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Behavior Essay Examples and Topics

School-Aged Children’ Bullying Behaviors

It is due to this that the work of Janssen et al.sought to show just how potentially damaging this behavior could be and the potential psychological repercussions it could have on young children due to [...]

Behavioral Study of Obedience

Moreover, it is important to understand that the need to respect the authority is thought to every single individual from their birth and such behavior is learned from everyday situations.

Romantic Relationship: Human Behavior Perspectives

The cognitive perspective is related to the biological/evolutionally perspective in terms of underlining the role of nature-nurture interactions in explaining behavior; however, it is different from learning and sociocultural perspectives as the latter underscore the [...]

Obedience and Disobedience as Behaviour Forms

In the mafia style of obedience, that organized crime syndicate organization in the seventies, notorious for its illegal activities, gambling dens, drugs, extortions and summary execution of disobedient members and enemies, obedience is a measure [...]

Altruism and Elevation Relationship

After carrying out the first experiment, the researchers discovered that elevation increased the likelihood of the participants to offer to participate in unpaid studies in the future.

Behavioral Theory and Its Research

According to Gazzaniga, the theory assumes that it is possible to teach and learn the behavioral patterns of an individual. According to Code of ethical conduct, initiating structure refers to task-oriented behavior in which teachers [...]

Measuring Children’s Anger

It is because of this fact that the researcher engaged in a gamming experiment to help measure the children's anger and their possible reactions. According to Hubbard, it is apparent that anger among the children [...]

States of Consciousness

The various concepts will help in understanding the individuals' states at normal conditions and give an insight to the state of being of an individual when the state of consciousness is altered.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Therefore, the development of interpersonal relations that foster the development of social networks and social identity is critical in the rehabilitation of the drug and alcohol addicts.

Low-income African-American Caregivers

The hypothesis was not explicitly stated but it is clear that the researcher hypnotized that these people have negative experience due to the lack of understanding form the side of school staff that is primarily [...]

Family Therapy

This is one of the issues that should be considered by a therapist. This is one of the aspects that can be distinguished.

Behavior Matters in Our Life

Based on the identified facts, probable strategies that can be a doped to help in mitigation of the problem of bad behavior are choice direction and description of obvious realities in life.

Behavior change theory

The implementation of evidence-based practices in changing the behavior of health workers is a complex task, as it depends on the ability of individuals to change their behaviors and the type of approach used.

Gestalt Therapy

In addition, the main focal point of gelstalt therapy is the client-therapist relationship, the client's experiences in the present, the social contexts and the environment of the client's life, as well as the self-regulating changes [...]

Jackson and His Environment

I, as a social worker, am going to identify the difficulties Jackson currently encounters and suggest a few recommendations to treat him adequately and persuade his other of necessary changes in his socioeconomic environment.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

The view of Tammy about her parents' irresponsibility in her life is one of the irrational thoughts. In this regard, the client would be able to identify the thoughts and behaviors that affect her life.

Self-Injury Discussion

Self-injury is in other words referred to as self-abuse, self-mutilation, self-inflicted violence and Para suicide. The point is people with trauma are said to be the victims of self-injury.

Structural Family Therapy

A chance to work with children and their families proved the idea that family therapy had to be based on trust and loyalty to the ideas; and the role of a therapist should not be [...]

Solution Focused Therapy

This paper includes the discussion of a video that exemplifies the main techniques included in solution focused therapy. This approach highlighted the idea that it would be easy to overcome a certain problem.

Making a Happier Military

The evaluation shall be done through the use of interviews and questionnaires where various soldiers, army managers and close relatives of different parties shall be encouraged to participate in a bid to find the disadvantages [...]

Stages of Behavioral Change

Since behavioral change is a continuous process, I am optimistic that through dedication and commitment to change my behavior, with time I will be able to achieve my target and reduce the amount of time [...]

Psychology Diverse Nature

As noted, psychology is a wide field and as such, it is prudent to narrow down on the fundamental aspects of psychology, viz.behavioral, cognitive, and biological.

Social Comparison Theory

The significance of social comparison theory is in the idea that an individual has the capability to change his behavior, and how he perceives himself.

Human Behavior during Evacuations

According to Fahy and Proulx, "the phases of disaster response will vary significantly depending on the targeted individuals, the nature of structure, and the aspects of the situation".

Social Validity

Herein the paradox of social validity lies; though it is hardly definable in the broad sense of the phenomenon, it, nevertheless, allows a therapist to compare the behaviour of the patient with the appropriate one [...]

Compulsive Buying Behavior as a Lifestyle

The trade fair portrayed the potential of the then and future civilizations to deploy technology, creativity, and innovation to create more consumables to better the life of the future generations.

Target Behavior Discussion

As a rule, the child's reaction on taking away something is unpredictable, and it is ethically inappropriate to use such design just in order to check the effectiveness of an intervention.

Observational Systems Discussion

To observe the peculiarities of the child's behavior, it is necessary to become a participant in a class and avoid the cases of reactivity as the child should demonstrate his true intentions.

Life Span Development

Probably the main insight, in this respect, is concerned with the fact that, as the study indicates, in order for infants to be able to ensure their 'evolutionary fitness', they must be provided with the [...]

Personality Assessment and Test Classification

The historical use of these terms can be explained with references to the fact that psychologists were inclined to accentuate the differences in the test types, and the terms 'objective' and 'projective' were the most [...]

Self Esteem

People's health and appearance have to be satisfactory and correspond to people's idea of 'a norm' as it has been proven that the better a person's health is the higher self-esteem he/she has.

Children and Adolescent Suicide Behavior

Therefore, CBT as a methodology of helping in diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of suicidal behavior problems among adolescents is useful in social work to the extent that it can lead to the elimination of the [...]

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Alongside the philosophical elements of DBT identified in the foregoing discussions, the treatment involves a number of assumptions about the client and the counselor.

Stimulus-Response Theory

This theory has some flaws given that the conditioned or unconditioned responses may differ even when the stimulus is the same.

Importance of Counselling Skills

As earlier mentioned, counseling is a vocational process that requires a lot of passion and application of certain skills by a counselor, in order to achieve success. Therefore, I foresee struggle to master the skill [...]

Social influences and judgment

It is in the way that social influences are packaged and presented to the public under varying types of ethos that changes the perception of the public to the idea that is being presented.

Psychological impact of cultures

When such people are strongly embedded in their culture, they take a lot of time to accommodate the new culture. Such people feel they are not part of the majority culture and are likely to [...]

Burnout in Therapists Profession

As established in the study, burnout among the therapists engaged in the sample increased in consistency with an increase in the levels of interpersonal problems.

Personality Theory

Erikson postulates that the genesis of the personality development is from the innate characteristics of a child that are sequentially build through the eight stages of personality development under the influence of the society and [...]

Obedience and Authority

According to Wenker, the military force is not justified to use authority in a manner which contravenes the rights of citizens. Therefore, obedience to authority is a condition which is necessary so that the moral [...]

Diagnostic Impression

Medical and Psychiatrist Miller believes that her problems at the moment are related to work as she gets to meet a lot of people.

Late Adulthood and Death

This paper examines ageism and the stereotypes associated with late adulthood; how individuals can promote health and wellness in late adulthood; the importance of relationships and social interactions; and personal attitudes towards death in late [...]

Fiske’s Five Social Motives

Regarding the motive to control, people form groups in order to dominate decision making in society. The motive to control summarizes the reasons why an individual would engage in social activities.

Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar

The set of objectives and goals that will allow me to become a competent specialist include the development of the thorough and in-depth understanding of the psychological theories throughout the years of education, the constant [...]

Issues in Lifespan Development

Although a strand of existing literature demonstrates that research on human growth and development is a relatively recent endeavor, particularly in reference to the fact that studies involving children did not begin until the late [...]


Another important aspect is the counseling process; this depends on the individual counselor and client and the urgency of the issue in question.

Measures of Diagnostic Vaginismus

Reframing the treatment of vaginismus as a "vaginal penetration phobia", the researchers suggest therapist-aided exposure as a basement of treatment of this disease. Considering vaginismus as a phobic disorder the researchers developed the new perspectives [...]

Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) Critique

Additionally, the reading level of PAI corresponds to the 4th Grade of education, and thus, depending on the respondent's skills and competence, the minimum amount of time required to complete the test is about 50 [...]

Behavioral theory

I can say that the behavior I have acquired is highly influenced by the way I was brought up. I have seen this affect the relationship I have with my family, though I have a [...]