Animal Rights Essay Examples and Topics

“You Have the Right to Remain Silent”: Animal Rights Vs. The Need for Natural Products

Introduction: On the Relationships between People and Nature There is no need to mention the sad fact that the relationships between people and nature, including most of its elements, have been rather complicated, especially since the advent of technological progress and the consequent pollution issues. According to the humanist principles, animals must be granted the […]

Animal Rights Approach

Do animals have rights? What is the meaning of animal rights? How can human beings uphold animal rights in the same way that they uphold human rights? These are just some of the questions arising from the controversy regarding animal rights. It must be pointed out that humans are dependent on animals for their survival. […]

Organizations Campaigning Against the Use of Animals in Research

Human beings have used animals in scientific research for a long time. Animals are currently being used in clinical studies to find cures for some diseases such as HIV, Alzheimer and Leukemia. Nonetheless, several organizations are now campaigning against the use of animals in scientific research. This paper will present a brief summary of arguments […]

‘Animal Rights’ Activists and Racism

One of the post-industrial discourse’s foremost aspects is that, as time goes on, more and more people in Western countries declare their formal willingness to cease assessing the significance of the surrounding reality’s emanations exclusively through the perceptual lenses of euro-centrism. Nevertheless, there a number of good reasons to think that the people’s endowment with […]

Animal Cruelty, Its Causes and Impacts

Research has proved that animal cruelty has been on the rise for the last two decades due to the increase of human population globally. The competition between animals and human beings for survival has influenced animal cruelty. In most cases, animals are trained through intimidation as they are severely beaten up like they don’t have […]

An Ethical Analysis of Animal Rights

Abstract This paper reviews the issue of animal rights from an ethical perspective. It begins by noting that this issue has gained prominence with advocates asking for animals to be given greater rights. The paper explains the human exceptionalism perspective, which gives humans a higher moral status due to their sophisticated cognitive abilities. The paper […]

Do Non-Human Animals Have Rights?

Non-human creatures do not have rights. A right gets defined as a valid claim that must come from a moral agent, under laws that direct both the claimant and defendants (Cohen 91). Animals cannot be said to have rights since the idea of rights is inherently human, and its foundations relate to the concept of […]

Cosmetic Testing on Animals

Introduction Cosmetics have become a multi-billion dollar industry with millions of consumers around the world. Items such as lipsticks, lip gloss, eye shadow, concealers, moisturizers, skin whiteners, blush, and an assortment of other products are bought on a daily basis by female consumers in order conform to the current societal view of beauty. However, the […]

Nonhuman Animals in Moral Equality Theories

Introduction The place of non-human animals in an acceptable moral system often attracts different moral views. The nonhumans lie on the borderline of human moral theories and principles; sometimes they are accorded a high moral status and other times they are denied any moral recognition (Pluhar, 1995, p. 67). Accordingly, the philosophical views on the […]

Morality and Justice

Introduction: Animal Liberationists and Environmentalists Animal liberationists are groups of people who oppose the use of animals in medical, biological or chemical research work. Animal liberationists fall under the animal liberation movement which is a global animal rights movement that operates under three major components; legal development, direct action and philosophical debate. The animal rights […]

Do animals possess moral rights?

The question as to whether animals possess moral rights has triggered a fierce debate ever since the Darwinian ages. Critics such as Tom Regan have criticized the use of animals in human research and experiments on grounds that it violates the moral rights of animals. However, such arguments have been challenged by another side of […]

Ethics Problems in Animal Experimentation

The issue of treating animals as equal to humans is one of the most controversial questions related to ethics and morality. Scientists use animals in experiments because this practice can contribute significantly to improving the quality of the people’s life and to developing lifesaving therapies. However, the people’s opinions on the ethical context of the […]

Ethical Dilemmas in Animal Testing

Introduction Using animals for testing, research, and developing new products has brought about tremendous scientific and medical advancements. Animal research continues to help man in his understanding of the nature of diseases thereby aiding in the developing of new vaccines and cures. People living in the world today enjoy better quality life thanks to the […]

Definition of Animal Rights and Its Problems

Since the research works held every year in the field of biology and biodiversity show that the decline in the number of rare species is constantly growing, and that animals rights are being violated by a number of physical persons and legal entities, the obvious conclusion that can be drawn is that there must be […]

Should Animals be Used in Research

All over the world, animal activists and institutions have argued whether or not research should be used on animals or should be outlawed. Philosophers believe that experiments on animals are not morally justified because they cause pain or harm the animals. A group of these philosophers believe that other alternatives are available, thus they claim […]

Should animals be used for scientific research?

There are several scientific research activities that are conducted annually globally. These research activities are conducted with the sole aim of solving certain problems that affect human life. Basically, research activities are conducted to improve human life and status of living. Moreover, scientific research findings are used for the benefit of all organisms in the […]

Ethical Problems of the Animal Abuse

Animal abuse and plant abuse is defined as a deliberate infliction of psychological pain, distress, deprivation, or death of an animal or a plant by human beings. Animal abuses occur every time human beings fail to meet the animals’ basic needs. In general, animal abuses comprise of all intentional, socially, and unacceptable behaviors that threatens […]

The debate about animal rights

The debate about animal rights is a controversial among those that support the notion that animals have rights and those who hold the reverse notion. Some people oppose the use of animals in medical research because they say that violates the rights of the animals and amounts to animal cruelty. The others say animals have […]

Animal Cloning Benefits and Controversies

Introduction Animal cloning is the generation of one or more animals from body cells of another animal without involving sexual aspects of reproduction (Fairbanks 27). The members of each clone have similar genetic patterns to the donor cell from which they are derived. Since the cloning of the first animal, animal cloning has emerged as […]

Use of Animals in Research Testing: Ethical Justifications Involved

Discourse about the use of animals in research has characterized the domain of science for a couple of decades now. Debate about whether animals should be subjected to experimental research remains divided, with advocates suggesting that this is a matter of necessity (Francione, 2007), whereas critics use the ethical bandwagon to demonstrate that use of […]

Experimentation on Animals

Introduction The debate about experimentation on animals, though well documented in literature, is still endeavoring to free itself from past controversies and current challenges. This particular debate have attracted many advocates and critics, each advancing valid reasons as to whether it is morally, scientifically and logically right to subject animals to experimentation (Horner & Minifie […]