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Organizational Diagnosis Significance Essay (Article)

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Updated: Apr 10th, 2022

The article examines the importance of organizational diagnosis in conducting managerial and organizational duties. It focuses on the contributions of Harry Levinson to the field of psychology. Levinson was a renowned psychologist who researched widely in the area of work and organizational practices (Lowman, 2005, p.17).

This article discusses how managers can integrate work and organizational skills in running organizations. It explores how managers can apply their knowledge in psychology to run organizations. Managers should learn to apply their knowledge of psychology in performing their roles as managers in large organization (Lowman, 2005, p.17).

Such knowledge helps managers to understand and cope with challenges associated with running of organizations. This paper highlights the esteemed contribution of Harry Levinson to the development and understanding of the importance of organizational diagnosis in the running of organizations.

The study focuses primarily on issues surrounding organizational diagnosis. It stresses on the importance of conducting a thorough diagnosis before recommending any solutions for problems that face an organization. The author stresses that solutions in organizations should match the existing challenges.

A thorough diagnosis should precede any attempt to generate solutions to organizational problems and challenges (Lowman, 2005, p.18). He argues that doing the contrary would raise serious queries on the credibility of any offered solutions. Organizations need to seek the indulgence of organizational diagnosis experts in probing and recommending solutions for problems facing organizations.

The essence of organizational diagnosis is to conduct a thorough examination of various organizational parameters with a view to decipher the root cause of problems in organizations.

Based on such analysis, organizational diagnosis experts prescribe solutions that contribute towards ameliorating the management of organizations. An organizational diagnosis seeks to remedy organizational dysfunction and need for organizational health and optimization of the prevailing circumstances (Lowman, 2005, p.20).

Levinson was an avid proponent for the application of the psychoanalytic model in conducting organizational diagnosis. As much as he advocated for this model, he argued that psychologists should use a well-integrated theory to probe certain theoretical systems. The psychoanalytic theory advocates for intellectual honesty and candor in making decisions for organizations.

According to psychoanalytic model, people should perceive situations without interference from personal views, values, and prejudices (Lowman, 2005, p.20). The model encompasses personal storytelling and helping to simplify the personal understanding of history with minimum alterations to basic historical facts.

The article offers a hypothetical approach to organizational diagnosis with regard to contemporary organizational environment. To demonstrate the importance of organizational diagnosis, the author uses the example of a doctor prescribing medication without conducting a clear diagnosis on the patient (Lowman, 2005, p.22).

He contends that the prescription cannot be accurate under such circumstances. This hypothesis underscores the link between an actual problem and the resultant intervention by experts. The hypothesis actualizes in the essay presentation through qualitative evidence provided by the author. The author demonstrates the role of organizational diagnosis in solving problems in organizations.

The article has numerous lessons for psychologist-managers on how they can apply organizational diagnosis in managing organizations. Managers should assess situations before they embark on applying solutions. They should consider the non-psychological aspects of their positions in management (Lowman, 2005, p.26).

Managers should use the results of diagnosis to decide on steps that suit organizational restructuring. Managers should approach organizational analysis and diagnosis from a psychological understanding (Lowman, 2005, p.26).

Managers should endeavor to seek the services of organizational diagnosis experts to maximize on the possibility of achieving accuracy and timeliness (Lowman, 2005, p.26). The study has a strong and relevant approach to organizational diagnosis. The study creates a platform for discourse among managers regarding best managerial practices in the modern management of organizations.


Lowman, R. (2005). Importance of Diagnosis in Organizational Assessment: Harry

Levinson’s Contributions. The Psychologist-Manager Journal, 8(1), 17-28.

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