Work’s Satisfaction and Psychology Essay

Work is one of the main activities of human life. It is essential to consider the work as something interesting and satisfactory as people spend most of their time at work. I know a lot of different people who work just to earn money and this work dose not bring much satisfaction to them. This is wrong as people do not get satisfaction from money they earn (Lewis, 2011).

After work such people are dissatisfied, they do not feel enjoyment from their work. When people work effectively, when they get satisfaction from what they do and when they get good money for their work, people are pleased. Still there are people who work just for personal satisfaction, they get symbolic money for their work and feel great.

These people are the happiest ones, they do not need much from this life, they are not tied with the material things, they do not need too much from this life, they get satisfaction from what they do (Stride, Wall, & Catley, 2008).

I do not know many people who work just for personal satisfaction and do not get the highest financial reward. These people managed to get the work for calling. This is the greatest satisfaction as people do what they can do and what they like to do. It is essential to work in the atmosphere of positive emotions as it directly affects human condition.

People are happy when they do the work and when they are absolutely satisfied with its results (Seligman, 2002). My friend works as a teacher of drawing in the kindergarten. I know what she does there and how children love her and I understand that her work is like a calling. She has the working hours, but I see how she stays with children longer, how she works with them to help them understand what they do.

It is really important for her to make sure that her children understand the material. She is ready to work for free on Sundays and Mondays, she stays longer at work and I see how she comes earlier. She does not get additional money for working longer, her salary is not too big, but she does her job with love.

Looking at the work she does, I see that my friend loves children and does all possible to teach them draw, she tries to impart the feeling to beauty, she makes them understand this world. The work of this person cannot be paid as she opens this world for people and she formats the consciousness of children.

Working with them my friend puts her soul in the educational process, she does not only helps children learn to draw, she learns them the main principles of life, she teaches them to be polite, loving, etc. I want to say that these people are the happiest ones. She has managed to find the job which satisfies her greatly.

In conclusion, I want to say that I also want to have such a job. Money is not everything in this world, money can give us much, for example, a good and luxury house with a big bad, however, money cannot give us comfort and good and calm sleep. We can buy the most expensive medicine, but we are unable to buy health.

We can make many plastic operations, but we cannot return our youth. Therefore, when working, people should think about personal satisfaction and the contribution they put in personal life rather than about greater financial award.

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