Social Movements Essay Examples and Topics

Getting Involved: Why people take part in social movements

People who are interested in politics can engage in movements as sympathizers, elders, and contributors. There are several reasons why people take part in social movements. For instance, some people advocate for women’s rights and the guidelines protecting consumers as well as environment, urge for the termination of lynching, demand for the right of union’s […]


Introduction Debates are emerging over the current status of the current activism. People begin to wonder whether or not the street rallies, demonstration, blockades and sit-ins are now things of the past. Activists such as John Maynard and Fred Maynard, among others activists have noticed changes taking place in advocacy in the recent years. These […]

Achieving social development in the Global South?

Introduction Everyday arguments are emerging on the status of the present activism. Debates on whether activists display of opinions, street rallies, sit-ins and blockades are things of the past have emerged. Thus, we seek to highlight whether new forms of advocacy can still be effective in achieving social developments in modern society. Scholars in the […]

Why No Apple in Europe?

This article written by Riva Froymovich has been chosen because it highlights some of the barriers faced by European start-up companies. The author accurately describes the problems which many entrepreneurs encounter and indicates at some solutions to these problems. The issues discussed by the journalist are still relevant to many companies. This article can be […]

The One Percent and Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street is a movement, whose purpose is to fight against the excess of the Wall Street. The followers of the movement decried the apparent rate of income inequality; pushing for economic rights of the 99%. The bottom 90% of Americans earns yearly an average of $31,244 while the top 1% is making an […]

Anti-war Movement and American Views on the Vietnam War

Pre-Vietnam war time in the United States has already showed signs that some people were in major opposition judging the actions of the government. The time of the war confirmed that many Americans were against it and this could be evident from the great number of protests that took place. Some people were willing to […]

The contributions of Richard Wright and Gwendolyn Brooks to the civil rights movement

For the longest time in the history of the American society, black people faced severe discrimination from the white community. They were denied of their basic rights and they faced segregation, marginalization, maltreatment as well as poor working conditions. Other than these, slave trade which involved the dehumanizing sale of African Americans thrived and black […]

Social Movement and it’s Influence

The goal of a social movement is to influence the political sphere. A social movement is a movement that is formed with an aim of addressing social concerns of a group whereas a political sphere in this case shall be used to mean a field of politics. This paper shall discuss this statement in relevance […]

Mock Interview using Face-to-Face Interview Technique

The data collection techniques used by a researcher are important in any research process since they primarily determine the validity and reliability of the study findings. There exists a wide range of data collection techniques that can be used by social scientists to collect primary data in key research areas (Wilson & Sapsford, 2006, p. […]

Portable Concepts

It is possible to single out several portable concepts that are discussed in the readings. First of all, one can mention the article The Grand Tour written by Evan Osnos who examines such an issue as cultural stereotypes. In this case, the very word stereotype can be described as a popular and widespread idea or […]

Ethical Events: Good Samaritan Conduct and Acts of vigilantism

Good Samaritan Conduct There are a few people who perform random acts of kindness in our society. One of the most publicized random acts of kindness in the recent past involved the New York Police officer who gave a pair of boots to a homeless man. This law enforcement officer, identified as DePrimo, saw a […]

Fatal Fire in Bangladesh

The global business industry has made use of many employees from different countries. It is not uncommon when a country of lower economic development produces goods for a nation that is well established and the economy is high. This is the case with Bangladesh made products that are shipped all over the world, including Canada, […]

The Internship Experience at an Airport Fire Station

Introduction Airports are some of the most important infrastructures in a country. It is through these facilities that passengers are able to engage in local and international travel. The safety of the airport is therefore of great importance. One of the hazards that the airport should be protected from is fire. Fires can hinder the […]

Fire Disaster on the Station Nightclub

The factors identified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) determine the occurrence of potentially damaging energy exchanges due to the discrepancy in ignition time and the size of mass required to sustain energy during a fire. Polyurethane foam has a small ignition time, which makes it an appropriate source of the initial […]

The Issue of Privacy

Privacy is the concern of many Americans. In his article “Privacy Is Overrated”, David Plotz presents his vision of the issue of privacy in the American society. The author starts with listing the aspects about his private life which cannot be hidden and can be checked by any company or person. However, Plotz belongs to […]

Farming It out Critique

Any society can be compared to a living organism that gets born, grows and changes according to the time, environment and processes that go on internally. Any group of people has their own beliefs and regulations which are backed up by history, traditions and culture. In any society there are people who get their opinion […]

Snowstorm Causes Accidents In North Dakota

A sudden snowstorm surprised the North Dakota area on Monday morning, causing many accidents around the area. One of the accidents had happened at around 9:40 a.m. at Interstate 94. “Two cars and a truck wrecked at about 9:30 a.m. and left motorists stuck on the highway for 70 minutes,” Lieutenant Bob Boone, the Fargo […]

Assimilation: Immigrants in the USA

Introduction The article in question dwells upon assimilation of immigrants and people’s attitude towards it. Jacoby (2009) reveals some facts concerning the rate of immigrants. The author notes that the rate of newcomers decreased compared to previous decades. However, the rate of population of immigrants and their families is increasing. The author notes that major […]

Why do we work?

Introduction For a long period of time, human life has been defined by the lifestyles people live and ownership of property. Most people are recognized in the society because of who they are in terms of occupation and daily activities. The desire to advance in our careers has significantly grown, with most people preferring to […]

The Controversial Issue of Surveillance

Introduction The chosen issue for this analysis is to determine whether the spread of various surveillance technologies threaten privacy or not. It is known that technology leads to the development of gadgets that help in daily human operation procedures. In this process, there are various challenges that people or citizens may face while implementing such […]

Democracy Movement in the Middle East

Introduction Background information This report provides the history of Middle East and how democracy movement came to be in the Middle Eastern countries. According to Steele, 2009, Middle East is a broad term that involves approximately sixteen countries in Western Asia and North America. Middle East has been a vital centre for most of the […]

The World is Flat

Summary The first chapter in the book “The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman begins with a journal entry by Christopher Columbus when he set out West hoping to land on the Indian subcontinent. Friedman compares this journey by Columbus to his own exploration which made him head east to India in search of the […]

History of Multiculturalism Movements

Multiculturalism is the recognition and appreciation of various cultures. It is the integration of various cultures to ensure people live harmoniously. Multiculturalism is what enables people of different backgrounds and cultures to live together in a culturally diverse society. Multiculturalism is about reaching out to new comers and natives of an area and finding a […]

New York or Boston, Which Place is Better to Live in?

Abstract Choosing a place to live in can be a daunting task for everyone since a number of factors have to be considered in advance. Most decisions are influenced by personal preferences and conveniences. Whether one has a family or is still single determine to some extent on where the person would lice. Cities with […]

Child of two Worlds

Will Lam be able to exist or move between the two worlds? The Child of Two Worlds is a captivating story where the author, Lam, provides a description of what was “inside” and “outside” for him as a child. He presents two contrasting worlds, each of which has its own characteristics. The American world is, […]

American Marriage in transition

Introduction In the article, “American Marriage in transition”, Andrew Cherlin, the author, presents an analysis of how the institution of marriage has evolved over the past two centuries, undergoing changes occasioned by a wide array of variables, which include changing perceptions on marriage, job demands, laws (marriage and divorce laws), economic depressions, and the two […]

Literate in a Modern Society

Human history saw many examples when knowledge meant everything for people because the information and ability and opportunity to acquire it was something more than simply data from books, this was independence in terms of thoughts and the ways of expressing one’s ideas. So, people strove for knowledge, for free access to information, and means […]

Grass-Roots Social Movements: Industrial Areas Foundation

I settled for Industrial Areas Foundation, an organization based in Chicago that seeks to target empowerment of the people with a view to improving life, pursuit of happiness and liberty for Americans. It is a powerful social movement that brings together people of all races and backgrounds in order to forge a strong society. It […]