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Self Regulation Essay

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Updated: Apr 10th, 2019

Each individual has personal factors of control. Bandura (in Feist, & Feist, 2009) presents three main internal factors of self regulation, self-observation, judgment, and self-reaction.

Self-observation is the ability to monitor personal actions, thought and behavior. Self-observation also responds to ignoring others. Self-observation goes close with judgment as only on the basis for making personal conclusions about the actions.

On the basis of judgment the reaction is completed. Therefore, self-reaction is the third component of Bandura’s internal factors of self-regulation (in Feist, & Feist, 2009). These factors may be referred to different spheres of human life.

Dwelling upon God’s Word and the Holy Spirit work within believers regarding self-regulation, it is possible to state that God’s Word teach people endure the limitations of the present life, judge others as one wants to be judged and react calm on the events trying to teach others behave in a pacific manner.

Regarding self-observation God’s Word dwells upon constant control of one’s actions and thoughts. People have to think constantly about God and the actions they do or they are going to do.

These actions should start with a Holly thought. Self-observation should be based on the fairness and desire for assisting others. All the thoughts of a person should be clear and faithful.

Observing personal actions and looking at the situation from a personal perspective, people should remember that their judgments are to be based on the Holly bible.

God teaches people to avoid judgment as the desire to blame others as people are unable to judge, only God has such a power. Still, judgment may have another nature.

After self-observation people are sure to refer to judgment as the possibility to think and draw conclusions. Judgment from the god’s perspective should be just the thinking processes and the ability to monitor personal actions.

Personal judgment is based on the personal standards which are to be related to the Holly Bible. Only those people who are able to remain calm and unbiased after self-observation can fairly judge the situation.

After the judgment as the evaluation of the personal attitude to the issue people usually turn to self-reaction.

It is essentially to react to the actions appropriately. Personal reaction of an individual should be based on the God’s word who rejects any aggression. The reaction of a personality should be calm and even obedient.

Reacting to the personal actions, a human being should consider his/her actions from aside. God is rather passionate to people, therefore , people should also be passionate to others.

Self-reaction should directly depend on the completed action and it should be based on the judgment. Having completed something important and having some time for a rest one may award him/herself.

However, the judgment of the self-observation was dissatisfactory, a person should think about the actions which may correct wrong behavior. People live on the earth to correct their mistakes, God gives them such an opportunity and people are to use it.

Bad actions should be limited to minimum, however, people will do it only after they learn self-regulation in an appropriate way.

Self-observation, judgment, and self-reaction as the main components of self-regulation are to be considered as a complex of actions people are to complete.

The process of self-regulation is provided within three steps each of which is based on the previous action and is responsible for the future act. These actions may be completed in accordance with the God’s word if people remain calm.

Reference List

Feist, J., & Feist, G. (2009). Theories of personality (7th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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