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Child Abuse and Capstone Project Essay

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Updated: Jun 24th, 2019

Description of a Problem

Parents as well as other caregivers take responsibility for treating their children, explaining them the most important living issues, describing them the peculiarities of love, support, and understanding, etc.

However, it is so easy to violate this kind of child’s trust to parents and the relations to the world in general in case child abuse takes place.

Child abuse has a number of effects on a human life and the understanding of how people should behave, develop their abilities, and comprehend their duties and cause many behavior problems in a future (Moylan, Herrenkohl, Sousa, Tajima, Herrenkohl, & Russo, 2010).

It is stated that about 1500 American children died because of domestic violence and abuse in 2011, and an unknown number of children continue experiencing serious traumas as a result of abuse and parental neglect (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014).

Children are considered to be a considerable part of society, still, they suffer from abuse, and not many people are ready to underline the importance of this issue and offer effective solutions to this problem.

It is not an easy task to recover from child abuse and trauma (Lemoncelli, 2012). People are in need of professional help and explanations of why child abuse may take place and what effects may be observed.

Sousa, Herrenkohl, Moylan, Tajima, Klika, Herrenkohl, and Russo (2011) admit that child abuse as well as any other cases of domestic violence influence considerably children and their further development: children become less attached to their caregivers, demonstrate antisocial behavior when they are adolescents, and become the worsen examples for their own children or people around them.

This is why the problem of child abuse remains to be crucial for analysis, as people have to understand its urgency and effects on human behavior.

Justification of the Selection of a Problem

Child mistreatment is an issue with a long history that has its roots during the times of the Roman Empire, when infanticide and child abandonment were frequent actions (Corby, Shemmings, & Wilkins, 2012).

Nowadays, people do not find these methods effective indeed and truly believe that they have evolved and achieved new levels of cooperation with children and new methods of education.

However, these methods only seem to have some other forms, but the same meaning is still present. Parents may abuse their children, neglect their education, accept abortions, and even leave them, hoping that a society can take care of their children.

Child abuse is an old problem with modern peculiarities and has to be discussed from various perspectives. Gloud, Clarke, Heim, Harvey, Majer, and Nemeroff’s investigation (2012) proves that child abuse may result in the changes of various cognitive functions and an emotional status of a child.

The selection of the child abuse problem may be justified in a variety of ways as a necessity to inform people about possible threats of human development, which are based on child mistreatment.

The above-mentioned studies and ideas have a number of limitations that depend on how the researchers organize their work, choose variables, and identify the scopes of their ideas.

This is why it is necessary to consider the already known material about child abuse, its effects, and preventive methods and introduce some new perspectives to prove that the question of child abuse is still open using the statistics, real life examples, and theoretical arguments.

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