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Diagnostic Impression Report (Assessment)

Human beings are social creatures that interact as they exist. Disorders such as anxiety, depression, mental problems, interpersonal disorders and behavioral problems can only be dealt with via clinical psychology. There are models that are used as basis for assessment of psychological problems. However, these techniques are not robust enough to provide good diagnostic results for a variety of problems.

This is because human beings are very different. The patient in question had panic issues. Heavy work load could have contributed more to her psychological issues. She had no time for consultation of her issues.

Hence, she accumulated a lot of trauma that depicted depression. Another issue that manifested in Miller was anxiety disorder. She was very aggressive from her mid teen years. In addition, she manifested chocking effects and was always in isolation hence social anxiety disorder.


History and Background

The patient in question, Sylvia, started to demonstrate her psychological problem in the new town that they had moved in which was New Jersey. Her problems were noticed at work place of which acted as the first evidence for her ordeal. Born in 1981, Miller was raised in a different town from the one she was living in at the moment. Her parents died when she was in her mid teen about sixteen years of age.

Left with two sisters, they moved to New Jersey where they lived until she met her husband, Leon Kovitz ten years down the line. Miller’s husband was a very busy man while Miller herself had a lot of work load that results in lack of time with the husband. She had demonstrated behavioral problems as a human resource manager.

Medical and Psychiatrist

Miller believes that her problems at the moment are related to work as she gets to meet a lot of people. In addition, she is incapacitated work wise and finds a lot problem dealing with people. According to her sisters’ testimonials, her psychological issues have resulted from the family conflicts that she felt were her fault. She has isolation problems that could be related to after divorce effects.

The main effect noticed was during meeting with new people or existence in a totally new environment. Her job place was totally new. The environment and the people too were new. This was challenging for her to adopt in. With her social issues, she could not cope with her job position and responsibilities.

Miller was a nice girl ever since she was young until she turned sixteen. Her aggressiveness and isolation started manifesting at the age of sixteen.

She reluctantly communicated with her peers and was always by herself. Miller was badly affected by the conflicts in her home that she was not comfortable with conflicts involving her. In case she was involved in panic she demonstrated effects of fear and panic. This could consequently result into her isolation from people.

Testing Results

According to the Wide Range Achievement assessment -4th editions, Miller was put on subject evaluation tests to analyze her reading, math computation and spelling abilities. In the basic skills test, she scored average in math and spelling but was excellent in reading skills. In The Children Color Trail assessment, Miller scored well showing normal results on interpersonal skills. She scored 100% in first part and 98% in the second part.

The House Tree Drawing results show that Miller’s ego is very strong. Though she is aggressive and always anxious, she loves people and would love engaging in consultation work. However, the anxiety and aggressiveness are rightly related to family issues.

Finally, Miller does not have good interpersonal and communication skills. This is because her statements and explanations lack connectivity. It is very difficult to deal with people when there is a communication breakdown. Therefore, work position and place was so stressful for Miller.

The recommendations for Miller are indicted below:

  • Miller’s is a nice lady, but she lacks confidence. She requires companionship whenever she addresses issues. The right person to stand with her is her husband. She would probably feel relaxed with him next to her.
  • Miller has a problem communicating with people. She should find another job different from human resource management or one that has direct contact with people.
  • It will be prudent if Miller goes for therapies that would help her work out her guilt and negativity she got from her family setting.
  • Miller should create more time for herself family and friends. She has had a lot of busy work schedule that prevented her from resting and enjoying the delight of sharing with people.
  • Miller should engage in programmes that would help her improve her communication skills and interpersonal skills. She can assess herself afterwards by taking a slightly challenging job that would determine her progress.
  • Visiting a counselor is good for any person that is showing psychological disorders. Therefore, it is important for Miller to take the issue seriously and visit a counselor whenever she feels depressed or disturbed.
  • Miller should improve on her spelling and math problem by attending related classes. This would help her improve on the basic skills and hence her confidence.

It was a privileged that I worked with the Sylvia Miller. Do not hesitate to recommend her to us whenever there arises any further conditions.

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