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People helping one another Essay

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The mind of the human being is the organ that drives all other organs into motion. Behind every act that a human being does there is a reason. One of the natures of human beings is helping those who are in need. This is based on various reasons. This paper analyses the reasons that lead to persons helping others. Among the items discussed in this paper are; the relationship between persons, the need to be helped later, to repay a good deed and the temperamental basis.


One of the basic reasons that lead to people helping one another is the relationship between the helper and the person in need. This more so happens when the two person are related by blood. A need of a blood relative is seen as a personal need to all other blood relatives and thus they would offer a hand in helping the needy come out of problem (Cash, 2002). The responsibility that one bears for a blood relative is usually not meant to be repaid.

Similarly, it is common for persons who are related by marriage to help one another. The need of a husband, wife or a fiancé is also taken by the helper as a personal need. The degree of closeness may differ from that of blood relationship. However, the weight that is carried in both cases is relatively similar. In most instances, persons offer to help their life partners in priority to blood relatives.

In this group also lie the persons who help because they have been requested to help. This group of people rarely helps willingly. They either perceive themselves incapable of offering the help or find they help as unfit or not necessary. Also there are persons who are mean in nature. Such persons can only offer help when they have been requested to do so (Cash, 2002).

To repay good deeds

Every person has been helped to reach where he or she is at one point or the other. A child is helped by her parents to grow, the neighbors, teachers, and relatives also give a hand in life. There is also help that has been received from friends and strangers. All this help is repaid in different ways. For the help received from parents, the child may repay it by helping the parents at their point of need or by helping his or her own children.

For the help that is received from all other persons, it is repaid almost in the same manner. A person may offer help directly to the persons who helped him or her or may offer help to others in remembrance of the good deeds that he or she has received form other people (Cash, 2002).

A person who has been treated well from childhood has a great likelihood of treating others well than a person who was brought up in harsh and un-conducive environment.

The need to be helped later

There is also a group of people who help anticipating that the persons whom they have helped will rise to the occasion should they have a need. This group of people will always be the first to contribute to others when they have a need and will always like to be recognized that they have offered their help.

The help that comes from this kind of people is at times seen as an act of dystopia. Such persons always imagine of bad things happening like death, accidents, injuries, attacks and other misfortunes. Lack of recognition of help from such persons can lead to quarrels between the helper and the persons helped (Mattern, 2007). To this people, helping others is bait or a bribe of being helped in future.


The human race is divided into different temperaments. The behavior of a person is thus attributable to the temperament that he or she belongs to. The likelihood to change a person from his or her temperament is very hard. The persons that belong to temperaments that are outgoing and extroverts are usually ready to help other people irregardless of the relationship or the amount of help that they might receive form the persons that they have helped.

The persons who fall under this category are usually public figures who do not have any relationship with the persons that they help. This group of people takes the need of every other individual as their own needs (Mattern, 2007).


As we have seen through the paper, man has different reason for helping fellow human beings. Though the reasons for help may differ, the ability to help also matters. There are those people who have the will of helping but lack the ability to help.

However, helping others is humane and the reasons for giving help not withstanding, there is no man who can make it without the help of others; whether materially, politically, psychologically or even socially. The persons receiving help have to be aware of the above reasons so as to know what actions are expected of him after receiving help.


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