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Seduction and Flirtation Devices Essay

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In the ancient times, seduction was perceived to be a devils strategy in the disguise of love (Baudrillard, “Fatal Strategies” 98). Over the years, the art of seduction has transformed immensely. Seduction was mainly associated with the feminine principle to attract the opposite sex (Baudrillard 1).

The process of emancipation, flirting and seduction is as old as the invention of the arts (Rotella, Abbott, and Sarah 184). In the present era, seduction and flirtation has taken a new twist in enhancing communication practices to include flirting modules. Philosophy and ethics of the world today have changed the perception of seduction and flirtation (“On seduction par. 7). This liberation of desire has taken over almost all social material.

Even though, femininity and seduction are confounded, masculinity is still haunted by this reversibility (Baudrillard 1). It is remarkably vivid that the strength of the feminine is that of seduction. Flirting is perceived to be the simplest way for the shy people to interact (Freeman par. 1). However, this act has over the time encouraged many to become seducers.

There are various modest that seem to be best seductive approaches. These approaches include; girls natural beauty, accessories, behavior, dance and choreography, photographs, clothes, and many more seduction and flirting devices (Rotella, Abbott, and Sarah 184).

The appearance and looks are key considerations when one flirts. The artifices that are utilized most today are mobile phones, social networks, and the media. They have enhanced flirtation through these fields. These activities apparently guides flirts action, which eventually lands him or her to seduction. They explore a person innate grace and reflect them to allow perfection of the skill (“On seduction par. 7).

These artifices reflect the seductive nature of the seducer. When used correctly, everything falls in subtle allusion and it leads the target to the trap of the seducer. The seducer studies the amorous proclivities and uses the weakness of the target to lead him or her in the trap. Furthermore, seduction is infallible. It is just like a mirror. It reflects exactly what the seduced thoughts are saying (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 100).

Seduction in the modern world has taken a new meaning (Rotella, Abbott, and Sarah 184). Instead of the immoral character, it bowed; seduction has acquired a mythical feel of sacrifice. Interaction in the present times has become stale (“On seduction par. 7). Most messages replicated by different individuals solicit hysterical mannerism. The hysteria succeeds in making one limit the body barrier. This allows the seducer to fascinate and take over control of the seduced person (Baudrillard, “Fatal Strategies” 129).

This social channel is marred with erotic, soft seduction of feminization. Social Medias have undergone sexual revolution. There is increased presence of women presenting themselves in a sexy way for subliminal pleasures. The line between flirtation and seduction is extremely thin. It is quite difficult to differentiate when a person is flirting or seducing (“On seduction par. 3).

The advantage with seduction is that the power to submit vests upon the person who is being seduced (“On seduction par. 7). Some will submit with much ease whereas others will take time. When one submits the feeling will be deep and strong leading to love and romance. The weapons used by seducers are usually similar.

This makes the reversibility of the strategy possible in a way that the seduced can get back at the seducer. The seducer in this case is perverse. He or she deflects seduction from the rule of secrecy and closes in to his or her target intentionally (Baudrillard, “Fatal Strategies” 131).

However, the seducer differs from a pervert since a pervert will suspect seduction and immediately codifies it. The pervert will not adhere to the seduction rule of being secretive and decide to make his own rules. The perverse form of seduction will disregard the supple ceremonial and embraces a fixed ceremonial. This renders perversion invulnerable (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 124).

Flirting assists individuals to set the mood and pace for targeting the person they intend to seduce (Rotella, Abbott, and Sarah 184). The easiest way to flirt is to make the target smile and slowly allow the seduction influence to effectuate the change (Baudrillard, “Fatal Strategies” 136).

Flirting recruits all skills human possess. Skills such as body language, intellect, creativity and empathy to people are some of the skills a flirt will exhibit. When people are flirting, they show interest to each other but do not come clean to tell each other openly about their feeling. They always joke and compliment each other and make physical cues show their intentions.

In the modern era, most people have embraced the advent of technology to flirt from ordinary text messages to face book chats and tweets (Freeman par. 9). Strangers meet online and exchange flirtation banter, and within no time, they are already seducing each other (Standage133).

Technology has become a place where men and women meet through the World Wide Web (Standage143). The platform has no restriction hence the freedom one gets allows them to flirt and even seduce each other. Flowers are also gaining fame as device of flirtation. Men will buy flowers to impress the ladies. On the other hand, women will use flower petals to entice men in bed. They spread the bed with these petals as a form of seducing men into sexual activities.

The social sector has embraced the art of flirting exceptionally well. This has prompted IT companies to come up with latest way to include these elements in their features. Face book has come up with various applications for its customers. The site has over ten applications for this feature.

The most used application in face book for flirts is the ‘would you sleep with me’ application. This application enables men and women to flirt with each other by telling them that they would like to sleep with each other. Apple inc. has embraced this feature in its products.

The total flirt app for its iPhone provides a concise interactive segment between friends (“iPhone AppCafe” par. 1). This has seen many individual flirting their way into romance. More and more flirts are being invented to attract the singles and assist them to get romantic attachment. The communications company came up with these apps so as to help people engage more and arrange remote dates.

These applications have automated the way humans flirt in real life (“iPhone AppCafe” par. 1). They allow the flirt to post pictures, profiles, send winks and inviting them to chat. Flirting within the relationship encourages both of partners to continue to woo each other. When couples use seduction they show each other that they are interested in each other and feel aroused (Freeman par. 6).

Most people like the technology on flirt devices because they are user friendly and allows men and women to maximize on their flirting efficiency. For instance, the girl friend keeper apps on iPhone allows one to set up an automated email or text feature where the girlfriend will receive text messages with love content (“iPhone AppCafe” par. 3).

The text will have been signed with the lover’s name. The message is not vulgar but humorous. This enables the couples in a relationship to spark their relationship and continue to keep it fresh. The boyfriend will continue to flirt with his girlfriend by using this application.

The app goes ahead to keep a record of birthdays, anniversary and memorable events (“iPhone AppCafe” par. 3). This will be a clear reminder for the man to be aware of all these events and dates. The company has also invented other apps that assist men to continue to flirt and wow their spouses. Apps such as iwrite apps which generates love poems for couples in a relationship (“iPhone AppCafe” par. 5).

Poems are also becoming popular channels to seduce people. There are peculiar poets who have specialized in the field of writing erotic poems. A person who wants to grab the attention of the other party will seek the services of a poem and send it to their desired subject (“iPhone AppCafe” par. 5). Flirting with poems will eventually get the attention of a person since one feels enticed by the poetic words dedicated to them (Standage134). The poem carries its own illusions which depict figures and signs in the mind of the seduced.

When one receives several poems from his or her flirt, it will eventually result to sexual influence. This will be an easy way of seduction to get the target into sexual contact. Apart from poems letters are still strong elements of seduction (Good 42). People write letters as a gesture to show their feelings towards their counterparts.

They incorporate items such as love cards and postal cards to show elegance and as a result they end up getting the attention of the person to receive the mail. This will be followed with a series of events and eventually both parties will be holding each other and romantically involved with each other (Good 42).

Dance and choreography are also being used as flirting devices. The men and women indulge in moves that seem to send mixed messages to their counterparts. Like flirtation seduction can be invasive (Agamben 48). The dance implicated by both parties makes one be flattered and titillated. As a result, the both satisfy their pleasures. Dances in clubs have facilitated coercive behaviors among adults. The seduction dance relays its objective to capture the target of choice (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 126).

They exemplify seduction by using the dance. This in turn, controls the order of fascination. The dancers use their knowledge of seduction to captivate their counterparts. The controlled fascination results to pervasive power (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 126). The giddiness of seduction falls upon the passion both hold which results to exchange of sexual pleasures (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 107).

Songs and music are also gaining popularity as flirtation devices (Freeman par. 8). Song writers use their skills to write songs that will send unique messages to their targets. The same is replicated by musicians when they are in live concerts. Aspiring musicians will be found in karaoke clubs flirting while they perform karaoke songs.

They seek the attention of the crowd in a bid to gain popularity. Love songs are increasingly being appreciated since the crowds are attracted to the message. Female fans will be enticed seeing a male artist performing on stage. The reverse is also true. The female artist will perform while throwing certain gestures to the male crowd.

Individuals have perfected the art, and they have incorporated sensitive organs to assist them when flirting or seducing (“On seduction par. 7). Mind seduction is the latest mode of seduction that most seducers use nowadays. The mind can double up as both a flirting device and a seduction device. This is the ability to use conversation and engaging in jokes back and forth (Freeman par. 6). Women love and get attracted to men with such intelligence.

Women who are intelligent would use their intelligence to intensify their imaginations and manifest them to other people. The individual being aroused will fell deeply drawn towards the seducer. Mind seduction requires communication since the seducer uses the powerful silent power of the mind (Freeman par. 6). The effect is instant and physical results are displayed in terms of sexual influence. The effects are influenced with time.

The female stocking is another device that is increasingly used to arouse men. The female use these stockings to bring out a sexy look (Agamben 47). The stocking mask sensitive body parts which women like to flash out in public. The masked body image creates a deep illusion in men’s mind.

The created illusion draws them closer to the women. The opacity of sexual difference created by the female body led it to be manipulated and used in different fields (Agamben 49). The female body is now being used in adverts as well as enticing men to purchase certain products. There is increased mortality of organic bodies of human beings used along side different commodities all in the name of advertising. These bodies have been condemned for creating intimacy of erotic life to the public (Agamben 49).

When a person flirts he or she sends a message to the other party that they are interested (“On seduction par. 7). The information being sent says how one is fit in the proactive mode of getting to know the other party.

Social philosophers argue that the crucial motive behind flirting is sending a message of procreation to the opposite party (Agamben 50). Women are known to flirt by sticking out there hips in a bid to raise attention towards their pelvic (Freeman par. 6). This act is more or less seen to many as seducing men towards sexual influence.

There is also invention of devices that enhances women hips so as to raise attention. These devices as have increased the chances of women turning into seducers. Men are attracted to women with certain hip to waist ratio (Freeman par. 6). This makes many women work out their way to attain this crucial size so as to catch all men’s attention. Men on the other hand, attract women with their square jaw then strength ad power.

The men flirt by making intense eye contact and smiles (Freeman par. 3). This is equivalent to mind seduction. The women are attracted to them since the message they received from their flirtation indicates the men are prominent with strength and power it also shows that they are virile and dependable.

Flirting does not have to lead to sexual influence at times people flirt just to instill a friendly banter (Freeman par. 2). However, when the seducer sends confusing information to the person being seduced it leads to misunderstanding and disappointment. This may result to uncomfortable and embarrassing situation. The most salient element in flirting is to know the intentions behind it. Some times one can be innocent, but the mannerism and delivery of speech suggests otherwise (“On seduction par. 7).

The flirt must be able to understand the reaction of the opposite sex. He or she should be able to know if one is interested or not. Sometimes men can play hard to seduce. Efforts by a female seducer to close in to get attention of a man may receive opposition from the destination end. The man may opt to ignore her by keeping distance and feigning pedanticism (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 113).

He fails to respond to any feminine erotic gestures making her break off her moves. Before she abandons her motives she lets the gestures hang since they are favorable when left suspended (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 124). The patient seducer will wait until all the suspended signs are responded to before drafting the next move. When she succeeds to nail him into her trap, her femininity is neutralized by the illusions created between the two of them.

The pleasure they experience marks the death of the nothingness and emptiness which is covered with passion of erotic activity (Baudrillard, “Fatal Strategies” 139). To crown it the seducer adds an ascetic moment to the aesthetic movement. The engagement is recorded as an important moment in there romance. The aesthetic signals of the artifice consists play and sounds (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 111).

There is a strong difference between men flirt and women flirts (“On seduction par. 7). Women will always flirt to test the intentions of the male where as men will flirt out of sexual interest. The gestures used by both men and women differ as well. Men would be aggressive in eye contact while the female will have ambiguous gestures such as batting their eye lashes (Freeman par. 6).

Whenever a man and woman have chemistry with each other they move along the road to seduction. The power of seduction is never linear. It appears to be oblique to both parties. This obliquity cannot be duplicated (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 111). This allows it to traverse along the psychic universe and create a dream element.

This is replicated by reaching the far end of a person and capturing his or her blind spot. The spot remains a secret to both parties and sealed within them (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 111). The seduction process that is controlled by the lady will require the girl to mobilize her feminine resources in a passivity of innocence. The curves and twists brought about by seduction will require fate for it to be fully realized (Baudrillard, “Fatal Strategies” 137).

However, flirting can also be termed as sexual harassment. This happens when the person being flirted is left offended (Freeman par. 8). If the object or device one uses to flirt makes one feel violated then the flirt is guilty of sexual harassment. The double polarity exhibited by both parties during interaction can escalade to on having greedy desires which are hidden in smiles and happy talks during normal conversations (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 109).

The mortal mask in the noble human interaction keeps his or her perverse erotic motives until when they are ready to unleash them. In these modern times people have to be careful when they decide to give in to seductions and flirtations (Freeman par. 5). In most cases the seducer gets his or her erotic pleasures and disappears never to be seen again (Baudrillard, “Fatal Strategies” 141).

Apart from reliance to flirting devices, people have developed new methods of flirting (Freeman par. 7). They are using signals and signs that indicate they are flirting with someone. Mannerism such as smiling a lot, touching ones arm or knee, and using ones name in conversations, are the most common used signs and signals to show that one is a flirt (“On seduction par. 7). The touching may continue regularly and after sometime seduction may develop.

Other signals include leaning, standing closely and complementing (Freeman par. 7). The aesthetic signals easily transform what seems to be a vulgar eroticism to passion and romance. This allows both parties to express their mortal emotions and anticipate the game’s end (Baudrillard, “Fatal Strategies” 132). At times, the seducer exhibits weakness in the form of surfeiting emotions. This allows the opposite sex to capitalize by assembling all the minute details to provide variations in the inflamed desire (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 121).

A seducer will always turn his or her appearance to disturb or attract attention of the person being seduced. The seduced person replies by turning his appearance to create confusion and illusion to the mind of the seducer (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 98). This raises the curiosity of both subjects. This form of seduction maintains the hypothesis of the two parties.

The seduction is a form of a solicitation and attraction which both subjects take it as a secret challenge from a distance (Baudrillard, “Fatal Strategies” 137). The emotions born as a result of seduction depict the secret joy one experiences when playing with his or her desires. The seducers aesthetics go beyond ethics; it transfigures both the person seduced and the seducer (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 119).

The transformation reflects the appearance of things to look pure. The seducer captivates the charms of his or her target and makes them shine and rise in pure appearances. This deflects and inflects diverse feelings in both parties. This simply means the seducer is pervasive in nature (“On seduction par. 7).

According to Johannes, seduction starts from the female. They sacrifice their moral obligation to seek erotic satisfaction (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 103). While in the act they are seemingly defenseless because they do not leave anything to chance until they get what they desire (Baudrillard, “Fatal Strategies” 133).

Women who are attracted to men often use young boys to get close to the men. The young boys act like flirting devices and bait to get the men to talk to her. For example, a lady may opt to get his nephew to accompany her on a morning run or when walking down the street.

When they pass places where men hangout especially outside a forestation, the woman motive will be fulfilled since she would use the nephew as an excuse to get the men to talk to her. The men also are viewed to be seductive. For instance, many women find firefighters to be seductive. The female are attracted to them simply because they portray loyalty and social status. The women describe them as being sexy and hot (“On seduction par. 7).

Many have argued that seduction demoralizes the elevation of love. Many have been thrown to into the immoral perversely zone. Seduction is linked to affect fragility and of appearance hence they term it immoral. Baudrillard sees seduction as a game, a ritual and a challenge with a secret complicity (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 114).

He further argues that seduction and love interchange course since one falls in love after a seduction process. The seducer is also driven with love to seduce his or her target. In addition, the fantasy of sexual influences can be experienced in the genitals of the seducers. This is expressed as the genesis of love. The fantasy quickly extends beyond the original range, and once the love grows stronger the seducer will have an easy time to achieve what he or she had set eyes on.

Seduction is viewed as influencing other people against their will (Freeman par. 2). It can also be quite unethical if one influences married a person or someone who is in a relationship. This jeopardizes the marriage or even lead to breaking up of the relationship.

A seduced married person will live with frustrations of sexual matrimonial disenchantment (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 127). The guilt drives him or her to contemplate on breaking off their previous engagement. Seduction can also bring about the implication of peoples feelings and thoughts. According to Christians, the secrecy of seduction is impacting denial, deflection, diversion and humility.

All these aspects within seduction makes one is uncomfortable since the guilt of fantasizing and evil, erotic intentions are still fresh in his or her mind. Additionally vulgar seduction may provoke a person’s integrity (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 120). One feels humiliated by the vulgar language from the seducer. Seduction also terms females as tools for sex. Most men who seduce women perceive them as ideal victims of fascination and fulfilling their sexual urges (Baudrillard, “Fatal Strategies” 138).

Most seduction process never results from physical attractions. In order for seduction to succeed the person being seduced has to create illusions and images in his or her mind. +The illusion and images intervene and mix up in the brain to raise the desires within the seduced person (Baudrillard, “Fatal Strategies” 137). This shows that the modern flirtatious devices are possible means of encouraging seduction (Freeman par. 2). This is because most of these devices do not require a person to have a physical attraction towards the seducer.

From the text messages, chats, poems, phone conversation and fashion, they all create an illusion in ones mind without the physical contact of the seducer. Baudrillard continues to lament that there is no difference between passive and active seduction (Baudrillard, “Fatal Strategies” 140). No one can seduce another without being seduced back. As a result, it terms seduction as a myth in giddiness of appearance (Baudrillard, “Seduction” 126).

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