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Human Rights Essay Examples and Topics

Human Rights and Dignity: Non-Western Conceptions

It has been accepted that human rights are the notion which was developed in the West, however, some scientists tried to contradict this idea presenting the arguments that many nations battled for human rights many [...]

Policy, Ideology and Backlash in Canadian Context

The purpose of this discussion paper is to summarize and analyze the class reading and make conclusions regarding the significance of its contents for understanding the theme of the week "Program of Action on Diversity [...]

Human Rights Issues During the Holiday Season

Should we stick to the habitual "Merry Christmas" and stay loyal to the traditions of the majority or embrace a more neutral "Happy Holidays" and show respect to the cultural diversity?

Ethical Considerations in Research

The reasoning of the IRB is clear that, in continuing with the data collection phase of the study, I should create mechanisms to evaluate the potential risk to participants.

Human Rights of Poor in Developing Countries

Their interactions with those in authority and the decision makers in the society have been marred with many obstacles and denied the rights to freedom of speech and expression that is being enjoyed by the [...]

Communication as a Human Right and Its Violations

According to the international laws, every person has a range of rights which should be met in the society completely, and the right to communicate is one of the most significant ways for a person [...]

China’s Land Grabs and Human Rights Violation

What interested you about the article and how is the content of the article related to aspects of global citizenship? Upon reading the news article from Amnesty International's website about Chinese officials' land grabbing [...]

Sports Promotion in Saudi Arabian Women

The issues of social justice and human rights in education are very important to me, as I come from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is one of the leading nations in the Islamic world.

Women’s Rights in Palestine and Neighboring Countries

In a review of relevant literature, women's rights in Palestine can be compared to women's rights in three neighboring countries Jordan, Egypt, and Israel from the perspective of violence and discrimination, and specific differences, including [...]

Access to Disability Services from Various Aspects

The impoverished state of many clients and households is exacerbated due to a lack of access to essential disability services. More than 23% of disabled adults live in deep poverty, and the median income is [...]

The Chippewa Cree Tribe’s Water Rights

That is why the access to water and the right to use it freely the issue referred to as water rights is one of the most critical challenges in developing relations between the government of [...]

Contemporary Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

The roots of the conflict lie in the country's failed political transition and have led to more than 80% of the Yemen population needs humanitarian aid.

The Concept of Human Organ Trafficking

The primary objective of this study is to gain the necessary insights into the concept of trafficking in human organs and the integrity of the human body.

Chile’s Human Rights Violations in 1973-90

After the death of the president, the military took office and a state of civil unrest engulfed the country. Human rights violations experienced in Chile have been highlighted and the actions are taken to address [...]

Camel Racing and Violation of Children’s Rights

The author has stated in his blog, that the main reason for the startups to fail is the lack of proper understanding of the intended product, and the subsequent heading in the wrong direction.

Human Trafficking in Mozambique: Causes and Policies

"Human Trafficking in Mozambique: Root Causes and Recommendations" is a policy paper developed by the research team of UNESCO as a powerful tool in order to analyze the situation with human trafficking in Mozambique and [...]

Human Rights, Education and Awareness

But the progress is underway, and while there is still much to be done in terms of securing even the basic human rights, the strategies and the general principles of achieving equality can be outlined.

Should Abortions Be Legal?

One of the major reasons for this is the increasing influence of human rights movements and the tremendous progress made in the field in the recent years.

Theocratic Government’s Census and Human Rights

The primary idea of the paper is to disclose moral opacities of the issue, conduct stakeholder impact analysis, and speculate on the collision of values of the theocratic governments and people.

Global Fund for Women Organization’s Activities

It was chosen to review the activities of the Global Fund for Women, which is an organization that focuses on the improvement of women's rights through seeking financial support for the purpose of enhancing the [...]

Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies for Human Rights

Established in 1919 as the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the organization has been very instrumental in championing the improvement of human rights and the reduction of human suffering.

Felony Disenfranchisement in the United States

To sum up, it should be noted that the practice of felony disenfranchisement denies large numbers of Americans their basic political rights, contradicts the principle of human dignity, and adds to social injustice.

Privacy Threats in Internet, Work and Drug Testing

The analysis of the factors mentioned above and exploration of the way they influence one's life is crucial to understanding the scope of activities violating one of the primary human rights the right to keep [...]

Disabled People and Their Sex Rights

It is not necessary to talk about the rights and definitions all the time; sometimes, it is just possible to take pity of disabled people, help them, or give a portion of understanding.

Abortion: Quality of Life and Genetic Abnormalities

However, while this makes sense from a logical standpoint, it is horrific from a moral and ethical perspective given the fact that all individuals should have the right to life, regardless of the limitations they [...]

Children’s Rights: Physical Punishment

Considering the mentioned issue from the stance of social work, it is necessary to emphasize that children's rights in the view of physical punishment are not protected by the law since it is legal in [...]

Ethical Dilemmas in Social Workers’ Practice

In order to resolve the emerging dilemma, it is necessary to identify the involved stakeholders, model two possible courses of events, evaluate the implications of each and come to a conclusion regarding the preferential option [...]

The Evolution of Human Rights: France vs. America

The Age of Enlightenment made human rights one of the major concerns of the world community, which led to the American and French Revolutions the turning points in the struggle for justice.

The Universality of Human Rights

In contrast to the other institutions that suggest a single form of the notion existing in the given society, the area of human rights allows to switch the shapes of the very notion of human [...]

Abortion in the Middle East

A recent study of the subject matter has shown that the rates of unsafe abortions in Middle east are getting increasingly high: as the official data states, out of 1,000 women ages 15 40, 11 [...]

Human Rights and Resistance of South Asia

To get an in-depth understanding of the question and discuss it appropriately, we will refer to the status of women in South Asia where women's rights are still discriminated in the light of social and [...]

Abortion Practice in the Middle East

The existence of restrictive laws on abortion is the main reason for the significant rise in the number of unsafe abortions in the Middle East and North Africa.

Cyber Practices and Moral Evaluation

Because of the current technological progress, there are many cyber practices that may not show due moral regard for stakeholders and lead to the problems of low respect and the inabilities to gain the required [...]

The Issues of Human Rights

The scope of this review starts from the history of Labour Human Rights and examines how various authors have presented their case studies regarding the effectiveness or lack of it of the policies that govern [...]

The International Fields of Justice

The inefficiency of the justice system, the location of the courts, and the absence of transparency are some of the factors that have increased the double standards in the international bodies of justice.

Human Rights and Climate Change Policy-Making

Advocates of the inclusion of human rights feel that there is an important link between climate impacts and human rights and as such, integrating the two would promote the formulation of the best policies. Specifically, [...]

Detention of Asylum Seekers and Their Wellbeing

The testimonial concludes by expressing the dismay of the detained asylum seekers as they suffer in the hands of a developed western country. The article invokes several human rights concerns that relate to the plight [...]

Just War in Human Rights Perspective

When a war is about to begin, people, who start the war, have to understand the role of human rights in the process of making decisions and clearly identify the peculiarities of the just war.

The Human Right to Privacy: Microsoft and the NSA

Microsoft had started to collaborate with the NSA to help it to offer services to its customers, but as they progressed, the NSA began to access all the programs of the Microsoft that made private [...]

Child Labor Issue According to the Human Rights

The International Labor Organization defines child labor as "work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential, and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development"1 Being a United Nations agency, ILO [...]

Economics and Human Rights: Areas of Overlap

Theories allied to the two disciplines play a critical role in explaining development because human rights theories give economists an opportunity to employ legal and political concepts in the process of drafting policies aimed at [...]

Human Rights Abuses and Death Penalty in the UAE

There are many explanations of why a number of Arab people remain to be vulnerable to abuses and violations of human rights. Besides, many people are still challenged by the inability to participate in the [...]

Convention on the Rights of the Child in Canada

The four core Articles of the UNCRC are commonly assumed to account for the following: According to this Article, the provisions of the UNCRC apply to all children indiscriminately, with the governments of the state-signatories [...]

The Right of Fetus in Each Month of Prenatal Period

The first trimester is most critical in the development of the fetus, however, at this perion, the fetus acquires the most fundamental right, the right to live, which is the most elementary of all these [...]

Current Issues in North Korea International Politics

In this paper, an analysis will be conducted involving the current issue of North Korea's limitation of its citizen's right to the freedom of speech by preventing them from connecting to the internet and how [...]

Free Speech and Restrictions in the USA

The primary goal of this essay is to compare and contrast the freedom of speech in the United States of America to the laws of other countries such as Finland, Germany, Canada, and other countries, [...]

Legalizing Abortion: Advantages and Justification

Therefore, abortion legalization is a policy that contributes to the normalization of childbearing and exposes it as a conscious and mindful choice, rather than a life-destroying factor.

Human Rights and Their Role in Public Opinion Making

The quest for human rights create a mental picture that draws the audience's assumed knowledge of the need to end the restrictions of human beings in their endeavor to reach out to greatness in life.

The West’s Perception of Veiled Muslim Women

This paper will seek to analyze the different aspects that influence the Western world's perspective on wearing of the veil by the Muslim women The West perceives the hijab as a symbol of oppression of [...]

Addressing Ex-Felon Disenfranchisement

The variation usually concerns the process of returning the right to vote and the accompanying procedures. Addressing of the issue is crucial for the right to be called a democratic country.

Disenfranchisement of Ex-Felons Correcting

To achieve the goal, the advocates should meet the following strategic objectives: spread the information via media to receive popular support, refute the arguments of the opposition, and convince the state legislators that giving civil [...]

Children’s Rights Protection

Due to the risk factors exposed to children, it is necessary for the community to ensure that they protect the rights and wellbeing of children.

Tolerance and Equal Attitude to People

With this in mind, it is possible to say that it is a kind of segregation which is now officially promoted. That is why, it is clear for me that some actions are needed to [...]

Will Free Speech Survive Government Repression?

Consequently, governments and the majority of ordinary citizens have raised the alarm on the abuse of free speech, which sometimes leads to insecurity issues and religious intolerance.

Three Generations of Human Rights Development

The current legal recognition of human rights attainment originated from various declarations and the most pronounced included the Magna Carta declaration in the thirteenth century that curtailed the royal powers, the American declaration of independence [...]

Torture and Human Rights

However, the full state of affairs in Abu Ghraib prison came to the knowledge of the public when a report by the military into the first pictures leaked to an online magazine.

Ethical Relativism in Human Rights

To support this point of view, the nature of human society, the standardization of human rights and the progress of human rights will be analyzed.

Human Rights and NGOs

In the world today, there are numerous international human rights treaties which stipulate the obligations of states, and the rights of the citizens in these states and beyond2.

Problems Around Guantanamo Bay

We now move on to a three-part discussion that gives the background of the Guantanamo Bay, how the existence of the detention camp has been legally handled and the way forward regarding the welfare of [...]

Human Rights Issues in Guantanamo Bay

It is expressed in the article that although the detainees are international criminals, the move by the US to detain them at the Guantanamo Bay is an abuse of international laws on the human rights.

Role of Individual Communication and Complain

After the Second World War, Universal Declaration on Human Rights was ratified with the main purpose of fulfilling the interests of the minorities and checking the excesses of governments, as the world had witnessed the [...]

The Human Rights Violation in the Republic of Korea

The human rights situation under President Kim Jong-Un in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has remained dire due to the government's unwillingness to yield to the recommendations by the United Nations Human Rights Council's [...]

International Human Rights Law

The civil and political rights preceded the origins of the economic, social, and cultural rights, and thus they are deemed as second-generation rights.

Gender and Human Rights

The concept of a Human of Rights introduced by Foucault in 1950s, and also referred to as humanity is traditionally defined as a "floating signifier" and is related directly to the idea of human rights.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

UDHR is quite relevant to human service professionals in the field of domestic disputes. The assertions of UDHR's article 25 are important to domestic dispute professionals.

Paul Farmer about the Human Rights

As a result, Farmer argued that the current struggle for the essential and most vital human rights was to promote the social, as well as the economic rights of the poor individuals around the globe.

The Case of Malala: Is education a human right?

Additionally, understanding the social and cultural dimensions of gender inequality in education allows one to determine the policy issues that cause the problem and thus establish a mechanism for preventing its reoccurrence in the future.

Human Rights Violations in Turkey

It is due to this that the current strategy of the EU is to seek to advance human rights in Turkey in such a way that the most detrimental aspects of preventing the country from [...]

Industrial relations-Evolution of labor movements

The definition of these roles as Feasel points out in the analysis of unions in the two continents, dictates the grip of the members of the unions who are largely seen as the driving force [...]

Human Rights of People with Intellectual Disabilities

Since disability is not inability, human rights' advocates argue that perception of people with disabilities as disabled is discriminative and therefore call for their recognition as a minority people with unique abilities that do not [...]

The European Human Rights System

Despite the efforts of the European human rights system to establish a common system of legislation to guide the implementation of the human rights in all the member states, the specific laws of the states [...]

Censorship defeats its own purpose

Is that not a disguised method of promoting an authoritarian regime by allowing an individual or a group of individuals to make that decision for the entire society The proponents of SOPA bill may argue [...]

Rethinking Rights and Global Development

The concept of human rights With respect to this report, the concept of human rights is used to denote the universal rights that every person must enjoy on the basis that one is human.

Current Human Rights Issues

Social rights go hand in hand with human rights since most of them are defined in declarations and treaties of human rights.

Human Rights Interventions

Mindful declarations therefore strive to educate and promote the respect for rights and freedoms and implementation of progressive measures that secure the recognition of the importance and observance of the freedoms and rights3.

Human Rights and Social Transformation

Skeptics challenges the origin, contribution of globalization to the advancement of human rights, tension posed on security due to strict adherence to codes of human rights, human rights contribution to universality evaluated in relation to [...]

Torture and Human Rights Violation

The researcher notes that the government never provided a clear explanation of the events and their position on the possibility of resorting to torture.

Human Rights System

The rights speak of a general importance of the people having the equal rights to others and living together in the spirit of brotherhood.

The European System of Human Rights

The system was then to survive the whims of the cold war and the downfall of communism to the modern day contemporary concerns of the European continent.

The Origin of the Human Rights Concept

This point out to the fact that there were rights in the document that are common to different parts of the world and that they were not only obtained from the western nations' practices of [...]


In the United States, the emergence of terrorism attacks in the 21st century has led to the application of torture in the interrogation of terrorists and suspects to reveal pertinent information that is critical in [...]

What Are Human Rights?

Nevertheless, even though that nowadays the concept of 'human rights' is being commonly discussed, as such that applies to all people, regardless of what happened to be the specifics of their ethno-cultural affiliation and their [...]

Privacy in the Digital Age

According to proponents, preserving anonymity on the Internet may be the cornerstone of safeguarding privacy and a vital part of the constitutionally protected right to free speech.

Demonstration and Protests

The law in the United States requires that prior to arresting someone, that person must be given the Miranda warning which is a means of clarifying the individual's rights.

Gun politics in the United States

The movie theatre shootings in Aurora and the more recent school shootings are examples of events that have contributed to the increased gun-control debate. In the article, the authors contribute to the debate on gun [...]

Media Ethics and Law – Free Expression

This paper discusses the aspects of freedom of speech and censorship in regard to media ethics and law. This is a critical provision in the context of media ethics and law.

Rights of Migrants

In order to solve the problem of violation of the human rights of the immigrants, some recommended policies include: The detention of immigrants should be reviewed on a regular basis, and if a person is [...]

The challenge of human rights and cultural diversity

It is however true that the existence of universal human rights is compromised by cultural relativism. In addition, it is wrong to assume that cultural relativism would interfere with the efficacy of these universal human [...]

Problems with International rights

All groups should be considered in the implementation of human rights and the task of policy making and implementation of human rights should be left to a neutral structure that runs without external interference.

Disabled People’s Rights

Majority of disabled people have a clear understanding of the fact that the society negates almost all their sexual rights with a few of existing privileges and considerations being left at the mercies of the [...]

United Nations Human Rights Council

The United Nations Human Rights Council is an inter-governmental organization and an organ of the United Nations; all members of the United Nations members are members of UNHRC, the council seat, however, has a membership [...]

Australia and humanitarian rights of refugees

In order to curtail the escalating humanitarian crisis, the Australian government came up with Humanitarian action policy of 1995. Creation of a link between development and humanitarian programme helps the government to come up with [...]
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