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Objectivity vs. Subjectivity Analytical Essay


People have the ability to choose between objectivity and subjectivity. Objectivity refers to the ability to judge issues from a personal perspective. Objective thinkers see beyond what other people say. According to Pillar, objectivity is intelligence because it provides room for rational thinking and reasoning beyond the ordinary (par. 2). On the other hand, subjective thinkers merely rely on the reasoning of scholars and experts in various fields.

For instance, the fact that the sun rises from the East and settles in the West is a subjective reason. In essence, it is impossible for people to reason beyond the ordinary. Subjectivism does not incorporate logic or intelligence. This paper intends to discuss the possibility that people could be completely objective in thinking.

Possibility of Being Completely Objective

Social scientists explain that it is impossible to attain objectivity. People constantly look for knowledge in both primary and secondary sources. Research can never end, and this explains why it is impossible to be completely objective. Individuals will often criticize materials generated by social scientists and this explains how intelligence seeks proof from policies. Seeking intelligence is a natural process that signifies objective reasoning.

It occurs in a cyclic manner and can never come to a possible conclusion. Kahneman and Tversky argued that people would often distort the world due to their overconfidence in explaining things. Most of them do not have solutions to the problem, but through collective efforts and using intelligence, people could find credible answers to various situations (Kahneman 15). In essence, intelligence has no limits.

Importance of Intelligence to the Intelligence Community

Objectivity should be a vital trait for the intelligence community since they have to create a connection between different aspects in life. They include crime, politics, education, and culture. The intelligence unit demands complete commitment from objective individuals. In most cases, they could apprehend an innocent person without assessing other possibilities. Intelligence creates a boundary between propaganda, public relations, and sentiments from normal political rallies.

Without objectivity, it would be impossible to assess the intelligence of such experts while in the field (Ehrman et al. 7). The intelligence community comprises of people from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Most of them view ideologies differently, as nature and nurture most of them dissimilarly.

Objectivity and Subjectivity

Objective and subjective reasoning apply to different people in the society. Besides politics, religion raises many questions among populations. Faith is a personal decision since in the society atheists exist. They do not believe in any religion because they have personal ideologies against this concept. Certain individuals advocate for Protestantism while others purely focus on Catholicism. Eastern religions equally play a significant role in the society, especially Buddhism.

Some people question the ideologies or policies of certain religions. This happens when they want to join the sect, or when they want to criticize it. On the other hand, many people belong to no religion because after assessing most religions, they find atheism as the most appealing option. Religions have different traditions that their inventors formulate. Other people do not question religions since they uphold a subjective thought process (Ehrman et al. 22).

Most of these individuals embrace religions that their predecessors initiated. Others blindly follow religious ideologies because their societies support such religions. Today, countless religious beliefs exist and people follow the ones they find comfortable. From this perspective, objectivity and subjectivity strongly apply in religious settings. Objectivity has to exist because people have the freedom of worship. On the other hand, subjectivity prevails because conservative communities exist.


Experts equate objectivity to intelligence since people often strive to reach the highest level of intelligence that they cannot achieve. When an expert develops an idea, people will generate different opinions and fallacies to challenge such reasoning. People are naturally different and intelligence is inherent to an individual. This offers the ability to object or support certain ideologies in the society.

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