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Behavior Management Essay Examples and Topics

Classical and Operant Conditioning

When I got the experience and had a chance to see the effects of the explosion, I acquired conditioning. When the conditioning was fresh, I could well differentiate the sound of a passing plane, war [...]

Alcohol Abusers and Their Psychological Treatment

The aim of these sessions is to resolve the internal conflict within the clients in order to assist in the making of informed decisions by these individuals concerning their behavior.

Spirituality in Chemical Dependency Treatment

The scope of the problem of chemical addiction is compounded by the minimal current understanding of the disease of addiction that raises the probability of misunderstanding of the disease of chemical addiction.

Health Behavior Change and Coaching

The implementation and strict adherence to the goals have had an impeccable impact on my health behavior during this project and it is presumed that this will persist even in the future.

Compulsive Buying Behaviour for Self-Actualization

The second phase of the study was based on establishing whether the primary data appropriately addressed the research objectives and that it was conducted by refining the quotations and memos that were provided in the [...]

Personal Change: Scott and Jaffe’s Model

Initially, when the change was initiated, I faced denial since I failed to acknowledge the importance of the process; furthermore, I did not comprehend the usage of such cameras.

Anger Management

This is one of the precautions that had to be taken. This is one of the aspects that should be identified.

Lowering Frequency of Bad Language in Children

In the study of reflexes, it is possible to highlight the difference between reflexive displays of children's speaking abusive language and conscious behavioral patterns. With the help of a cumulative recorder, it is possible to [...]

Applying Reinforcement and Attribution Theory

According to reinforcement theory, Elena is motivated to lie to customers since she is compelled by the senior supervisor's words which make her focus on money rather than the convenience of customers.

Motivation and Conflict: Analysis and Design Methods

In the case of the physicians they are already happy and contented and yet when a problem was presented to them struggled once again when it comes to the fulfillment of their needs.

Communal Perspective of Handling Students Behavior

I choose one of the exits of a burger shop located to the east, pull up a chair and sit adjacently outside and start observing people as they come in and out in different turns.

Behavior and Motivation: Theory and Research

Abraham Maslow wrote in his theory of human needs and motivation that the foundation of motivation is satisfaction of basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing.

Vancouver Coastal Health Smoking Cessation Program

The present paper provides an evaluation of the Vancouver Coastal Health smoking cessation program from the viewpoint of the social cognitive theory and the theory of planned behavior.

Behaviorism and Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Today the behaviorism theory is one of the most developed and reliable theories of psychology because of its methodology and approach that is evident in human behavior.

Counselling Skills for Behavior Management

The overall plan was a good experience for me, as the cooperation between the counselor and I enabled me to understand myself and define the direction that I should move to achieve my life goals.

Resistance, Its Reasons and Management Techniques

It is necessary to mention that resistance may be beneficial as well because, if properly managed, it provides an opportunity for growth for both a leader and the group.

Motivation Theories and Study of Their Effectiveness

For this reason, this paper delves into the different various motivation theories with the primary aim of investigating their efficiency and the outcomes that could be stipulated reached by the application of one of these [...]

Treating Adolescents with Drug and Mental Issues

The major concepts of the chosen theories guide the intervention since they presuppose that patients will face their fears and apprehensions and share their experiences with the therapist.

Physical Activity Intervention into Children’s Behavior

Bustamante sought to assess the viability and influence of aerobic physical exercise after-school plans on ADHD and DBD for children residing in an underprivileged urban region through the application of attendance register, retention level, pulse [...]

Consumer Behavior Theory: Vegetarianism

If this philosophy is extrapolated to the vegetarianism trend analysis, the theory of reasoned action suggests that the rise in the number of vegetarians stems from people's tendency to associate vegetarianism with good health.

Motivation Theories and Definition

The first type of motivation was fear: Aron was afraid that if he did not get out of the trap, he would not be able to see his family. The father's dynamics involve distraction, a [...]

Alcoholics Anonymous Observation and Group Therapy

The examination of therapeutic techniques employed in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous demonstrates that they are significant in guiding and helping alcoholics to control and cope with alcoholism. Comparatively, the group of alcoholics employed Alcoholics [...]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Obese Patients

The article is also relevant to the field of health psychology because it highlights the role of psychotherapies in the management of obesity.

Emilia Sanchez: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

At the same time, CBT is more common in interventions that target individuals who suffer from substance abuse, and to make such interventions more effective, other types of treatment can be used together with CBT.

Coping with Challenging Behaviours

The scope and magnitude of the problem requires a thorough investigation in the field of challenging behaviour as well as the assessment of children according to the existing policies.

Emotional Management as a Concept of Social Behavior

By this principle, I started to question the feasibility of the job as soon as the adverse emotional reaction became more apparent than the perception of a fair financial reward. The concept of emotional management [...]

Social Skills Training with Adolescents

For example, training adolescents to stop abusing drugs suggests using social skills such as demonstration and interactive learning. Emotions in social skills training enable adolescents to adjust to positive and constructive actions within society.

Intervention Selection and Implementation: Emilia’s Case

The tendency towards the further rise of the number of cases of drug abuse and the high diversity of patients needs demands an in-depth analysis of the intervention which is chosen to assist a patient [...]

Behavioral Teaching Practices

This alternative refers to the content of the video observed in the class and aligned with behaviorism due to the following paragraph's statements.

Shyness-Related Issues in Behavior Management

It is important to behave in an exceptional way to enable people to distinguish and identify an individual from others since this is the only way of developing traits that make people have different characters.

Online Shaming, Its Positive and Negative Effects

Shaming is a part of human communication that took place long before the appearance of the Internet and social media; however, since it reflects processes that occur in the society, and the society is currently [...]

Functional Behavior Analysis and Intervention Plan

Some of the crucial information to consider in a functional behavioral assessment is the frequency and duration of the target behavior as well as the most and least likely places for the behavior to occur.

Phobia in Operant and Classical Conditioning

The process of classical conditioning encompasses an association between a behavior that is involuntary and a stimulus. This process sharply differs with that of operant conditioning where the association is between voluntary behavior and a [...]

Cognitive Therapy for Attention Deficit Disorder

The counselor is thus expected to assist the self-reflection and guide it in the direction that promises the most favorable outcome as well as raise the client's awareness of the effect and, by extension, enhance [...]

Self-Management Strategies and Principles

Specifically, the discursive approach in explaining and exploring shared and coordinated actions on roles and channels through which an individual's framework functions in the exchange of information formally is of great essence towards understanding the [...]

How Managers Can Positively Reinforce Desirable Behavior?

This essay uses the reinforcement theory of motivation to discuss how the four strategies are applicable and evaluate the strategies that are can help to reinforce desired behavior positively.

Expectancy Theory and Goal Setting by M. Britt

However, the theories of expectancy and goal setting explain motivation mechanisms that I can use to make more informed decisions in the future.

Behavior and Bruner’s Cognitive Development Theory

Therefore, the general behavioral goal for Rad is to improve participation in the classroom activities with the focus on the increased attention to other students during discussions, to the teacher, and to the members of [...]

Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment for Autism

It is the most commonly applied autism treatment remedy in the United States and several other countries in the world and the major method that schools and therapists embrace and use.

Relationship Between Caregivers and Behavior of Youth

The purpose of the study is to evaluate how youths and caregivers perceive their relationships relative to the occurrence of externalizing and internalizing behaviors.

Behavioral Learning Strategy Examples

This paper identifies and discusses a variety of effective strategies and interventions that may support the learner with the help of an appropriate behavior framework, strategy, and model prescribed by theories that have been used [...]

Youth Demonstrating Truant Behavior

Instead, the evaluative review aims to explore the literature, provide information about the studies and their findings, analyze the discovered literature, and provide a conclusion based on the results of the reviewed studies.

Building of Memory: Managing Creativity Through Action

It could be important for the team to understand Kornfield's vision of the project, the main and secondary tasks, the project timeline, and the general outline of it. The third technique is to ensure face-to-face [...]

Why Do Students Misbehave?

Some of the themes that I was able to deduce from the highlighted causes of misbehavior among students include medical issues, the desire to seek attention, seeking power, the need to revenge on a wrong [...]

Psychotherapy Treatment and Behavior Interventions

Thought-focused treatment and psychoanalytical methods are used to achieve similar goals in the treatment of psychological dysfunctions, but there exist differences in the two approaches.

Controlling Emotions in Conflict Situations

A review of previous pieces of literature guided the design and measurement of the effectiveness of the approach to the control of emotions.

Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory

The problem and intensity measures of the Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory will comprise of the major result measures owing to the utilization of the Norwegian norms for the current age range.

Teen Suicide Prevention Website

The main objective of the official website of the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide is to substantially minimize the number of teen suicides and attempted suicides being witnessed in the United States and [...]

Motivation Theories and Principles

According to experts, people get the drive to push for their goals in life whenever they have enough motivation and belief to do it. Motivation plays a crucial role in the ability of living organisms [...]

Education, Behavior and Motivation Theories

It is hard to compare the animal's behavior with that of human beings. Its position on the determinant of behavior, it is right that a human being is free to choose between good and bad.

Procrastination in the Fields of Education and Psychology

Although two articles discuss the topic of procrastination, writings in the fields of psychology and education are similar only in relation to the chosen IMRAD format, vocabulary, and rhetoric appeals, and the articles are different [...]

The Media Portrayals of Sexuality and Its Effects

Researchers suggest that sexuality in the media has an effect on the sexual beliefs and behaviors of individual. This paper will show that while the focus has been on the negative impacts of media portrayal [...]

Social Dynamics Inclusion in Prevention Programs

There is mounting evidence that sexual assault and harassment are widespread and recurring challenges among college women in spite of the fact that most colleges and universities in the United States have put in place [...]

Students Behavior Observations and Assessments

The graph built with the help of the cyclic patterns analysis method will look the following way: As the results of the study conducted prior to the intervention have shown, there is an obvious need [...]

Social Influences on Human Behavior

Failure to notify the police or other authorities in the vicinity contributed to excessive prolonging of the rape, psychological and physical torture of the victim.

Two Theories of Motivation

When it comes to the basic physiological needs - hypothalamus is the center which facilitates the impulses directed at the control of desires related to these needs.

Anxiety Disorder: Cognitive Therapy vs Medications

In this essay, the researcher seeks to confirm the hypothesis that medication is not as successful in treating anxiety disorders as the use of cognitive therapy.

Behavior and Transtheoretical Model of Change

This situation escalated to a level that caused most of the pupils to avoid associating with me. It involves transition from unawareness of the problem behavior to a level self-consciousness.

Mindfulness Therapy for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

It is important to introduce the patient to the mindfulness intervention as early as possible by inviting him to take part in a 5-minute mindfulness-of-breath exercise in order to note particular reflections about the nature [...]

Child Behavior and Cognitive Learning Theory

The behavioral elements of the Cognitive Learning Theory would help the specialist to comprehend, predict and change behaviors of children with emotional disturbance.

Self-Injury in Autism: Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied behavior analysis incorporates the utilization of direct perception, estimation, and useful investigation of the relations in the middle of the environment and conduct.

Stress Levels and Stress Management Methods

In my opinion, some useful strategies should be used to reduce the level and perception of stress. Stress is considered to be a negative psychological experience, which influences people's quality of life.

Cultural Intelligence by Christopher and Elaine Mosakowski

With this identification on how cultural intelligence affects or influences perceptions of people, and definition of the term, the authors continue exploring the major sources of cultural intelligence, the various cultural intelligence profiles, and ways [...]

Stress: Effects and Management Proposal

In management of stress, one needs to analyze the causes of the stress, the level of the stress and the effects caused to the body and mind.

Effects of Thought Suppression on Smoking Behavior

In the article under analysis called I suppress, Therefore I smoke: Effects of Thought Suppression on Smoking Behavior, the authors dedicate their study to the evaluation of human behavior as well as the influence of [...]

Organizational Behaviour: Depression in the Workplace

This paper will examine the impacts of depression on the employees' work performance and attendance and look at how managers can deal with hidden depression in such employees. The particular factors that bring about such [...]

Scare Tactics in Health Campaigns

The aim of the essay is to examine the effectiveness of the Dark Side of Tanning campaign, paying attention to the use of scare tactics to conclude about the impact on adolescents and their well-being.

The Police Agency’ Conflict Management

In the police agency, parties may use the collaboration strategy involving information sharing, openness, and elucidation of the various conflicting issues not only to reach a common ground that is satisfactory to the conflicting parties [...]

Group Behaviors Observations

The meeting was about planning for a project to upgrade the information system in the organization, and the manager and the CEO of the organization was present along with 12 members of the team handling [...]

Teamwork Behavior: Concept and Aspects

An issue of immediate concern to these people is to understand the dynamics of team behavior and the factors that influence them.

Cheri Huber’s View on Conditioning and Conditioned Mind

According to her, children tend to obtain a wide range of information from the immediate environment, which contributes to brain conditioning. To Huber, socialization is a process that aids conditioning in pushing the child from [...]

Emotions Function and Its Role in a Motivation

Solomon defined emotions as the resultant outcome of changes in the physiological and psychological state of the body that have a direct effect on the thinking process and the behavior of an individual.

Motivation Concept and Sources

On the other hand, the characteristics that are displayed by an individual due to the presence of external factors result in external casualty.

Conflict and Anxiety by Psychoanalysts and Behaviourists

This paper shows that the main differences between the psychoanalytic and behavioural interpretations of conflict and anxiety are the conceptions, treatments, and perceived causes of both concepts.

Loki from “The Avengers” Franchise Character Behavior

The current treatment plan for Loki includes a cognitive behavioral therapy to manage his anger disorder and social anxiety. Like the majority of ex-inmates, Loki is facing problems with communication and social life after his [...]

Suppressing Smoking Behavior and Its Effects

The researchers observed that during the first and the second weeks of the suppressed behavior, the participants successfully managed to reduce their intake of cigarettes.

Adjustment Psychology: Issues and Strategies

The analysis of the stories and the modern strategies of enhancing adjustment skills help to find the most appropriate solution for the heroes' adjustment issues.

Social Motivation: Theory and Implications

Social motivation is one of the major factors that influence the level of motivation among individuals in society. Fundamentally, positive and negative feedbacks influence the level of social motivation among individuals who aim to achieve [...]

Environment Influence on Buying Behavior

The paper unravels each powerful component and creates a chain of importance positioning framework to delineate the significance and adequacy of every variable.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: History and Perspective

On the other hand, Tolin asserts that the behavioral therapy foundation is traced back to the 20th century's growth of behavioral therapy, the 1960s growth of cognitive therapy, and the coming together of cognitive and [...]

Self-Modification: Directing the Impatience

In his study, Keegan reveals how some situations can only be handled well when people exercise impatience at the expense of their joy since they create a chance to enjoy greater comfort in the future.

Bystander Intervention in Emergencies

As opposed to the common opinion that the more witnesses are involved in the emergency, the better, the researchers have made the hypothesis that the more numerous are the bystanders, the less is their motivation [...]

Impatience Behavior for Self Modification

One gets disorganized most of the times and may do things that are bad. Self-modification is a self-analysis of oneself and the desire to change one's habit so that it becomes acceptable.

Balancing Sexual Desire

It is important for both partners to understand that sex is an important part of the relationship, and partners in a couple should always try to satisfy each other's desires.

Self Modification

That is why it is possible to say that every man in the world has a mixture of different peculiarities of the character, which can distinguish him/her from the rest of the people.

Narcissism Epidemic among Young Adults

Is the narcissism epidemic prevalent among the present-day young adults? Those who support the argument that narcissism has risen to epidemic proportions among young adults point out to many behavioral changes in society.

Treatment Outcome Models

Recidivism is defined as the act of returning to prison, but generally, it is taken to refer to return to a pattern of a given behavior. Using the relapse model, the client is a treatment [...]