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Behavior Essay Examples and Topics

Deviant behavior: Prostitution

Norms are considered to be the behavior standards that define the actions that are acceptable in the society. The reason as to why a person can engage in prostitution and the persistence of the act [...]

Personality Theory

In the book "psychology", fifth edition, Hockenbury & Hockenbury, observe that one has to understand the theory upon which the description of an individual's personality is based in order to understand and make sense of [...]

Scott Sander’s Grub

In the Grub, the unhealthy eating lifestyle of the author's community is the exigence. It may therefore be difficult for the rhetorical audience to think of the solution on their own and this may impede [...]

Stages of Change Inventory

Therefore, it is imperative for a psychotherapist to assess and evaluate different stages of psychological process in order to administer a customized psychotherapy to the patients. At this stage, individuals are working tirelessly to consolidate [...]

Boosting a person’s Esteem

Esteem is a creation of the mind and thus if I can deal with negative pictures and attitude about my own life, then I can raise my self esteem.

Full Moon Effect

From another perspective the full moon and the increase in violence are just a coincidence such that the moon happens to be present when people behave strangely but that's not its intended purpose because the [...]

Motivation: Selfish Interests

Despite the fact that the theory set up by psychologists explaining the motivation to doing good makes some sense, there are a number of cases that are not in conformance with the stipulations of the [...]

The Future of Psychology

Because of the ever changing socio-economic, political, and the overall mental health condition of individuals; as a result of the rapid changes in global systems of living, currently the field of psychology uses mostly a [...]

Motivation Evaluation

This enables us to understand the humanistic and diversity views of motivation in King. A diversity view of motivation points out the fact that King was a realist and pragmatic in his approaches.

Contemporary Issues in Cultural & Cross-Cultural Psychology

The difference between cultural psychology and cross-cultural psychology emanates from the fact that psychologists in cross-cultural psychology commonly use cultural frameworks as a means of assessing the universality of psychological practices and processes, while psychologists [...]

Issues in the Workplace

Human behavior in the workplace deserves our attention, as people spend so much time at work, communicating with different people; lots of conflicts take place in the workplace, and people should be ready to find [...]

Adolescents Risky Behavior

Due to the immature nature of adolescents' brains, they should not be subjected to environments that can facilitate risky behavior. Analogies can also be effective in making the youth focus on categorical thinking that will [...]

Introduction to Psychopathology

With psychology, in general, dealing with the study of human behavior and behavior change; abnormal psychology is therefore a branch of psychology that investigates people's maladjusted behavior relative to the socially approved behavior.

Behaviour across the Lifespan

The psychosocial crisis here is between the trust and mistrust that depends on the perceived quality of the maternal care by the infant. The psychosocial crisis is industry versus inferiority that occurs in the context [...]

Psychology in Daily Life

According to recent studies individual learning process is the primary factor that contributes to the development of an individual's personality and intelligence.

The Relevance of Evolutionary Psychology

Typical to right wing authoritarianism are the following three aspects: Authoritarian submission which defines a fanatical submission to legitimately installed authorities within the society. Accordingly, the optimism concerning authoritarian as posed by Altemeyer as a [...]

Issue Analysis: Pro-social Behavior

In its general sense, altruism refers to the selfless concern for the welfare of other people; the unconditional giving to others, for instance the giving of alms to the poor.

Influences Of An Adopted Child’s Behavior

There are consistent research findings that the heritability influences adult behaviour while the environmental factors mainly affect the behaviours of the children and adolescents.this is because the adult has the ability to logically reason and [...]