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Psychology and Personality Essay Examples and Topics

Keens Brown: Personal Development Story

He grew up in a nuclear family and was the last-born in a family of seven children. Brown has often attempted to circumnavigate the issue by trying to forge a relationship with his children, but [...]

Developing Oneself as a Leader

Karp starts his discussion of the development as a leader with a detailed examination of the self-concept. Karp also provides a different point of view, explaining that some researchers see the self as a stream [...]

Personal Growth and Development

From a personal perspective, the strategy I intend to use to address the issue of diversity in the workplace is to be open-minded and willing to listen to others before making judgments.

Defense Mechanism in Freud’s Theory

By far the most common and just as primitive, denial as a defense mechanism implies that one should ignore the evidence of a specific fact and refuse to acknowledge the existence thereof.

Creating the Self

The common concepts that illustrate the development of the "self" include "speech acts", "the looking-glass self", "adjacency pairs", and "the transmission model of communication".

Personality in Biological and Humanistic Theories

The theorist believed that if a person failed to attain the needs at the bottom of the hierarchy pyramid it would lead to neurotic and emotional problems that could eventually adversely impact personality. Biological theorists [...]

Counselors Self-Care Strategies

The text "Introduction to Counseling: Voices from the Field" offers powerful attributes of the self care concept that are important for counselors. The concept of self care is therefore important to success in the counseling [...]

Saddam Hussein Psychological Analysis

The following paper provides a summary of some of the relevant points in Post's political profile of the leader during three periods of crisis in Hussein's life and in the history of Iraq.

Personal Counseling and Development Theory

The nature of counseling is an intricate combination of personal character and values and theoretical research to create a comprehensive approach to the responsibilities of the profession.

Dark Triad Effects on Romantic Relationships

Moreover, the high scores on dark triad qualities are related to antisocial behaviors, promiscuity, and preference for short-term relationships. For men with dark triad traits, the low levels of agreeableness and empathy makes them to [...]

Personality Assessment Indicator and Performance

This paper looks at the use of this type of personality assessment indicator to understand the personality traits of individual members of an organization in an attempt to improve the organization's performance.

Personality and Organizational Citizenship Behavior

To conduct the research, 164 employees were involved in the survey to determine the regression between their personality and OCB. The hypothesis of the article was to establish the link between personality traits and the [...]

The Personality Traits Analysis

In this respect, the analysis of personality traits is the core of personality description disclosing tendencies and disposition to behave, think, and feel in a specific way.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI may provide ideas on an individual's personality type; however, it does not explain other factors such as his interests and skills, which are necessary to consider in decision-making.

Gender and Body Art Effects on Sensation Seeking

The present study examined whether tattoos and gender influenced the participants' sensation-seeking attitudes as measured by the SSS-V subscales. It investigates the effect of gender and body art on sensation seeking.

Forces Creating Self and Identity

One should also keep in mind that people are more likely to define themselves according to such criteria as ethnicity or race, if they life in an isolated enclave which is populated mostly by representatives [...]

Making Sense of Selfies

However, these practices can significantly alter the attitudes and values of many individuals whose self-esteem will be shaped mostly by the opinions of other people.

Personality Alteration and Substance Abuse

The objective of the paper was to assess the empirical research on the current knowledge on possible causes of drinking incentives amongst young adults Later in adolescence and transiting to adulthood, the study identified that [...]

Personal Identity Change and Identification Acts

It appears that, instead of being referred to as the agent of 'identity change', the act of 'identification' should be discussed as one among many strategies, deployed by people on the way of trying to [...]

Ethical Awareness Inventory in Psychology

Personal and professional ethics help experts with the decision making that agrees with the standards of their specialties and respects the rights of every client. The inventory is meant to use the character in order [...]

Psychological View on Identity Change

It is believed that in social change, being unique is in relation to the fact that in order to produce unique societal effects, the processes must be linear. It is a belief that changes in [...]

Michael Jackson’s Psychobiography

For example, the object relations theory shows that Michael's father had a more significant role to play in his personality development than his brothers did.

Dissociative Identity Disorder: Anna’s Case

This essay explores dissociative disorders as forms of abnormal psychology and abnormal behavior with specific reference to the case of Anna O. After the death of Anna's father, only Breuer was close to her.

Matrix Table and Personality Analysis

According to Horney, personality can affect the situational behavior only with references to the ideas and visions acquired and developed during the childhood as the result of definite cultural and social factors' impacts.

Interpersonal and Psychoanalytic Social Theory

Karen Horney's psychoanalytic social theory assumes that social and cultural experiences are critical in determining one's personality. To this point, one can conclude that Horney's theory eliminates the concept of free will.

Positive Psychology: Subjective Well-Being

The subjective level deals with the study of the person's positive experiences such as joy, happiness and satisfaction, while the individual level focuses on the identification of the ingredients of a good life or personal [...]

Presentation Criteria and Types

The design of learning and presenting is also meant to benefit people watching, and knowing that the presenter is unaware of the information and concepts, parts the viewers.

Integrative Personality Theory

Human personality, which defined as vital relatively stable aspects of behavior, is fascinating, as these concepts show because there is yet no single finest theory of personality to explore the personality, while many theorists who [...]

The Trait Model of Personality

According to Allport, central traits are the major characteristics that create the primary foundation of individuals' personality. The trait model of personality shows that personality emanates from certain stable traits, which are the basic units [...]

Psychological Assessment and Ethics

It is also important to note that some conditions may severely impact the results of the assessment. Overall, it is necessary to understand and follow ethical rules during the process of psychological evaluation.

Human Mentality Evolution

One of the main principles of the operation of the modern computers is the process of memory retrieval. There is no scientific proof of the existence of such ability in the animal world, which means [...]

Self-Care Plan

I will have a lot of stresses and I will have to stick to my plan making additional effort. I will also revisit my plan to see benefits of the self-discipline and following the self-care [...]

Personality Traits Overview

Such psychologists are of the view that the human mind has a modular structure that is comparable to the functioning of the body, which affects the behavior of an individual.

Personality Types and Their Assessment

Even though there are only four basic methods to consider the specifics of human psychics, the lack of cohesion between the personality types defined with the help of these methods, as well as the fact [...]

Serial Position Effect

It states that items at the start of the list and at the end have a higher chance of been remembered as opposed to items in the middle.

Celebrities as good role models

In the conclusion, it was affirmed that celebrities' accomplishments are easily identifiable to the public, as is the case with Angelina and Oprah, and this makes them good role models.

Synthesis Paper: Psychoanalysis

In 'The Mirror Stage as Formative of the Function of the 'I", as revealed in the psychoanalytic experience of Jacques, the main argument centers on the cognitive development of a child.

Most Important Areas One Should Be Familiar with in Psychology

The most vital areas in psychology are the training/educational qualifications, theories, which influence the field, outstanding persons who contributed to the subject, the current ruling theories, and other motivating factors, which propel people to take [...]

Mindful listening

Interpretation of communication is the next step and is crucial as it is the medium in which the meaning of what is said is actually understood.

Correctional Psychology and Its Procedures

This paper gives a detailed discussion on correctional psychology covering aspects like the personality inventories used in selection of correction psychologist, duties and activities of a correctional psychologist and the challenges faced, the career opportunities [...]

The Need to Belong

The need to belong is an inherent human desire to identify and associate with a given social group that shares common values and beliefs, and can satisfy the desired needs of the members.

Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking

Inter-company conflicts reflect an extremely narrow aspect of conflict resolution and peacemaking, but the importance of the subject for business cooperation is difficult to underestimate.

How to Improve Your Memory

One of the most effective ways to memorize some information is based on the research concerning working memory. Furthermore, Sperling's research which proves that people have photographic memory can help work out some strategy to [...]


This is to say that it is self dogmatic and occupation split and autonomous for the rest of the body. The theory by Dr Robert Ader gives the scientific field of study and the meaning [...]

Foundations of Psychology

Psychology is one of the broad areas of scientific study; interestingly, it is difficult to define psychology for the definition keeps on changing depending on time and the person defining it.

Computer Addiction in Modern Society

Maressa's definition that, computer addiction is an accurate description of what goes on when people spend large amount of time working on computers or online is true, timely, and 'accurate' and the writer of this [...]

Personal Foresight

This means that a person with foresight understands the relationships that exist in the society and hence understands what is needed to create a comprehensive healthy future. By anticipating the future, one is able to [...]

Psychodynamic Personality Theories Matrix

This involves assisting affected persons to accept hardships and events; the results are improvements in an individual's welfare and relational behaviors, both private and interpersonal.

Personality and Emotional Development

As such, the best qualities of the family environment that can positively contribute to the development of social-emotional skills in children include the following: Encouragement of initiatives and leadership skills in children can make them [...]

Left brain Vs Right brain

The first part of the brain to be considered in this paper is the reptilian complex. The brainstem is composed of the medulla oblongata, the pons, and the mesencephalon.