Psychological Issues Essay Examples and Topics

Sociocultural Issues in Early Childhood

Although some parents in the UAE do not sleep with their children in the same bed, their babies often sleep in the same room as they do. Based on this analysis, infant sleeping practices in [...]

Psychology of Adolescence Development

The strategy allows the examination of the significance of adolescence as a standard stage of development. However, she admits that she experienced a period of anxiety and distress upon the death of her mother when [...]

Individuals Development Changes

While in the gang, it was at this age that Gus started to question the activities of the gang. Gus started to develop intellectual capabilities and questioned activities of the gang he considered absurd.

Theory of Cognitive Development – Psychology

The sensorimotor stage is the first phase of cognitive development. The cognitive development theory by Piaget is a clear indication of how children swiftly transform themselves from one stage to another.

Cognitive Psychology Definition and Concept

These methods have been used by psychologists to determine the functionality of the human brain and account for some of the mental processes behind human behavior. It is through studying behavior that psychologists have been [...]

Autism Concept

The problem with this case is that while it may be true that the cause for the development of autism in children have yet to be fully determined, the fact remains that there have been [...]

Mother-Child Relationship – Psychology

In the study, the two researchers established that children explain the nature of the relationship existing between them and their mothers, but girls tend to express concern as opposed to boys.

Learning Theories and Opinion – Psychology

Thus, in my opinion, social learning theory effectively explains the variation in learning processes that happen in various places, which vary in terms of behavioural and environmental influences.

Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Expectancies – Psychology

Self-efficacy determines the beliefs and expectancies of an individual in the control of situations and circumstances. High levels of self-efficacy are responsible for perseverance and pertinacity because individuals hold the belief that they possess the [...]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Finally, she notes that it is important for an employee to be able to express him/herself and to have a certain scope for creativity.

Penn State Child Sex Abuse Scandal

At the beginning of March, this person announced that he would testify in the trial of the people who allegedly covered up the crimes of Jerry Sandusky.

Bullying and Its Effects in Society

Secondary research is critical in the development of a background to the research, which helps in determining the validity of the problem and suggested research methodologies.

Suicide in Teenager 14-18 Years Old

Although the statistics show that there has been a considerable reduction in the number of the reported cases of suicide, the current rates are still worrying.

Psychology Issues: Frigid Wives

Additionally, this article shows that according to the norms, which existed during that time, sexual intercourse was one of the issues that could not be openly discussed.

Emotional Intelligence

American business companies noticed this and started to pay greater attention to the emotional competence of their workers, hire special consultants and advisors to help the employees deal with the emotional intelligence issues, conduct training [...]

Building Identity Through Language

In contrast to Amin Maalouf, she emphasizes another side of the problem of the identity mentioning the unwillingness of the native speakers and the society to recognize the fact that the immigrants have their own [...]

Psychology of Reconciliation

In Australia, reconciliation involves the process of creating awareness of the rights of all indigenous people while also endeavoring to create a good relationship between them and the rest of the communities comprising the Australian [...]

Psychology Issues: Health Counseling

Sometimes, I really feel that I should not talk with people of different color, although the institution I am in encourages me and my fellow Africans that we are now living in a world dominated [...]

Consciousness-Cognitive Science vs. Neuroscience

Damasio argues that neuroscience is a mother of consciousness and uses an example of neurologists and how they limit themselves to the basic definition of consciousness as a matter between the start and the end [...]

Treatment of Psychological Disorders

It upsets the balance of the body, and the restoration of it requires the calming down of the chemical reaction in the body, as well as the change in a person's thinking.

Multiple Intelligences Test Findings

It is important to note that such eight bits of intelligence as Kinaesthetic, Linguistic, Logical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Musical, Visual, and Naturalistic intelligence is typical for each person, but they can characterize the man's behaviors, attitudes, [...]

Psychological Analysis: Case of Asma

The goal of psychoanalysis, to this therapist, was to access the inner emotions and thoughts of the individual that he or she was unacquainted with; the latter is the unconscious.

Psychology Research and Its Methods

The choice of a research method defines the further course of the study; therefore, it must be chosen with the account of the specifics of not only the study, but also the subject and, therefore, [...]

Psychological Disorders Problem

This can contribute to abnormal development of the fetus and lead to the development of autism. Sensory memory enables people to remember information for a second and it cannot be prolonged even with the help [...]

Psychology Issues: Asperger Syndrome

The misdiagnosis is also one of the pitfalls that should be avoided because the misapplication of various treatments can significantly impair the development of a child.

Psychology Issues: Conduct Disorders

Besides, in many cases, younger people do not pay attention to the change in mood or even to physical conditions of elderly people and the cases of abuse remain concealed.

Vaccinations and Autism

This paper borrows on the arguments of Monica Prasad and Washington and Haydn when they argue that the belief about vaccinations as a primary cause of autism stems from emotional, psychological, and behavioral barriers, as [...]

Epilepsy and Its Treatment

Although among the existing ways of treating epilepsy, including the pharmaceutical, therapeutic and alternative ones, the former seems the most trustworthy, the choice of the treatment method is largely predetermined by the specifics of the [...]

Compulsive and Addictive Behaviors

This approach enables the therapist to devise ways of treating addiction and compulsive behavior in a group setting. To halt the addictive and compulsive tendencies, there is a need for corrective measures that enhance the [...]

Sigmund Freud’s Theory Notes

The repetition is considered to be the way of transference of the past. In other words, the issue of happiness is considered to be one of the most important for a human being.

Cognitive Processes in Problem Solving

An examination of the success of such a course of action in the past is also essential. Decision-making in a problem-solving environment involves an analysis of the possible courses of action that could be taken.

Face Recognition

It is imperative to mention that cognitive process is very significant in face recognition especially due to its role in storage and retrieval of information from long-term memory.

Environmental Psychology and Orientation

Written by Michael Petit in 2011, the article, The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Task Force on Sexual Orientation, the Nature of The Sex, and the Contours of Activist Science, seeks to [...]

Psychological Testing Issues

The principle of the right to privacy implies that an individual has the right to choose the information regarding his/her beliefs, attitudes, actions, and feelings to another person, often a licensed psychologist.

Boundary Issue in Professional Psychology

Dual relationships in psychotherapy generally refer to "the situation in which multiple roles exist between a therapist and a client; for example when the client is also a student, friend, employee, family member, or associate [...]

Dreams Functions

Still, other researchers argue that one of the key functions of dreams is to maintain our bodily and psychological health. To conclude, it is obvious that many suggestions have been put forward by researchers about [...]

Stress Reduction at Work

In case of anything, he or she is unable to handle or may require some assistance; such a person would be in a position to pass his worries to the others and find a solution.

Retrospective Diagnosis of DLD

In the case of Albert Einstein, a post-mortem assessment of his brain revealed that "...the stem of the lateral sulcus was found to be continuous with the bottom end of the postcentral sulcus".

Depressive Disorder – Psychology

Thus, genetic peculiarities of a person can be a reason for the development of the disorder. The method is quite effective but it needs a great deal of self-control and attention to one's health.

Emotions and Expressions

The article entitled as The Relationship among Expressions, Labels and Descriptions of Contempt reveals that it is often difficult to define the connection between genuine emotions and facial expressions. Therefore, they prove human's ability to [...]

Dealing With Grief and Loss

The role of the psychiatrist involves sharing the individual's grief work, which involves the efforts made by the bereaved to disentangle himself from the bondage of the deceased or the lost item, and finding new [...]

Chadwick Center for Children and Families

During Juan's session, the therapist noted that Juan possessed signs of avoidance and withdrawal reactions hence his refusal to talk about his father and upon insistence, he resulted in some emotional reaction.

Stress’ Definition and Effects

Hormones, neurotransmitters, and peptides which are crucial for the proper functioning of the immune system are released through a physiological stress response system.

“Psychology, 10th Edition” by David G. Myers

Different theories were developed to explain the relationship between cognition and emotions, one of the most interesting being that of Zajonc, LeDoux, and Lazarus. I am sure that this is one of the best ways [...]

The Effects of Culture on Cognition

The main objectives of this research will include the following:- To study and establish the connection between culture and cognition. The significance of the study will be to: Improve human understanding of the influence of [...]

Social Anxiety Disorder

Also referred to as social phobia, social anxiety disorder is a psychological condition that is associated with the constant fear of surrounding social conditions.

Maladaptive Kinds of Behaviours – Psychology

Abnormal psychology asserts that instead of focusing on the differences between what is normal and what is abnormal, the focus should be on the distress level or disruption that might be caused by a troubling [...]

My Experiential Challenging

The closest person to consult about the approval of the operation was my husband. A lot of money was lost to the surgeries that I encountered.

A False Memory

It is therefore important to conduct some experiments to see the differences between the correct memory and the false memory. The distracters and words to be identified were the variables that were independent.

Child Prostitution in Thailand

The general public also needs to know about the negative impacts of child prostitution to enable them to condemn the vice and report incidents of child prostitution to the authorities.

Online and Face-to-face Counselling

In conclusion, it is possible to note that the article is quite clear and concise when it comes to identifying attitudes towards online counselling. It contributes significantly to the knowledge base of counselling.

Depression in Saudi Arabia

Question of Study What is the prevalence of Social anxiety disorder and depression in Saudi Arabia? The study supports most of the findings that Social anxiety disorder and depression disorder is common in Saudi Arabia.

Handling a Depressed Youth

This means I will have to come up with properly structured questions in order to establish the real cause and the extent of Manuel's depression. I will ask his parents and siblings to make him [...]

Metacognition and Neuropsychology

Using a sample of 100 patients with compulsive mental disorder, the researchers found that metacognition scores were higher in people with obsessive disorders and good insight than in people with the disorder and poor insight.

Dichotomy of the Body and Mind

Thus, the body is a danger to the mind. It is the mind that ensures control of the body, thus the mind is able to survive within the body.