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Marriott and Hyatt Report

Marriott and Hyatt are leading brands in the world hospitality market. Hyatt Corporation operates in more than 45 countries, having over 370 locations, whereas Marriott operates in 68 countries having over 3150 properties.

Hyatt employs about 100 000 people, and Marriott has about 150 000 employees. Apparently, Marriot has a larger network, but it is necessary to add that this corporation is to great extent aimed at the US market. Conversely, Hyatt can be regarded as international brand.

These two corporations also have different focuses. Hyatt is mainly aimed at premium market, whereas Marriot also offers various low-price options. Thus, Hyatt specializes in high end sectors and resorts, business plans, and family centers.

At the same time Marriott offers more varied services, focusing on such business segments in the hotel chain as: full service and lodging, select service and lodging, extended stay and lodging, timeshare, and even synthetic fuel. It is necessary to add that in contrast to Hyatt, Marriot has acquired other hotel brands (e.g. Ritz Carlton Hotel Corporation) diversifying its business.

These two hospitality giants not only maintain constant high quality if their services but follow ethical standards and reveal social responsibility. Thus, Hyatt is preoccupied with environmental issues. The company launches various trainings for the employees to increase their awareness of what can be and should be done to solve environmental issues.

Hyatt also has HyattEarth website where they monitor energy use reductions, reductions of Greenhouse Gas emissions, water use and landfill waste reductions. At the same time, Marriott is more concerned with contributing to the development of social responsibility among people.

Thus, Marriott is very deliberate while choosing their partners paying much attention to the quality of products they provide and their being socially responsible. For instance, Marriott demands very high quality of products and the use of environmentally friendly raw materials; they also check whether all human rights are followed in the hotels of the corporations or in companies-partners.

It is important to point out that such social responsibility of the companies contributes to their respectful names.

However, it should be mentioned that while Marriott has a really strong image of one-off hospitality corporation maintaining high quality standards, Hyatt had several scandals which damaged the company’s reputation. Thus, Hyatt has been often accused of employee mistreatment, workforce reduction and housecleaning personnel outsourcing.

SWOT analysis

Marriott Hyatt
  • Wide range of brands
  • Strategic locations
  • Brand image
  • Website and social networking in Conducting its business
  • Successful strategies to attract and Retain a pool of staff
  • Premium offering
  • Brand image
  • Hyatt casino
  • Focus on the United States market instead of global markets;
  • Over-reliance on luxury products;
  • Mostly targeted by terrorists and extremists
  • High-level exposure to the premium market
  • Diluted brand name
  • Financial pressures
  • Emerging Asian Travel and Tourism markets
  • Come up with low-end brands
  • Distinction amongst hotel services offered;
  • Decreased cost of real estate in the United States
  • Eco-tourism
  • Specialist businesses
  • Hyatt business services
  • Road trips
  • Timeshare is decreasing on popularity
  • Economic meltdown, which lowered consumer’s spending power
  • Threat from terrorists and extremists
  • Tight United States borders
  • Low cost travel/leisure
  • Market heavily influenced by competitors


Hyatt has a strong image and it is focused on premium segments, and benefits from its additional option: casino. However, Marriott has more strong points: it has more diversified business, it possesses strategic locations and benefits from using technology to provide more services. Moreover, Marriot, in contrast to Hyatt, has very positive and unblemished reputation.


Hyatt’s major downsides are its focus on premier segment where demand is declining due to world financial crises and diluted brand name.

Conversely, Marriott which has quite diversified business suggests different options in all segments but it is mainly focused on the market within the United States without developing new opportunities on new markets (e.g. very promising Asian market). One of Marriott’s weaknesses is its frequent exposure to terrorist attacks.


Nevertheless, the both companies have many opportunities to develop. Thus, Hyatt can develop its specialist business segment, offering more services in holiday and leisure industries. Moreover, the company can benefit from its road trips services due to the rise of air travel costs.

At the same time Marriott should pay more attention to developing new markets, especially in Asia. The company should also consider providing more low-end brands which is quite possible due to the decreased costs in the US real estate.


However, the companies should also take into account possible threats. Thus, Hyatt can face difficulties due to the increased offer of travel services where demand is becoming lower than offer. Hyatt can also lose its position in the segment of gambling since many new companies emerge.

As far as Marriott is concerned it is necessary to point out the following threats: financial crisis consumers lowered consumers’ spending power. Besides, Marriott can lose its leading position if it stays within the boundaries of the US.

In summary, Marriot and Hyatt are two giants of hospitality market. However, it is necessary to point out that Marriot has larger services chain and strong reputation whereas Hyatt is not presented in so many countries and has had many scandals concerning employee mistreatment.

Apart from this Hyatt is potentially more vulnerable to financial hardships since it is aimed at premier segment whereas Marriot should pay much attention to implementing innovations.

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