Human Rights Essay Examples and Topics

Three Generations of Human Rights Development

Introduction The evolution of human rights can be traced back to the 18th century activism in which the gaps in the legal recognition and definite consciousness of human rights were narrowed. History indicates that human rights are not granted by the state rather, human rights are attained through struggle and challenge to the existing authority. […]

Torture and Human Rights

In order for all human beings to be treated equally, human rights have been outlined in the laws and regulations of the world. Even for people who are detained because of one reason or the other, they have certain rights as human beings which should be respected. However, there are times when various people, most […]

Faith, Justice, War – and Human Rights in the Realm of the Present-Day World

Introduction: Human Right. Definition, Issues, and Prospects: An Overview Although one might have expected that in the XXI century, the issue of human rights would finally be resolved, the reality proves wrong. Granted that much has been done to give rights to national minorities, women and children, this population remains in the risk group. Analyzing […]

Ethical Relativism in Human Rights

Contemporary ethical relativism can be traced to Edward Westermarck’s work in the book, “Ethical relativity and the development of Ethical ideas” (MacKinnon 230). Relativism defines the variations in levels of truth or principles. This is a philosophical concept that acknowledges varied levels of human rights, depending on the situation or circumstance. Proponents of subjectivism have […]

Hillary Rodham Remarks to the U.N. 4th World Conference on Women

During the U.N. 4th World Conference on Women Plenary Session held in September 5th, 1995, representatives from over 180 nations met in Beijing to listen to a speech by Hillary Clinton on the rights of women (Friedman 313). Hillary talked about issues such as liberties and freedom that women were denied and stressed why it […]

Human Rights and NGOs

Introduction Human rights NGOs are private associations that engage in the promotion and protection of human rights. Various NGOs around the globe have dedicated their efforts towards the protection of human rights and elimination of human rights abuses. These NGOs have been on the forefront in monitoring the activities of governments and mounting pressure on […]

Problems Around Guantanamo Bay

Introduction The current President of the United States of America, Barrack Obama had promised to close the Guantanamo Bay 120 days from the time he assumed office. Obama was not the first president to advocate for the closure of the detention camp. President Bush had in the period starting 2006 indicated that he would like to […]

Human Rights Issues in Guantanamo Bay

Written by Daniella Schneider, the article “Human Rights Issues in Guantanamo Bay” tackles various issues regarding detention and treatment of prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay. The article examines both political and legal issues surfacing due to the continued detentions. Currently, the prevailing political condition has degraded and gone against laws relating to international and human […]

Role of Individual Communication and Complain

Introduction A number of states are faced with the challenge of balancing state sovereignty with human rights since they are incompatible in practice meaning it is a global issue that many societies face, but the best way of addressing it is still unclear, as state and non-state actors are yet to come up with a […]

The Human Rights Violation in the Republic of Korea

Background The human rights situation under President Kim Jong-Un in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has remained dire due to the government’s unwillingness to yield to the recommendations by the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council’s Commission of Inquiry writing on a similar theme (United Nations Human Rights: Report of the Commission of […]

International Human Rights Law

Introduction In the past two decades, the International Human Rights Law (IHRL) has increased its emphasis on protecting all human rights for people to live a free, secure, and healthy life. According to Rehman (2010), living a dignified life can only be achieved if all basic requirements of work, housing, food, education, and political democracy […]

Gender and Human Rights

Human of Rights Guaranteed by the Constitution and being inalienable since the birth of an individual, human rights still remain on the global agenda (Hessler 2). The concept of a Human of Rights introduced by Foucault in 1950s, and also referred to as humanity is traditionally defined as a “floating signifier” (Douzinas 4) and is […]

The Politics of International Human Rights Law

Australia’s compulsory incarceration of asylum seekers started in the early 1990s (Chan 2006). The Keating Government pioneered the immigration policy. To uphold the reliability of the country’s immigration programs, the policy requires three categories of immigrants to be subjected to compulsory incarceration. The groups are all illegal immigrants, migrants who present intolerable threats to the […]

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This paper is a review of the UDHR and its relevance to human service professionals who deal with domestic disputes. The UDHR is a strong indicator of the international community’s efforts to standardize human rights applications. The paper explores a brief history of the UDHR and mentions other UN-based conventions that address human rights. The […]

Paul Farmer About the Human Rights

Ideally, we can comprehend human rights as unassailable elemental rights that an individual is intrinsically entitled because he/she is a human-being. Also, we can perceive them as being egalitarian and universal. As a matter of fact, these rights can be deemed to be either legal rights or natural rights. Human rights are the basis of […]

The Case of Malala: Is education a human right?

Introduction Education is indispensable in a community that wants to prosper; therefore, it is a right. If certain obstacles exist to prevent equal access to this basic human right, then one should understand what causes them so as to eliminate them. The case of Malala illustrates how extreme views can perpetuate a cycle of oppression […]

Impacts of the ‘War on Terror’ on Human Rights

Introduction The very legacy of war of any kind is its disregard for human rights. The September 11 attacks on the United States’ commercial hubs in New York and Washington provoked America and allies to launch an international offensive to counter the growing threat by terror groups. However, the decision to launch a global war […]

The Objectives of Women in the International Community

Introduction International relations continue to re-shape feminism by its increased articulation of the ideology through an enhanced global discourse that pursues the embodiment of human rights. The global community continues to take cognisance of the fact that justifying feminist action is a humanitarian cause that seeks nothing but the good for all humanity (NGO Working […]

Human Rights Violations in Turkey

Background The relationship between the EU and Turkey is one where both parties have what the other wants: the EU has the capacity to let Turkey ascede into it while Turkey acts as a buffer state between the EU and the tumultuous Middle East. The desire for Turkey to join the EU is based on […]

Industrial relations-Evolution of labor movements

Introduction The change in focus towards the transformation and fundamental role played by labour movements have largely been attributed to the emergence of new social-cultural, political and economic delineations of trade unions. The metamorphosis experienced in trade union movements especially in United States of America and some parts of Western Europe served as indicators of […]

Human Rights of People with Intellectual Disabilities

Perceptions of people with intellectual disabilities have changed over time in that, the society no longer views them as disabled members but see them as having unique abilities that require nurturing. Since disability is not inability, human rights’ advocates argue that perception of people with disabilities as disabled is discriminative and therefore call for their […]

The European Human Rights System

Introduction In an effort to shield themselves from the horrors of the World War II that had devastated most of Europe, the European countries established the European human rights system consisting of a series of intergovernmental organizations. Among the organizations established is the Council of Europe (COE) “with the mandate of protecting and promoting human […]

Censorship defeats its own purpose

“The fact is that censorship defeats its own purpose, for it creates, in the end, the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion”~Henry Steele Commager Right from our childhood we are exposed to censorship though in varying degree and measure. Parents dictate what their children should or should not do stressing that […]

Rethinking Rights and Global Development

Introduction Research surveys have estimated that approximately 600 million individuals, who comprise of an estimated 10 % of the global population, suffer from a particular form of disability. At least two thirds of the disabled persons reside in developing nations (Baehr, 1994). Despite the variations in their living conditions, it is a common trend that […]

Current Human Rights Issues

Introduction Human rights can be viewed as international norms that help to protect freedoms which are inherent and universal to people in the world. The aim is to protect them from severe political, legal and social abuse of their rights (United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights [OHCHR], 2012). They are therefore […]

Human Rights Interventions

Human rights are the automatic and natural rights and the freedom that an individual is entitled to irrespective of their diversity in terms of gender, race, origin or any other area of human diversity. These rights hence allow every human being to be treated equally and impartially. James1 contends that human rights maintain the radar […]

Human Rights and Social Transformation

Introduction Over centuries, various governments have held convections, which aim at addressing various issues concerning human rights a result of which various human rights codes are established. Attempts to come with harmonized bill of human rights has existed throughout history since ancient times with religious people contributing vigorously compared to the people possessing political intents. […]

Torture and Human Rights Violation

Torture remains one of the most controversial issues yet to be solved. The contemporary world is pursuing principles of democracy and tolerance. All countries propagate such ideas. Ironically, at the same time torture is still an indispensible part of many people’s lives in both developing and developed world (Davis, 2005). It is important to note […]

Human Rights System

The human right system as defined by the United Nation Human Rights System is a system whereby, the fundamental rights of humans are observed as well as character and worth of all the persons. Included in this system is the application of equal rights and system to all persons. The United Nations have set a […]

The European System of Human Rights

Introduction The devastation that braced the European continent from the aftermath of the World War II led to the formulation of a peace keeping and cooperation dubbed the European human rights system. It embodied the principles of the unified Europe and a representation of the vast interests in the European continent. It was meant to […]

The Origin of the Human Rights Concept

Introduction The spirit of human rights has been passed from generation to generation to generation either consciously or unconsciously. If today a person invokes the UN universal human rights declaration that was adopted in 1948 someone may think that this is an idea that has a universal agreement (United Nations, 1948). The origin of human […]


Although torture is an illegal means of interrogation in many legal jurisdictions across the world, law enforcement agencies still practice it. In the United States, the emergence of terrorism attacks in the 21st century has led to the application of torture in the interrogation of terrorists and suspects to reveal pertinent information that is critical […]

What Are Human Rights?

One of the most peculiar aspects of a post-industrial living is that, as of today, just about every socially prominent politician in the West considers itself an ‘expert on human rights’ and refers the concept of human rights, as such that represents an objective truth-value. Partially, this can be explained by the fact that the […]

Privacy in the Digital Age

Introduction Social, economic, and technological advances have dramatically increased the amount of information any individual can access or possess. Unfortunately, this has also brought about various challenges that must be addressed1. Generally, information is a vital treasure in itself, and the more one has the better. Having valuable, intellectual, economic, and social information creates enormous […]

Demonstration and Protests

Demonstrations and protests are forms of skirmishes that are led by a group of people for a particular cause or in order to achieve a specific result. It may involve the group of people marching or gathering at a designated venue to hold rallies and voice their concerns. Protests by the militia turn out to […]

Gun politics in the United States

The gun control debate in the United Stated is decades, if not centuries, old. This is why this issue was deemed important enough to be included in the Second Amendment of the United States’ constitution. Currently, the debate has been heightened by a series of events that have occurred in the country in recent times. […]

Media Ethics & Law – Free Expression

Introduction Notably, the current global developments are influenced by the aspects of communication, partnerships, and information distribution. Contextually, free expression/speech can be defined as an individual’s right to communicate his or her ideologies devoid of any legal, political, or social hindrance. For example, In Saudi Arabia, freedom of speech is under the protection of Shariah […]

Rights of Migrants

Immigration of people to other countries has been on the rise in the recent times. The search for green pastures abroad remains the major reason for immigration. Almost every country around the world has formulated immigration laws to checkmate influx of people into their countries. Immigration of men and women continues to be on the […]

Oppression of women’s rights affects the economy of the Middle East

Introduction In all societies, women have different roles to play in economic prosperity. However, women have fewer rights than men in terms of marriage, legal status, education, professional life, divorce, as well as, dress code. Therefore, the society feels that the restrictions accorded to women’s rights are mandated. The oppression of women causes them to […]

The challenge of human rights and cultural diversity

The introduction of this article clearly states the events that have unfolded as a result of pluralism. It is very factual that regardless of the growing global transition characterized by dwindling geographical demarcation, the desire to cling on to cultural values remains engraved in people’s minds and hearts. This is because cultural identity and values […]

Problems with International rights

Executive summary Human rights refer to the basic rights and freedoms that every person across the globe is entitled to. The recognition and implementation of these rights by the states is the foundation of freedom and ultimately result in justice and peace all around the world. The violation of these rights has led to barbarous […]

Disabled People’s Rights

Introduction There are countless contemporary issues which continue to trigger debates across the world. These issues range from social, economical and political among others. Nevertheless, the discussions and decisions arrived at significantly shape the attitude of people and their future understanding of similar issues. Of great concern are human rights which receive discrepancies from all […]

United Nations Human Rights Council

Introduction The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is an inter-governmental organization and an organ of the United Nations; all members of the United Nations members are members of UNHRC, the council seat, however, has a membership of 47 countries and it is charged with the responsibility of promoting and protecting human rights across the […]

Australia and humanitarian rights of refugees

Australia has been swift in responding to humanitarian needs of the people in times of crisis. This is evident when cyclone wrecked havoc in Samoa and Niue in 2004. There were indeed rapid and coordinated responses. This was made possible with the urgency with which AusAID and relevant NGOs relayed the information on community needs. […]

Impact of Human Rights on Society

As earlier observed, human rights are all those situations, circumstances and phenomenal rights that human beings enjoy simply by virtue of being human. Therefore, the society is the recipient of whatever deviations from that. A society which does not observe members’ rights has a feeling oppression. This may lead to accumulation of anger, dissatisfaction and […]

Challenges for universal human rights

Introduction A fair number of countries around the world have been criticised for poor human rights implementation. It is essential to study them and determine why these nations have not embraced universal human principles because behind every observation is an underlying ideological or philosophical premise. At this point, one must recognise that there are two […]

Human Rights in Asia

These are fundamental rights and freedoms accorded to every individual irrespective of his or her gender, religion, color, race, language or ethnic group. Under human rights, there is no discrimination as the rights are mutually dependent, interconnected and undividable. For example, every human being has the right to live and express opinions freely; and right […]

The human rights in the USA and around the world

Introduction Nowadays, we live in the world, in which the most of the leading countries declare the supremacy of law based on the democratic values and the human rights. However, the discussions of the problem of the human rights protection are still urgent in the society. The cases of their violations do still occur in […]

Human Rights Non-Governmental Organizations and the United Nations

Introduction The non-governmental organizations have always played an important role in the development of the human rights norms at the United Nations (UN). Disregarding their success in lobbying the human rights, impact on drafting the important legislative documents and the recognition of the need for further cooperation between the official and societal players of the […]

Women Rights Violation

Introduction Modern societies have undergone complete metamorphosis and adopted new ways of doing things. Modernization has become a common occurrence in almost all aspects of our daily lives and this has improved our living standards. However, an improvement in technology does not reflect human developments if what happens to some members in the society is […]

Disabled Babies Have Human Rights Which We Must Let Them Enjoy

Introduction The killing of unborn babies because of genetic disability can never be justified. People who procure abortion because their unborn children have body defects should elucidate the motive behind going for genetic screening. The negative outcome of genetic screening also indicate that either of the parents had a recessive gene for disability. In that […]

The Ideas of Women Status between Mary Wollstonecraft and John Stuart Mill

Introduction The feminist movement since its earliest times has been marked with varying perspectives, positions and arguments. Nevertheless, these variations should be understandable, especially when interpreted within the contexts (both in time and space) that inspired them. Mary Wollstonecraft and John Stewart Mill represent different times in the evolution of women’s rights movement. Mary Wollstonecraft […]

Women’s Suffrage in America

Suffrage is the right to vote, and women’s suffrage is the right of women to take part in the process of voting. Women in different parts of the globe suffer from denial of this right from time to time. This has often led to rise of activist movements such as feminism, in an effort to […]

Integrative Studies across Cultures (ISAC)

Introduction Since time immemorial, there have been arguments about the rights of women and men. Various literatures have been compiled with activists come out vehemently to protect their rights. I am passionate about the rights of women and men in the modern world. Hence, the topic of interest is on “declaration of the rights of […]

Rights of Immigrants and Immigration Policy

Introduction Each year, a great number of new immigrants arrive into the country from all over the world. Some of these immigrants enter the country legally while the others try to get in illegally. On the other hand, there are those who attempt to immigrate into the country illegally through various devious means. At the […]

Euthanasia and Human’s Right to Die

Introduction People have an explicit right to die. However, modern science and medicine try to reject this fact or at least to put off the day of human death. Still, there are cases when people have to choose whether to live or to die, and it is twice difficult when one is unable to make […]

Immigrants Rights in the US

From the book, it is evident that people are forced to seek refuge in foreign countries because of various reasons, including economic reasons, social reasons, and political reasons. The standards of living might be poor in the home country forcing individuals to shift to places perceived to be with better living standards. In developing countries, […]

Concerning the Human Rights of Immigrants: Policies, Approaches and Stereotypes

Despite a long-lasting struggle for people’s rights, in the present-day world, there are still certain social groups whose rights remain infringed. One of such, immigrants are I desperate need for their rights to be protected. Unlike any other social group, immigrants often do not have the ability to voice their concerns and problems fully, which […]

Protection of Human Rights of Immigrants

Over the past few decades, immigration has increased as people around the world search of better opportunities in different nations. However, not all host nations have been welcoming to these immigrants. In some cases, immigrants have been subjected to biased attacks, discrimination, abusive detention conditions, and denial of due process during the deportation proceedings. In […]

The Role of Habeas Corpus in the Constitutional Right

Introduction Debates so far disclose that the habeas corpus brings in difficult and thoughtful issues on the American government. It is an area with heated disagreements, and that makes amendments in the Supreme Court most patent. Here, the indispensable question is on the privileges of habeas corpus. Recent remarkable proclamations on the constitutional rights of […]

What is the UN Human Rights Council?

Introduction The principal drive for founding the United Nations was security and economic development as the world had just emerged from an international armed conflict that had devastated many nations. However, the advancement of human rights emerged as a secondary goal of this international organization. The quest to both protect and promote human rights was […]

A Vindication of the Rights of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft

The introduction First of all, I would like to highlight the most important points of the work written by Wollstonecraft. In my opinion, the main issues she wanted to draw the readers’ attention to are related to women’s dignity. So, I would to start from the basic points of the author’s introduction. In this part […]

The Taliban and Human Rights

Several cases of human rights abuse have surfaced with accusations labeled against the extremist outfit called the Taliban based in Afghanistan. Classified by most countries as a terrorist group, the Taliban group has been in the international media for serious cases on human rights abuse in form of unlawful detention, assault, decapitation, conspiracy to commit […]

The Case against Legalization of Abortion

The issue of whether to legalize abortion or not remains an emotive one. With improvements in healthcare standards, and with a major breakdown in the social support structures that made it easy for people who had unplanned children to cope, abortions have been on the rise. However, while there can be very strong reasons to […]

The Abortion Debate

Introduction “An estimated 43% of all women will have at least one abortion by the time they are 45 years old” (Farrell 1). This statistic was reported by a sociology researcher named Farrell in a global report on abortion. To show how widespread abortion is practiced globally, it is reported that there are about 42 […]

Child Trafficking for the Purposes of Sexual Exploitation

Abstract This paper focuses on child trafficking for sex exploitation, the factors that facilitate its growth and the reason why it is hard to detect and deter. Additionally, the paper focuses on the multiplicity of the issues and how this negates the gains made in efforts to combat the crime. The purpose of this paper […]

Child Soldiers Problem

Discussion Any individual under age 18 who belongs to armed group or forces, whether or not there is an armed conflict, is considered to be a child soldier. This is defined by the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child which defines a child as any person under the age of 18 (Small Arms […]

Thesis of Study Books

Thesis Statement Immigrants and manual laborers are normally forced to work under poor conditions. The laborers are given harsh treatment in that they are not comfortable with the wage rates yet their job involves using a lot of energy. Though they keep reminding the people in control, there is little that is done to improve […]

Homeless Rights in US

Introduction There is a lot of controversy surrounding the issue of the rights of the homeless people. There are scores of homeless people all over the world. They either live on the streets, in temporary shelters, or spend the nights in parks. They have no shelter and are therefore exposed to rain, cold, and attacks […]

Women’s Suffrage Discussion

The entrenchment of equal rights of women and men and more noticeably the right of every American woman to vote came into being after the enactment of the nineteenth amendment. It happened in 1920, two years after World War I had ended and nearly after a century of agitation by activists and reformers for that […]

Saudi Women to Vote

Equality of sexes is a topic that has been under discussion in different parts of the world. Some societies believe that equality cannot be achieved since there are obligations that can only be performed well by men. As a result, such societies look down upon women as people who are weak and people who cannot […]

Basic Human Rights Violation

Introduction In almost all constitutions of the different countries in the world, there is always a chapter that provides for human rights. Human rights are the benefits that every human being should enjoy as he or she continues to live on earth. However, there are other countries and governments that have continued to violate the […]

What the founders meant by the first Amendment

Introduction United States is a country with rich culture and history. Worth noting is the fact that, throughout American history, religion and in particular Church has played an integral part in development of the State. Values such as democracy and freedom were brought by Christians who fled from British Monarch. However, when the first amendment […]

What special responsibilities do computer professionals have with respect to under-standing and protecting the privacy rights of their fellow citizens?

Privacy ranks as among the very important factors that many computer users consider when making the decisions about how to approach the concept of information technology. In the present day, there are many who have built lucrative businesses out of collecting data about computer users and some organizations even finance their activities mainly through selling […]

Through the Prism of Culture: Human Rights as They Are

Because of the specifics of the national character, the USA has always been struggling for justice and the fair resolution of conflicts. Therefore, the traditional idea of justice is inherited in generations, which means that the U. S. has its own approach to the conflicts solution. However, trying to create the peaceful environment with the […]

Due Legal Process in the United States

Introduction Due process is legal principle that ensures protection of civil rights against violation by the government in order to guarantee justice, fairness, and liberty in the application of the law. The due process of the law is fundamental in law application since at some instances, government can act in contravention to the law process […]

Global Community and Human Rights

The development of a global community holds a lot of promise for the improvement of human rights. The basis for such a community is mutual understanding among different countries people groups and an increasing sense of universal responsibility towards all members. This is attainable by implementing a common code of human rights across the globe […]

The Free Exercise Thereof: Freedom of Religion in the First Amendment

The Freedom of Religion clause in the First Amendment ensures that all U.S. citizens enjoy the right to worship the faith of their choosing; more importantly, it also gives them right not to worship any faith. The Freedom of Religion clause in the First Amendment represents one of the few official documents on the planet […]

Constitutional Rights in the United States

Introduction A constitutional right refers to the freedom that a given constitution guarantees its citizens and cannot be denied at any given time. For instance, the US constitution guarantees individuals accused of committing crimes protection. This is well articulated in the fourth, fifth and sixth amendments. These are (constitutional rights) individual liberties that restrict any […]

Saddam Hussein Human Rights Abuse

Abstract This paper focuses on the activities that took place under the authority of Saddam Hussein which led to the abuse of human rights. As the leader of Iraq, Saddam violated human rights to ensure he remained in power. He authorized torture through several techniques like branding, electric shocks, beating and rape. Women were especially […]

The Greater Good

Natural Law and the concepts of democracy form the basis for human rights, but then there’s the question of limitations to a person’s human rights; one of these limitations is the so-called “greater good”. The argument on “greater good” asserts that the responsibility to humanity forfeits individual rights, that the success of that responsibility justifies […]

Freedom of Speech

Introduction Freedom of speech is the freedom that citizens are constitutionally granted by their country to allow the citizens to speak without limitations or censorship of what they say. This freedom varies from country to country depending on levels of democracy and political situations. Freedom of speech is always advocated for and governments urged to […]

The Bill of Rights

Every country is governed by a constitution, a set of rules that specify the nature of the government. All constitutions are aimed at protecting, not only the rights of people, but also those of the country. It contains different elements like the bill of rights, the principles of constitution, federalism, as well as the judicial […]