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Psychological Issues Essay Examples and Topics

Psychological Assessment Stage by Stage

In Mohammed's case, a psychiatric assessment will help his doctor in coming up with a solution to his mental illness. I will understand the history of Mohammed's predicaments by finding out from him all the [...]

Thinking Women and Health Care Reform

Seeing that the theory in question promotes collaboration between the patient and the therapist, it can be viewed as a solid basis for the further evaluation of the interactions between the members of the group [...]

Negotiation Process Control

After understanding the cause of the problem, the chief accountant and the human resource manager were engaged because promotional issues lie in the human resource department.

Conflict Analysis: Suitable Negotiation Process

The conflict in this context occurs in various stages that are evidenced by my life experience in the family. For instance, the fact that my sister has strived to achieve a flourishing career is used [...]

Learning Models in Maura’s Case

First, it is necessary to consider major peculiarities of the learning models in question and, then, it is possible to analyze their applicability to the present case.

Stressful Situations and Human Responses

This is one of the examples of a positive and a negative reaction to a stressful situation. However, some people appear in the condition of shock when they are put in a stressful situation, therefore, [...]

The Elusive Big Idea: Innovative Thinking

This is one of the aspects that can be identified. Finally, people should avoid the risk of groupthink or the situation when individuals try to conform to the opinions of the majority.

Trauma Effects on Women in Combat

Possemato et al.noted that the deployment work condition, post-deployment support, alcoholism, and stressors were direct contributors to severe cases of PTSD when other variables, such as combat trauma, length of deployment, and socio-demographic factors were [...]

Factors of Generalized Anxiety Disorder Prevalence

Moreover, the citizens of the developed countries are more likely to observe generalized anxiety disorder than the citizens from nondeveloped countries. Unfavorable environmental factors also can increase the risk of generalized anxiety disorder.

Day Support Services for Autistic Adults Program

The First Home Care located in Portsmouth, Virginia, may significantly contribute to improving the everyday life of the mentioned people by making them closer to their communities in the context of the Day Support Services [...]

Addressing the Needs of a Suicidal Patient

Specifically, the use of the cognitive behavioral approach, the interpersonal therapy, and medication should be seen as necessary since the patient requires both the emotional support and antidepressants since the patient needs both a behavioral [...]

Anxiety Disorder: Shana’s Case

Thus, it can be argued that in Shana's case ABM can be applied to reduce current symptoms with a follow up of the CBT to enhance the overall mental health state and minimize negative thinking.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Its Theories

The study by Bandelow et al.showed that the development of PTSD is associated with the dysregulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and the impaired sympathoadrenal medullary system as part of immunity.

The Sociology of Beauty

Therefore, this concept of polarized tastes informs the choice of the topic to analyze the relationship between beauty and social inequality such as gender and class.

Psychology in Afghan Sociocultural Context

Fundamental reasons for such an attitude towards the science of human behavior lie in the "popularity of psychological myths," the presence of "therapeutic techniques with poor empirical support" and the advancement in the field of [...]

Stress Factors in the Fire Service

Stress and the associated anxiety stimulate the release of chemicals that gives the victim in question strength and energy that can be very helpful if one is facing physical danger.

Experience of Young People Being Bullied

As a result, the communication process has become significantly less careful, and the exposure to the abusive behavior of online bullies has grown exponentially for a range of vulnerable members of the population.

Everyday Aggression: Research Findings

The participants viewed themselves as more likely to use indirect forms of aggression; however, the choice of behavior depends on the individuals' backgrounds, experiences, and gender.

Burnout, Compassion Fatigue and Stress at Workplace

Screening of professional quality of life and its analysis can be useful for the evaluation of a person's condition and development of personal characteristics that can support compassion satisfaction and reduce the risk of burnout [...]

Manufactured Beauty: Cindy Jackson Example

This paper analyzes the issue of manufactured beauty on the example of Cindy Jackson with the focus on the social self, stereotyping of physical attractiveness, and the role of media in Cindy's presentation of herself.

How to Beat Stress?

Stress seems to follow us everywhere and every minute, so that it is not always possible for people to find the time and think of the ways to beat stress and live quietly with no [...]

Anxiety Measurement: MASC and BAI

Two of the most effective assessment tools are the Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children and the Beck Anxiety Inventory. The main goal of this paper is to analyze and compare two assessment tools: the Multidimensional [...]

Resistance-Dissolving Reflection: Mark’s Case

His aversion to the change process could be linked to his heightened anxiety and conflicting motivations over the treatment. In the case of Mark, my failure to work on his motivation could have reduced my [...]

Meditation as a Way to Alleviate Stress

According to practitioners, meditation is a mental method that enables the individual to focus on a single item. It is also crucial to remember that this technique is not an attempt to empty the mind [...]

Exercises as a Treatment for Depression

A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders on this subject stated that the dropout rate for people with depression is more than 18% and that people with more severe cases of depression have [...]

“Techniques of the Body” by Marcel Mauss

Mauss claims that there is a necessity of scientific investigation of the 'Miscellaneous' aspect of ethnography, as it is the frontier of scientific knowledge in this area. Mauss specifies that one of the amiscellaneous' subjects [...]

Stress Management for Life

According to the Yerkes-Dodson principle, a small amount of stress is beneficial for performance and well-being; however, the prolonged influence of the level of stress that surpasses one's coping ability might translate into the reduction [...]

Depression in Elders: Social Factors

This paper is dedicated to the research and analysis of social factors that commonly affect depression in the elderly, such as cultural backgrounds, the inability to participate in social activities, disconnection from family, general loneliness, [...]

Psychological Safety in a Team Environment

In this regard, it is important for members of a team to determine their perception based on interpersonal relations in order to comprehend teamwork and organisational learning and accomplishments.

Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Issue

Sexual harassment at the workplace may cause serious frustration and even disrupt the career development of those affected by it. In the end, she internalized a new belief, strengthened her values, and acknowledged the need [...]

The Cultural Construction of Mental Illness

The review of the given sources contributes to the acquisition of knowledge needed to trace the evolution of the cultural construction of mental illnesses and determine the most significant changes.

Physiological Mechanism of Stress

Stress is defined as any deviation from physical and mental equilibrium, which results in the release of hormones in the body that initiate a fight or flight response.

Self-Fashioning in Society and Solitude

It is not only the theoretical and practical knowledge of a subject that is the primary reason for learning. It is claimed that the community is a catalysator for inspiring people to change.

Cyberchondria and Psychology Behind It

The author of the article discusses the situation when an individual who does not feel well decides to check up the symptoms online. Nonetheless, the author of the article questions the relevance of the concern.

Widowhood Effects on Men’s and Women’s Depression

Considering the peculiarities of the marriage concept, the paper is aimed at exploring the similarity of the widowhood effects on men's and women's depression, explaining why men have more benefits from marriage than women do [...]

Stress and Eating Behavior

The research sample included 101 low-income women, and the evaluation of the sample let researchers find the correlations between stress and severe obesity, independent of unhealthy eating behavior.

Colonel Novak’s Effective Leadership Behavior

In the case of Colonel Novak, he strived to spent time with the individuals in his unit at work and when off duty portraying consideration as effective leadership behavior. In addition, effective leadership is the [...]

Mother that Suffer from Fibromyalgia

The lifestyle of a mother with posttraumatic growth and fibromyalgia is challenged by physical and psychological pain on a daily basis, which greatly influences the immediate family, which, in turn, has to make some changes [...]

Exam Stress: Effective Management

It is important for a child to get enough rest for the relaxation of the mind and body. In line with Hemmings, it is important for parents to analyze the mood of a child who [...]

Impoverished and Excessive Dreaming

Many patients saw a dog in their dreams that tried to bite them; they began to defend themselves or hit the dog, and, in reality, they hit their spouses or walls/beds.

Wellness Concept in Counseling

One existing theoretical connection to wellness involves the concept of the wheel of wellness. This model is a simplification of the previous wheel of wellness and WEL models.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Combat Fatigue

According to Walser, the use of acceptance and commitment therapy is effective in treating a case of post-traumatic stress disorder, which entails the patients to experience positive and negative events without treating them as reality.

Psychology in Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

At the very beginning, Vees-Gulani briefly overviews the evidence from the book pointing to the Vonnegut's psychological trauma in order to underline how the writer makes use of stylistic and literary devices to surpass his [...]

Self-Care Techniques in Work-Life Balance

That is why it is important to focus on self-care techniques in order to maintain the balance between the professional and personal life, prevent the negative results of ongoing stresses and challenges, and be effective [...]

Stress, Depression, and Responses to Them

A great number of people are not able or willing to find meaning in stressful experiences that they get through; for example, they often cannot understand the cause of their difficulties or the strengths that [...]

Stress Management in the Adulthood

To effectively handle stress, an individual must be able to recognize the symptoms of stress and understand the possible cause which is easy as stress changes an individual's happiness level, health, and behavior.

Psychological First Aid

The process of giving psychological first aid has some core values which should be installed to the victims among which are; contacting and engaging the victims so as not to feel left out, offering them [...]