Behavior Management Essay Examples and Topics

Lose Weight’ Goal in New Year Resolutions

Background Information Many Americans are inclined to mention their decision to lose weight in New Year resolutions because this point is associated with their intentions to improve themselves. However, there is a lack of research on the success of these Americans to achieve their goal. The general statistics on the topic is mainly available, and […]

Action plan for better listening

Theory and usefulness The skill area under consideration is listening. Theory on the subject reveals that listening may occur at various levels, starting from the least effective to the most effective. At the bottom of the pyramid is passive listening, which is a synonym for not listening. Usually, this level of listening occurs when the […]

Stress Management and Work Performance in the UK (HR)

What is the objective of the investigation? In this study, the researcher was interested in investigating the relationship between stress management and workplace performance in the United Kingdom. This research was motivated by the recent reports that there has been an increasing concern by human resource managements over the need to manage stress among employees. […]

Employee Motivation

Introduction A substantial number of organizations have embraced strategic human resource management practices in the modern economic times. The reason for embracing strategic human resource management is that it is comprehensive and responsive to all the issues of management that arise in organizations. Most of the literature on organizational management point to the fact that […]

Professional Development Plan Membership

Introduction Psychology is a profession which can be fulfilled if the psychologist plans to have a progressive career development. McMurran (2006, p. 1) believes that psychology is a field that is built on cumulative knowledge. This can be achieved by identifying areas of interest, meeting the requirements and planning to develop. This research paper will […]

Reflective Journal about Personal Philosophy of Behavior Management

Introduction Learning is a complicated process that requires professional and proper management. In addition to quality management, learning requires cooperation of all stakeholders including general school managers, teachers, students, parents, top education officials as well as the wider society where learning institutions are located. Being a complex process, effective learning can only take place within […]

Psychology of Learning

The functional and behavioral aspects of the mind depict the need and desire to know when certain conceptual strategies of learning are incorporated (Desse, 1967). These concepts create space to learn effectively. We, therefore, need to evaluate and enumerate these concepts to enhance acquisition of knowledge and proper progresses in day to day learning processes. […]

Interview with a Licensed Mental Health Counselor

The female licensed mental health counselor had over 10 years experience assessing the psychological, social, cultural and financial needs that impact recovering drug and alcohol addicts in an addiction program run by an international agency. Previously, the interviewee worked in a health facility that provided mental and psychosocial services to the elderly population. From the […]

The concept of psychometric testing

Introduction Since multiculturalism have become synonymous aspects of society at the present, psychological practices tend to respond to the diverse consumer and cultural demographics by attempting to examine the manner in biases, stereotypes, and heuristics develop in certain segments of the population. One attempt at answering this question comes in the form of arguments utilizing […]

Job Analysis: Assistant Insurance Salvage Evaluation Manager

Executive Summary Job analysis is an important concept in the discipline of Human Resource Management since it is useful in the job selection process, especially in hiring candidates who apply for managerial job positions such as the assistant insurance salvage evaluation manager. Getting the right individuals for employment is critical to the achievement of an […]

Motivational Theories and Organizational Performance Relations

Introduction Remuneration and reward of employees are some of the ways that can be used to retain employees. By reward we mean that the efforts of the employee are recognized. Singling out and rewarding workers inspires them to look for ways of undertaking their tasks effectively and lack of it can completely dishearten them. A […]

Productive and counterproductive behavior

Productive behavior can be described as employee behavior that enhances the achievement of organizational goals. This behavior is always positive because an organization has expectations and targets that are supposed to be achieved and accomplished within a given period of time. It takes time for an employee to transition within an organization before he/she can […]

Translating a Vision into Reality

The principal goals of the career development are the selection of a particular career and choice of the appropriate education related to the vision of career. Throughout this process, a person identifies his or her interests, capabilities, and competencies to evaluate the extent of their matching with the professional opportunities and potential outcomes of training […]

Adult Learning and Motivation in the Human Resources Setting

Introduction Education and the learning process can arguably be stated to be the foundation of man’s modern civilization and for this reason, educational institutes have been given a lot of relevance in modern day society. However, this tremendous attention and significance has mostly been focused on childhood education and it has not been until fairly […]

Work-Life Balance In Saudi Arabia

Introduction High performance in a job leads to high satisfaction. Many employees relate work with life’s fulfillment, and connect their satisfaction at work with their feelings and satisfaction in life, and happiness with their family. Satisfaction in the workplace means happiness at home and fulfillment in life. Work and life balance suggests a balance for […]

Classical Conditioning: Prediction of Unconditional Stimulus

Definition Classical conditioning is a stimulus that causes a response or a condition since it is an antecedent to a reaction such as reflex action or response through an involuntary action. According to Hock, the reflex is an innate occurrence happening because of an environmental stimulus (2002). For instance, when dust gets into the eye, […]

Article Analysis. Attachment, Exploration, and Separation: Illustrated by the Behavior of One-year Olds in a Strange Situation

The findings presented in the article called Attachment, Exploration, and Separation: Illustrated by the Behavior of One-year Olds in a strange environment provide a deeper view on the concept of attachment and contribute to better understanding of possible strategies and solutions needed to promote favorable relationships between caregivers and infants. This assumption is based on […]

Ethics In Assessment

Overview Since the early 1950s, court interpretations and legislations have been sought to establish some form of privileged status regarding the psychotherapeutic communications and the medical records/data in general. Subsequently, in 1996, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in Jaffee v Redmond HIPAA case that the psychotherapeutic communications should be privileged in any […]

Mental Workload: Nursing, Air Traffic Management and IT

Introduction It has been acknowledged that people are subjected to different levels of mental workload (MWL) at their work places. Different jobs are associated with different tasks, responsibilities and social interactions. This, in its turn, leads to different levels of MWL (Leka & Houdmont, 2010). In the first place, it is important to define the […]

Evaluation of anger management counseling and treatment of domestic violence by the Capital Area Michigan Works

Anger management Program description Anger management and counseling program utilizes therapeutic techniques and tools of psychology in assisting families and inmates in correctional facilities to control their emotions1. The program is being implemented in facilities from several states in North America with the sole intention of reducing violence among inmates and caregivers, and reducing cases […]

Stress Management Concept

Introduction Organizations are increasingly experiencing a challenge arising from the dynamic nature of the environment in which they operate. In order to survive in this environment, it is paramount for these organizations to develop their competitive advantage. One of the ways through which they can achieve this is by integrating the concept of organizational development. […]

A Personal Model of Leadership

Introduction Leadership involves organizing a group of people with a mission to achieve a common organizational goal. The leader shares a vision with the followers and strives to attain a better reality much to the expectations of his or her followers. A leader inspires and motivates followers towards achieving a shared dream; therefore, leadership is […]

Job Design and Personal Contributions

Introduction Job design is defined as the arrangement or rearrangement of work activities where the main objective is to reduce job dissatisfaction among employees and also reduce employee alienation within the work place. Job design also refers to the organizing of responsibilities and work duties so as to make sure there is productivity amongst the […]

Oppression, Sexual Harassment, and Employment

Introduction There are various factors which can be associated with an individual’s behavior or code of conduct since people tend to develop character traits and attitudes from what they either observe, experience or even associate with. The factors may be economic, social, cultural, political or even sociopolitical. Among the sociopolitical factors that may have either […]

Employees’ Psychological Resistance

What is Employee Psychological Resistance to Change? Humans are creatures of habit in that they enjoy daily routines and standards of procedure that do not constantly change on a daily basis, it is only in instances that change is introduced that it is met with significant resistance due to the inherent desire to keep things […]

Recruiting job applicants

Introduction Recruiting job applicants is an exercise that ought to be done carefully. The manner in which companies recruit their employees differ from one company to another. While some companies prefer recruitment agencies, others use advertisements in the media and social sites. Other companies hang a list of the available vacancies on the job boards. […]

Risk Perception and Analysis

Risk is perceived differently by different people. Risk assessment is important as it enables people to control and manage risks. There exist both traditional and modern methods of risk assessment. To discuss these issues, this study shall: summarize the main points made by Slovic and Clark and illustrate the difference between a cause and a […]

The Role of Coaching in Employee Development

The primary “take-away” message demonstrated by the Smith-Jentsch et al. reading is basically that, with more motivation during training, a trainee tends to perform better post-training The reading also puts emphasis on the fact that there is a relationship between specific negative pre-training events that a training program is designed to prevent, and post training […]

Social media and its drawbacks

The development of technology has drastically changed the world. As people are unable to calculate the rates of progress, it is impossible to determine what changes will be brought about with an even greater increase in technological advancements. The use of social networks has added to the hardships of life, as people endanger their personalities […]

Unemployment as a Social Problem

Introduction Unemployment is explained as the situation whereby people do not have gainful employment even after they have searched for job openings for a long time. To gauge the rate of unemployment the number of the people who are idle is calculated versus the number of people who have been hired. Seymour argues that in […]

Reasons why Americans work too much.

The modern American society is very demanding of people in their workplace. Very often, time spent at work is greater than that at home or at leisure activities. There are several reasons that offer explanations to such a trend. The way of the “American life”, people’s personal goals and work demands, all lead to extra […]

Contrasting Logistics and Supply Chain Management Careers

Introduction It is normally a daunting task for people to choose a career. Particularly, this emerges when choosing careers that match with their interests, capacities, and skills. The challenge remains eminent due to many factors. For instance, the available career options appear lucrative and highly competitive in the job market. Indicatively, comparing and contrasting between […]

Stress and burnout in the workplace

With the dynamic economic environments that businesses operate in, workplace stress and burnout has increasingly become common. “Three out of every four American workers describe their work as stressful” (Maxon 1). The problem is not only in America but also in all other parts of the world. Incidences of mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, bankruptcies, layoffs, etc […]

Causes and Effects of Unemployment

Introduction Unemployment refers to a state of not having a job. Unemployment entails individuals with the ability to work, a resolve to find employment, available and in the hunt for employment (Stone 25). Categories of unemployment include classical, structural, frictional, cyclical and hidden unemployment. Classical unemployment entails a situation in which earnings received for a […]

Negative Opinion towards Immigrants is not Justified

International migration affects the social, economic and political aspects of a country. Immigrants were not only instrumental in founding the United States, but also helped to build it. In the past, immigrants have contributed positively to the U.S economy, besides filling numerous job openings. However, a deterioration of the country’s economy in recent years has […]

Diversity in the Workplace

The introduction: the importance of diversity in the workplace First of all, I would like to point out that diversity is considered to be a business reality. Various corporations and government agencies tend to improve their competitive advantage as there is a need to comprehend the importance of management strategies to manage diversity in the […]

Teamwork as the Primary Determinant of Success

Regardless of the size of an entity or the nature of activity which a group of individuals are involved in, teamwork is one of the primary determinant s of a group’s level of success. Although sometimes the size of some responsibilities may force that only a single person works on them, because every individual need […]

Motivation Profiles Paper

Motivation is a set of factors that activate, direct, and maintain behavior, usually, toward a goal (Carpenter & Huffman, 2010). Thus, motivation is a moving force that activates human behavior and directs it to the achievement of a certain purpose. There are three major theories of motivation that explain the forms that motivation can take […]

Impression management

Introduction Impression management can be described as a process employed by most people to present themselves and control various perceptions concerning themselves. Many people apply this tool to present themselves as good people (personal branding). Many individuals believe that their outward appearance and personality form part of the main factors that determine how they are […]

Americans’ Workaholism as the Pursuit of “Happyness”

Today the statistics that characterize Americans’ intensity of work and proportion between work and leisure have made researchers to talk about the phenomenon of “workaholism”; the title of this notion is so similar to those given to dramatic diseases that one has opportunity to imagine how serious it is. In his Are Americans Workaholics – […]

The Consequences of Using Corporal Punishment

The usage of corporal punishment as the way of providing discipline and controlling the children’s behavior is one of the most controversial questions which are widely discussed by psychologists, sociologists, and philosophers today. These debates involve arguing on the main moral and psychological aspects of the issue because it is the problem of not only […]

Analyze Psychology Aritcles

Introduction The study of human behavior has been in existence for many centuries but has only gained prominence in recent times. This can mostly be attributed to popularization by the media especially in the West. Psychologists and behavioral profilers have been gathering valuable data pertaining to the reasons behind any behavior exhibited by different people. […]

Evaluation of Operant Conditioning Theory by B.F. Skinner

Today, more than ever before, there exist a multiplicity of theories and conceptual frameworks aimed at explaining human development. The broad area of human development has received keen interest from psychologists, sociologists, educationists and other theorists over the last couple of millennia due to its huge importance in understanding developmental phases, viewed as critical in […]