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Applications of Psychology Essay Examples and Topics

Psychological Testing and Science in Management

It eliminates the possibilities of the employees for the potential growth while generating the image of being exploited without having an opportunity for protection due to the lessening of the strength of the unions and [...]

Tunnel Creek Avalanche in Psychological Aspect

The following case study analyzes the case of Tunnel Creek avalanche to identify the factors responsible for the event, evaluate the role of group norms on participants' behavior, and determine whether the introduction of psychological [...]

Group Home and Foster Care Forensic Settings

The residents of the group home often access treatment through the treatment centers located within the homes. The foster cares are located in areas accessible to the amenities and other resources.

Managerial Training and Learners’ Needs

Additionally, the relationship between the psychological principles of training and the strategies that a leader chooses to use in the training process determine the success of the learning activity.

Clinical Psychology in a Schizophrenic Case

The use of clozapine is a medical intervention that targets the biological functioning of patients by blocking serotonin receptors and thus bringing about the release of dopamine receptors in specific parts of the brain.

Industrial Psychology in Employee Selection and Training

The importance attached to work has led to the emergence of disciplines such as industrial/organizational psychology that seek to make it a more rewarding experience. According to Aamodt, "industrial/organizational psychology is a branch of psychology [...]

Dream Meanings and Interpretation in Psychology

This serves as a background to clearly bring out what actually constitute the psychological dream process in the case of a sick child and a father in hospital. This brings up uncertainty in trying to [...]

Psychological Profiling in Terrorism Prevention

The author claims that it is crucial to create the most elaborate definitions of the concept as well as a detailed characterization of the psychological profiling of terrorists so that to preclude any potential terroristic [...]

Social Psychology and Education Disciplines

Social psychology and education relate in various disciplines of sociology, psychology, and education. This review shows that past studies are relevant to learners in areas of education and social psychology because they aid in understanding [...]

Mixed Methods Research

The scholar adopts the mixed method approach to the collection and analysis of data. This study represents the sequential approach to the use of mixed-method research.

Testing and Assessment of Adolescents

Additionally, assessment is utilized in education systems to monitor the system of education for the purpose of public accountability. Academic testing is done to measure the aptitude and achievement of adolescents.

Positive Psychology and Academic Stress

With the rising cases of academic stress among students in the United States, the federal government has introduced positive psychology programs in schools across the country.

Technology in Psychological Assessment

The speed in conducting tests with the help of technology and the improved data analysis based on the effective use of statistical procedures make the technology play the important role in the sphere of emotional [...]

Social Psychology and Its Areas

The behaviour of groups is one of the major aspects of studying in social psychology. Special attention is also given to the nature of obedience in a group.

Society Power: Ending a Deviant Career

This is because the dominant social classes, who represent the social norms of the society, often devise ways of regulating those individuals who threaten the political-economic and political stability of the society.

Entering Deviance and Early Intervention

This causes the person to continue rebelling against the cultural norms or to withdraw from participating in generally accepted societal activities or interacting with other members of the society, and as a result, continue developing [...]

Employees Selecting and Training: Psychological Methods

This essay examines the role of industrial and organizational psychology in selecting and training employees. Specifically, I/O psychology also helps organizations to "find the right candidates for the job and subsequent training of such employees".

Interpersonal Psychotherapy

The authors of the article carried out an experiment in a bid to determine the effect of interpersonal psychotherapy on the elderly subjects.

Intelligence Testing: Theories and Effectiveness

The first article was The PASS Theory of Intelligence and the Acquisition of a Complex Skill. The two theories of intelligence identified in the above sources are Gardener's intelligence theory and Sternberg's triarchic theory of [...]

Psychological Definition of Persuasion

Focusing on all the above-mentioned details, it is necessary to pay attention to the extended definition of persuasion as the complex process or act during which a person intends to convince the other man to [...]

Jury Selection Process Psychology

The trial by jury exemplifies the way citizens of the country or state take part in the judicial system. The community survey is one of the concepts used by psychologists to choose jurors.

Beauty Therapy’s Impact on the Person’s Mood

The researcher will critically evaluate the impact of beauty therapy on a person's mood and well-being. At this stage, it is important to looks at the effect of beauty therapy on a person's mood and [...]

Prosocial Media

The experiment group was told to listen to prosocial songs, while the control group listened to neutral songs. Major steps in performing the study In experiment one, control group participants were requested to listen to [...]

Advantages of Group Counseling

In gestalt theory, there are various techniques that are used in order to achieve the objectives of the counseling group. Challenges in group counseling occur both to the client and the counselor.

The Danger of Compliance Breeding Acceptance

Although the aforementioned examples are the historical proof of the danger behind the compliance breeding acceptance, the latter can still be observed in a number of states even nowadays, which begs the question what threats [...]

Rules of Experimental Designs

In experiments, there should be two groups of subjects namely, the experimental group within which the scientist controls the variables, and a control group within which the conditions are left to be as they were [...]

The Caregiver Burnout

The physical and emotional exhaustion can lead to the situation when the caregiver cannot help the client because of symptoms of the burnout.

Ethics in Psychology Research Studies

Well documented and reported in the results of the study, deliberate deception may be admissible in scientific studies if the validity and independence value of the research result in positive outcomes.

Theory of Mirror Stage

It has been explained that once a monkey sees the image for the first time, the gesture of the image reminds the monkey of the image it saw in the first place.

Animal Testing Effects on Psychological Investigation

In this context, ethical considerations remain a central theme in psychological research."Ethics in research refers to the application of moral rules and professional codes of conduct to the collection, analysis, reporting, and publication of information [...]

Use of Hopfield Networks as Analytic Tools

Through their study, which investigated the removal of simulated neurons within the network, helps to show how there is the potential for the use of the Hopfield model to potentially help in the rehabilitation of [...]

Cybernetics and Social Construction

When the therapist sees the need of changing the values of the family, there is need for an intensive education of the family on the importance of changing some of the family values.

PAI Test Critique

The validity of the PAI test is supported by logic validity in that the test is able to represent different facets that can be found in a social construct.

Critical Thinking Questions

In the context of the gaming theory discussed before, the outer aspect of the game involves the interaction of the external stimuli through enhancement of the thinking process to determine the best possible strategies of [...]

Operant Conditioning

In this scenario, the police car acts as a positive reinforcement to the behavior of driving within the speed limit. The police car doing radar ahead is the condition that acts in modifying the voluntary [...]

Ethics in Psychological Research

In this case, researchers should not inflict harm and distress to animals that will be used in experiments. This means that they should not be forced to exist in unnatural environment in the name of [...]

Somatic Intervention in Trauma Psychotherapy

Different parts of the world, as neuroscientists argue, have varying ways of training the mind and hence significantly different levels of the ability to control the functions of the brain.

Norms in Psychological Testing

One of the inherent problems associated with norms and their interpretation in psychological tests is that as time goes on the characteristics by which a particular population/group is defined tends to change and as such [...]

Sandplay Therapy

By forming the outline of the free area, the therapist implies that he/she is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the client and the boundaries used to contain the situation to ensure it does [...]

Classical Conditioning and Learning

Learning presents a comparatively permanent form of behavioural adjustments that enables one to eliminate exhaustions, and builds a form of enthusiasm towards habitual, which is a simple form of learning or a complex habitual form [...]

A Review and Comparison of the Personality Tests

Critiques of personality testing point to the fact that it is quite possible for potential employees to fake their responses on a test in order to give a better response, that performance in a company [...]

The color therapy

This report will track the historical development of the chromotherapy theories and evaluate the results of the experiment and the impact of different colors upon the energy distribution in natural field under different environmental conditions [...]

Memory Test

The two controversies determine the classification of memory depending on the form of information processing that occurs in the brain and the different types of memories in relation to the accessibility.

Experience in Problem Solving

Logical or analytical thinking skills include, comparing, ordering, selecting and evaluating which provide an agenda for problem solving that helps to decide on the best alternative solution, identify the problem, gather formation, choose the cause [...]

Concept of Gestalt Theory

In the case of the article "the lone ranger is dying" the researchers in the experiment specifically state that they wanted to keep pre-structured designs to a minimum so as to be in harmony with [...]

Tests and Measurements

For example the functionality of language as explained by Skinner can help a person to get something that he or she is missing.

Outcome and Session Evaluation in Psychotherapy

In an attempt to predict the evaluation of psychotherapy sessions, just as is mentioned in the thesis above, Eugster and Wampold conducted a research using 114 therapists and 119 patients. The use of the system [...]

One-Way Manova

616 whereas the mean for those who had plans of joining a teacher college was the same as that of students who had plans of joining university i.e.10.

Narrative research on vicarious trauma

Autobiography Autobiography involves both the writing and recording of the experiences and events involved in the life of the subject study, which also plays the role of the writer.

Stage Theory and Stages of Grief

That is why, the stage theory as the process of adjustment to the new situation is characterized by such pros as the possibility of adapting to the new life conditions gradually and the possibility of [...]

Memory lane and morality

In the first experiment where participants were expected to remember their childhood experience, those memories aided the experimenter more than they let the participants take control.

Importance of Diagnosis

This paper highlights the esteemed contribution of Harry Levinson to the development and understanding of the importance of organizational diagnosis in the running of organizations.

Importance of group Counseling

It introduces the counselor to the major expectations of the members facilitating the ability to ensure that the counseling session is in line with the expectations and needs of group members.

Adlerian Therapy

The clinical success of the Adlerian therapy is highly dependent on the relationship of the patient/client and the therapist in this case the counselor.

“Dibs” Reaction Paper

Depriving the boy of emotional support, the psychotherapist freed Dibs from the boundaries established in a social environment by his parents, teachers, and peers.

Depression and Cognitive Therapy

The other type of medication that is widely used to treat depression condition is the healing process that helps in reverse or eliminates the fundamental process that results to the continuation of depression.

Conflict Mode Assessment

Accommodating is not assertive, contrary to competing, the next party is considered in a conflict. Compromising mode is the preferred style of conflict management in the scenario above.

Constructing Thurston (1928) Scale Model

He used a two step model and addressed the issue using three approaches namely; the law of comparative judgments, the method of equal appearing intervals and the method of successive intervals. Statements obtained from the [...]

Replicating Milgram

In other words, Burger claims that Milgram's studies show that the participants, who continued the procedure after the 150-switch, were likely to continue till the end.

Psychological Issue Summary

In vivo exposure is both a cognitive and behavioral strategy which will enable Carol overcomes her fears by appealing to cognitive skills through behavioral activities of exposing her to the stimulus.