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Rhetoric Essay Examples and Topics

Public Speaking and Audience Analysis

To begin with, the speaker may be directly invited by an organization, which may be a business conglomerate, a school, community, a political party, or a religious institution to make a public speech on a [...]

The Art of Rhetoric

On the whole, in his books, Aristotle argues that rhetoric can be defined as the ability of a person to choose a technique that can best influence the audience.

Mayor Henry Agostini’s Speech

This event is significant for all the city because the development of the new Hospital provides answers to such problematic questions as the Bush hospital's impossibility to offer services to the community's population, problems associated [...]

Persuasive Speaking

The speaker relies on his or her ability to formulate a case that is going to be accepted by the audience. This was a major challenge because he was not able to resonate with the [...]

Effective Communication and Its Detailed Plans

To effectively communicate especially when giving a public speech one needs to plans all the details of the speech: the language to be used, the tonal variation and even the sign language to be used.

Persuasive Speech of a Hero Analysis

Making the components of his speech work in the most effective way, the speaker achieves a stunning success in the eyes of the public.

“Letter From a Birmingham Jail” by M. L. King, Jr.

Martin Luther King wanted the clergymen and the entire group of individuals who were opposing them to conclude that he had adequate authority and sufficient commitment to advance the cause of civil rights on his [...]

Illogical Arguments and Their Identification

As a result, the wrongdoings of various people have to be viewed as the actions directed to the pursuit of happiness and other desired goods. The statement means that in all the evil deeds the [...]

Graduation Ceremony Speech at the University

I want to thank the staff of the University for the time and effort they spent on us. All the success we managed to achieve and the goals we are going to reach in the [...]

“The Death of Honesty” by William Damon

In the body of the article, the author depicts his fears that if being honest is no longer valued, the future society will collapse and give way to chaos and anarchy. He wants to persuade [...]

“The Speech the Students Didn’t Hear” by Neusner

The argument of the essay is about the effectiveness of education, attitude of students, and differences between the things taught at university and the ones that will be encountered in the real-life after graduation.

“The Danger of a Single Story” Speech by Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, in her speech "The Danger of a Single Story," demonstrates the impact of biased ways of thinking, using examples from her own experience. As a consequence of the divisive nature of stereotypes, [...]

Rhetoric: Chief Seattle’s Enviromental Statement

The repetition is used in this speech to emphasize the major themes that Chief Seattle uses to draw the listener's attention: the sacredness of the earth, the difference between the white man and the Indian, [...]

Donald Trump’s Immigration Speech

The audience consisted mostly of his electorate and, judging from the reaction of the crowd observed in the video, the majority of the listeners were sympathetic with the content as they reacted positively to the [...]

Rhetoric in “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Carr

An overview of the essay revealed the application of a careful appeal to the reader's emotions, the establishment of the writer's credibility, logical presentation of relevant information, and the subtle entreaty using shared experiences.

Rhetorical Situations: Ethos, Pathos, Logos

A rhetorical situation is a context that constitutes a given issue, the audience, and the constraints that might make it hard for the speaker to persuade the audience to share his or her viewpoint.

Logos, Pathos, Ethos in Watts and Hasker’s Article

The article's targeted audience can be defined as such that consists of the representatives of entertainment-industry, which the authors strived to persuade to recognize the validity of the above-mentioned idea.

Ethos, Logos, Pathos in the Food, Inc. Documentary

In the documentary, there are many instances of its makers providing viewers with the factual information, as to the discussed subject matter, which is supposed to convince the latter in the full legitimacy of people's [...]

“Living with Less. A Lot Less” by Graham Hill

The author successfully appeals to personal experience to uncover the realities and underscore the validity and ethicality of his argument. To amplify the seriousness of the problem and uncover the validity of the claim, the [...]

Ancient Rhetoricians’ Role and Challenges

In addition, the rise of philosophers as ancient times transitioned into the modern era brought competition to rhetoricians. During the ancient era, rhetoric flourished in open and democratic societies.

“I Have a Dream” Speech by Martin Luther King Jr

Unlike previous presentations, the speech had an influence on the overall realization and implementation of statutory provisions that were critical to the sustenance of equality and justice in society.

Isocrates and Aristotle Views on Rhetorical Devices

I find it hard to believe that such an accomplished rhetor as yourself, would doubt that the main rules and principles of rhetorical persuasion are universally applicable, and that it is specified by the mean [...]

Rhetoric: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

I get along well with people and everybody I have come in contact with knows me as a sociable person, but that time, in the fourth grade, I had not sharpened my skills to evaluate [...]

Steve Jobs’ Stanford Speech Rhetorical Strategies

Speaking of the goals which Steve Jobs pursued when having a public speech in front of the students of the Stanford University, one has to mention that these goals had nothing to do with Jobs' [...]

Aristotle’s and Plato’s Views on Rhetoric

One of the points that Plato expresses in this philosophical work is that rhetoric should be viewed primarily as the "artificer of persuasion". This is one of the similarities that can be distinguished.

1789 Abolition Speech by William Wilberforce

When it comes to ensuring a high rhetorical value of a particular speech, which is meant to convince people in the validity of the speaker's line of argumentation, it represents the matter of a crucial [...]

Musallam Al Barrak Speech in 2012

Since the rhetorical analysis of the text is focused on the understanding and examination of the text in-depth, it is crucial to conduct background research and find out who the author of the text and [...]

Rhetorical Analysis of Obama’s Speech

In his speech, Barack Obama makes a magnificent attempt to address the issues of racial dishonesty and white privilege that is still observed in America, to describe the "black anger" that is inherent to the [...]

Hero in Modern Society

The intention to serve and protect the other people is not typical for ordinary people in spite of their status in the society.

Rhetoric Analysis of The Mind’s Eye by Oliver Sacks

Even though he does not nullify the assumption of the possibility of inflexibility of sensory areas among the adults, citing this evidence gives an indication of the Sacks' belief that the blind can see, but [...]

Political Rhetoric: Barack Obama’s March 18 Speech

The context of the speech was reassuring white voters that they did not stand a chance to lose anything based on a statement of a renown Black American Pastor. The speech used the pattern of [...]

Critical Thinking Memo

She rejects the governor's offer of privatizing the management function of the DMV information systems of the state, and says that the plight of the workers should have been considered.

Better Public Speaking and Presentation

It is normal and even beneficial for the speaker to feel a little nervous when planning to make a public speech, especially when the speech is expected to generate a massive change of thought to [...]

Health Beliefs in Modern Society

To understand the mechanisms of the given belief, one should apply the concepts of sociological imagination to the issue. Applied to the mechanism of creation of the myth mentioned above, the given dimensions can be [...]

Fallacies—definitions and examples

It arises in a situation where two statements or concepts are supposed and one of them is thought to be false which leads to a logical conclusion that the second one is true.

Garan Reflection

Limited data amount and research administration The small number of studies used added to the many flaws on the results of the research, 38 in number according to the writer and the NPR terming it [...]

What is Critique?

Foucault thus clarified that the rise of critical thought was not coincidental to the occurrence of the Reformation and the Renaissance.

Objectivity vs. Subjectivity

For instance, the fact that the sun rises from the East and settles in the West is a subjective reason. Objective and subjective reasoning apply to different people in the society.

The Origin of Rhetoric

The purpose of this paper is to analyze persuasion in The Iliad, analyze whether the notions of logos, pathos and ethos are applicable to the dialogues from Book Nine and if they are, why Phoenix, [...]

Rhetorical Effectiveness

Ethos has been employed in the article in order to convince the audience that the writer is credible. At the beginning of the essay, the author cites the Kaiser Family foundation and then also mentions [...]

Rhetoric as an Art

Pre-Socratic period was marked with Hellenic rhetoric that shaped the view of philosophers in relation to the connection of the thought and expression.

Rhetoric Situation in Articles

The effect of the rhetorical question on the audience is examined. In the article, there is a prediction that games are going to be models of our own activity in the future.

Comparison of the inaugural speeches

The inhabitants of other countries have colonized the citizens in most of the nations because of their resources. They have also tried to address the importance of sustaining peace in a country.

“Essay on Man” by Alexander Pope

But in the case of Pope's work, its main attribute is the capability to deliver a message that is pleasant to the ear but at the same time helps the reader to retain the essence [...]

The world after college and fear

All the jokes and laughter aside, O' Brien still manages to remain relevant to the occasion and to his main audience.

Rhetorical Stance Of Articles

Jeanne Segal and Melinda Smith on the other hand are of the idea that such an approach requires the dedication of the conflicting parties to end the conflict hence lengthening the period of conflict resolution.

Fallacy Summary and Application Paper

To achieve the desirable purposes, it is possible to neglect some aspects of the case and introduce the situation in regard to personal interests.

Martin Luther King Junior

Other clauses repeated in the speech include; 'Now is the time' found in the sixth paragraph of the speech, where Martin was emphasizing that the time of freedom had come.'Let freedom ring' is another clause [...]

Stephen Colbert’s Speech

The white House Correspondents' Association is the organization consisting of media representatives who cover the information about the President and the situation in the White House.

Steve Jobs Commencement Speech Analysis. Rhetorical Essay

In his speech, Jobs demonstrates the virtuous use of the rhetoric appeals in the development and presentation of one of the most persuasive commencement speeches in order to draw the students' attention to the significant [...]

Skeptical and Layman Competence

More so, in reference to the above scenario as a piece to be analyzed on the basis of critical thinking, the main argument will be whether Battersby was justified to be skeptical about the pathologist's [...]

Analysis of Speeches

Thus, the need of this speech was influenced by the political circumstances of that time of ensuring the freedom of Berliners and thwarting the advancement of communism in the heat of the cold war.

The Psychology of Images

Leonardo's composition shows all aspects of the painting and he "guides" the eye of the viewer towards the head of Christ whose image is in the middle of the painting.

Dogs Playing Poker

The use of dogs in the painting is humorous in that the writer showed them doing human things and it was used to attract the attention of the viewer to the picture.

Rhetorical Analysis

The magazine article "How to have a conversation" by John McDermott is a personal journey by the writer who wanted to investigate whether the art of conversation could be taught in formal settings. However, he [...]

Housing Bubble’s Causes and Impacts on Credit Crisis

The thesis of the paper was to investigate and demonstrate how the housing bubble led to the credit crisis of 2007 by exploring the rhetoric appeals and strategies that were used by the author when [...]

The Last Lecture

The Last Lecture by Randolph Pausch is a good example of an inspirational speech that prompts the listeners to reevaluate their views on life, death and relations between people. The introduction of his speech contained [...]

Severn Suzuki’s Effective Speech

Her speech made adult people listen to the speaker very attentively as the girl's speech was simple and inspiring. This contributed to the effectiveness of the speech.

Rhetoric in American Politics

Many people's political expectations are diminishing owing to this state of affairs and the country appears to be heading in the wrong direction.

Argument Analyis of Racist Speech

A case of segregated education system is the point of reference by Lawrence and the Brown versus Board of education case is used by Lawrence to amplify the conflict that exists between the first amendment [...]

“I have a dream”. Speech Analysis

Although the speech is of great significance in our society today critics say that King was excessively rhetorical and that he did not provide a way to solve the many problems he addressed.

Education Leads to Individuals’ Liberation

Moreover, a lot of people do not understand the power of education and remain in the darkness of ignorance. In the case of Douglass it was essential for him to learn to read and write.

Rhetorical Analysis of the Communist Manifesto

A famous philologist and linguist Bakhtin described the use of language in its relation to the particular circumstances and he emphasized the process of subject formation: "pre-empts the phenomenological theory of the subject by producing [...]

What Is Education for?

Taking into consideration the needs and tendencies of a modern society, we can assume that the purpose of education is to prepare students to be self-sufficient citizens capable of solving real world problems.

Moral Thinking and Injustice in the Society

When one is faced with an issue that requires solutions to be made, the end result is highly correlated to the way of thinking of the individual l. The arising phrases and comments from this [...]

“The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli

Therefore, to ensure that a prince has absolute control over his juniors, he requires the "favor of the inhabitants to take possession over a province".

Speeches that Changed the World

Kennedy uses the passage of a torch to the new generation, to emphasize on the passage of the responsibility of enhancing freedom and liberty in the world, to the new generation by the old generation.

The Importance Of Being A Good Critical Thinker

According to the article, there are a growing number of social networks that can be adopted to sell or dispense information; the networks include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Yahoo Chat.

Errors in Reasoning: Fallacies

Conversely, errors in reasoning that are more difficult to diagnose include fallacies such as conventional wisdom, which entails the use of facts known to everybody to construct arguments.

Critical Thinking in Problem Solving

The common practice disorients the attention of the driver and endangers the lives of other individuals using the road. Thus, the technique has been employed to increase the production of food so as to meet [...]
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