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Melinda and Melinda Essay (Movie Review)

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Updated: Nov 25th, 2019


With a baited breath, films lovers waited for the premier release of Melinda and Melinda, the film. And most definitely, at the bottom of their hearts one questioned lingered shall it be a hit or a miss. According to film analyst, the stakes were high this time round especially with a look at the cast and timing of release. From the production team previous works, much was to be expected. Shall they live up to the expectation or shall they disappoint? This is the question under discussion in this review.

The cast and Plot

Melinda and Melinda, the film was released in 2004, with a limited release. San Sebastian International Film Festival was the venue the film premiered; the event witnessed a full house. The writer and director of the film is Woody Allen. The film is starling Radha Mitchell as the main character, Melinda. The main actor doesn’t disappoint, he delivers his role as the main character. The movie is a perfect blend of comic and tragic storylines.

The rib cracking comics are creatively displayed by acts of Amanda Peet, Will Ferrell, and Steve Carell who interacts with the main character to throw you under the table with laughter. Johnny Lee Miller, Chloe Sevigny and Chiwetel Ejiofor work together to capture the somber, tragic mood of the story.

The plot of the film is worth discussing, it is indeed intriguing. The setting of the action is around a dinner table. The film begins with the actors engaging in a conversion. One of the actors suggests a simple story as the rest keenly listen. All over sudden a troubled lady opens the door by kicking it hence attracting attention of everyone. The two outspoken actors start sharing their account of the story. And without noticing everyone is caught up in the story.

One playwright shares the tragic version while the other is tells comic version. The two versions are not exactly parallel but they are creatively intertwined by motifs and details. In the tragic story Melinda becomes enemies with Laurel while in the comedy Melinda falls in love with Hobie. The film has been rated PG 13. It contains several sexual situations and references; therefore caution is given to parents.

Reception Reviews

Similarly with any other piece of art, the film has received both complements and critics from the viewers. But suffice to say, compliments outweigh the critics. According to Rotten Tomatoes, which is a firm that does review aggregation, the film can so far be rated at 51% in accordance to the compliments posted. Another reviewer, metacritic, gives it 54% basing it on 40 reviews. Since opening its doors to the public on March 18, 2005, the film has recorded sales of $74,238 in the first 3 days.

Apparently this is quite outstanding compared to other films sales of initial days. The sales grew in two weekends that included shows at 95 theatres to around $ 740,618. Also important to note, sales from oversees were impressive as they amounted to $16,259,545. In total accumulation the sales hit $20,085,825 by the time of writing this review.


In conclusion, in my view the film has passed the test for its outstanding production skillfulness. No wonder, since it release it continues to draw attention not just from the viewers but also the media. Simply put, the movie Melinda and Melinda is a perfectly orchestrated piece of art. A must watch, for screen lovers.

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