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51 Socrates Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. The Biography of Socrates
    The Philosopher, Socrates was a Greek and he was born in the proximities of 470 B. Much of the philosophy and life of Socrates is explained by Plato in his dialogues.
  2. The parable of the cave by Socrates
    The fire signifies the sun and the sun represents the whole truth; the light that the prisoners need to see in order to gain their freedom from the world of darkness.
  3. Thoreau, Socrates, and Civil Disobedience – Compare and Contrast Essay
    The striking difference in these two essays is that Thoreau is more rebellious when it comes to the government and he feels that the government is wrong and it must be subjected to criticism to […]
  4. Lawyer at Socrates Case in 399 B.C.
    Socrates was a man of unfathomable religious convictions and a patriot, but most of his contemporary allies regarded him with suspicion and dislike due to his attitude towards the state of Athens and the various […]
  5. Success of Socrates’ Defense
    Fist, he does not appear to be apologetic and to the contrary confirms the general opinion held by majority of his jury that he thinks he is the wisest.
  6. Greek Philosopher Socrates
    In the era of ancient Greece, approximately forty years before the commencement of the Peloponnesian battles, an infant by the name of Socrates was brought into the world.
  7. Justice for Socrates and Augustine
    For a person to be seen as just, he or she ought to be a good person and the crucial question here is to know what good is.
  8. Socrates Main Idea
    Therefore, it is important to first respect the rights of others, as according to the letter of the law, and then to promote one’s beliefs in a non violent manner in order to promote democratic […]
  9. Socrates’ Conception of Law and Justice
    Socrates advocated the idea that justice was good, and that meant that injustice was equal to evil. The point he makes here is that justice is the cure for evil, and that a man who […]
  10. Socrates Biography and Philosophy
    Socrates is one of the great thinkers of all times owing to the fact that his philosophy shaped the Greek’s tread of thoughts. Socrates believed that he was the gadfly of the society and the […]
  11. The Dialog “Crito” by Socrates
    Nevertheless, as of today, this effectively ceased to be the case, because: a) the realities of a post-industrial living render the classical concept of a statehood/law hopelessly outdated; b) the recent discoveries in the fields […]
  12. The Perception of the Self according to Socrates
    The perception of the self, according to Socrates explains the nature of man and the rationale on which man thinks. The capacity of a man is a product of the self in him; this formed […]
  13. Critical Analysis of Socrates’ (Diotima’s) View of Love
    In their dialogue, they asserted that love desires and is always in want of beautiful and praiseworthy things; for it triumphs in happiness and wanes in sadness.
  14. Socrates and Phaedrus
    He makes out the poor application of rhetoric as a style and the incoherence of ideas in the body of the anecdote.
  15. Platonic Literature about the Later Days of the Socrates
    He says that laws of justice should not be used to suppress and oppress guilty individuals especially on the Socrates like him.
  16. Plato`s and Socrates`s philosophy
    However, the categorization and opposition of the states of life and death is rather questionable, and this fact reduces the strength of the argument from the opposites for supporting the idea of immortality of soul.
  17. Organizational Leadership Socrates
    Impact of Socrates theory on leadership Socrates theories led to development of leadership theories that defined characteristics of a leader and the ideal system.
  18. Socrates influence on Plato’s philosophy
    He was accused of corrupting the morals of the youth and misleading the citizens with his unorthodox political and religious views. Plato was so attracted to Socrates philosophy that he made him the principal character […]
  19. Socrates: Moral Obligation To Civil Law
    During the course of this conversation, Socrates was able to prove to Protagoras that the notion of one’s moral obligation to a civil law is indeed fully objective.
  20. The Main Difference between Aristotle’s and Socrates’ Account of Virtue
    One of the main principles on which the ethical school is based is the notion of virtue as the representation of the moral perfectness of a man.
  21. The Compatibility of Aristophanes’ Speech with Socrates’ Ideas
    The discussion of the myth presented in Aristophanes’ speech is compatible with Socrates’ visions of the issue of love because both philosophers consider love as a desire of something or a lack of an important […]
  22. Philosophy of Socrates
    This is the purification that comes from the separation of the soul and body. The hindrance to the realization of the true virtue is corrupted by the body and its elements.
  23. Socrates on Teaching and Learning
    Plato believed that presenting the teachings in the form of dialogues was the best way of documenting the teachings of Socrates for the benefit of the future generations.
  24. Socrates by Aristophanes and Plato
    In “The Apology” by Plato, the characterization of Socrates is tied to the fact that the setting of the book was Socrates’ execution.
  25. Athens Put Socrates and Philosophy on Trial
    As he tried to enlighten the people, Athenians leaders observed that Socrates was spoiling the minds of the youths, and thus guilty of using his philosophies inappropriately.
  26. Piety and holiness—dialogue of Socrates and Euthyphro
    The dialogue between Socrates and Euthyphro is focused on the definition of piety or holiness and is set up in a humorous and sarcastic tone.
  27. Philosopher Socrates and the Power of Doubt
    The life of Socrates is explained in the conversation between Plato and Xenophon and also in theater performances of Aristophanes. Additionally, Socrates is perceived to be the artist who designed the statue of the three […]
  28. Ancient Greek Philosophy: Socrates and Plato Comparison
    Being the most praised Socrates pupil, he devoted a lot of his works to Socrates figure, trying to investigate his point of view and present it to the audience.
  29. Socrates in “Phaedrus” by Plato
    This essay evaluates the arguments in “Phaedrus” and identifies how Socrates uses the rubric to discredit the arguments in Lysias’ speech. In “Phaedrus,” Socrates uses the rubric as the basis of his speech.
  30. Socrates’ Views on Life
    He shows that the truth is the primary value in people’s lives, and wrongful people do not have the right to live.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Socrates

  1. Why Meletus Raised Charges Against Socrates?
    Plato was of the view that Socrates was accused falsely of inciting the youths against the ruling class yet he was the righteous person in society.
  2. Socrates and His Representations
    This is of particular concern to the interpretation of Socrates’s political and philosophical visions. In particular, the source introduces a multifaceted analysis of Socrates’ personality and his philosophical outlook on life.
  3. Socrates as a Founder of Western Philosophy
    The jurors argued that Socrates’ ideas and teachings corrupted the minds of young people. Some scholars believe that Socrates’ views and beliefs could have influenced the later works of Plato, particularly in literary writings.
  4. “The Apology” by Plato: Socrates Accusations
    The main accusations that played a significant role in Socrates’ death sentence were the accusations of impiety and corrupting the young people of Athens.
  5. Piety in Socrates and Euthyphro’s Dialogue
    Euthyphro’s second proposed definition of piety is that “what is dear to the gods is pious”, and he is sure that this definition is appropriate.
  6. Socrates’ Critique of Cephalus and Polemarchus
    They include the view of justice that forms the basis of Socrates’ criticism and the reason why the philosopher found Cephalus and Polemarchus definitions and views of justice unsatisfactory.
  7. “Examined Life” in Socrates’ Thesis
    In order to develop a sufficient understanding of what this proposition means, it is necessary to recognize the specifics of the philosopher’s approach to philosophy and how it relates to practical life.
  8. Socrates’ Biography and Philosophical Studies
    In his understanding, “the soul” is the mind, which is the ability to think, and the conscience, which is the moral principle. According to Socrates, the soul is the owner of the body.
  9. Plato’s Apology of Socrates
    He says that he is not a sophist or physicalist, he is not irreverent, and he does not corrupt the youth.
  10. Philosopher Socrates as an Example of a Hero
    A hero is one who chooses to go against the status quo even when, by doing so, he risks the wrath of the authorities or the powerful.
  11. Socrates’ Ideas in an Interview with a Wise Man
    From the standpoint of proactiveness and the willingness to change the world for the better, the specified approach toward managing complex issues might be seen as the sign of weakness.
  12. Philosophy of Socrates: Book Reviews
    The same applies to a person’s commitment to treat its friends in the best way possible the individuals in question may not be just as friendly, as it appears to be the case.
  13. Socrates: Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living
    By saying that “unexamined life is not worthy living”, Socrates was referring to freedom, a state of making choices about your surrounding, a state of choosing your destination, having the freedom to criticize issues, setting […]
  14. Plato and Socrates on the Ideal Leader’s Virtues
    In the context of a community, different factors contribute to the definition of this ultimate success. This is important, as people in the community will stand a chance to achieve the higher statuses that they […]
  15. Socrates and His Methods
    Inconsistencies in responses lead to a determination of truth of earlier statements; in short a question is broken down to a series of smaller questions in order to ultimately arrive at a more refined for […]
  16. Socrates’, Plato’s and Descartes’ Philosophical Ideas
    In my case, I have always had that striving to be right, get to the root of every problem, and understand the world’s phenomena.
  17. Descartes’ and Socrates’ Doubt and Quest for Truth
    However, doubting everything as proposed by Descartes is wrong because it may make us discard almost all of our knowledge…..in preparing the easiest way for us to withdraw the mind from the senses Descartes questions […]
  18. Socrates as a Christian Thinker
    The third argument that can be employed to discuss whether Socrates was a Christian thinker is the philosopher’s loyalty to his people.
  19. Socrates’ Life and Contributions to Philosophy
    His key contributions to the field include the Socratic Method that facilitates the critical analysis of hypotheses, ideas about morality and wrongdoing, and the concepts of immortal soul and preexistence.
  20. Socrates and the Root of Evil
    The philosopher’s inquiry into the nature of human morality was closely tied to the examination of how one could live his or her life in the most fulfilling manner.
  21. Justice and Injustice in Medea’s and Socrates’ View
    The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast how Medea and Socrates respond to injustice or unfair accusations. The following section discusses how Medea and Socrates respond or react to adversity by comparing […]

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