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Getting Over a Break-up Essay

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Updated: Apr 9th, 2022

Getting over a break-up is always a difficult process. There are different opinions on the ways how to cope with a broken heart: some people suppose that a person who suffers just needs more time to reconsider past relations; others suppose that a person whose heart is broken is to experience certain changes.

Generally, it should be pointed out that healing a broken heart is considered to be an individual process. Moreover, one is to keep in mind that the so-called process of recovering depends upon a person’s individual approach towards the problem he or she experiences.

There are different ways, which can be used, in order to cope with a negative psychological state. For instance, to heal a broken heart some people should fall in love with other persons; others should devote their lives to work.

The second variant may sound really strange; however, there are many cases, when people start their career, in order to get over a break-up. Those, who are engaged in various activities, just have no time to think about a strong emotional pain they experience.

In other words, one can conclude that exhausting or hard work can be regarded as an effective medicine to heal a broken heart. Of course, it is necessary to point out that hard work is not a universal panacea.

Still, it is necessary to keep in mind a person’s character, his or her beliefs, values and expectations. Thus, on the other hand, a person who tries to find a new love should also understand that there are no guarantees of success.

Moreover, some psychologists suppose that it is better not to look for a new relationship so soon; on the contrary, if a person does not want to reconsider the situation which happened, he or she may face a severe depression.

For this reason, one is to remember that being alone for a certain period is one of the necessary steps a person with a broken heart is to follow.

For a person, who experiences negative psychological emotions, it is also extremely important to understand that a break-up is not a fatal disease. One can start doing things that he or she used to do before he or she was not alone.

In other words, people who suffer must distract their minds from their sorrows. People are to try to forget about a previous routine; to do this they are to use their own methods.

Thus, taking into account the experiences of other individuals who have already coped with a broken heart, one can rely on some of the techniques they used: the most popular method, which can be used, in order to heal a broken heart is to throw everything away (everything includes numerous things, which remind about a previous relationship).

The things may include various presents, photos, letters, etc. Throwing things may be regarded as the beginning of a new life, better life. So, one can probably suppose that the process of throwing things has a symbolical meaning.

A person with a strong character, who understands the importance of distraction and can control his or her emotions, should create a good plan of action.

For instance, one can imagine that his or her personality includes two persons: the first one is a person who suffers; the second one is a doctor, who understands the importance of time for a patient’s treatment.

Thus, the first person can suffer for about three days; a doctor must understand that the process of suffering should not last more than three days. For this reason, a person whose heart is broken is to start doing certain things on the fourth day!

There is no need to reconsider the problem anymore. If the process of suffering is to long, serious psychological disorders may occur.

Getting over a break-up is a complicated process, but a person who wants to heal his/her heart should understand that a new period in his/her life must be started immediately.

A psychological support of friends, parents, etc. cannot be neglected. Thus, one can talk to someone he/she trusts. There is also no shame in crying.

One of the most important things a person is to keep in mind while suffering is that he/she is not alone. Good friends and parents will always provide with a warm support and do their best, in order to help.

Another moment, which should be highlighted, is an action a person can commit out of revenge. It is necessary to understand that any actions for revenge will bring no good results.

On the contrary, sooner or later, a person will regret for his/her mistakes. It is more important to concentrate on future, and realize the nearest perspectives.

Every day the world we live in gives us perfect opportunities to bring positive changes into our lives. So, the first step we are to follow to start a new page is to notice the opportunities, which are all over.

Finally, one is to keep in mind that what at first may appear to be ending – is often a new beginning.

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