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Why do we work? Essay


For a long period of time, human life has been defined by the lifestyles people live and ownership of property. Most people are recognized in the society because of who they are in terms of occupation and daily activities. The desire to advance in our careers has significantly grown, with most people preferring to do everything it might take them to attain a certain status in life (Curry 1).

In other words, what we do is directly linked to who we are, our satisfaction, and the desire to excel. All these elements are based on work and what a person does on a daily basis. While there are several perspectives on work, people work for various reasons.


For instance, some people take work as the only way of keeping themselves busy in life. In other words, life would be quite boring and unbearable for such individuals. In essence, people who “love” work consider it as a choice, which makes the life complete. Besides being a choice, work also allows people to earn a living through monetary payment.

In most cases, people are paid for their work unless they are engaged in voluntary activities (Curry 1). In the present day society, every leader is concerned with creating more job opportunities to allow more people to work. Similarly, ways of creating more working hours have been adopted to increase the output of individuals and firms in most parts of the world.

Another element, which is tied to work is success. Most people have been carried away by the notion that one can only be successful as a result of work. This is however true or false based on one’s definition of success. With changing societal values, the definition of success has also changed, and includes certain elements like happiness, satisfaction, and love (Loth 335). Working allows a person to become famous and to connect with other people.

While work can be viewed from a positive perspective, other schools of thought have opposing ideas based on its impact. It is doubtless that the world has significantly changed, either positively or negatively as a result of work. Due to advancement in technology and industrialization, companies experience better performance with reduced expenditure (WebProNews Staff 1). Additionally, employees enjoy working, because of efficient systems, which simplify tasks.

This is however attributed to long working hours, a trend that dominates most workplaces. As a result of wireless devices like computers and smartphones, people are able to extend their working hours at home or somewhere else outside the office. With the massive use of the internet, it is possible to monitor employees while at home or assign tasks and evaluate performance while you are on vacation.

Although extended working hours increase productivity and may keep people busy when they are away from office, it is important to highlight some of the negative effects, which come with this culture. For instance, people who are addicted to work get detached from other aspects of life.

Instead of developing stronger relationships with family members, it is possible to replace this with extra working hours (WebProNews Staff 1). This leads to broken or weak social relationships, where every member of the family lives a different life. Additionally, other activities like physical exercises get substituted leading to other dangers like obesity. It is therefore important to have a balance between work and other aspects of life. This is essential in promoting a holistic progress in human life.

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