicker as compared to reality where I need to explain and reveal my feelings literally to make my friends understand what is going on. Sharing information online with each other is extremely exciting because more and more people can develop their identities and search for other ones who have similar problems, interests, and concerns. So, I believe that really good technology is a useful tool for helping people become more human by connecting.

Despite the benefits of the virtual space, there is still much concern with the negative side of online communication. Sometimes, the Internet is used as a shield to the public who can distort your identity through constant demonstration of avatars that do not correspond to reality. I realize such a risk and, therefore, I do not strive to empower my personality, or reveal some false identities. Besides, as I mentioned before, the avatar of the robot created at Second Life does not have anything in common with my identity and self-representation because it is posted just for fun. All these challenges, therefore, can be eliminated as soon as a person realizes the potential benefits of using virtual communication for personal interests. Hence, representing multiple personas can shape an alternative image of your identity and you might change in reality as well. However, if you are reluctant to make any changes, it is not preferable to experiment with your profile online.

There are strengths for communicating online, such as the possibility of self-improvement. Hence, while communicating online, I do not only have a good chance to express my attitudes, perceptions, and opinions but also learn more about other people, their experiences, and events. Hence, the Internet dictates how I organize working time, what I should have for breakfast, or why I should buy clothing online. It is also a good advisor on human relationships since many people also post their views on their attitude to love and friendship. Although the Internet is more associated with computer advancement and technological progress, its major purpose lies in connecting humans and ensuring constant interaction. In this respect, social networks can be considered as the result of human aspiration to expand their communication with people all over the world.

In conclusion, the Internet provides people with an opportunity to experiment with their identities by making changes to their online avatars and profiles. Creating a second self allows people to highlight their strengths and weakness in psychological terms. Despite the risk of distorting reality and modifying the performance of identity, the power of online communication can also reveal some of the new qualities of human characters. I use social networks for sharing my perceptions and learning more about the experiences of other people. Avatars serve as a kind of tool for extending my personality and developing new perceptions.

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