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Psychological Issues Essay Examples and Topics

Experience of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

The obsessive-compulsive disorder is a rather common psychiatric illness, which has a tendency to occupy a significant time in the mind of the patient and provides a feeling that he/she is not in control of [...]

The Compulsive Hoarding Concept

This paper intends to discuss compulsive hoarding disorder while focusing on its causes, behaviors of the victims, and other religious perspectives of the subject.

“Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell

Specifically, according to the author, an individual success may be weighed on the basis of the Matthew's Effect, demographic trough, 10,000 rule, and the concept of cultural inheritance. The example of Oprah Winfrey offers a [...]

Women with Low Self-Esteem – Psychology

Despite the fact that the given study is focused on the effects of separation on the women formerly engaged into relationships, it will still be necessary to consider certain issues concerning childhood; however, in the [...]

Married Couples in the UAE Society

However, the study has not correlated the aspect of happiness and satisfaction in life. It was interesting to note the results obtained in the study were drawn from a global survey of women who had [...]

Motivation and Human Behavior

Internal motivation is the opposite, as it is not connected to the external conditions and is interlinked with the unique nature of the action and wants itself.

Bowen Family Systems Theory – Psychology

In this context, the theory is relevant in demonstrating that the level of stress prevalent in the family due to alcoholism and irresponsible behavior of the family head is directly responsible for the development of [...]

Obedience Concept

Obedience makes a person conform to acceptable norms and practices that are considered important in the environment he transacts in. This helps them to take time to reflect on how their actions affect other members [...]

Reading Disability Concept

It is important to add that it is often quite difficult to diagnose the disorder and the measurement is often based on the speed and accuracy of reading while different researchers use quite different cutoff [...]

Hamilton Depression Rating Scale Application

In both cases, the researchers clearly indicated that the higher the level of rating, the higher the depression. This is worsened by the fact that the professional administering the question is not allowed to influence [...]

Great Recession Impact on Workplace Stress

The recent recession directly increased the level of stress that people experienced in the US and other countries in the following ways. The responses of businesses to the recession affected employees' stress levels in the [...]

Aggression in Adolescents

It is important for teachers and parents to differentiate between aggression and the onset of adolescence. Through proper observation and monitoring, it is easy to differentiate between cases of childhood aggression and cases of adolescence.

Sleep Deprivation and Specific Emotions

The purpose of this study is to develop an understanding of the relationship between sleep deprivation and emotional behaviors. The study looks to create a link between the findings of past researches on the emotional [...]

Psychological Influences on Wellness

There are a number of psychological perspectives that impact of the general welfare of individuals, as well as their ability to recover from an illness. In the case of Nancy, there are a number of [...]

Psychological Environment: Getho’s Case

It is crucial that Getho should be able to learn the pattern of analyzing the problems related to his personal life; thus, when addressing a similar issue in the future, he will no longer be [...]

Stress Impacts on the Human Development

To narrow down on the diverse nature of stress, this paper will focus on one of the mechanism that has been identified as a possible solution of controlling stress levels in individuals.

People with Disabilities: the Systemic Ableism

Whereas the absence of disability in the fashion world is based on the dominant view of what is considered beautiful, the absence of disabled in politics can be explained with the lack of access to [...]

Relationship Between Depression and Sleep Disturbance

It was emphasized that persistent disturbance, its severity, and the intermittent nature of the sleep were not associated with depression and its recurrence in the following years. The sleeping disturbance is a risk factor that [...]

Psychology of Fear: Amanda Ripley Views

Another important element associated with disbelief is lack of information among the victims and those responding to the disaster. The immediate decision to vacate a disaster prone-area is dangerous and lacks in terms of deliberate [...]

Developing a Personal Learning Philosophy

In addition, the environment must include the activities that lead to the child's ability to build new knowledge on top of the existing one in order to create challenging activities based on the current level [...]

Psychology History and Systems

The pioneer in the west was William James, who is now referred to as the father of Psychology in America after publishing his book, The Principles of Psychology, which was the basis for the school [...]

The False Memories Concept

Therefore, it is prudent to adhere to practices that will ensure that the frontal systems are in good conditions if one is to avoid false memories.

The Effectiveness of Educational Psychologists

A professional is required to be patient and resilient with the client's problems, as well as the learning process.Mr. Sometimes, it is difficult to show evidence of how educational psychology is beneficial in the learning [...]

The Concept of Evidence

The concept of evidence compels people to analyze every situation or theory carefully. I am also willing to use the concept of evidence to become a critical thinker.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy’ Key Issues

Applying the concept of free association, or the state of mind, in which the patient creates seemingly unrelated metaphors of their life, one will be able to notice that the patient is projecting her fear [...]

Psychology of Fathers and Daughters Relationships

The focus of their study was to establish whether the quality of relationships between fathers and daughters are related in any way with the activities of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, the salivary cortisol, and the autonomic [...]

Exploring What Psychologists Do

According to Utah law, a professional high school counselor should have a post-graduate degree in the same field for him or her to be able to support a good and peaceful learning environment for students.

Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy

In explaining the dynamics of how self-esteem affects self-efficacy, it is important to note that low sense of self-worth will incapacitate the ability of an employee to succeed in specific situations due to lack of [...]

Masculinity and Femininity in Fairy Tales

The role of a woman is to look good and attract attention, while a man needs to be privileged to be considered as a worthy partner."Beauty and the Beast" is supposed to teach children to [...]

Cognitive Perception Processes – Psychology

In the context of the reading process, the specified element can be defined as the acquisition of sensory information and the relation of the information acquired to the phenomena and concepts that they denote.

The Colorado Movie Theater Killings

The assailant, identified in the mainstream media as 24-year old James Eagan Holmes, is said to have gained access to the theater during the premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises", set off two devices that [...]

Supervision in Ministry – Psychology

From this point, the benefits of receiving supervision after ministering in areas related to grief and loss are in the opportunity to reflect on the stressful experience, to understand the details of the experience or [...]

Autism Spectrum Disorder Concept

Besides, Temple often explores her own experiences and attempts to understand the feelings of others that are unavailable to her by visualizing herself as other creatures people and animals.

Cognitive Functions of the Brain – Psychology

The case of Phineas Gage attracts the attention of many scientists because it illustrates the effects of the severe injury on the cognitive processes of an individual. One can also refer to the evidence indicating [...]

Developing Psychosocial Theories

The concept of holding environment and the transitional object has become indispensable among parents in determining the behavior of their children.

Infant Developmental Theories – Psychology

It should be stated that at the infant stage of development, Vygotsky considers the separation of a child from the mother and the creation of the basis for the further development of a human being.

Psychology of Happiness

Psychology of happiness touches on various fields of social and cultural life and seeks to interfere with the lives of individuals for improving their talents and endowing their normal existence with greater meaning.

Suicide, Bereavement and Grief

In the case of egoistic suicide, the individual experiences a lack of social integration, preventing them from being connected to the resources that would presumably prevent suicide.

Memory Chart Stages in Psychology

For instance, the brain uses the procedural memory to encode procedural skills and tasks that an individual is involved in. The stages of memory are very complex and often pass unrecognized.

Malingering and Denial in Psychology

The organized study was accurate and valid enough to identify 97 percent of defendants who were malingering. In order to improve the study, the strategies were combined with several models such as bipolarity for better [...]

Importance of Sleep – Psychology

Precisely, most of the organs of the body are at rest during sleep. It is during sleep that the body encodes the information it obtains during the day into the memory.

Typology of Psychological Disorders and Their Treatment

The group of eating disorders embraces the conditions, which are revealed through abnormal eating. Therefore, the regular changes of mood may become the preconditions for the development of numerous subsidiary disorders such as anxiety and [...]

The Psychology of Racial Dialogues by Derald Wing Sue

Sue introduces the question of racial dialogues while focusing on the examples of Trayvon Martin, President Barack Obama, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and Celebrity Chef Paula Deen; discussing the concept of the racial talk; [...]

The Shallows by Nicolas Carr

The book The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains written by Nicolas Carr is aimed at examining the effects that the Internet produces on the way people think. This is one of [...]

Psychological Impact on Education

Therefore, this research examines the impacts of psychology on education, professionals, and relationship success in the education setting. The educational psychology in accordance to the academic description may mean the study of teaching, learning, and [...]

Are Emotions Irrational? – Psychology

Anna unexpectedly chooses to parachute instead of solving the problem because she is not aware of her real emotions and feelings masked with the exaggerated enthusiasm, and she unconsciously chooses the variant of behavior which [...]

Expectancy Theory in Motivation Psychology

According to the theory suggested by Vroom, which would later on be called the Expectancy Theory, the behavior of a person is largely predetermined by the consequences that their behavior is going to have.

Cognitive Psychology Evolution Aspects

This essay is also going to study the interdisciplinary perspective of cognition and the history cognitive psychology. The evolutionary approach explicates the forces of selection that was dominant in our ancestors and the forces have [...]

Does True Altruism Exist in This World?

On the contrary, true altruism is concerned with increasing the welfare of others as an end-state goal of offering help. This term springs from the fact that the helping behavior of a philanthropist is driven [...]

Social Biases

It is for this reason that subtle and blatant biases are key terms in social bias so as to explain the degree of biasness.

Social Phobia – Psychology

It is generally associated with the way a person conducts him or herself in any social setting; in this case, an individual may be in a position of feeling very shy and / or lacking [...]

Emotional Intelligence – Psychology

Emotional intelligence is defined as the processes that are involved in the recognition, the use, and management of ones own emotional state and also the emotional state of others to solve emotion-laden problems and to [...]