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Psychology of Abuse Essay Examples and Topics

The Effects of Forgiveness Therapy

After gathering the relevant data, the researchers compared the recovery of the participants to their controls to determine the effects of forgiveness therapy.

Smoking Experience and Hidden Dangers

When my best college friend Jane started smoking, my eyes opened on the complex nature of the problem and on the multiple negative effects of smoking both on the smoker and on the surrounding society.

Adolescent Sex Abuse Victims and Mode Deactivation Therapy

For instance, the behavioral and psychological symptomatology theoretical framework associates the psychological and interpersonal problems of the victims to the sexual acts. The effects of sexual abuse in adolescents are profound and should be addressed [...]

Life After Sexual Abuse. Counseling Intervention

The latter implies the analysis of the problem from the perspective of a sexual abuse survivor who has experienced the lack of attachment in infancy and, therefore, is incapable of handling the issue of their [...]

Childhood Psychological Abuse

The objective of this paper is to discuss the effects of abuse on childhood behavioral development as well as to highlight some clues regarding behavior that may alert the community on ongoing child abuse.

Childhood Experience Resulting in Adult Deviance

The article in question deals with the effect of childhood experience and violent behavior in the adulthood. The purpose of the study was to analyze the impact negative childhood experiences could have on people's violent [...]

Child Abuse and Neglect and Family Practice Model

Also, psychological violence can be either the only form of violence or the consequence of psychological or sexual abuse or neglect. Inadequate evaluation of the child's capabilities and overstated requirements can also be a form [...]

Boys’ and Girls’ Sexual Abuse Relationship

Unfortunately, the research proved the spread opinion that the cases of girls' abuse are more prevalent in comparison to boys' one, however, this tendency is changing and the number of sexually abused boys increases.

Sexual Abuse in Male and Female Adolescents

The relationship between the categories of sexual abuses and the resultant psychological distress experienced by girls and boys will be measured. Finally, the study will examine the class performance variations between sexually abused boys and [...]

Post-Traumatic Relationship Syndrome Studies

The results indicated psychological abuse affected the mental health of the victims who displayed more "depressive, anxiety, and PSTD symptoms" than those subjected to physical abuse by an intimate partner. The findings indicate that intimate [...]

How Does Cyberbullying Affect on Young People?

Cyberbullying refers to the unethical use of information technology with the sole aim of harassing, embarrassing, and intimidating people. In contemporary society, cyberbullying is a common phenomenon among young people because of the increase in [...]

Senior Citizens Abuse

The contemporary evaluation studies of the elderly citizens' emotional stability prove that there is a consistent percentage of offensive treatment towards the seniors both in the family environments and asylums.

Sexual Abuse on Erin Merryn

The Megan's Law responds to violent crimes on children driven by sex through a public notification as an approach to preventing predatory children sexual abuse.

Juvenile Offender Treatment

From the recent incidence, the judge, with the help of social workers from the Juvenile Assessment Center and outpatient treatment centers that treated Joseph, ordered him to a residential abuse treatment instead of a jail [...]

Trauma of Sexually Abused Children

This paper discusses the religious views of child molestation together with a discussion of the trauma of child sexual abuse from the paradigms of various trauma-causing factors and the implications of distress in the life [...]

Violence on TV

From one perspective, it is said that the person will learn to like the violence and use it in real life.

Child Abuse Problem

The study of the problem of child abuse has begun in the 60s with focusing attention to children problems. In such a case the early recognition of child abuse is of great importance.

Problem of Child Abuse

The most common form of child abuse in America and in most parts of the world is child abuse. The cost of child abuse is dire to both the children, healthcare organizations, parents, and the [...]

The Causes and Effects of Child Abuse

The main problem of the project is the presence of a number of effects of child abuse and parental neglect on children, their development, and communication with the world.

Shadowing a Substance Abuse Counselor

The researchers brought to a close that it is crucial for the intern to understand the causes before starting the helping process because this would help in choosing the best method to utilize in assisting [...]

Internship: Shadowing a Substance Abuse Counselor

The more a person is predisposed to the risks, the higher are the chances of substance abuse. The development of the effective prevention strategies for the substance abuse counselors is based on the knowledge of [...]

Effects of Child Abuse

The nature of the effects of child abuse, their consequences in a society, and the most appropriate preventive methods should be considered.

Child Abuse Issues and Its Effects

The recognition of child abuse signs is a very important step as it is wrong to believe that child maltreatment takes place because of the presence of a single sing or poor understanding of child [...]

Substance Abuse and the Related Problems

A close consideration of the social background and the self-identity issues of drinking adolescents will help identify the causes of the problem and provide a viable solution to it.

Alcohol Abuse by Quentin McCarthy

The aim of MAST is to determine the extent of alcohol consumption based on responses provided and formulate strategies of helping the agent with regard to excess consumption of alcohol.

Effects of domestic violence on children development

In cases where children are exposed to such violence, then they become emotionally troubled: In the above, case them the dependent variable is children emotions while the independent variable is domestic violence: Emotions = f [...]

Cyber Bullying and Its Forms

The difference between the conventional way of bullying and cyber bullying is that in conventional bullying, there is contact between the bully and the victim.

Drug Abuse: Awareness Amongst the Youths

This project is going to carry out a public awareness campaign with the aim of educating the young people on the hazards related to the vice of drug and substance abuse. The awareness campaign is [...]

Effects of Emotional Abuse

This paper looks at the various types of child abuse evident in the society and specifically the effects of emotional abuse on children.

Alcoholism-Nature vs Nurture Debate

The analysis on physiological physiology regarding alcohol shows that, alcohol displays feelings of superiority and fearless behavior and also, it reduces an individual's fear.

Understanding the nature of motivation

He found that drug reinforcers can either be primary or secondary in that they either cause the effect of the drug directly or they lead to an effect that comes to be associated with the [...]

Alcoholism: The rough road

I was the only family he had and he had to move in with me in my apartment. Ken had nothing and he was willing to try anything to put his life back together.

Alcohol and Alcohol Dependency

Chronic use of alcohol leads to alcohol dependency or alcoholism, a condition characterized by continued use of alcohol despite evident adverse psychological and physical effects to the user.

Addiction Severity Index

On the other hand if it is for clinical purpose, it should be explained at the initial step to the client so that it can form the basis of understanding for both the subject and [...]

Physical Child Abuse

Usually the child is unaware of the abuse due to the na ve state of mind or innocence. Physical abuse also lowers the social-economic status and thus high chances of neglect or abuse due to [...]

Drug and Substance Abuse

Many experts consider addiction as a disease as it affects a specific part of the brain; the limbic system commonly referred to as the pleasure center.

Post incarceration syndrome

It is noteworthy that coping skills prior to the imprisonment of the inmate is also a factor that determines the severity of the syndrome in an inmate.

Psychoactive Drugs

Alcohol addicts are normally advised to know their cause of addiction to alcohol in order to fight the addiction in the most appropriate way.

Adolescent’s Drug Abuse and Therapy Success

When one accepts to put up with negative peer pressure, they end up giving up the personal trusts and values thus the pressure becomes a form of a negative force."Does peer pressure affect the decision [...]

Child Abuse Issues

The report "Initial reliability and validity of a new retrospective measure of child abuse and neglect" by Bernstein, Fink and Handelsman provides the findings of the consistency and validity of some of the conservative measures [...]

Alcohol Problems and Abstinence

Her study is conclusive of the fact that moderation drinking is superior to abstinence. Abstinence is the ultimate goal in the treatment of alcoholism.