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Maslow hierarchy of needs theory Essay

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Updated: May 15th, 2020

There are several theories of motivation that has been proposed. One of the main theories is the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. Maslow’s hierarchy theory is a theory on human motivation that was proposed by Abraham Maslow.

This theory categorizes human needs into different levels. There are some levels where some are more fundamental than others. The satisfaction of these needs can significantly affect the performance of an individual.

The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can be presented in a form of a pyramid. Maslow identified four needs, which are usually referred to as deficiency needs. These include security, friendship and love, esteem and the physical needs.

Maslow insisted on satisfaction of the basic level of needs in order for an individual to be motivated. Later, the Alderfer modified and reduced Maslow’s five levels of need to three categories; existence, relatedness, and growth (Kondalkar 2007).

According to the Maslow’s theory, a person first seeks to satisfy their needs that include foot and shelter. Every person will tend to satisfy these needs initially.

Once these needs are satisfied, an individual will move to the next level and from that point the physiological needs cease to be a motivator. Other needs require to be satisfied in order to motivate an individual. After satisfying these needs, an individual moves to the safety level.

In order for the employee to be motivated, they need to be given the necessary security. For instance, employees will need to be provided with protective clothing in order to protect them from dangers while performing their duties.

Employees are also motivated by security for their employment. Employees will tend to work harder if they are promised security for their jobs. An organisation also needs to assure the employees that they won’t lose their payment in case of sickness.

Another important level of needs, according to Maslow’s theory, is level of social needs. People would like to work with a person or colleague who can offer support for their work and also provide encouragement (Montana & Charnov 2008). Team work also encourages employees in their duties.

Employees also are motivated when their contribution in the organisation is recognized. This satisfies their esteem needs. Promotion at work can help in meeting such needs of employees in an organisation.

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