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Feminism and Respect for Culture Essay


A crucial gender aspect that continues to trouble the unity of the people across the world is gender bias, which seems to encourage the formation of the feminist campaigns.1 The concept of feminism has always associated with certain aspects of conformist cultures, which uphold certain values that women must practice in the societies. The connection between feminism and respect for culture is prominent in many cultural traditions of different races of the world.2

Jennifer Mather Saul is one of the exemplary writers who exploited the issue of feminism and respect for culture in the societies through a philosophical approach. The concept is significant, given the modern arguments that link social injustice with poverty, discrimination, sexual abuse, retrogression, and domestic violence.3 This essay discusses Jennifer’s concepts of feminism and respect for culture.

Problem Description

The world has recently witnessed the uprising of women who admire the western civilization, where feminism originates. Women have emerged with feminist movements that support their liberation towards fairness in political participation, social issues, economic concerns between genders, and cultural freedom.4 However much the feminism concept seems to influence the modern society, women have often encountered cultural challenges when engaging in feminist movements.5

The question that continues to pose a dilemma is whether feminism is improving the life of the modern women, or it is simply causing problems to some of the most important conventional cultures that define an ethically right woman. Traditionalists believe that feminism is destroying valuable cultures, while modernists believe that feminism is enhancing the rights and freedom of women.6 It is worrying that respect for valuable cultures has reduced remarkably in the modern days.

An Argument Supporting Feminism

Jennifer claims that feminism is the backbone for social justice and liberation for the women. The first argument of Jennifer that supports feminism comes from the cruel behaviors of men towards sex. Men initiate brutal acts such as sexual abuse. Jennifer believes that were it not for the unethical actions of men, who view women as sexual objects or toys to play around with, innovators would not have thought about the vibrators, which have become the sex partners for the privileged women.7

The sound argument of Jennifer is that men have promoted ill and antisocial behaviors against women, to an extent that the moods of women towards natural sex with their male counterparts have gradually fainted.8 Jennifer sees no problem if women can use sex vibrators rather than men, as long as they are peaceful.

A Counter-argument against Feminism

Jennifer does not completely support the attraction of women towards sex vibrators that affect their health and undermine their cultural importance in the societies. According to Jennifer, the solution is to do what seems right from an ethical perspective and leave what seems ethically wrong.9 Using vibrators as sex partners in preference to men is an unethical behavior and the act is culturally wrong in almost all ethnicities across the world.

Jennifer condemns the behaviors of the modern women, who use vibrators because they simply could not find the best men to marry, or they simply ignored marriage, because their economic stability allows them to get sex tools.10 Jennifer wonders about the right of the unknown generation, whose presence and survival, would depend entirely on a marriage and coexistence between a responsible man and a responsible woman.11

The Chosen Argument

The anti-vibrator argument of Jennifer is worth mentioning and supporting. We all know that sexual intercourse between human beings has been the foundation of humanity, and shall forever be the foundation of the future generations.12 If the mothers of the postmodern women who use feminism to support their freedom to have sex with vibrators used these sex tools, they would not have known what life is all about.

However, if men knew that technology could provide sexual satisfaction to a frustrated woman, they would not treat women as objects. The increasing motive of women to use vibrators is ill driven. Rather than blaming men for objectifying women, a positive dialogue can resolve these controversies.13 The solution towards dealing with sexual abuse, which motivates women to buy vibrators, lies in a dialogue. Jennifer believes that dialogue can resolve sex misunderstandings.14


Biblically, sex is a natural gift of life for companionship and for the future of humanity. A practice of using a sex vibrator as a substitute for the sexually unkind men is an immoral and unethical behavior. A great dilemma in the use of sex vibrators is whether feminism wants men to reform morally, or it wants men to be extinct.

Come to think of a society that is without men and is full of damaged and useless sex vibrators that are either outdated or unhealthy for the women. Definitely, humanity would have reached a point of extinction since there would be no further reproduction. Human beings can always dialogue, to resolve crucial matters in politics, human civilization, health, and social injustice. Dialogue can resolve all the feminism concerns in an ethical manner.

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