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Self-Care Plan Essay

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Updated: Mar 25th, 2020

Biological Self-Care

Though precautions are taken in cases where a social worker is dealing with sick people, it is advisable to have regular checkups. Short-term strategies include showering twice a day. Long-term strategies include signing up with a fitness club, travelling and exercising regularly.

Psychological Self-Care

One of the steps to achieve my emotional health is reducing my alcohol intake as well as avoiding tobacco and other stimulants that may endanger my psychological well-being. Short-term strategies include going back to boxing. Long-term strategies include teaching myself not to hold back tears in times of sorrow.

Social Self-Care

I intend to make leisure time a priority. Short-term strategies include spending more time to connect with my partner and know each other better. I also intend to meet with my friends at least once a week. Long-term strategies include starting a social club where members can inform one another about their future plans. Having a child with my partner is another long-term objective.

Spiritual Self-Care

Spiritual self-care can be achieved by drafting a meditation routine and sticking to it. Alternatively, I might choose to spend time in a quiet environment and connect with nature. Short-term objectives include involving myself in some volunteer work at my church. As a long-term objective, I plan to volunteer at the local police department a few years from now.

Financial Self-Care

My short-term goal would be to find a job in a nearby facility. This will enable me to pay my bills as well as have some cash to save. One of my long-term financial self-care plans is to buy a house and make major investments. In order to do so, I will require professional assistance on how to draw a plan that will yield credible results and give me financial freedom by the time I reach retirement age.

Barriers to Maintaining My Self-Care Strategies

Clearly, my strategies can be affected by external and internal factors. For instance, I can land a stressful job, or I can buy a house in the neighborhood where some unbearable people live. I can also have difficulties with finding the job I really like. I will have a lot of stresses and I will have to stick to my plan making additional effort. I can also get tired of such self-discipline and stop following the plan. I can be very busy (having a job and kids) and I can persuade myself that I simply have no time for the self-care plan.

Addressing Barriers

I will have to start each day with meditation that will include reminding myself to practice self-care and stick to the plan developed. I will also ask my partner as well as my close ones to support me in this and remind me to be patient and persistent. I will remember about success stories and they will inspire me to continue.

Negative Coping Strategies

I may be inclined to employ numerous negative coping strategies. For instance, I may start using alcohol and smoking again. Denial and withdrawal can also become the strategies I will utilize. I am prone to worrying and I can be stubborn at times. I may also become passive.

What I Will Do Instead

I will do more sports. I will also discuss my issues with my partner and my close ones and this will save me from withdrawal and denial. Actually, I will find support in people and communication. I will also revisit my plan to see benefits of the self-discipline and following the self-care plan.

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