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Multiple Intelligences Theory

Speaking about the theory that was developed by Howard Gardner, it is important to note that his way to see intelligence and differences between people in this sphere was not supported by a wide range [...]

Contrast Evolutionary and Social Psychology

The brain is a processing device which produces behavior relative to the things we experience.the human brain, therefore, responds to fit in the environment.

Psychology of Grief and Grieving

This in a way demonstrates that Nelson Mandela qualifies as a sage or a man of wisdom. Therefore, it is the case that late adulthood is the epic of a person's life.

Psychology of Sex

In the first place, Thanatos is something related to the body and needs of people's bodies. People tend to associate sex with something animalistic compared to feelings and affection which are related to the divine.

Adaptation: Experiments in the Psychology

In the second experiment, the mouth adapts to a unique sugar taste from the sugary water thanks to reduced response of sensory neurons on the tongue.

Explaining Mental Health Inequalities in Northern Sweden

The major weakness of the selected article is that it fails to present proposals for guiding future scholars to examine the nature and effects of mental health inequalities.

The Psychometric Survey Method Concept

The merits of psychometric tests in linking creativity to personality types are associated with the success of different personality tests such as the HEXACO-PI-R and NEO-PI-R models.

The Hybrid Model of Crisis Intervention

The quality of communication, as well as attentiveness to various behavioral details and cues, are essential in dealing with the crisis.

Relationship of Identity, Intimacy and Midlife Well-Being

The article sought to utilize a longitudinal cohort study to establish the extent to which intimacy and identity among middle and early adulthood can predict the wellness of an individual.

Psychology: Chewing Gum’ Negative Effects

Hirano and Onozuka investigated the effects of chewing on concentration and they concluded that gum chewing has positive effects on attention.

Multitasking Person in Modern Life

It is apparent that Tugend sticks her focus on the harmful effects of multitasking by revealing the findings from different studies that claim that the human mind can only attain efficiency if individuals can train [...]

The Main Features of Multitasking

In that way, even though multitasking makes the working process appear faster, it can lead to the loss of focus because none of the tasks receive full attention, the level of stress of the doer [...]

Social Psychology Principles in American Movies

The clip highlights a speech by an army general who is addressing the nation, and he is inciting the people to stand up and fight.

Structuralism and Its Principles in Psychology

The given paper delves into the basic principles of structuralism and the impact it has on the analysis and understanding of certain issues.

Gestalt Psychology: Therapy and Its Principles

In this case, Gestalt psychology can be viewed as a basis for the modern sciences, but it is often criticized for being highly generalized and descriptive.

“Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl

The author describes the daily routine of the prisoners and analyzes how the difference in the mindset may affect a person's ability to endure the most difficult challenges.

Groups in Psychology According to Ronald Riggio

Individuals feel a strong sense of urgency to conform to a group leader by putting group values ahead of self-values. Such a level of loyalty lacks a balance between commitment to self and commitment to [...]

Psychological Laws in Everyday Life

They were born in the same district of the city, they attended the same school, their parents were good friends, and it is no wonder that John and Mary spent a lot of time together. [...]

Counselling in Collaboration and Crisis Intervention

Therefore, counseling professionals have to recognize worker-client as well as ecological-cultural determinants of a crisis in order to understand their meaning for a client and their impact on the development of stress.

Gestalt Theory as a Psychological Perspective

The strengths of Gestalt in counseling include its provision of flexible and phenomenological diagnoses that are focused on the identification of patterns and themes that are specific and unique to an individual client.

Psychoanalytic and Adlerian Theories Comparison

Some of the major similarities that emerge from the two theories include the effect that childhood experiences have on the life of an individual, manifestation of these experiences, and various unhealthy behaviors demonstrated by the [...]

Gestalt Psychological Theory

In particular, Family Systems Thinking revolves around the perception of a family as a unified unit where the behavior of one member is interconnected with that of the entire group. In that way, the latter [...]

Religion and Spirituality in Psychotherapy: Clients’ Perspectives

The main argument that the authors convey concerns the necessity to follow the demands of the patients concerning the religion-related conversations and the impact that the aforementioned topics have on the patients.

The Mental State Examination

After utilizing the benefits of the mental state examination for a long time, it is now possible to offer some valuable critique of the process.

Psychological Testing and Assessments Concepts

Counselors and marriage therapists rely heavily on the results of psychological tests and assessments, as they seek to uncover the hidden facets of clients' psychological problems and develop effective interventions.

Robert Bornstein’s Process Focused Model

On the contrary, the users of the PF model are oriented to discussing the process of the psychological assessment because during this process, the respondent is influenced by the variety of factors such as the [...]

The Marshmallow Test Definition

The Marshmallow test was first held in the 1960s and the researchers focused on delayed gratification and the ability of children to wait.

Thematic Apprehension Test

This test is based on the premise that people's responses to various ambiguous pictures can be useful for understanding the motives that drive them and the way in which they can perceive the society and [...]

Personality and Music Preference

Despite the presence of consistency of the results between this study and the past studies that were reviewed in the literature, this study has added new information to the body of knowledge, as it has [...]

The Environmental Psychology Concept

For generations the scholars and experts have been researching the dimensions of human minds, the factors that impact them, the outcomes that occur from these impacts and the effects they have on human lives and [...]

Psychological Measures: the Beck Depression Inventory

The BDI is used to evaluate levels of depression in patients and to observe the efficacy of other interventions such as antidepressants and electroconvulsive therapy.

Ethics Effect on Psychological Knowledge

People with deep moral personal ethics tend to reflect the same in their professional disciplines, for instance, through ethical conducts and practices.

Memory Study: Different Perspectives

Having carried out two experiments, Oberauer comes to the conclusion that information in working memory is highly organized and has its own structure and understanding of this structure can help to improve the work of [...]

The Kübler-Ross Model: Loss and Grief Stages

The greatest appeal of this approach is that it describes the behavior of a person as a set of different reactions, namely denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Abnormal Psychology and Therapy

This is the basic role of abnormal psychology. One of the distinct features of normal psychology is the capacity to avoid generalizations.

Psychology History and Systems Development

It was not until the 1800s that psychology emerged as a separate entity from the fields of philosophy and physiology. Rene Descartes made the most notable contribution to psychology from the field of philosophy.

Operant Conditioning Theory by Burrhus Frederic Skinner

However, the concept of operant conditioning emanated from the work of Thorndike referred to as the law of effect. Skinner used his Skinner box in order to study behaviors of animals and understand the concept [...]

Social Psychology: Processes and Approaches

That is, the focus in on attitude of road users which is expected to induce change in behaviour. Central route in ELM is achieved when the message has the capability of motivating its target audience [...]

The Practice and Training of Counseling Psychologists

Striving for the introduction of changes necessary for eliminating the social problems, putting efforts in contributing to the reputation and effectiveness of social services, and advocating for those who suffer from the inequality and injustice [...]

Differences Between Psychological Approaches

The idea of the perspective is about an idea of the behaviour being a centre of an individual, that is the consciousness of the identity.

Video Modeling for Individuals with Autism

The video model will be developed according to the needs of autistic children, with the focus on the role of visual and auditory stimuli in the teaching process.

Adlerian Theory in the Group Counseling

As the chairperson of the group, I started the meeting with my co-facilitator by establishing the rules and informing members that everything to be discussed should be confidential.

Max Wertheimer and His Gestalt Theory

The Gestalt theory was pioneered by Max Wertheimer and it emphasizes on a higher-order mix of both the cognitive process and behaviorism.

Ontology, Free Will, Fate and Determinism

On the other hand, fate is simply the predetermined course of the events or the predetermined future. It is pragmatic that people should not believe in the cause and effect.

Construct Development, Scale Creation, and Process Analysis

How the Instrument will be Normed The Mental Health Inventory will be normed in such a way that it will accommodate a number of scales, namely, the cognitive, the social- emotional, the language, the adaptive, [...]

Academic Achievement: An Examination

Parental aspects that have been found to have a strong influence on academic achievements of their children include the parents' expectations and attribution, home environment, instilling of discipline, parental involvement in their children's schoolwork, and [...]

Concerns of Being a Counselor

Empathy is a valuable characteristic of good counseling, which makes it possible for the counselor to understand the predicaments, experiences, beliefs, and feelings of the client.

‘Guidelines for Resolving Conflict as a Counselor’

Awareness and understanding of how to deal with conflicts of responsibilities and other ethical concerns are of paramount importance for counseling practitioners, particularly in light of the fact that consensus value sets in the form [...]

Facial Feedback Hypothesis

The aim of this study was to investigate the hypothesis that the facial expression depicted by people is related to the effective emotional response.

North by Northwest is an Oedipal Wish Fulfillment Fantasy

In full accordance with how Freud used to perceive the process of one's psychosexual maturation, the process of Roger continuing to seek what he believed to account for his identity, resulted in the character realizing [...]

Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary psychology is a field of study, which explores the ways in which information and main beliefs from biology are applied in the understanding of the organization of the brain.

Multicultural Counseling and the Orthodox Jew

The incompatibility of Western mental health care and the needs of the Orthodox Jews arise because of the differences in these cultures.

A Lecture on the Growth and Degeneration of Brain Cells

To this end, the presenter will examine what facilitates the growth process, what happens when the brain cells die, as well as the impacts of the growth and degeneration of brain cells on the brain [...]

Psychoanalysis of Lacanian Theory and Practice

In this case, the child's attraction to the mother can be perceived as a way of seeking safety and comfort rather than sexual attraction.

Genetics and Learning

The genes can assist in predicting the average or lasting effects of punishments and rewards to as opposed to individual preferences.

Aviation Psychology

Therefore, it is crucial to explain how aviation psychology impacts the performance of pilots and flight crews in order to enhance safety during flights Aviation psychology relates to aviation safety in numerous ways. Clinically, aviation [...]

The Future of Biopsychology

The findings reveal that almost all biopsychology scholars explain behavior with reference to the brain meaning that the functioning of the brain is relied upon to explain the actions of an individual. The wellness of [...]

Forensic Psychology Guidelines for Criminal Justice

These include: Psychologists holding attitudes and beliefs that can negatively influence the perceptions of other individuals. Psychologists utilizing organizational dynamism in enhancing the practices and development of organizations through culturally informed procedures.

Influence Physical Environment on Human Psychology

Such an encounter brings the child a lot of frustrating and painful experiences and if it is not immediately and properly handled it leads to relationship problems between a child and his or her parents [...]

The Efficacy of Spirituality Group

The research is focused on the efficacy of the spirituality group in chemical dependency treatment program. In conclusion, spirituality method for treating chemically addicted people is considered to be the most effective in a number [...]

Multicultural Competency in Psychology

It is usually a hard task to understand and accept different cultures and people find themselves perceiving their own culture as the best compared to the other cultures and in most cases tend to treat [...]

Clinical Psychologist’s Professional Issues

In a community where there is conflict, it becomes difficult to select members that will act as representatives of the community.

The Reiss-Epstein-Gursky Anxiety Sensitivity Index

However, the ASI-R is discussed as useful to make decisions regarding the patients' level of the anxiety sensitivity and associated psychological disorders.

Psychological Effects in Patients after Laser Vision Correction

To understand the idea of psychological effects on a person's life after the vision correction procedure, it is crucially important to underline the reasons which made a person accept an idea of such procedure, evaluate [...]

Fogg’s Behaviour Model and Behaviour Wizard

The vertical axis represents the motivation of the person to perform the target action, and the horizontal axis represents an ability of the person to perform the action.

Classical Music Influence on Brain and Mood

Considering the potential positive effects of classical music on the mood and the brain, the music can be adapted to influence people to behave in certain ways.

Case Conceptualization of Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy seeks to help clients to deal with their problems by assisting them to relate their challenges to other people's experiences and come up with amicable solutions.


Split Half Test In this technique, the developed test will be given to two different groups of student. The score from the first test will be compared to the score of the second test.

Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Real?

In fact, the existence of the condition, its treatment and diagnosis, have been considered controversial topics since the condition was first suggested in the medical, psychology and education.

Roles, Skills, and Characteristics of Counselors

Through the adoption of intellectual competency and people skills, I would arouse interest on the problems that have grown and developed in the area.

Effective Psychological Counselling

Dissemination of new information to the client should be the main focus of any counseling session. Reviews are essential and should be done at agreed dates so as to ensure that the trend of the [...]

The Concept of Creativity

The desire to design, create and enhance in this particular case is not due to external influences but rather as a direct result of an internal desire which manifests itself as an aspect of the [...]

Professional Log: Counselling

The counsellor's role is to offer structure and guidance with the intention of enabling the client to discover the solution to his problem by himself.

Long Term Memory

The mode of presenting the items in sequence in the first presentation has great impact on the results and validity of the study.

Progressive Discipline Process

In addition to this, a written memo to the employee must be availed documenting the details discussed in the meeting. A termination should be in writings and must be served to the employee personally or [...]

Ethical Standards and Codes Paper

Ethical standards are essential in psychology as they play a crucial role, both for the benefit of the client and the psychologist since they provide a basis for problem solving.

Planning Psycho-educational Preliminary Tasks

According to Forsyth, one of the functions of a psycho-educational group therapy is to make the participants aware of their condition, teach them about it, and prevent the symptoms of the condition from recurring in [...]

Interaction between People of Different Backgrounds and Culture

The procedural component consists of a person's unreflective knowledge about how to act or interact in diverse situations and includes knowledge about how to greet and address different people as well as how to take [...]

Suicide in the Military (US)

The contributions of these factors to the rise in suicide in US military can be explained as follows. The authorities of the US military have taken cognizance of the need to reduce the cases of [...]

Evolutionary Psychology

Human behaviour is due to the synchronization of the inputs of these different mechanisms. According to the mind blindness theory, changes in social structures cause evolutionary adaptations that lead to development of autism.

The Philosophy of Psychology

He further shows the distinct nature of the philosophy of psychology since its domain of investigation overlaps by that "domain of inquiry which the philosophers have taken to be their own preserve.

Psychology in Everyday life

While some individuals may think of psychology as a course that is only important to students, therapists or everyone else that is interested in the field of psychology, knowledge in psychology is actually helpful to [...]

Special Places to Relax & Find Inspiration

Museums are places where you get to feel and experience our cultural wealth in a manner that is hard to copy in the physical world.

Spirituality and Psychotherapy

Moore's book is to a larger extent similar to the other pre-readings in that all of them are dealing with an aspect of spirituality and the mind.

Connection between Money and Happiness

Critical analysis of money-happiness relationship shows that socioeconomic factors determine the happiness of an individual; therefore, it is quite unsatisfactory to attribute money as the only factor and determinant of happiness.

Prescribing of Medication by Psychologists: For and Against

Robiner is of the opinion that the military psychologists were exposed to a specific group of patients and conditions. The knowledge and training discrepancy that exists between psychologists and psychiatrists is a matter of concern.