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Child Development in the Ecological Context

It is stated that the number and the quality of different connections play the significant role and determine children's success or failure, and contradictions between two systems are likely to confuse a child.

Bilingualism and Executive Functions in Children

CLS is the only school in Northern California to implement KIP for students in grades K-5, and to increase the parents' awareness of the true benefits of the program, a study devoted to the advantages [...]

Aging Theories and Interview with the Elderly

For a better understanding of both the process of aging and the theories we have studied in class, I have conducted an interview with an elderly person, and the results of it are presented in [...]

Developmental Observation of a 14-Year-Old Girl

Consequently, Lilly can comprehend that most of the misunderstandings that she has with her mother are both technical and temporary. Therefore, Lilly's friendships are an indication that she is in the process of acquiring a [...]

Professional Development: Social Career

After several lessons in this module, I have come to understand my weaknesses and how I should commit myself to get rid of them for sake of my future career.

Developmentally Appropriate Programs

The program also addresses the issues of diversity and conflict management in the classroom by enhancing social interaction skills. The materials and activities are adjusted to the individual needs and learning patterns of particular children.

The Days of My Life: Personal Development

In the given research, I am going to take a look at my won cognitive development through the lens of various cognitive development theories and check the effects of various internal and external factors on [...]

Exploring Early Childhood

Some parts of the neuron also develop into synapses, which increase the weight of the brain. Infants can notice changes in the emotions of their caregivers.

Parenting Strategies for Early Childhood Development

As the case study of a single mother, Aayla, and her children, Sasha and Cayley, shows quite graphically, there is a strong need to help the mother reconsider her parenting approach and use the strategies [...]

Individual Presentation and Plan: Developing Self-Awareness

In addition, the self-awareness will help me in developing and implementing a sound self-improvement program. Self-awareness is critical to me as a manager to help me relate and empathize with my co-workers in the organization.

Developing Self-Awareness: Individual Plan

Effective goal setting strategies can solve the problem of the lack of time and improve self-discipline, not to mention the improved organization of the working process.

Psychology: Adolescence as a Developmental Stage

Erik Erickson is referred to as the father of an identity crisis in that he originated with the idea of child upbringing practices and their influence on the personality of the child in later life.

Understanding of Adult Development

It is necessary to note that dualism is associated with the earlier stages of development, but people transit to the next level at different ages.

Professional Development and Effectiveness

There is an assessment of my interpersonal effectiveness through ratings on the Learning Style Profiler where I discuss the results from the profile and the kind of professions that may be appropriate to me.

Developmental Stage of a 15-Year-Old Girl

After interviewing Elizabeth and her parents for 60 minutes, I have developed the observational report that focuses on the physical, cognitive, social, and psychological development of the girl.

Youth Sports Role in Character Formation

When children or adolescents set particular goals in a game, they become more active in other aspects of their lives as these people get used to be initiative and accomplish every tricky mission."Sports, physical education [...]

Child Development: Ages and Stages Questionnaire

The score of 20 points is below the cutoff, which means that there is a need for further assessment with a professional to define the scope of the problem and the possible causes.

Professional Development Plan: Opportunities for Growth

Therefore, I will need to coordinate the process of learning by building a knowledge system in which every element of nursing practice is linked to the rest of the components, and where collaboration and knowledge [...]

Adolescent Changes: Physical, Cognitive, Social

The purpose of this paper is to define the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social needs in adolescents based on the latest findings, and reviewing them through the lens of Erickson's psychosocial theory.

Moral Development and Aggression

The reason is that children conclude about the acceptability of aggressive or violent behaviors with reference to what they see and hear in their family and community.

Lifespan Development and Its Stages in Psychology

The choice of this research method is preconditioned by the need to investigate the way cognitive processes among this age group occur and find out factors that result in the appearance of differences between participants.

London Drivers’ Structural Brain Changes

The purpose of the article is to investigate the structural changes in the human brain caused by a learning environment. With the demands of the spatial memory in the brain, the posterior hippocampus and the [...]

Adolescent Development, Changes and Conflicts

Adolescence is a stage in the process of human development that is associated with several potential difficulties and conflicts of the adolescent person with their family, siblings, peers, and adults, as shown by Papalia and [...]

Higher Order Thinking at Development Stages

At each of these stages, children continue to develop more skills and abilities, and thus adding to the list of activities that they are able to perform on their own.

A Middle-Aged Woman’s Developmental Analysis

This paper aims to analyze the case study by examining the biological, psychological, and psychosocial functioning of the subject, Anna, and to explore the implications of her current developmental stage in her life.

The Evolution of Harriet Tubman

When describing Harriet Tubman's psychosocial development during the first stage, it is important to examine her relationship with the parents, especially with her mother.

The Peculiarities of Adolescence and Puberty

It is necessary to pay attention to the needs of students at risk, to the peculiarities of their interactions with other people and to the features of their awareness of themselves as personalities.

Adult Personality and Cognitive Development

Personality and intellectual development in adults is the ability to acquire, construct and use this acquired knowledge, memory and cognitive functions in their decision making processes throughout their life. The acquisition and retention of this [...]

Adult Personality and Intellectual Development

This essay presents a comprehensive analysis on how personality and intellect develops in adults, factors that affect their development and how to live or work with such developments.

Physical Changes and Aging in Psychology

It is important to understand various provisions of physical changes in the context of human development. It is crucial to understand various provisions of growth and physical development with respect to aging.

Child Development Research Issues

Despite the fact that other children in the school frequently complains about this behavior, and in spite of the fact that the teacher has taken time to talk to the African child about this behavior, [...]

Personal Development in Occupational Therapy

The proponent of the study decided to focus on the personal circumstances and preoccupation of Nessrine and Hoa due to fact that they belong to the same age range that is suited for the design [...]

79-Years Adult’s Psychosocial Developmental Phases

This paper aims to analyze the results of the interview with the focus on the interviewee's life in the context of the psychosocial developmental phases, discuss the issue of diversity with references to the person's [...]

“Thinking Matters” by Stedman Graham

Its main idea is about the modern challenge based on the inability to comprehend the importance of educational excellence and the ways of how to use the learning material in a real life.

Child Development and Its Age Characteristics

The participants of the interview were the members of one family. The aim of the project was to compare the age peculiarities of the children and differences in their development.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

On the other hand, Mansour's was observed to have difficulties in the simple tasks that he was requested to perform. Mansour's appears to be in the 3rd phase of growth.

Creativity and Development in Early Childhood

In this scheme the first one, the creative person, is defined by the biological, psychological, sociological and cultural factors, which means that the surroundings where the child grows up are what shapes them as a [...]

Physical Activity for Preschool Children

The title of the article entails the level of physical activity that promotes the development among preschool children. The purpose of the article was to provide the relevant scientific evidence that could support the link [...]

Puberty in the Psychological Aspect

Puberty and adolescents became the focus of scientific attention as soon as it was realized that proper and harmonious development at this stage is a huge investment to the future of the society, as these [...]

Adolescent Development and Life

The interactive movie presented on the website called New Scientist explains the developments that occur in the brains of young people and the way they impact the life choices and behaviors of the adolescents.

Infants’ Understanding of Social Gaze

The main research question in this study is whether the infants appreciate the intentional, target directed nature of social actions through the application of social gaze in third party interactions.

Perception of Childhood and Youth Through History

The advent of industrialization led to the employment of many young people. The aristocracy and the bourgeoisies took their children to schools as part of the transition into adulthood.

Infants’ Psychology and Development

A baby is not aware that they are a separate person; this awareness is a result of a separation-individuation process which begins when the infant finds out that they cannot always be with their mother, [...]

Integrated Spaces for Children Development

It should be easy for the parents and guardians to easily monitor the activities going in the facility as a way of getting an assurance that their young children are in safe hands.

Human Sexual Responding Process Understanding

The most important reason for people to study and understand the process of human sexual response is to understand the physical and emotional changes that take place during intercourse.

Violence Effects to Discipline Children

In order to understand the topic, it is necessary to review the physical and psychological effects of using violence to discipline children, irrespective of the intensity of the physical pain.

Methods and Research

The term 'learning' is used to depict a course that relies on knowledge and is a reason for long-term adjustment in the potential in a manner of conducting oneself.

How Fathers Affect a Child’s Life?

Child rearing is the responsibility of the parents or caregivers in a family, and their nurturing techniques impose a direct impact on the development of the children and their behaviors.

Teen Pregnancy Causes and Consequences

Considering the fact that instances of teen pregnancy are on the rise, the issue has become of great concern. Girls are becoming pregnant at younger ages and it is believed that children born to such [...]

Erik Erikson’ Views on Self-Identity Development

According to him, Erikson argues that the development of the self is a result of epigenetic steps: one step leads to the other. The author also learns that Erikson's theory does not explore the role [...]

Spatial Ability Studies on Men and Women

One of the theoretical hypotheses in the studies of sex differences in the gathering-hunting theory is that women truly have better object location relative to men.

Sexuality with the Disability

From research, the crux of the matter in this broad focus is mainly sexuality and the rights that the disabled have with respect to the sexual education and sexual expression.

Sexualization of Adolescent Girls

In turn, the task of school administrators and teachers should help girls identify the media messages that can harm their development.

Normative Sexuality in Children

A new approach to child sexuality was developed in the 20th century under the leadership of Sigmund Freud, who noted that the behaviour is normal and natural.

Personality Characteristics Paper

To begin with, I am very adventurous both in my social life and at the workplace. This is because I am always enthusiastic and optimistic in finding a solution to my challenges.

The Psychology of Personality

Therefore, in the session, I did ask her to state goals that she sought to achieve at the end of the counselling.

Learning and Behavior

Learning theories such as the social and constructivist theories have resulted in the identification of mechanisms through which experiences in the environment would alter and sustain changes in behavior. In addition, Bandura asserts that learning [...]

Definition of Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology is a branch of science which researches and analyses the main peculiarities and stages of the development of a human being.

Understanding Developmental Psychology

It begins by defining developmental psychology; then it examines some of the application of developmental psychology in life and completes by reviewing the benefits of developmental psychology.

Temperament and Social Development

This enables the reader to concentrate on the issues covered by the research and thus understand the relationship between different variables explored by the researcher.

Personality Assessment Instruments

There is also a distinction of results depending on the language used and it is therefore advisable to use the instruments in the native language of the subject.

Performance Evaluation Procedures and Tools

The thing is that the volume of employee's output often depends upon many out-of-control factors such the functioning of supply chain, the structure of organization, the efficiency of the managers and so forth.

Importance of motivation

Psychologists' view on origin of motivation The complexity of motivation due to unpredictability and fluctuation from one individual to another and at different times has led to various theories being postulated to explain its causes.

Psychological Contract

The contract, which exists in notional form, delineates the practicalities of the job including the duties and responsibilities of the job, worker-manager relationships, and the expectations of both the employer and employee from the job.

Personality and Validation

Given that different tests can give varied outcomes of same variable, it is imperative that there is validation of both the tests and variables to establish their consistency and reliability in measuring certain constructs of [...]

Psychological Personality Assessment Instrument

The sensing trait of the MBTI was analyzed because of the similarity between the impulsive attributes of bulimic individuals and the ability to focus on sensors immediate understanding and present moment.

Personal Action Research Plan

Rationale for choosing the Wondering Question The choice of the wondering question originates from the researcher's passion to improve or experiment the teaching strategies and teaching techniques which motivates students.

Ethical Standards and Codes

The APA's ethical standards and codes influence the professional practice of the people involved in the various areas in the field of psychology through the outlining of the ethical principles and standards to be followed [...]

Mark Zuckerberg

In 2010 Zuckerberg was also named in Time magazine as "Person of the Year". In conclusion, Zuckerberg managed to become a successful person in life because he possessed strong personality traits such as cardinal trait [...]

Is Homosexuality a Psychological Condition?

Romantic attractions as well as sexual acts are usually categorized as heterosexuals or homosexuals and depending on the biological sex of the individual; the person may classified as gay or lesbian.

Child Psychology Development

The reason is because, this data are consistent with the intuition model of judgments and that such subjects generated a pattern of moral judgments that was considered to be parallel with intuition principles.

Fisher’s Personal Transition Curve

Thereafter, an individual comes to the stage of denial. The subsequent stage leads to better understanding of an individual's real level of competency relative to the essential level.

Princess Cleves and her Psychical Statues

In a bid to perform this task, the essay will review the traits of the Princess de Cleves in accordance to these points of view and her personality, motivation, mental struggle and reactions.

Self Help Skills for 4 Year Old

However, the pace of development varies from child to child. At the age of 4, a child develops certain self-help skills that foster independence and heralds the phase of self-responsibility.

Pornography: The Architect of Sexual Offenders

It is important to first of all understand the definition of a sexual offence before looking at the influence of pornography on sexual offences from a psychological point of view.

Growth and Development of Children

It is important to pay attention to the fact that the characteristics of the children's growth are measurable, and it is possible to refer to the certain rate in growth in order to compare the [...]

Trust versus mistrust

Nevertheless, Erikson's model can be useful for explaining the legacies of early childhood experiences on the identity of a person and his/her perception of the world.

Children gender and toys

The paper will look at the impacts certain stereotyped toys can have on the complexity of the children's play, identify the way the behaviors influence the cognitive development of the child while making use of [...]

The Negative Effects of Video Games on Children

Development of knuckle pads in children is associated with addiction to playing video games. Most of the young children tend to think that what they see in video games is a reality.

Different Behaviors in Children with Autism

The purpose is to find out whether the co morbidity changes with the environment, and assess the influence that the environment has on the behavior of an autistic child.
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