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Family Psychology Essay Examples and Topics

Child Counseling and Parenting Problems

To describe an ongoing problem from the Cooper family's perspective briefly, it would be proper to state that Matthew does not seem to be the head of the family as this role belongs to his [...]

Infant-Parent Attachment: Secure or Insecure?

Overall, it will be argued that a child with secure attachment, also referred to as strong attachment in the paper, is more aware, and easily interacts, with other people and his or her environment as [...]

Feminist Theory of Family Therapy

The purpose of this paper is to review and evaluate the feminist theory based on its model, views on mental health, goals, and the role of the counselor in the process.

Long Deployment for Military Families

The main goals this couple has to set are the evaluation of several specific areas that might be affected by a long deployment and maintaining the stability of their relationships.

Dynamic Families Communication

Families are the most basic social units in society with regard to the creation of relationships, and thus it important to understand the dynamics that govern interactions among individual family members in order to develop [...]

Emotional Issues of Adoption in Children

In addition, many people have ignored the fact that the adopted children require a lot of support due to the psychological trauma they experience as a result of the death of one or both parents [...]

Strategic Family Therapy

In this regard, all the family members are considered to have unique experiences and behaviors that affect the experiences of the other members of the family.

Parents’ Depression and Toddler Behaviors

The article "Longitudinal Contribution of Maternal and Paternal Depression to Toddler Behaviors: Interparental Conflict and Later Depression as Mediators" by Sheehan, Rebecca, Michael, Robin, and Stuart tested the effects of paternal depression on toddler behaviors.

Reflecting on “The Family Crucible”

The purpose of this paper is to provide a critical analysis of selected passages in the book and the application of these passages in understanding family relationships and dynamics in the context of family therapy.

Family and Marriage Therapy

The theory explains clearly how change is brought about because it suggests that the main objective of the therapist is to advice the client on how to achieve the best results in the future using [...]

Marriage and Family Therapy in Connecticut

A court order can also lead to the disclosure of the information or records of the client. However, the information will only be used for the purpose of determining the case to which the client [...]

Kenya’s Maternal Shelters

She is one of the women accommodated in a maternal shelter in the region. This is an effective model that can be applied by many nations, which encounter the same problem as a result of [...]

The XYZ Family

W, who doubles as the head of the family, is a local merchant and has a relatively small food kiosk within the Saddle Lake town.

Marriage and Family Counselling

In the case of addiction counselling, the clientele is comprised of people suffering from the ravages of a certain factor in their life and the counsellor is their main hope in overcoming such a problem.

Father as a Male Role Model

During the days when schooling was considered to be accessible only to the children of the opulent, those who were not privileged enough to go to school, remained at home and helped their parents in [...]

Bowen family system theory

The Family Projection Process This is an extension of the previous concept and points to the fact that the family member who has a 'problem' is triangulated and works to stabilize a dyad in the [...]

Family Trend Changes

The hastening of our customs and the organization of the family as the leading structure has led to a new family trend.

The Therapeutic Alliance in Family Therapy

Thus, the therapeutic alliance in family therapy has emerged as an intervention method that integrates participation and collaboration of family members and therapist in treatment of various problems members of the family may be facing.

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling explores and emphasizes on the importance of communication and conflict resolution in marriage. Nevertheless, premarital counseling rebuts all the misconceptions surrounding communication and conflict resolution in marriage and outlines amicable ways of handling [...]

Fathers’ qualitative and quantitative involvement

Research question: prompts the question on whether a father-child relationship can be enhanced through play interaction rather than engaging in social interactions and providing care to the child The purpose of the study: the study [...]

Faith and Family: Video Review

The significance of a family as a building block of the community is enormous because it is important for each individuals to have a feeling of connection.

After Happily Ever After

People who want to get married are grownups hence they should be prepared to accept the challenges and move on with life. Conclusively, this should be a lesson to people who are preparing to get [...]

The Family Setting

The family is the basic unit of the society and is primarily composed of the parents and their children. The family has a hierarchical structure that is made up of the parents at the top [...]

Four Styles of Parenting

The authors continue to explain that parenting styles are affected by children's and parents' dispositions and mainly based on the influence of one's culture, traditions and origins. The four types of parenting styles include Authoritarian [...]

Personality theory

Many people use the term 'personality' to identify the characteristics of an individual or the kind of skills a person has.